Dale Brangman Wins Albert Symonds Cup

June 3, 2024 | 0 Comments

Five boats went to the startline for the Comet Class Albert Symonds Cup race on the waters of the St. George’s Harbor.

Dale Brangman and his crew Zahni Butterfield won the regatta with three points, winning all four races, Quinton Simons and Gregory Proctor finished 2nd with 8 points, while also finishing on 8 points, but in third place were Zanico Hendrickson and Walter Smith.

Albert Symonds Cup Regatta Results

  • 03 Dale Brangman & Zahni Butterfield
  • 08 Quinton Simons & Gregory Proctor
  • 08 Zanico Hendrickson & Walter Smith
  • 10 Lorenzo Lambert & Tristen DeSilva
  • 12 Anthony Smith & Hong Gao

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