Vessel Runs Aground With 1 Person Onboard

May 14, 2022 | 0 Comments

A 30-foot sailing vessel with one person onboard ran aground off of Spanish Point, and was successfully removed from its grounded location at high tide.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Saturday 16th April, 2:07 am – Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre receives a telephone call from the Bermuda Regiment Coastguard reporting that a 30 foot sailing vessel is aground with 1 person onboard southwest of Cobbler’s Island off of Spanish Point.

The vessel has been aground since around sunset and attempts by the RBR Coastguard to pull her free have not been successful. Given that low water is around 3:00 am and the winds are light and seas slight it is decided to remove the lone occupant to shore and return at daylight on the next high tide to recover the vessel.

“The owner/operator reports no signs of hull damage or water ingress and he is content to return with a friend later this morning to recover the vessel. Reportedly the sailboat ran out of fuel and drifted onto rocks whilst trying to sail home in the light winds. The boat is successfully removed from its grounded location at high tide as planned.”

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