April 2023: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

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In an effort to provide everyone with a look at the island’s natural beauty each morning, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletters and on social media seven days a week.

Judging by the number of reader’s “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included the kite flying on Good Friday, trails linking South Shore beaches, eastern end of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Easter Sunday lilies and more.

April 2023 Top 10 Bernews Photo Of Day TC WM

Our “Photo of the Day” series — with all photos taken by Bernews’ photojournalist John Manderson — is available on our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram page, as well our morning and evening daily newsletters, which you can sign up for here.

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1] Kite Flying On Good Friday

Happy kite flying on Good Friday.

1 - Kite Flying On Good Friday “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

2] Trails Linking South Shore Beaches

Looking down over the many trails that link the south shore beaches.

2 - Trails Linking South Shore Beaches “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

3] Horseshoe Bay Beach

Looking at the eastern end of the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach.

3 - Eastern End of Horseshoe Bay Beach “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

4] Easter Sunday Lillies

Happy Easter Sunday.

4 - Easter Sunday Lillies “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

5] Bermuda Beach Day

Bermuda beach days are the best way to spend the day.

5 - Bermuda Beach Day “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

6] Clear Blue Day In Flatt’s

A stunning clear blue day in Flatt’s.

6 - Clear Blue Day In Flatt’s “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

7] Devonshire Bay Beach

Looking out to sea from Devonshire Bay Beach.

7 - View From Devonshire Bay Beach “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

8] Bailey’s Bay Footbridge

Bailey’s Bay footbridge on a stunning Good Friday morning.

8 - Bailey’s Bay Footbridge “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

9] Spirit Of Bermuda

A gorgeous afternoon to sail aboard the Spirit of Bermuda.

9 - Afternoon Sail Aboard Spirit of Bermuda “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

10] Scenic West End

Scenic seclusion in the west end.

10 - Scenic West End “Photos Of Day” [April 2023]

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