Video: Hamilton Launches Campaign For HOME

March 18, 2024 | 1 Comment

In a concerted effort to confront the pressing issue of homelessness, the City of Hamilton is launching a robust public communications initiative this week aimed at raising awareness, fostering education, and rallying support for the charity HOME.

The initiative, designed to complement HOME’s ongoing efforts, will employ a diverse range of communication channels including press releases, media interviews, street and bus banners, online and newspaper advertising, videos, social media infographics, and public surveys.

Mayor of the City of Hamilton, Charles Gosling emphasized the City’s commitment to tackling homelessness, “The City of Hamilton recognizes homelessness as one of the most pressing issues facing our community. Over the past five years, addressing homelessness has become a top priority as we strive to create safe spaces and explore holistic solutions tailored to Bermuda’s unique challenges.”

The spokesperson said, “Acknowledging the complexity of the issue, Mayor Gosling emphasized the importance of collaboration with local stakeholders and government agencies, including the Bermuda Police Service, the Chamber of Commerce, and charitable organizations. He underscored the City’s role in providing support and resources to address homelessness while working in tandem with organizations like HOME to maximize impact.”

“We encourage individuals to educate themselves on homelessness and support organizations with proven track records in providing essential services,” Mayor Gosling stated.

“By directing resources towards established feeding and welfare programs, such as those offered by the Salvation Army and HOME, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.”

The spokesperson said, “Highlighting the City’s involvement in Government’s initiative to end homelessness, Mayor Gosling expressed optimism for the collaborative efforts: “Part of what we’ve done is to be very clear as to what our roles and limitations are. The primary responsibility of the City is to create a safe and livable City. We are not a legislative body; that is the sole remit of Parliament. We are not an enforcement body, and neither are we a social services body. Instead, our focus is on using our influence and resources to support charitable organizations in addressing issues of vagrancy in a collaborative way, whether that be through our continued in-kind sponsorship or further direct financial donations.”

“While we recognize the challenges ahead, we are committed to positive change. We welcome the government’s commitment to resolving homelessness and stand ready to lend our support wherever possible.”

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  1. Zina Edwards says:

    I love this. Collaborating with Home for “ëmpathy-driven solutions” for our unhoused neighbours and city-dwellers. Thank you once again to Home for your perseverance, and commitment to change, and thank you to the City of Hamilton for putting your money where your mouth is.

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