New IAC Programme Manager Shana Williams

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Shana Williams Bermuda December 2021The Inter Agency Committee for Children, Families and the Community [IAC] announced the hiring of Shana Williams in the new role of Programme Manager.

A spokesperson said, “This reflects the growth of IAC since hiring its first full time staff member and now Executive Director, Dr. Nicola Paugh, two years ago. IAC is Bermuda’s only nonprofit focused specifically on social sector capacity building. An additional role of ‘Programme Manager’ will support social sector agencies to better serve children, families and the community.

“In IAC’s 2020 Strategic Planning process, stakeholders identified the need for growth. IAC expanded its mission and vision to unify and strengthen agencies serving children and families as well as those working to address other critical community needs.

“Nonprofit capacity building support was identified as a critical need, and has been IAC’s most significant area of growth since 2020, with 60% of its membership now coming from the nonprofit sector.”

To support this expanded mandate, Ms Williams will be responsible for delivering and growing core IAC programmes and services.

Ms. Williams stated, “I am delighted to join the IAC at such a transformative time for Bermuda’s social sector. I look forward to driving effective change management processes and improving efficiencies through process automation and technological advancements. I thank the Executive Director and Board for this opportunity to use my expertise to service the larger local community.”

IAC Executive Director Dr Nicola Paugh stated, “We are thrilled for Shana to be joining the team. Her passion and experience with the power of technology to build capacity and transform systems will be a significant asset to our sector and to IAC as we continue to find ways to unify and strengthen the organsiations and professionals addressing our most critical community needs.”

IAC Chair of the Board of Directors Dr. Tiffanne Thomas stated, “IAC continues to demonstrate its ability to evolve while remaining relevant and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders. On behalf of the Board, I congratulate Nicola on her new role as Executive Director, and welcome Shana to the team.”

IAC was founded 25 years ago in 1996 to bring together public, private and nonprofit organisations offering services to children and families – and help build collaboration and shared standards.

IAC supports and strengthens agencies by providing training and leadership development and facilitating agencies in collaborating, coordinating, and collectively advocating to better meet community needs. The IAC board is currently chaired by Dr Tiffanne Thomas and was founded and previously chaired by Mrs. Martha Dismont. To learn more about IAC, visit

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