MP Famous: ‘Apologies For Use Of That Term’

March 28, 2022 | 3 Comments

[Updated] MP Chris Famous has extended his apologies for a statement he made during the last session in the House of Assembly, saying “I fully accept that a different term should have been used to convey my point” and “apologies for the use of that term.”

Speaking on Friday, the PLP MP said, “There is a saying, one monkey does not stop the circus. I’ve sat down for the last year and watched endless questions be asked…what’s up with Fairmont Southampton, when is this deal going to close?’

“We know it’s important to the economy, that it’s civic groups, business groups, unionized groups, have all made it crystal clear, how important this is to the economy.”

He added he understands someone with 30 years of financial experience has the “need for due diligence” and referenced the “failed guarantee” by the OBA, and said there is almost 1,000 people out of work “us keeping telling them we’re waiting for some more due diligence, that doesn’t put food on the table.”

“So I say to all those on the sidelines chirping, one monkey does not stop the circus,” he added.

Audio of Mr Famous’ full comments during the Motion to Adjourn:

Following the comments, Mr Famous said, “On Friday I spoke briefly during Motion to Adjourn. After over two years, there is now an agreement to redevelop the Fairmont Southampton hotel providing nearly 650 construction jobs in Bermuda and 800 jobs when the property reopens next year. This is welcome news for the people of Bermuda and must be celebrated.

“During my presentation, I used a phrase that the Speaker and many others took offence to. I fully accept that a different term should have been used to convey my point. Apologies for the use of that term.

“Essentially, my point all entities are finally on board with this project that will bring much-needed employment to Bermudians and boost Bermuda’s Economic recovery. That has always been the focus of our work as a Government.”

Update 11.35am: Premier David Burt said, “In the course of debates in the House of Assembly, Members often express themselves in terms which, upon reflection, are not best-placed to convey the point being made.

“This is not unique to one political party and I have discussed with the MP and my colleagues generally the need to elevate debates and communicate effectively on the good work we are doing on behalf of the people of Bermuda to advance the island’s economic recovery.

“An agreement to redevelop and reopen Bermuda’s largest hotel, providing 650 construction jobs, and 800 permanent jobs after reopening is a vital step in that direction and I’m pleased that the Government, Opposition and the Bermuda Industrial Union are all in support of advancing this project recognising the benefit to Bermuda’s economic & tourism future.”

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