Was Mayor in Bermuda, NY Press Asks?

January 6, 2011

1dailynews-onthejobNew York’s media is continuing to demand an answer from Mayor Michael Bloomberg as to his whereabouts when the city was paralysed during a Christmas blizzard — with many newspapers and on-line news sites speculating he was at his Bermuda home while essential services were suspended.

Other top municipal officials were also out also of town for the holidays and the city’s emergency response to the winter storm has been strongly criticised by New York residents and the press for being haphazard and sloppy.

The tabloid “Daily News” had a splash front page report on the continuing controversy yesterday (Jan. 5) and today the Politico website says the outrage doesn’t appear to be diminishing: ”Mike Bloomberg, years ago, broke with the city tradition of letting the press know his whereabouts, and made a practice of slipping to Bermuda and to “Gotham North” — his Westchester estate — for weekends, assuming his private jet could get him back in an emergency from the former.

“But the enduring mess following a big snow storm has the press back up in arms about his refusal to discuss his whereabouts, or even who was in charge while he and his top deputies were out of town.”

The billionaire businessman has long owned a home in Bermuda he often spends weekends at, with the “New York Times” reporting last year:  “Mr. Bloomberg … has walled off his life in Bermuda from voters in New York, arguing it is none of their business.

“He steadfastly refuses to say when he is on the island, and to blindfold prying eyes, he has blocked aviation Web sites from making public the movements of his private planes.”

The combative ”Daily News” recently criticised Mr. Bloomberg’s charitable foundation  for transferring $15 million to off-shore accounts in Bermuda, accusing him of making a mockery of his own fiscal policies as New York struggles to recover from the recession.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    Considering he was on the TV quite a lot and the onditions of NY Airports which had to close,unless he is Clark Kent,there is no chance he was in Bermuda.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    I wonder what the press expected him to do…get out & drive a snowplow?

    Apparently the Mayor has been pretty open on his whereabouts, except when he is in Bermuda. Surely everyone deserves a little privacy. It is not like he was unreachable…wherever he was.

    If the press wanted to keep track of somebody elusive it should have tried to keep track of our very own Premier ‘Travel the World’ Brown. He loves to fly, & it shows.

  3. Hmmmmm says:

    Drifter get a grip. one thing Dr. Brown did do was tell us where he was going. you people just can’t get over it. Bloomberg is entitled to “privacy” but Dr. Brown is “elusive”.you love to hate and it shows.

    • Call as it is says:

      Brown was nothing more than something else brown…
      you figure it out