Ageing & Disability Services Seniors Tea

May 16, 2024 | 0 Comments

“As we approach Elder Abuse Awareness Day, celebrated internationally on June 15th, Ageing and Disability Services is delighted to host a second annual Seniors, with the theme ‘Dementia: Staying Connected,’” said Ms. Keeona Belboda, Senior Abuse Registrar.

“On June 7th, between 12 pm and 3 pm, at the Open Door Christian Assembly, our Seniors Tea will foster engagement, education, and support among seniors in our community.”

Ms. Belboda added, “As we age, social engagement becomes increasingly vital to our overall health and well-being. This year’s focus on dementia is particularly timely, considering the growing number of individuals affected by the disease or at risk of developing it. People living with dementia are often vulnerable to social isolation and abuse, making it imperative for us all to become dementia champions by learning how to effectively support our loved ones.”

“The afternoon will feature insightful presentations addressing common misconceptions about dementia and offering valuable information about resources available to support those affected. Attendees will also enjoy a delightful spread of tea, a light lunch, and entertainment, providing a perfect setting for meaningful conversations and connections.”

“We encourage seniors in our community to join us for this enriching event. Reserving a space is essential as seating is limited, but the rewards of connecting with others and gaining knowledge about dementia are boundless.” said the Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors Tinée Furbert.

A spokesperson said, “For more information and to reserve your space, please contact Ageing and Disability Services at 292-7802 by May 31st.”

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