Students Create Impressive Popsicle Bridge

August 24, 2022

The students of the 2022 STEAM Academy Programme built a rather impressive Popsicle Bridge, which was so well constructed that the Minister of Education Diallo Rabain walked across it.

“I enjoyed the challenge of walking across the Popsicle Bridge built by students of the 2022 STEAM Academy Programme. I was impressed by how engaging and confident the students were as they assured me that the bridge would hold my weight,” Minister Rabain said.

Minister at STEAM Academy Bermuda August 2022 (1)

Between July 4-27, students aged 9-14 participated in the 2022 STEAM Academy, a summer programme facilitated by the Department of Education.

Mr. Neville Zuill, the Lead Teacher of the 2022 STEAM Academy, shared, “The purpose of this programme is to develop practical skills in primary and middle school age groups. It also allowed teachers to test ideas and initiatives designed for use in the STEM and Trades Signature Learning Programme pathways at CedarBridge Academy beginning in September 2022.”

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“This year, we focused on developing students’ skills associated with STEM and Trades professions. Skills such as carpentry, digital electronics, soldering, concrete and masonry, 3D modeling and printing, and practical math.

“The students worked on mathematic fractions and hands-on projects such as designing a popsicle stick bridge, Bluebird box, wooden chair, remote-controlled tank, concrete pizza oven, solar race cars, soldered microchips, and 3D printed game pieces.”

Minister at STEAM Academy Bermuda August 2022 (3)

Mr. Zuill added, “The final project was a 7-foot long bridge, built from popsicle sticks, glue, and string. Students were tasked to design a bridge to span the creek between Dellwood Middle School and Bernard’s Park. It also had to be able to support the weight of an adult walking across it.

“The Minister of Education demonstrated that the bridge was indeed a success, as he safely crossed it.

Minister at STEAM Academy Bermuda August 2022 (4)

“The rationale behind the bridge project was to illustrate to students the importance of everyone doing their part with fidelity and precision.”

Minister Rabain concluded, “On behalf of the Government of Bermuda, I would like to thank the Department of Education for facilitating such an enriching programme for our students. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing them in action. They boastfully demonstrated the precision of their projects and expressed their joy for learning.”

Minister at STEAM Academy Bermuda August 2022 (5)

“Special Thanks to the Department of Education Team, Dr. Llewellyn Simmons, Director of Academics; Mr. Neville Zuill, Lead STEAM Academy Teacher; Dr. John Madiro, Math Teacher; Mr. Steven Doyling, Primary STEM Teacher; Mrs. Shoa Wolfe, Creative Technologies and Electronics Teacher; and Ms. Leroyce Mills, Behavioural and Learning Support.”

Minister at STEAM Academy Bermuda August 2022 (6)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonderful! Perhaps these students can replace the swing bridge & causeway since this is a project beyond the capabilities of the Government.

    Talking about it does not get the job done.