Fireworks Display In Hamilton On Sunday

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Island residents will be able to enjoy something that has not been very common in recent years, with a fireworks display set to take place over Hamilton Harbour on Saturday evening [Dec 10].

The fireworks display will be part of the Christmas Boat Parade, and a City of Hamilton spokesperson previously said, “The City wishes to remind the public that with the return of fireworks, pet owners must be mindful to ensure that their furry friends are secure, both physically and emotionally.

“Fireworks are a time of panic for animals and with ears more sensitive than the human ear, the sound of the explosions can lead to deep-rooted fear and possible serious injury.

“Those licensed drone operators wishing to capture the event from the air are ordered to maintain at least an 800-foot radius clearance from White’s Island between 8.00pm and 10.00pm for the fireworks.”

Slideshow of a fireworks show back in 2017


The fireworks display will be provided by Swan Pyrotechnics, who told Bernews they are “proud to return both fireworks and special FX to the Bermuda brand.”

A spokesperson said, “It is our goal to use this unique expertise to rebuild our tourism brand and offerings while improving the overall quality of life for Bermudians. We look forward to partnering with local community events to add additional intrigue and excitement. We also have ideas for events we’d like to introduce to Bermuda.

“With the addition of specialized electronics and scripting software, fireworks can now be fired at precise times, angles and configurations, choreographed to compliment the music. Each fireworks show will be a unique piece of art designed specifically for the chosen venue and the clients desires. Don’t miss out on any of our world class firework designs to compliment our most perfect canvas: Bermuda.”

Update: The Parade, and the fireworks, have been moved to Sunday

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