Island To Host International Hockey Tournament

February 13, 2022

The Bermuda Hockey Federation will host the Central American and Caribbean Games Qualifier Tournaments in April 2022, with teams from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Guyana set to take part.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda is to be the proud host of 5 field hockey countries from our PAHF region to compete in international competition, spanning over 4 days. The event will be held at the Bermuda National Sports Centre turf facility from 14th to 17th April, 2022.


“This fantastic event will display exceptional standards of hockey, showcasing the sport at its finest, right here in Bermuda. Not to be outdone, the Bermuda National Field Hockey teams will be in the thick of it, exhibiting our own national talent.

“We will welcome men’s and women’s teams from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and a women’s team from Guyana and look forward to sharing what our island has to offer.

“The BHF is a dynamic organization driven to provide a supportive and positive influence on all members in and around the hockey community. Reaching ages from 4 to senior level, we strive to provide a fun learning and playing environment on and off the field for all.

“We welcome all who are keen to join for social reasons, learn a new skill or pick up where they left off. Our leagues merge to cater to all abilities and empower those to develop as players and continue their sporting careers.

“This CAC Qualifier tournament is a golden opportunity to push Bermuda forward in the international arena with the final top two men’s and women’s teams earning a spot in the next CAC Games which is a Pan American Games qualifier. The imminent arrival of our new coach is timely to guide our national representatives into competition.”

“For more information please contact or follow us and send a message on social media @bdahockey or visit the website”

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  1. Well done, mr president!!! says:

    Word on the street is they didn’t even bother to say anything to eligible players until very late last week. How the hell are they expecting to put together cohesive mens and womens teams with so little time?! The new coach isn’t even on island yet.

    The president and board of the BHF should be ashamed of themselves and should resign. They have driven away the vast majority of Bermudians who really and truly gave a damn about the sport.

    The opportunity to play on home soil doesn’t come around often. It will be completely unforgivable if they do not enter competent teams. They have known for YEARS that this tournament would take place in Bermuda and chose not to prepare for it. Well done, mr president!!!

  2. Thank you, BHF says:

    Congratulations to Bermuda and the BHF for this positive news. It’ll be exciting to see international teams play here, and a great opportunity for our local teams.

    That opportunity was earned thanks to the credibility of the BHF and countless hours of volunteer work leading up to this public announcement. Thankfully the prevailing improving Covid conditions have allowed the tournament (and therefore the potential participation of local teams) to be confirmed recently. Pulling off a successful tournament will doubtless require hundreds more hours of effort.

    To the person who claimed that the BHF Board has driven away a majority of Bermudians: nonsense. The Board and its President are elected. Local hockey enthusiasts who don’t value the current Board could have used their supposed “majority” to elect their own volunteers for the unpaid and thankless work of running Bermuda hockey. The alternative of anonymous sniping in a public forum is much easier, but is counterproductive and a deterrent to sponsors. This particular Bermudian appreciates the work of the current Board and its President. Thank you all!