Videos: Cabinet Evacuated “Suspicious Package”

April 5, 2011

[Updated] A report of a “suspicious package” at the Cabinet Office on Front Street at approximately 11am this morning [Apr.5] has lead to the Cabinet Office being evacuated, as well as emergency responders arriving.

There are a number of people gathered on the front lawn, and there are two fire trucks present. We have limited information at this time, but will update as able.

Cabinet Building April 5 2011-6

Update #1: A number of MPs including the Premier are standing on the sidewalk, and appear to be speaking to a member of the Fire Service.

Update #2: The Police are also on scene, and are blocking access to the Cabinet Grounds.


Update #3: It appears that Police will be removing the cars from the Cabinet Grounds to be inspected. The package has been removed by the forensic officers and will be tested to determine what the substance is.

Update #4: Police confirmed the package is non explosive, with Police spokesman Dwayne Caines saying, “Police responded to a report of a being found in the grounds of the Cabinet Office. In the abundance of caution the Cabinet Office has been evacuated and EOD [Emergency Ordnance Disposal Unit] were called, and the area was evacuated. Presently the substance is waiting to be analyzed. The package was received by a member of the Cabinet staff who notified appropriate persons.”

Update #5: Pictured below, the Premier along with National Security Minister Wayne Perinchief speaking with representatives from the Police and Fire Service outside the Cabinet.

Cabinet Building April 5 2011-13

Update #6: Video of statement from Police Spokesman Dwayne Caines:

Update #7: The “suspicious package” may have been some form of an envelope.

Update #8: Quick video of the scene outside Cabinet:

Update #9: Nothing official has been said, but it appears that as of 1:45pm the situation is resolved. Emergency services have left, and people appeared to have gone back into the Cabinet Building. We unofficially understand the substance was not found to be damaging.


Update 2:30pm: Police said, “On Tuesday, April 5th, at 10:59 am The Bermuda Police Service and the Bermuda Fire Service responded to a report of a suspicious envelope with an unknown substance that was intercepted at the Cabinet Office. As a result the appropriate protocols were followed and the Cabinet Office was evacuated and the Emergency Ordinance Disposal Unit of the Bermuda Police Service and the Bermuda Fire Service secured the “flat envelope”. The Government Analyst was called and it was ascertained that the substance in the envelope was not a threat to anyone.”

[Photo slideshow is thanks to John Manderson]

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  1. Oh no says:

    Oh no…things are getting scary

  2. LOL (original) says:

    What another bullet sent???????????? Will they ever find who is sending these things yea right…. Maybe we could be kept abreast of what is happening with the forged check issue I am personally woundering if ED and DB will win or if they just accused someone they did not like. Although it would be an eye opener to me if what they say is true. Politics crazy peoples play time.


    • PLP Really Needs Help says:

      Diversion Tactics (a.k.a Discrediting Tactics, Covert Ops etc) ……. meant to divert people’s attention from Burch, SDO, the next 25 BNTB layoffs if you listened keenly to Interview on ZBM, declining popularity etc etc.

      Come on now we are cowards in Bermy, hence why we blog on Bernews in secret and smile in your face at the next cocktail party, but we’d never physically hurt anybody. Please.

    • Talkers not Fighters says:

      Bermuda’s only radical, Mr. “Buck” Burrows was hung at the gallows?

      This isnt Iraq.

      There is no domestic espionage with violence in Bermuda………..only those 17-30 year olds running around with 4 handguns, lets refocus and continue to reset the dial on the real problem.

      What a waste of the Police and Fire Service’s time, they should trace the insider who sent the parcel and send him or her a bill for their time today.

  3. Organic Bermudian says:

    “Suspicious Package,” was a resume’ from an ACTUAL BERMUDIAN! LOL

    • lifeblood says:

      LOL!!! that’s funny!!

    • ._./ says:

      Bernews needs to implement ‘like’ buttons (or promotions, like they have on Gawker) for comments like these.

    • Bermudian Photographer says:

      LOL this made my whole dayyyyy!!!!

      IM DEAD!!

  4. spirit says:

    I alway wondered if there was EVER a bomb sent or was it said just to get security ummmm????

  5. GPS says:

    When did a box of Chocolates from Col. Burch become suspicious….lmfao!!!!

  6. runtime says:

    Is the Col. disgruntled at being let go? :-)

  7. Hilarious says:

    LMAO @ Organic bermudian!

  8. Unusual Suspect says:

    It’s quite a damning indictment of the Bermuda Post Office that an envelope is now classed as a suspicious package :)

  9. W.T.F.??? says:

    burch left his lunch box behind1

  10. Citizen Banned says:

    New job safe (check). Wayne smiles quietly to self.

  11. Terry says:

    Senator J. Smith….” Damn, that letter was addressed to me. Must have come from the UBP Caucus..”

  12. lifeblood says:

    Wow, less than 24 hrs after the apppointment of a new National Security Minister, we have an incident of…well…national security…and who is that conveniently pictured in the 3rd pic? What’s a six letter word for something appearing real but really isn’t?

  13. White Jesus says:

    Not a waste of time at all. PLP drinks marketplace brand. A carton of Dunkley’s on the premises is a reasonable cause for alarm.

  14. Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation says:

    Ewart’s change of address card?

  15. Say Say says:

    Cabinet Building’s BELCO bill?

  16. He says she says:

    Col. Burch returning his access card?

  17. He says she says:

    Actually you are all wrong. It is a Christmas card for the Premier – from President Elect Obama.

  18. He says She says:

    Wayne’s new business cards. “Weeding them out one criminal at a time”. Obviously made quite a few people nervous.

  19. LOL says:

    Thanks for the mid-afternoon laugh – sure needed this!

  20. Spikes says:

    Sick minded people, most of you.

  21. your joking says:

    it was actually a local letter delivered in less than 7 days….very suspicious

  22. Eyes from London says:

    Suspicious Package? That is some suspicious behaviour in the third video Kim Wilson.
    Why is she the only one not calm?