Divernet Highlights XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey

December 27, 2022

Divernet has highlighted Bermuda in an article detailing the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey.

The Divernet website said, “The deep oceans play a critical part in sustaining life on this planet, but we know precious little about them. Jason Brown talks to a member of a cutting-edge dive-team that set out to reveal some of the Atlantic’s secrets.

“For divers involved in a Nekton mission to explore the deep ecosystems around the Atlantic islands of Bermuda there was little time to take in the sights – for them, every dive was about achieving an objective to further our understanding of the health of the world’s deep oceans.

Nekton Mission Divers December 2022

“Only in recent years have we begun to appreciate the importance that the deep ocean plays in regulating Earth’s life-support systems. For greater insight, the charitable foundation Nekton teamed up with key players including UNESCO, Oxford University and Global Underwater Explorers [GUE] to deliver the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey.

“Nekton’s mission was ambitious – to create a baseline to measure change in the function, health and resilience of the deep ocean, so that scientists and key decision-makers could use it to influence future policy and attitudes towards the ocean.

“Nekton chose Bermuda for the initial phase of the initiative because it had been the location for some of the very first deep submersibles dives. Nestled at the western edge of the Sargasso Sea, near the transition into the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is a collection of 130 cor”

You can read the full story here on Divernet.

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