Regiment To Take Part In King’s Coronation

April 29, 2023

A delegation from the Royal Bermuda Regiment will take part in King Charles III’s coronation in London next weekend.

A spokesperson said, “A delegation of 14 soldiers and officers will become part of Royal Bermuda Regiment history when they take their places among thousands of troops at King Charles III’s coronation in London next weekend.

“Service personnel from Britain and across the Commonwealth will accompany the Sovereign in a 1.4-mile procession as he returns to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey after he is crowned on May 6.

“They will include a ten-strong marching guard from the RBR, while another four members of the Regiment will form a Colour Party to be stationed at the Queen Victoria Memorial.

“The UK’s Ministry of Defence has said the major military operation will be the largest of its kind for a generation.

“Captain Travis Stevens, of St David’s, who joined the RBR in 2011, will be in the Colour Party, carrying the King’s Colour.”

He said: “I can honestly say that it’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of what is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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“The fact that I’ve probably said that about a dozen times in my regimental career is a testament to the type of opportunities the Regiment provides.”

The 35-year-old, an assistant vice president at Allied World Bermuda in his civilian life, added: “Here in the Regiment, we punch well above our weight in terms of capabilities and this is just another opportunity to demonstrate that, and show that we belong as part of a much larger armed forces.”

The spokesperson said, “Lieutenant Colonel Ben Beasley, the RBR’s Commanding Officer, said it was a significant honour for the Regiment to take part in the coronation.”

He added: “It is a recognition of the standing of our unit in the international military community and continues a tradition lasting 120 years.

“Bermuda units have participated in every coronation since King Edward VII in 1902 and this will be the first for the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

“Another first for the unit is that we will be included as part of the British Army’s Order of Battle next to our colleagues in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment in recognition of our Corps Warrant given by Her Late Majesty.

“It will also be the first time that either of our Colours will have left Bermuda.”

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Lt Col Beasley said: “The officers and soldiers on parade have a tremendous responsibility and have worked diligently to ensure they display the highest standards of drill and bearing; I have every confidence they will make us all exceptionally proud.”

The spokesperson said, “He will travel to London to join a Senior Officer Cohort that will offer three cheers to the King and Queen Consort at the end of the parade.”

Lt Col Beasley said: “Fortunately for me, my role is much easier than the demand on the marching troops, but it will form a lasting memory for all of us that we can say that we were there, together, representing Bermuda and our Regiment for this momentous occasion.”

The spokesperson said, “Lieutenant Corrie Cross, 24, a claims analyst, of Paget, will take the role of Guard Commander for the RBR troops in the procession.”

She said: “We have a long history of parades and we have a good tradition within the battalion of practising our marching.

“I have a lot of confidence in our ability to represent ourselves well.”

The spokesperson said, “Lance Corporal Azar Morrissey, 23, ensured he was well-prepared.”

The warehouse worker, of Sandys, said: “You have to make sure your kit’s in tip-top shape, everything has to be perfect.

“I’m thinking about how shiny my boots are, how shiny all my gold pieces on my uniform are and making sure my drill is 100 per cent.”

The spokesperson said, “Colour Sergeant Sergio White, a soldier of 19 years and owner of Positive Results personal training studio, believed RBR training had readied the group for the event.”

The 38-year-old, of Warwick, said: “We will definitely perform to a good standard because our drill instructors don’t mess around.

“We will be on par with the others or above.”

Lance Corporal Ashley Grant, 32, of St George’s, said it was an amazing feeling to be among those selected to represent the Regiment, adding: “I’m going to be a part of history.”

Governor Rena Lalgie said, “As Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, I was pleased to attend LF Wade International Airport on the evening of 26 April to see off members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment as they departed for the United Kingdom to represent Bermuda as part of the British Overseas Territories Contingent at the Coronation.

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“She also added, ‘As Chief Scout, I was equally pleased to hear that Bermuda will also be represented in the UK by four Bermuda Scouts – Seth Malpas, Joshua Blee, Bradley Stewart, and Melissa Weekes.

“This is a unique experience for all involved and I am delighted that Bermuda, as one of the United Kingdom’s oldest Overseas Territories, has the opportunity to have its residents participate fully in what is most likely a once in a lifetime event.”

The spokesperson said, “Others in the Regiment group include Warrant Officer Class 1 Luis Pereira, the Regimental Sergeant Major; Warrant Officer Class 2 Shaun Williams; Colour Sergeant Shanté Arnold; Corporal Ryan Hayling; and Corporal Nigel Lee.

“They will also be joined by Corporal Kallan Thomas; Lance Corporal Kirk Wilks; Private Sher-Maur Gomes; and Private Daniel Wideman.

“The Bermuda Police Service will be represented at Coronation by, Sgt Caleb Pierre Jr and Sgt Anthony Smith, who will depart Bermuda on 3 May.”

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