ÜberVida Christmas Boat Parade On Dec 18

December 9, 2021

ÜberVida is planning a Christmas Boat Parade in Hamilton Harbor on Saturday December 18th, and is inviting the community to take part.

The ÜberVida website said, “In the name of kids young and old – we are calling all Boats, Dingys, Yachts, Mariners, Non-Mariners, Amateur, Professional, Charter, Private and any one else who loves the water and loves Christmas to come out and put in a vessel in the ÜberVida Christmas Boat Parade.

Slideshow from the 2018 Christmas Boat Parade


“The Pandemic has made large events not possible. However every day there are over 20+ boats both privately owned, Charter boats for hire, ferries, all the prams and lots of other vessels upon Hamilton Harbor.

“All of these vessels have passengers on board and all are complying with Covid-19 safety regulations. It is possible to do an event like this while still keeping people safe. Why not get all the boat owners to decorate their boats and then drive around Hamilton Harbor on Saturday December 18th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

“So we are putting it out there! If you are a boat owner, whether its a charter boat for hire or a private boat. Please get in touch with us via email or call and put a boat in the Parade.

“There is no registration fee, or any other paper work to fill out. We are not trying to make any money off this at all. We just want to keep this beautiful Bermudian tradition alive. Especially for the kids!

“All you have to do is send us an email ubercharters@gmail.com or call 236-2222 and let us know that you are committed to being in the ÜberVida Boat Parade and we will add you to our WhatsApp group. We will give you a number and on the night at 6:00pm just line up in the harbor between your corresponding number.

“We plan to slowly cruise around Hamilton Harbor from 6:00pm – 8:00pm the route is to be decided. It’s up to every boat to decorate its self and and arrive on time and make sure that they are in the correct position.

“We are not organizing any on land spectator venues, vendors etc, we trust that any general public that come out to watch the ÜberVida Christmas Boat Parade will do so in the safest manner, and adhere to all social distancing regulations and guidelines.

“Thank you to all of the boat parades that have come before us. There are so many events that are not taking place due to Covid-19. This will not be your typical Christmas Boat Parade, but the most important element – “The Boats” can easily take part in a safe and responsible manner.

“We know that Christmas lights and decorations can cost alot. Please feel free to accept corporate sponsorship, or if you are a private boat on a tight budget and just want to participate then please feel free to come along with what you have. Our intention is to celebrate togetherness in a super safe way.

  • ÜberVida Christmas Boat Parade
  • Saturday December 18th 2021
  • 6:00pm-8:00pm

“Please email – ubercharters@gmail.com or call 1 441 236-2222 and let us know that you are in.”

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