West Pembroke Holds First ‘SPLASH’ Programme

June 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

West Pembroke Primary School recently concluded its inaugural SPLASH program, a five-day initiative designed to equip all students with essential swimming skills and promote water safety.

A Government spokesperson said, “The program’s success is a testament to a collaborative effort between dedicated educators and a committed community partner.

“Over five days, all students at West Pembroke participated in comprehensive swimming lessons led by qualified instructors at the National Sports Centre. The program was spearheaded by Physical Education teachers, Mr. Martin Wolffe and Mrs. Zindzi Edmead, whose vision and dedication were instrumental in its implementation.”

“We are incredibly proud of the positive impact the SPLASH program has had on our students,” says Mrs. Jenna Bean, Principal of West Pembroke School. “A huge thank you goes to our passionate Physical Education teachers Mr. Wolffe and Mrs. Edmead for their initiative, and to Martello Re for their generous sponsorship. Equipping our students with water safety skills is an essential part of their education, and we look forward to continuing the SPLASH program with their continued support.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The National Sports Center provided state-of-the-art facilities for the program, including a heated pool, locker rooms, and a dedicated classroom space for learning when they are not in the pool. This holistic approach allowed students to receive instruction not only in the pool but also in a classroom setting.

“The program is open to all 197 students at West Pembroke School, regardless of their current swimming ability. Participation is free, and no prior registration is required. Students are simply encouraged to show up at the designated times and get ready to make a splash!

“The SPLASH program wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Martello Re Limited, a valued community partner of West Pembroke School. Since the 2022/2023 school year, Martello Re has demonstrated its commitment to the school through various initiatives, including providing funding for educational resources and student incentives.”

“At Martello Re, we are committed to supporting educational initiatives that make a positive impact on our communities like the SPLASH program,” said Alana Rathbun, Martello Re’s Chief Governance and Compliance Officer.

“We were honored by the opportunity to support the students of West Pembroke in learning swimming and water safety skills that will benefit them for years to come.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The successful inaugural SPLASH program highlights the importance of water safety and swimming skills for all students. West Pembroke School and Martello Re look forward to continuing this program in the upcoming school year, with the goal of ensuring all students become proficient swimmers by the time they reach primary six and exploring further opportunities to collaborate in the future.”

West Pembroke Primary School SPLASH Programme Bermuda June 2024 (4)

West Pembroke Primary School SPLASH Programme Bermuda June 2024 (1)

West Pembroke Primary School SPLASH Programme Bermuda June 2024 (2)

West Pembroke Primary School SPLASH Programme Bermuda June 2024 (3)

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