Ministry: Take 2024 Hurricane Season Seriously

June 6, 2024 | 1 Comment

“Bermuda has gone through a period of very active seasons with near misses; however, we need to keep ourselves aware of what is out there in the Atlantic and prepare with enough time to remain as safe as possible,” said Minister of National Security Michael Weeks.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security is urging all Bermuda residents to take the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season seriously and to use this time to prepare their families and property to avoid disappointment and ensure safety.

“The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] has predicted an above-normal hurricane season driven by La Nina and warmer-than-average ocean temperatures.

“NOAA forecasts an 85 percent chance of an above-normal season, with 17 to 25 named storms [winds of 39 mph or higher], 8 to 13 of which could become hurricanes [winds of 74 mph or higher]. This figure is in contrast to the 12-17 named storms NOAA predicted in 2023.

Lyndon Raynor, analyst with the Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Team [DRRM], Minister Weeks and Lt. Col. Edward Lamb, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of National Security

EMO Bermuda June 3 2024

“NOAA’s prediction includes 4 to 7 major hurricanes [category 3, 4, or 5, with winds of 111 mph or higher]. Forecasters are 70 percent confident in these ranges.

“The Government of Bermuda, through the Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO], stands ready to act in the event of a safety threat from tropical weather.

“The EMO held a preparedness meeting today to assess the Government’s readiness for the hurricane season and to advance preparations.

“Throughout the month, the Ministry of National Security’s Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Team [DRRM] will coordinate activities to re-familiarise relevant staff and stakeholders with the EMO Operations Centre.

“Local hardware stores have advised the Ministry that they currently have hurricane-preparedness supplies in stock. Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this availability and consider their hurricane preparedness now.

Minister Weeks added, “I implore all residents to use the time during Hurricane Preparedness Month to prepare for the peak of hurricane season, which is typically from mid-August through October.

EMO Bermuda June 3 2024 2

“It is not too soon to start preparations. Families should meet to discuss their hurricane plans for the season. If there are any lessons learned from 2023, these should be included in updated plans.

“People should confirm that their property insurance is up to date, as well as create a hurricane supplies checklist and ensure that the necessary items are on hand.

“Another useful tip is to invest in portable power banks, which are widely available and generate a useful power supply to charge mobile phones and other portable electronics.”

“Residents are reminded that the Bermuda Weather Service is the official source of weather-related information for Bermuda, and the EMO is guided by the advice given by the BWS.

“The Ministry of National Security urges all residents to take proactive steps now to ensure they are fully prepared for the hurricane season.

“Please visit this Government portal page for detailed information on preparing for a hurricane or tropical storm.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Be prepared.
    Yes, “prediction.” Not to belittle the seriousness of hurricanes, BUT. NOAA’s prediction history is very poor, to say the least. In 2013 NOAA predicted there would be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 11 named Atlantic hurricanes. There were only 2. The unmentioned margin of error ranged between 250% to 450%. No one at NOAA was fired.

    Let’s not forget 2019 and Hurricane Dorian. Dorian is the prime example of NOAA’s glaring failure to predict the path of a hurricane. No one at NOAA was fired for a mistake that resulted in terrorizing millions of Floridians and causing billions of dollars of damage in the Bahamas. NOAA predicted Dorian would pass over the Bahamas and then cross Florida. Dorian stalled over the Bahamas, then turned north and traveled up the East Coast to Canada. Canadians were not happy about being unexpectedly hit by Dorian. Missed Florida.

    You can see 20+ years of predictions on the Triangle Hurricanes page on TheBermudaTriangle website. You can also see the error rate for Dr. Michael Mann’s research group. Mann is considered to be the Godfather of “climate change.”

    Make sure you are not consuming any liquid when you look over the spreadsheets – the liquid might come out of your nostrils.

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