Duchess Pays Respects: Assassinated Governor

November 14, 2010

Following the brief church service at St Peter’s Church in St George’s this morning [Nov 14], Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester walked out of St Peter’s Church, turned sharply left and went deep into the eastern part of St Peter’s graveyard.


She, alongside Governor Sir Richard Gozney and others, went there so that they could pay their respects to Governor Sir.Richard Sharples, and Captain Hugh Sayers, the Governor’s Aide-de-Camp. Both men had been shot and killed in the grounds of Government House in March 1973.


During their state funeral almost 40 years ago, the two caskets were carried from Hamilton to St. Georges through Bermuda’s waters aboard a British warship the HMS Sirius; the only time in Bermuda’s history this has occurred. Bermudians lined the streets to view the proceedings.


Both men had been buried, side-by-side, in the re-opened for that occasion, eastern graveyard at St Peter’s Church. This was considered the highest honour Bermuda could proffer, as the site was long barred to new burials.


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  1. Billy McAdam says:

    Don’t see too many PLP party members at THAT memorial do you?

    • White Jesus says:

      Nah, actually they are getting assasinated right now by institutionalized racists who hate to see anyone other than a predominantly white supreme leadership. And that includes blacks who aren’t used to seeing themselves lead! The country is in the state it is in because blacks have been taught that the white man is GOD (Christ is God and white). Therefore when blacks see someone who looks like themselves in authority they pathologically cannot respect it. The white supremacists know this all too well and play it to their advantage. But that will change.

      • LOL says:

        Dude you must hate white people init. So how do things go at your family reunions or did the white massa rape your momma?


      • HMMMMM......... says:

        When are people just going to accept people regardles of they shade of skin they are! WOW – As a twenty something Bermudian i was raised to see people as people…It is sad that this is not something that is taught to everyone!

    • Billy McAdam's Daddy says:

      @ Billy McIdiot. Ummmm….dont see kim swan or cannonier their either. Actually I dont see ANY party there. Did you notice that? Now dont let me catch you verbally masturbating again ook?

    • Billy McAdam's Son says:

      @Billy McAdam. Daddy, It was not a ceremonial memorial you buffoon. The Dutchess is paying HER respects. I suppose you think the government ministers should be following her around EVERYWHERE sniffing her tail. Perhaps you will be displeased to know that Premier Cox unfortunately could not be there to hand the Dutchess a towel to wipe her hands after she left the bathroom this morning. Oh pity!
      Ps there were NO party reps their from ANY party. Just slap yourself!

  2. mixitup says:

    @ Billy McAdams You’re really bored aren’t you.

  3. terry says:

    The irony of this is that it wasn’t ‘mixed up’ or “mixitup”.

    Ask yourself why the PLP did not have a preferance of being there. The Simmons’s failed to show along with others. Wonder why.

  4. bermyguy says:

    @ Billy McAdam why is it a PLP thing. The Premier attended the wreath laying in St Georges as did The Leader of the Opposition. Maybe I need stronger glasses or if I am correct I do not see anyone from any political party in these pictures. Man life must be very boring for you. As Mr T says ” I Pity The Fool “.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bermyguy, I guess you are not old enough to have been around at the time of the Governors death. Knowing those circumstances & those who played a part in the whole sorry affair afterwards makes Billy Ms comment very telling.

      • Billy McAdam's Son says:

        “Drifter”….a name befitting!

        • Triangle Drifter says:

          Typical of the Koolaid drinkers. When you can’t add anything to the topic, personaly attack the poster. Sad.

      • bermyguy says:

        @ Triangle Drifter actually not only am I old enough but I played a role in the funeral as I was and still am a member of the bermuda regiment. ” WHATS YOUR POINT “.

  5. Attendee says:

    There were 4 PLP MPs at the wreath ceremony and the memorial church service, and and only one from the UBP. The only people that were taken to the graves were the Dutchess, the Governor and their entourages. All other government officials were waiting at the front of the church.