‘Attempt To Manufacture Division Within Party’

September 27, 2022

Premier David Burt “wholly denounced the shadowy outside groups” which he said had an “intention of sowing discord in the public domain in an attempt to create unfounded conflict.”

In a statement issued by the PLP, a spokesperson said, “Premier David Burt wholly denounced the shadowy outside groups called “Change Agents” and “Agenda for Change.” He further called on them to cease and desist.

“Recently, Bermudians have reported seeing Facebook and Instagram ads from an undisclosed page called “Agenda for Change.” And, PLP members and other Bermudians have reported receiving mysterious slanderous emails sent out through a listserv company based in the United States called Mailchimp.

“In the footer of the email, Mailchimp discloses the group responsible for those emails as “Change Agents” with an address at 17 South Road, Paget, which does not exist.

Premier Burt said, “As leader of the Progressive Party, I am saddened by the attempt to manufacture division within our party. It is clear that individuals have grouped together with the sole intention of sowing discord in the public domain in an attempt to create unfounded conflict.

“Unknown individuals have made it a priority to participate in the concerning acts of paying Facebook, Instagram and Mailchimp to circulate ads and anonymous emails to members to intentionally sow division.

“Our party and its forefathers have fought long and hard against societal perceptions which have eroded solidarity among Bermudians for far too long. We must stand united as a party as we approach the constitutional season of leadership elections and ask that its internal process be conducted without manufactured interventions of confusion.

“I denounce the actions of this group in the strongest terms and call on them to cease and desist immediately.”

The Facebook page in question shows as being started on September 13th and screenshots of the emails circulating show messages which, by most reasonable standards, appear to rather far fetched.

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  1. unknown800k says:

    awe cry me a river, kitchen getting hot egomeir.
    Thats how all the none FOF feel!

  2. Huh? says:

    Why is he trying to censor free speech? Terrifying!

  3. trufth says:

    Total waste of money because we already know for fact there is division in the PLP! Fact. This is why there are members running against current members for their positions. Not rocket science. Why waste money?

  4. Sandgrownan says:

    Disagree with the claim of slander. Everyone wants change.

  5. Burt,
    Your disheartened ? Think how we have felt under your leadership, for the last few years ! Especially, when you totally ignore public opinion, or better yet, never acknowledge it! Pay back is tough, huh?