Glasford & Mitchell Win Packwood Cycle Race

May 24, 2011

[Updated with full results & video] Darren Glasford won the 2011 Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race this morning [May 24], while Damian Sharp finished in second place and Wayne Scott came in third in the male adult race. Nicole Mitchell won the Women’s section, with Karen Bordage coming in second. Dominique Mayho was the junior male winner, and finished second overall.

As the group reached the top of Queen Street, Darren Glasford from Winners Edge made his move, powering his way to the front and finishing in 26:37.3, ahead of Damian Sharp from Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works who clocked 26:37.8, while Wayne Scott finished 3rd in 26:37.9.

bermuda may 24 race 2011 g (38)

A  police officer, Mr. Glasford started competitive cycling in 2006, typically riding five or six days every week in order to train. Last October he was one of the riders who represented Bermuda at the Caribbean Cycling Championships held on the island of Guadeloupe.


In April he won the opening race in the five-event IBC Criterium Series at Southside, St. David’s. The Bermuda Day cycle race was introduced in 1987, and renamed in honour of the late Sinclair Packwood in 1998.

At one point Karen Bordage, the second female finisher, had the lead she is pictured below leading the pack:

karen bordage may 24 cycling

An estimated 70 cyclists took part in the event. The start of the race was delayed by about 25 minutes because of a traffic accident in the Scenic Heights area.

Nicole Mitchell from Winners Edge won the Female Race in 26:46.0, with Karen Bordage from Winners Edge placed second in 27:08.0. A number of female competitors did not finish including Stacy Babb, Wenda Roberts, Earlena Inham, Andrea Proctor, Lorraine Silvia, Pandora Glasford, Kamryn Minors, and Gabriella Arnold. Female winner Nicole Mitchell is pictured below on the right in the lead pack:

may 24 cycle race 2011

The race followed the same route as the Marathon Half Derby; from Somerset to Hamilton, but instead finishing along Cedar Avenue rather than Bernard Park.


Sinclair Packwood [1962-1998] was recognised as a top sprinter and was, for many years, one of our top riders, winning several events and representing Bermuda in multiples competitions abroad.

He also worked for the Bermuda Bicycle Association behind the scenes, serving as a member of the executive for a number of years.  As such he was one of the key figures who convinced the police and the Bermuda Day organiser to allow the BBA sponsored event.


Update: Full results 2011 Sinclair Packwood Memorial Race Results

  1. 26:37.3 Darren Glasford – Winners Edge
  2. 26:37.8 Damian Sharp – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  3. 26:37.9 Wayne Scott – Winners Edge
  4. 26:38.0 Daren Dowling – Focus
  5. 26:38.0 Phil Trussell – Madison
  6. 26:38.2 Dennis Joell – Crime Stoppers
  7. 26:39.0 Mark Hatherley – Winners Edge
  8. 26:39.3 Randy Burgess – Winners Edge
  9. 26:39.6 Neil Lupsic – Madison
  10. 26:40.2 Clifford Roberts – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  11. 26:41.6 Brian Drea – Madison
  12. 26:42.3 Greg Reid – Madison
  13. 26:42.8 Alan Mooney – Tokio
  14. 26:44.3 Kent Richardson – Winners Edge
  15. 26:44.7 Adam Harbutt – Madison
  16. 26:44.9 Arthur Pitcher – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  17. 26:45.5 Elliot Hubbard – Winners Edge
  18. 26:46.3 Rickai Lightbourne – Crime Stoppers
  19. 26:47.1 Mtume Hart
  20. 26:48.4 Macio Talbot – Tokio
  21. 26:48.5 Dwyer Williams – Focus
  22. 26:50.5 Christopher Faria – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  23. 26:53.4 Jeff Amaral – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  24. 26:53.7 Norbert Meyer – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  25. 26:53.7 Ian Port – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  26. 26:56.7 Stephen Tomlinson – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  27. 27:04.8 Richard Bruton
  28. 27:09.8 Jason Piney – Tokio
  29. 27:17.6 Grant Goudge – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  30. 27:18.0 Charles Dunstan – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  31. 27:18.0 Neil de Ste Croix – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  32. 27:27.1 Mannard Packwood – Tokio
  33. 28:33.9 Arthur Glasford – Winners Edge
  34. 28:34.4 Anthony Rynne – Tokio
  35. 29:00.5 Anthony (Ricky) Smith – Winners Edge
  36. 29:01.1 Peter Dunne -
  37. 29:01.9 John Arthur – Crime Stoppers
  38. 29:02.2 Greg Hopkins – Winners Edge
  39. 30:45.6 Anthony Bartley – Crime Stoppers
  40. 30:56.4 Earl Godfrey – Focus
  41. 31:44.3 Andrew Steel – Madison
  42. 34:00.2 Roan Jones
  43. 38:43.5 Everton Dawes
  44. DNF Michael Thomas, Nigel Godfrey, Vincent Chavez, James Davis, Rafael Simons

Junior Male

  1. 26:37.6 Dominique Mayho – Madison
  2. 26:44.9 Mark Godfrey – Winners Edge
  3. 26:49.0 Vashon Cann – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  4. 27:12.9 Daelen Richardson – Tokio
  5. 27:30.3 Nico Barclay – Tokio
  6. 29:01.6 Che’quan Richardson – Winners Edge
  7. 30:42.8 Daniel Oatley – Fast Forward Freight Bicycle Works
  8. 30:45.3 Tre’-shun Correia – Winners Edge
  9. 40:49.7 Nakeno Creighton
  10. DNF Deshi Smith, Alexander Davis

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank goodness for Bernews or I would know nothing about this race… can we find the rest of the racers?? Looking for first woman across the line… pleeeeaaase.

    • bernews says:

      Nicole Mitchell was first female, updating post in 2 mins…

      • Heather says:

        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That is who I was waiting for!

      • Heather says:

        Please post lady’s winner pics please… again, great coverage.

        • bernews says:

          Hopefully soon, we are trying to work as fast as we can, we are spread between the sailing in St George’s, setting up for live parade video, editing pics/vids/uploading etc. Its all coming up as fast as we can….by the end of the day we will have stacks of coverage.

          • Heather says:

            Awesome… Thanks again for your coverage.

  2. Roger Lambert says:


  3. Malcolm Raynor says:

    Congratulations to Darren Glasford for winning the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Bicycle Race 2011 from the Morrison Place Raynor family.