Domestic Violence Awareness Talk On Feb 16

February 7, 2024 | 2 Comments

Madeline ‘Maddy’ Brockert — a domestic abuse survivor and award-winning advocate from the USA — will take part in a local educational series.

A spokesperson said, “The event, a collaboration with Bermuda is Love, will be held at the Bermuda Under Water Exploration Institute [BUEI] on 16 February 2024 at 6PM. It is part of an ongoing effort by Tammy Richardson-Augustus to bring life-saving relationship health education to Bermuda.


“Ms Richardson-Augustus is a campaigner and researcher on domestic abuse. As part of her quest to combat abuse, she has introduced One Love Foundation and its incredible library of free abuse prevention resources to the Bermuda community, advocates for law reform, assisted with training law enforcement personnel and continues to leverage her international network to forge change.

“Her inaugural public educational event saw Luke and Ryan Hart of the UK deliver an inspiring presentation on the impact of growing up in a coercively controlled household. Ms Richardson-Augustus also recently worked with Yolanda B Jimenez former Commissioner of the NYC Mayors Office to Combat Domestic Violence to sponsor an emotive awareness campaign for the Women’s Resource Centre.

Madeline Brockert Keynote Speaker

Madeline Brockert Keynote Speaker Bermuda Feb 6 2024

“Ms Richardson-Augustus met Maddy Brockert at an abuse awareness event in New York. Given Maddy’s harrowing story was so painfully relevant to the Bermuda community, the pair committed to work together to effect systemic change.

“Maddy, a child witness of abuse, uses her voice and the incomprehensible loss of her mother to shift our collective conscience. Rhetoric will have us believe that victims are week, hapless individuals. Maddy’s mother, Susan Brockert was 44, 6 foot tall, athletic and accomplished. As a mark of her long service to her employer BDA, Inc., she was awarded a trip to Hawaii. Susan Brockert’s partner, a man with a history of domestic violence, accompanied her. Cruelly, taking her life in their hotel room. Maddy was only 16 when she had to grapple with the lethality of abuse. She recounts her story to expand our understanding and to reveal vital lessons and opportunities.

“The event will be a synchronistic collaboration with Bermuda is Love,” noted Ms Richardson Augustus. “And we are thrilled to have our educational talk promoted as part of their #HealthisWealth Campaign. We will use the power of story-telling to show the humanity of the victims and to convey that abuse is a public health concern given the various health and social problems identified as consequences of domestic violence. It not only causes acute injuries and death but the unresolved trauma of abuse is a catalyst for depression, suicide ideation, drug abuse, gang violence, housing insecurity. At the macro level, domestic violence may adversely affect future generations and social harmony [reference: NYC Mayor’s Office]”.

Madeline Brockert and Tammy L Richardson-Augustus

Madeline Brockert and Tammy L Richardson Augustus Bermuda Feb 6 2024

Aaron Crichlow of Bermuda is Love is adamant that “addressing domestic violence is integral to upholding the right to healthcare. By recognising domestic violence as a public health issue and prioritising comprehensive strategies for prevention, invention and support, we can work towards ending the cycle of abuse and promoting the health and wellbeing of survivors and communities”

A spokesperson added, “This year’s event will coincide with Teen Dating Awareness month and will provide an exclusive opportunity to view a captivating short film on a child’s experience of abuse, be enlightened by Susan Brockert’s story and hear from a curated list of local thought leaders including:

  • “Jevon Williams Chairman of the Coalition for Protection of Children an organization that advocates for child wellbeing;
  • “McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett of Girl [Em]Power a nonprofit celebrating the education, empowerment and equality of women.

“Charity leads, school teachers/counsellors, pediatricians, insurance professionals, law enforcement, judicial officers and policy makers will be formally invited. Other interested persons are encouraged to message

Aaron Crichlow, McKenzie-Kohl H Tuckett, Jevon Williams and Tammy L Richardson-Augustus

domestic abuse Bermuda Feb 6 2024

“Domestic violence between intimate partners [married or not] is wide spread and impacts child witnesses. It involves the repeated use of assaultive and controlling behavior to limit and direct the victim’s thoughts, emotions and actions. The abuse often becomes more frequent and severe over time and can encompass physical, psychological, emotional, financial and/or sexual power tactics. Resources are available.

“If you are suffering from domestic abuse, it’s important to safely seek help.

  • “The Centre Against Abuse provides support services to adult survivors of intimate partner abuse and sexual assault, including counseling, a 24-hour hotline 292-4366, legal advocacy, safe housing alternatives, crisis intervention, along with awareness and education on these topics to the community.
  • “Call The Women’s Resource Centre at 295-3882 for counseling, education, support, and referrals.
  • “If your child or teen is suffering because of past or current domestic abuse in the home or family, please contact Family Centre at 232-1116 for counseling support.
  • “If you are in immediate danger, call 911.”

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