Premier Meets With Concerned Citizens Group

December 2, 2022 | 3 Comments

Premier David Burt met with the members of the Concerned Citizens of St. David’s group this afternoon [Dec 2] to discuss their concerns about the planned medical waste incinerator.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. David Burt met with the members of the Concerned Citizens of St. David’s group this afternoon at the Cabinet Office.

“The Premier invited the group to meet with him after accepting a petition regarding the private medical waste facility to be built in the St. David’s area.

“The group relayed their concerns to the Premier over the approval of the project, the consultation process and their environmental and health concerns related to the facility.

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Following the meeting, Premier David Burt said, “I appreciate the candid conversation held with members of St. David’s community this afternoon. We spoke for over an hour, during which they passionately expressed the concerns they have about the medical waste incinerator that has been approved to be built in the St. David’s area.”

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“Despite this being a private project, and despite the fact that all legal procedures have been appropriately followed, I understand the concerns raised. I will confer with Cabinet Ministers regarding the issues raised today to find a way forward that can best address the concerns of residents.”

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  1. Unknown800k says:

    We will have to deceive you.

  2. Hey says:

    Photo opportunity and lip service. Public being played again. Using people not for the issue in question but for perception to the greater population. PLP are players, we are not suckers.

  3. Easy to resolve says:

    The Islanders should pick a vetting committee who will be informed about potential issues in St David’s. The committee would be given 3 months to discuss get answers hold meetings then send in their final decision. The Govt would use the feedback to decide. They deserve this special consideration given the tremendous sacrifice they made during World War 2. They might not win every battle because the people of Pembroke have a compost site and Belco. And the people of Devonshire have an incinerator but this process gives them a say BEFORE a decision is made.They do have to share some national responsibilities but not all.

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