Bermuda UK Ireland Fam Trip Concludes Visit

March 21, 2024 | 1 Comment

The Bermuda UK Ireland Fam Trip has concluded, with Kim Swan reflecting on the golfing event.

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Kim Swan said, “For me it has been truly gratifying to host a collection of 24 influential golfers from the United Kingdom and one from the United States in Bermuda for this golf FAM Trip March 14-18, 2024. Ironically, in January I consciously made the decision to limit the number of persons because the sponsorship support I had anticipated didn’t buy into the vision.

“Notwithstanding the disappointment, it forced me to make a personal commitment to underwrite the event by pledging my Director Fees to move forward and launch a fundraising golf tournament. I felt so strongly that this event was what Bermuda needed to signal the direction Bermuda must follow, that I felt it my duty to lead by example and make it happen.”

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Kim Swan heaped huge praise for local hoteliers who eagerly supported the initiative and the fundraising golf tournament in February that was held to raise funds to lessen the financial burden of hosting a successful Golf Fam Trip.

  • Bushara Bushara of Newstead Belmont Hills
  • Clarence Hofheins of Cambridge Beaches
  • Tim Morrison of Hamilton Princess
  • Andrew Archibald of Rosewood Tuckers Point
  • JP Martens of Grotto Bay
  • Leslie Prea of St. Regis Five Forts
  • Trustees & Executive of Government Golf Courses
  • Dennie O’Connor of Tobacco Bay
  • Senator Owen Darrell, Minister of Tourism & Culture,
  • Paul Spring of Dunkley’s
  • Malcolm Gosling of Gosling
  • Alan Desilva of Island Construction
  • The Lambs at Pompano
  • Alfred Konrad at Wahoo’s
  • Livio Ferigo at Bella Vista
  • Scott Stallard
  • Jill Raine
  • And others who participated in the event in various ways are greatly appreciated.”

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Mr. Swan said, “I’m eternally grateful for the support I did receive as their endorsement signaled hope that persons believed in my vision and that they had faith in me, that my passion had translated positively overseas as well.”

The spokesperson said, “The outreach of the Fam Trip is noticeably significant with the sphere of influence interacting with each other signals a collection golfing notables from various golf regions, counties and societies within the United Kingdom. PGA regions Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Yorkshire and the Southern Region all have executive representatives and chairpersons on island. In addition to golf courses in Bournemouth, Troon, Northumberland, Kent an Nottingham. The opportunity provided Bermuda puts us directly in contact with the golf consumer in the UK.”

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Mr. Swan said, “If this is my ‘Golfing Swan Song’ I will die a happy man having recreated the ‘relationship matrix’ that I grew up with, which existed in Bermuda fifty years ago when I entered the game of golf.

“When I was afforded the honour to walk one last time with my peers at the 2022 Butterfield Bermuda Championship it took me back to the UK to retrace my steps- few knew that among the starts I enjoyed on the PGA European Tour, I enjoyed low 3rd Round honours in the Dutch Open alongside Masters Champion Ray Floyd and legendary Sam Torrance or that as a collegiate golfer I won three individual collegiate tournaments, played on several championship teams and was MVP for the powerhouse Division 2 Troy [State] University in the 1970s.

“Few know that Keith Smith and I won that Keith Smith and I won the Americas Zone Qualifying of the World Cup of Golf or that I was among the leaders at the PGA European Tour School in 1980 after overcoming being initially escorted out of Portugal at gun point.”

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The spokesperson said, “Kim Swan had been motivated to do something for Bermuda that would help grow tourism in the winter months between November and April each year. As he had an epiphany last year spending months with daughter in England due to her illness; that he dedicated the balance of his life to giving back to game of golf, our country and good people who have done so much for him over fifty four years playing golf around the world.”

Mr. Swan said, “I’m not a billionaire or a millionaire but I have the heart for my country and love for all God’s people that money cannot buy.

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“In this initiative I’m copying the collective example of many of my dearly departed mentors and the late Fritz Reiter comes to mind – who along with his late wife Joan – sponsored many tournaments to bring visitors to Bermuda.

“I thank all of those visitors who’ve come to Bermuda – especially my dear friend Andrew Smith, the Secretary of the PGA of Yorkshire, and his his partner Dawn Wilson, who was unable to make the journey; Bermuda and our people thank you.”

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