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[Updated] The Government will be holding a press conference this afternoon [Sept 22] to provide an update on Hurricane Fiona following this morning’s meeting of the Emergency Measures Organisation. We are posting this article to make sure everyone can easily see the press conference, however the better way to follow the latest news overall is via our ongoing live updates here.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the replay is below

Update 2.14pm: Minister Weeks’ remarks:

Good afternoon Bermuda:

As you will be aware, we convened an Emergency Measures Organisation meeting earlier today to get the latest updates on Hurricane Fiona.

Bermuda, based on our latest update, I want to share some additional information regarding public and emergency services as we prepare for Hurricane Fiona.

I will also provide some critical information regarding the cleanup and assessment activities following the passage of the storm.

As you heard from the BWS, Bermuda can expect to experience at least 12 hours or more of tropical storm force winds from late Thursday night through Friday midday.

And the island can expect to experience 5-6 hours of 50+ knot winds in the early hours of Friday morning during the peak of the storm.

However, you should be prepared for Hurricane force winds in the early hours of tomorrow morning. At this stage you should also be in final preparations for the Hurricane.

Additionally, dangerous surf and swells are already developing. So we want residents to please take this storm seriously.
In that regard, I am urging residents, motorists and commuters to please be off the roads by 10pm tonight.

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However, if you are an emergency services worker, or critical personnel, and are required to be on duty during the storm, then we support you cautiously moving about the island to provide services.

As indicated, our emergency personnel including the Regiment, Bermuda Fire Service, Police, BELCO, Parks Department, Works and Engineering and members from the Bermuda Hospital Board will be mobilized and positioned to provide the most effective response during and after the storm.

As it relates to public services, at this stage, here’s what I can advise:

  • Government offices will be closed tomorrow Friday September 23. Government Offices will be open on Monday September 26th.
  • The Causeway remains open, but continues to be very closely monitored by the Ministry of Public Works. Whilst it is not anticipated that it will be closed based on the current forecast, should conditions change and require it to be closed we will give as much advance notice as possible in the circumstances.
  • The Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in the East End will be open as of 6.00 p.m. this evening.
  • The Government Shelter at CedarBridge Academy will be operational as of 5.00 p.m tonight, for anyone who is in need. I want to note that there will be covid testing upon arrival at the shelter.
  • As we shared yesterday, all public schools will be closed tomorrow Friday, September 23. Public Schools will resume normal class sessions on Monday September 26.

As it relates to public transportation there is no change. The last bus will be at 9:00 pm tonight and the service will stand down at 10.00 pm.

Resumption of the bus service will be dependent on the roads being given the all clear on Friday afternoon.

Ferry service will be suspended from 4.00 pm. today.

Regarding the airport, all regularly scheduled flights are operating as per normal today [Thursday] with the exception of the added Air Canada flight to Toronto and the adjusted early arrival and departure times for British Airways service to and from London.

Passengers are urged to follow up directly with their respective airlines.

The Parks Department have posted high surf warning signs along our public beaches and parks.

Keep out of the water. Please don’t put your lives and the lives of our lifeguards and emergency responders at risk.

Regarding trash collection, I am reminding residents not to put their garbage out tomorrow, Friday.

As a reminder, because of Monday’s holiday, this week’s waste collection was rolled over by one day. Only garbage that is normally collected on Wednesday should be out today.

Any garbage or recycling that is not collected today should be removed from its curb-side location and secured on private property until after the passing of Fiona.

And garbage that is normally collected on Thursdays and Fridays should be placed outside for collection on Saturday morning.

Also if persons wish to dump their trash:

  • Marsh Folly Composting Facility is open until 4pm today
  • The Airport Waste Management Facility is open until 4pm today.
  • Tynes Bay Public Drop-off is open until 7pm today.

And a message about safety. The Hospital is already seeing individuals coming into the emergency room with injuries due to storm preparation.

So, please be careful as you trim trees and secure your homes and during clean up. Do not operate a chain saw unless you have proper protective gear and are proficient in its safe use.

Lastly, the Ministry of Health advised that Bermuda’s COVID hotline at 444-2498 will be operational. Finally, I just want to share a quick note about activity and movement post Hurricane Fiona.

I know people will be anxious to move about once the storm has passed.

But I am urging members of the public to please stay indoors following the passage of the storm.

Please allow our EMO utilities crews to do the necessary work and assessments to ensure that our roads are safe for passage.

So please Bermuda, no driving around, no venturing out to take pictures, no reckless behaviour. This is for your safety.

We will provide regular updates as they become available via the 100.1 Emergency Broadcast Station,
via the Government’s social media platforms and via the Bermuda Weather Service’s mediums.

My final message to you is to please stay safe. Please make sure you have finalized your preparations. And make sure that you check in on your families, loved ones and neighbours to ensure they have all they need.

I will see you on the other side.

Thank you.

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