Hamilton Princess Donates $3,000 To WRC

April 17, 2023

Following its March Women’s History Month promotion, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has donated $3,000 to the Women’s Resource Centre [WRC].

A spokesperson said, “The funds were raised from sales at the hotel’s Crown & Anchor restaurant, where female team members designed a Women’s History Month menu to benefit the charity.

“The Women’s Month menu items included Chef Cristina’s appetizer of ‘Grilled Prawn & Vermicelli Rice Noodle Salad’, Pastry Chefs Ileana & Ximena’s, mango & vanilla tart called ‘El Globo’, as well as cocktails the ‘Bermudian Botox’ by Josephine, and a bourbon whiskey-infused lemonade called ‘Cheeky Chicks’ designed by Charmaine.

“The restaurant team sold 750 of the menu specials, and $2 of every item purchased was matched by hotel ownership for the Women’s Resource Centre.”

Tim Morrison, General Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Roydell Neverson, Director of Operations, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Juanae Crockwell, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Centre; Shonette Higgins, 16O9 Outlet Manager, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Alicia Nesbitt, Bartender, Crown & Anchor at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Mark Phillips, Maître’ D, Crown & Anchor at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club; Emma Pratt, Programme Coordinator, Women’s Resource Centre; Josephine Franquia, Server, 16O9 Restaurant, Ilena Pedraza, Pastry Chef; Charmaine Obendencio, Server, Cristina Mozzetti, Chef, all of Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

Hamilton Princess Donates To Women’s Centre April 2023

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