Evolution Healing: Stroke Rehabilitation Survey

August 30, 2022 | 0 Comments

Evolution Healing Centre is currently running a stroke rehabilitation survey about “unmet needs and the current provision of these services,” with the survey to close on September 2.

A spokesperson said, “This survey is very important to gain data on what is being delivered in practice and how we can improve these services. In Bermuda, data for 2020 revealed that there was 261 incidence of stroke and that it was the second leading cause of death.

“Rehabilitation and stroke prevention is an international priority and here in Bermuda, we should be taking the lead in improving our services. We have the opportunity to deliver high-quality care but first, we must understand what the current situation is providing in reality.

“With this in mind, we have created a survey to begin gathering some of this data. This survey is in two parts: the first part is demographic information, and their stroke rehabilitation experiences; and the second part is the stroke impact scale [short form].

“The survey is estimated to take 10-15 minutes in general, but some participants may take longer or need more support. There is also an opportunity for the participants to give more detailed feedback about their experiences.

“The inclusion criteria is:

  • Any person that has had a stroke incident [defined as ischemic or hemorrhagic].
  • Resides [but not necessarily a resident] in Bermuda.
  • Had the experience of stroke rehabilitation in Bermuda.
  • The person was eligible for stroke rehabilitation but did not receive those services in Bermuda.

Click here to access the survey.

Stroke Survey Bermuda August 2022

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