Daily News: ‘Swing On By Paradise Of Bermuda’

March 5, 2016

“Golf just one reason to visit friendly paradise of Bermuda,” according to the New York Daily News Sunday edition, which called the island a “hidden gem” that’s “like stepping back in time.”

The article in the Daily News — which has a Sunday circulation of more than 640,000 — said, “One of Bermuda’s major tourist attractions, other than its beaches and golf courses, is a hidden gem, the wonderful, laid-back courtesy and hospitality of its locals.

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“It’s like stepping back in time. They’re always pleasant, friendly and ready to offer advice whether it’s a query on the menu, where to swim, dine or just chill out.

“The British overseas territory’s pink-sand beaches and turquoise waters are breathtaking — and for a collection of islands that total only slightly more than 20 square miles, there are an impressive 64 miles of stunning coastline.”

“It’s difficult not to be tempted to try the island’s famous signature drink, the Dark ’N’ Stormy, a dark rum and ginger beer cocktail, still brewed today by the Gosling family.”

The Daily News article follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Noncents says:

    Great stuff. The overwhelming number of us perfectly fit the description portrayed by the daily news.

    Hopefully we can tone down some of the rhetoric that has been going around recently lest we lose the reputation we Bermudians have worked so hard to attain.

  2. average Bermudian says:

    To Nonsense

    You use the term “we Bermudians” – I thought it was no such thing as one as we ALL come from somewhere else.
    You use the term “Have worked hard” – I thought Bermudians – don’t work hard or for that matter – don’t like to work at all, lazy etc etc.

    You need to tone down your own rhetoric – fool

    You speak out of both sides of your mouth.

    • Non Bermudian says:

      A positive news story from overseas has given noncents cause to reflect on things. No need for the attack.

      I’m leaving soon and count myself very fortunate to have spent a few years in such a beautiful place. I think everyone living here, Bermudian or not, should remember to be grateful too. There are many places out there that are far worse.

      I will miss the longtails signaling summers arrival.

      • I agree a beautiful country, but it’s sad that those of us who refuse to bow to the status quo and stand for the rights of the average worker are maligned.
        Well it could’ve been worst, years ago we had our mortgages revoked and lost jobs.
        Same S!@#, different day.
        Nice story.

  3. Aware says:

    Excellent coverage, so well done to BTA for getting it. Let’s all try and live up to the way we are described in this article.

  4. Bill says:


    I wonder how much the BTA and Gosling’s paid to the Dailey News to write this!

    Another bonus coming!