Golf Fam Trip Participants Enjoy Bermuda

March 14, 2024 | 0 Comments

Bermuda, UK, and Ireland Golf Fam Trip participants enjoyed a BOGGS Ladies Golf Society reunion at Port Royal, highlighting Bermuda’s golf scene to English players.

A spokesperson said, “Early arrivals for the Bermuda, UK, and Ireland Golf Fam Trip from March 14 to March 18 are busy enjoying Bermuda on land, sea, and over the airwaves.

“A truly surreal moment occurred at Port Royal when the BOGGS Ladies Golf Society stopped for a photograph on hole #8 across from the Pompano Beach Club. The ladies, all from the UK, first met at Pompano, where they visited annually until the dreaded pandemic altered life as we all knew it.”

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Rosemary Lockwood said, “Bermuda is special to all of us and we truly enjoyed our years visiting Pompano, golfing at Port Royal but Bermuda became very dear to us. We named ourselves’ Bermuda Old Girls Golf Society’ and carry our Bermuda flag wherever we travel now.”

Kim Swan said, “The past two years travelling around the UK has enabled me to reconnect with hundreds of golfers and promote Bermuda at every opportunity.

“I remember the UK Ladies Group which visited Bermuda annually with former Tour Golf Professional Christine Langford prior to COVID. Their return is significant for Bermuda, not only because it sows the seeds for the return of their longstanding golf group but serves to remind us that there are other former customers – who already love Bermuda – we need to locate and reconnect with.”

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The spokesperson said, “The purpose of the Bermuda, UK, and Ireland Golf Fam Trip is to raise awareness about Bermuda in the UK and Ireland, where the sporting culture is huge.

“Statista reports that golf enjoys a large following, with 2,988 golf courses in the United Kingdom, including all of Ireland.

“Our contingent of 25 influential professional and amateur golfers are from England, which boasts the most golf courses in Europe according to The National Club Golfer, which reports, ‘England has more golf courses than any other country in Europe. According to the latest research from Statista, which was carried out in 2019, England has 1,888 registered golf courses. This is more than 1,000 ahead of second-placed Germany on 730. France is third, with 607.’

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“The official arrival on Thursday March 14th via British Airways will bring the balance of the contingent on island for a whirlwind four-day Bermuda Golf Awareness Experience. In just a few short days those early arrivals have been busy around Bermuda via Bus or Ferry Rides to Hamilton and Dockyard, Whale Watching Tours, Shopping Excursions, and Dark N’ Stormy Tasting Sessions in between golf.”

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