‘Ministers Kept In Touch With Their Counterparts’

January 11, 2022 | 9 Comments

“Though I was off-island, and there were various ministers travelling and taking a vacation on the island during the holiday, all Ministers kept in touch with their counterparts as is standard practice,” Premier David Burt said.

The Premier, as well as some other Cabinet Ministers, had been off over the holiday season, with a number of Acting Ministers in place.

In a statement today, Premier Burt said, “I am grateful to be back in the office after Kristin, Nia, Ed and I spent time with our family in California that we have not seen in two years. As we all know Christmas is for children, and for Kristin and me it was a joy to see Nia and Ed playing with their cousins who are now old enough to play and to see them interact with the cousins that they met for the first time.

“I am thankful for the Hon. Walter Roban and the Hon. Diallo Rabain for covering whilst I was on a family vacation

“Like every other country around the world, Bermuda’s public health system is facing challenges due to the highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant. I want to thank all of our public officers, and all public health teams who worked tirelessly over the holidays, doing their best to provide critical services for our country. However in some places, we fell short, and I want to acknowledge those may have been inconvenienced in one way or the other.

“I am however pleased that all of our pre-schools are open, all but one of our primary schools are open, and all but one of our middle schools are open. As a parent, I have seen the impact that remote learning has had on the development of our students, and the Government is of the firm belief that the best place for students to be is in the classroom. I understand that there are those who take a different view, but it is our job to make the tough calls. I’m grateful for our teachers who are heroes in our midst and I want to thank them for persevering through the challenges.

“Though I was off-island, and there were various ministers travelling and taking a vacation on the island during the holiday, all Ministers kept in touch with their counterparts as is standard practice. Government Ministers have worked tirelessly and for long periods without breaks, into the early hours of the morning and on weekends during this pandemic.

“Ministers are humans and must have time to recharge, and time with their families, otherwise they will not be able to perform to the best of their abilities. Having witnessed the sacrifice of Ministers during the pandemic I encouraged them to take leave as their health and wellbeing are important to me.

“I look forward to getting back to work this New Year to continue delivering on the agenda that we were elected to carry out. I am confident that Bermuda will continue to persevere as a country so long as we work together and all do our part, just as we have over the past two years.

“We will have tough weeks ahead, and we will be challenged. Like other countries, we will likely report record infections in the coming weeks. Public services will be affected and some classes may have to switch to remote temporarily.

“However I am determined to lead a country that is not subject to the whims of the pandemic, but one that moves beyond the pandemic and we as a country must learn to live with this virus.

“The Omicron variant will not defeat us, as long as we work together as a country and all take personal responsibility for our actions recognising that they don’t just affect us, but each other.

“I remain in service and continue to be humbled for the opportunity to serve the island I love,” the Premier added.

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  1. Dunn juice says:

    All your circles are starting to collide burtcoin

  2. Question says:

    Well we know one cabinet minister has been missing for 6 months, and now the rest went missing for a solid month. If we can do without them for that long, we don’t need them at all.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Ain’t that the truth. The sad part is that the Premier defended Ministers but not Dr Weldon who was left to handle a crisis caused by Acting Ministers. He has shown himself to be what he is, uncaring, arrogant and dictatorial. Must be a challenge brewing within the PLP.

  3. trufth says:

    Is this his idea of an apology?

  4. Steve says:

    Burt may be the Premier but he is certainly not a leader. True leaders like the UK Prime Minister and the US President appeared on TV over the Christmas and New Year period keeping their citizens up-to-date with latest events and the impact of the coronavirus.

  5. Unknown800k says:

    Wow I guess burtcoin is the only person unable to see family for a long time..
    Meanwhile back at the vineyard

  6. Sick of it All says:

    No , I don’t believe that Ministers kept in touch or things would not have crashed down the way they did. I am NOT fooled one bit and I do not appreciate being led as if I was a fool by this Government.
    That’s fine, you go away for Christmas, and ruin everybody else’s Christmas and New Years who either got stranded at the airport And payed for another flight which was absurd or all the families who couldn’t send their children to school on time or all those stuck and couldn’t move around because of no test results. You see how poor planning brings dire results?
    These lot followed the science. But not now. The Covid scene moves in approximately two month rotations.
    It picked up in August and was bad in September’21. Greatly improved during October. Got bad again in December- current, January. Will improve in February. Simple. The Premier can’t see this simple science and plan his trip during the bottom of one of these waves? I Did! Twice!
    Somebody and some people are absolute Jokers you can call them liars if you like. I don’t believe one word neither would I treat employees under me the way people of this country are being treated. WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE. Be Strong DR. Weldon you are the Authority. I believe you. I don’t believe the fictitious powers that be.
    It is too bad how Politics corrupts most people!
    PS. This 16 months before travel Authorizations are finished, what person knows where they will be in 6 months from now? This is an unreasonable amount of time to calculate a health form/ travel Approval. This Government continues to kick itself in the foot with it’s policies. Very controversial.

  7. enough bro says:

    I dont really care if they kept in touch with other ministers. That could be a simple what’s app saying hows everthing and the other person saying cool. No one kept in touch with the people… you know the people who you work for?
    The acting Education Minister had to clue on how to address the crisis which you guys caused by single handedly crashing the testing system with your stubbornness.
    I go on vacation too but you better believe if something urgent comes up and I get a call while I’m off island I have to direct someone to fix not just have a seat warmer in place. I dont recall any fixes I heard no resolutions just fluff talk to keep the general public at bay until the responsible minister returns.

  8. baffled but not deaf says:

    If they were in contact which i really find hard to believe then their FILL IN’S failed even worsen communication. Dont recall hearing them say jack boo. And NEVER EVER did any of them say i am in daily consultation with the minister. Yes we all need a vacation but at least i did a STAYCATION

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