Free Health Checks For Men 60 And Above

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A free health clinic is aiming to address pervasive health conditions “that have been identified as common threats to the local mature male population.”

A spokesperson said, “Daily Male is a clinic designed to offer free men’s health screening for Prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease among the over-60 male demographic, which stands as a widely under-served group, with approximately 12-percent of these men uninsured and many others under-insured.

“In concurrence with World Cancer Day, Daily Male will launch February 4, 2023 within offices at the Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] building; the Daily Male Clinic will operate on the first Saturday of each month, from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Daily Male Men's Health Clinic Feb 4, 2023

“Beyond the initial offering, the Daily Male is scheduled to provide further screenings at St George’s Cricket Club [March 4th 2023 – St. George’s Cricket Club; Somerset Cricket Club [April 1st 2023]; Warwick Workmen’s Club [May 6th 2023]; Baileys Bay Cricket Club [June 3rd 2023]; and Pembroke Hamilton Club [July 1st 2023].

“The clinic is the brainchild of locally based consulting urologist Dr Jonathan Makanjuola and Bermudian medical student Jade Robinson, both of whom harbour a heartful desire to educate, preserve, and enhance the quality of life of Bermuda’s resident population, with a specific focus upon the at-risk, mature male segment.

“The aim is to run and evaluate a six-month pilot of free men’s health screening in various areas throughout the island, involving sports or working men’s clubs, barber shops, and other community stakeholders.

Jade Robinson of DailyMale Clinic Bermuda January 25 2023

“Clients will receive free haircut coupons for use at participating barber shops as an add-on benefit to participation.

“Daily Male has an aim of identifying the percentage of high-risk men that will need to be assessed for prostate cancer or poor cardiovascular health and offered early diagnostics and treatment, that will prevent the spiraling costs of managing metastatic prostate cancer and improve the awareness for prostate and cardiovascular health among men in Bermuda.”

Dr Makanjuola said, “We will target the underserved in Bermuda by bringing health interventions to the community. By targeting traditionally those that have poor engagement/distrust with healthcare services in Bermuda.

“We aim to train local community leaders/volunteers, with local physician support to assist in the screening programme.”

Dr Jonathan Makanjuola Bermuda January 25 2023

The spokesperson said, “Dr Makanjuola and Ms Robinson were moved to team up in creating Daily Male after the latter had recruited the former to fact-check a medical school school presentation, that focused on interventions relative to prostate cancer and a multitude of similarities in the minds of both were revealed.”

Ms Robinson said, “When Dr Makanjuola looked at all of my documents, that’s when he realised that our projects were super similar, involving the community, addressing the same disease and just bringing everyone together. And that is when it was like, ‘wow.’

“We had references that were the same. Citations and much of the things aligned. So, it was really organic as to how this came about. Two people looking at an issue and actually seeking to address and find solutions for it.

“As a future physician, I really believe it is important to give back even before you get there. I think that everyone should look at giving back to the community, because the community is what makes us.”

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