Photos: BNT’s Annual Heritage Awards Winners

June 25, 2022

The Bermuda National Trust heritage awards were recently presented after a two-year gap.

A spokesperson said, “Larry Mills, Richard Spurling, Chaplain Dr. Kevin Santucci and 15-year-old Luke Foster were amongst those receiving top awards for their contribution to Bermuda’s cultural or natural heritage.

“The annual awards, sponsored by Butterfield & Vallis, recognise individuals, organisations or groups which have worked for the benefit of Bermuda and its people, to preserve places of beauty, environmental significance or historical interest, buildings or artefacts, or animal and plant life, and to promote their appreciation.

“The top Environment Award, the Bermudiana trophy, went to Chaplain Dr. Kevin Santucci for the Grow-Eat-Save Programme, which he started in 2015. Since that time over 500 Bermudians have learned to grow their own food and reconnected with nature in the process. Chaplain Santucci was recognized for “making a very positive contribution to a more sustainable Bermuda”.

“The Outstanding Young Environmentalist award was presented to Luke Foster, a 15-year-old student who has shown exceptional commitment and contribution to the preservation of Bermuda’s natural environment. Luke is a driving force within the Warwick Academy Natural History Club and an active member of the Bermuda Audubon Society. He has already made significant accomplishments as a local birder and has been tipped by David Wingate as likely to become one of Bermuda’s foremost conservationists.

“Richard Spurling, and the St. David’s Island Historical Society which he chairs, were awarded the DeForest Trimingham Awareness Award for exceptional heritage conservation and interpretation at Carter House, St. David’s. In recent years there have been major enhancements to the museum and its exhibits, as well as a conservation project to replant the grounds with endemic and native trees and plants to recreate the early settlement environment. Rick Spurling has been the driving force behind ensuring that Carter House remains an extremely interesting and informative place for locals and tourists to learn about Bermuda’s – and particularly St. David’s Island – heritage.

“Other Awareness Awards went to the Wantley Matters Group, for raising the alarm of the threat to demolish historic Wantley on Princess Street, Hamilton and awareness of its cultural heritage importance; and to Kristen White for promoting Bermuda’s World Heritage Site and wider heritage knowledge and cultural tourism.

“In the Schools category, the Michael Darling Shield went to Warwick Academy for their marine science facility, opened in 2020, which has allowed students to participate in hands-on learning about our marine environment.

“The top award in the Preservation category – the Clipper Award – went to Larry Mills for his traditional building expertise and skills, and his willingness to share his knowledge with others. Larry is the acknowledged local expert on traditional Bermuda building methods. He has given many talks and demonstrations over years as well as working on many historic building conservation and restoration projects – including building the reproduction “Settler’s Cabben” at Carter House.

“Other Preservation Awards went to the St. George’s Foundation for their project to conserve and restore World Heritage forts at Ferry Reach, St. George’s Rotary Club for voluntary conservation work at World Heritage Site cemeteries, particularly the Yellow Fever Cemetery at Ferry Reach, and David Burrows for preserving an old buttery at Cliff Crescent in Southampton, which is an historic monument. Dr Brent Fortenberry and Jane Ashburn were recognized for their analysis of historic paints used on old Bermuda buildings, which resulted in a palette of historic paint colours now being used by the Trust on its own buildings.

“Awards for sensitive restorations of historic buildings went to Alasdair and Rebecca Younie, with architect Geoff Parker and contractors Frank and Travis Lewis, for Grade 1 listed “Villa Monticello” in Smith’s; Travis Burland and Jenne Gracie for Grade 2 listed “Loyalty Inn” in Sandys; Hugh Gillespie and Catherine Kennedy for Grade 2 listed “Rocklands” in Paget; Jordan and Rebecca Gunter for Grade 3 listed “Chelsea” in Warwick; and James and Katie Berry for “Blackburn Place” in Warwick.

“The Trust also awarded several Honorary Life Memberships for exceptional service to the Trust. These went to:

  • “Ronnie Chameau for sharing her expertise in working with natural materials using traditional techniques
  • “Alan Gorbutt, for decades of voluntary service at the Trust’s annual Auction & Jumble Sale
  • “Tom James, for voluntary work on the Architectural Heritage book series
  • “Larry Mills, for many years sharing his expertise in traditional building techniques
  • “Ethel Patterson for serving as a volunteer guide at Tucker House for many years
  • “Joy Wilson-Tucker, for voluntary work on the Architectural Heritage book series and in recognition of her dedication in creating and managing the Bermudian Heritage Museum.

“The Trust’s Buildings Manager Allan Van Putten received a long-service award for 17 years of service. Head of Finance Vincent Chaves, Accounts Administrator Donella Perinchief and Building Mechanic Duane Symonds each received an award for 11 years of service.”

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