Photos & Videos: Drag Queen Competition

May 23, 2011

Docksiders on Front Street played host to the Drag War Competition last night [May 22], with an enthusiastic crowd out to support the island’s leading female impersonators.

With a DJ pumping out disco tunes and sparkling lights illuminating the proceedings, a host of drag queens sporting colourful wigs, theatrical make-up and  beautiful gowns bewitched and bedazzled the audience.

Queen Of Bermuda Sybil Barrington's Drag War At Docksiders  May 22 2011-1-6

The audience went wild with applause for the glamorous gender-bending show — embracing the entertainers’ over-the-top impersonations of women.

The night included a good-humoured one-on-one showdown between ‘”Queen of Bermuda” Sybil Barrington and the self-styled amateur ”Queen of Front Street” — The Beach owner Rick Olson [both pictured below].

Queen Of Bermuda Sybil Barrington's Drag War At Docksiders  May 22 2011-1-11

Although up against Sybil — whom many regard as the island’s premier gender illusionist — Mr. Olson made a valiant effort onstage. Decked out in a feather boa and headress with matching dress, Mr. Olson even treated the crowd to a quick flash of his boxer shorts and earned a few dollars in tips from the appreciative audience.

Video #1: Mr Olson’s performance:

Video #2: Sybil Barrington’s performance:

Video #3: Lead by Sybil, the Drag Queens lip sync to Sister Sledge 1970s hit ‘We are Family’:

Mark Anderson — the Man Behind Sybil Barrington — has called upon the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered community as well as their supporters and proud parents to join him in the May 24 Parade tomorrow.

He is a longtime campaigner against discrimination involving sexual orientation as well as other social ills plaguing Bermuda. Part proceeds from last night’s Docksiders event are going to be donated to the Agape House hospice which provides care for the terminally ill.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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Comments (44)

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  1. john says:

    just speechless

  2. Crystal Cave says:

    Now we just need some moralistic churchy type folk to say how disgusting and perverted this is. Well done guys! I’ll be joining you next year.

  3. Good Job! says:

    It was a great show as always! Well done to all the “ladies” that participated! they all did a great job – it was really entertaining!

  4. joe says:


  5. reality check says:

    looks like you all had a great time!

  6. Black Pride says:

    Truly a sad day for Bermuda !! Bernews is being as usual as any media outlet..Why would you promote such wierdness is beyond my belief.

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Maybe because it was done in good fun and for a very worthy cause?

    • STHU says:

      What’s weird is all the shootings! This is harmless and innocent… (Besides the one that looks like a stripper) its not a sad day In Bermuda! This was a day of liberation and excitement and celebration. Don’t try and rain on this parade cause will come and we should all just keep marching! Your comments are so ignorant its no wonder folks are shooting up the place! The minds of some people on a tiny island is so corrupt and so closed they fail to see any other way besides for their pathetic reflection! Get a clue and a life you’ll learn more

    • In Mark's opinion says:

      I agree , this is one of the reasons society is going down the tubes .

  7. The Messenger says:

    A show like this is about talent and entertainment and I am glad to see more Bermudians accepting of the gay lifestyle. There was a time when I would cringe at the sight of gay men but as I matured to it I realized that they are just as human as the next man and that most gay men are regular looking guys.

    Well done guys…errr….um…yeah, guys. This may not be my type of party but I applaud your efforts to be yourselves in a place like Bermuda.

  8. Raise DE ROOF says:

    In the beginning God Almighty created Adam and Eve… A Male and Female< NOT Adam and BOB and NOT Eve and Stacey!! Why would anyone want to promote this nasty a$$ stuff! I think its crazy and Not right! You was born a MALE stay as a dang on MALE

    • PAS says:

      This post is for you Crystal :)

    • Crystal Cave says:

      Ah yes Adam & Eve – in the great work of fiction The Bible. Sound like Raise De Roof is somehow threatened by a few guys dressing up as women and having a laugh. Talk about Judgmental.

    • Goose says:

      The Bible also predicted that all of those true to the faith would be raptured Saturday gone.

      Either the Bible is prone to flawed interpretation or you’re in no position to act all high and mighty. Regardless of whichever is correct let’s keep a cap on the homophobia. Faith has many places in our lives but oppression of those we don’t agree with should not be one of them.

      • Anyone says:

        The Bible DID NOT predict that mess ok?

        • Goose says:

          That’s purely your interpretation of what is written. Camping and his followers saw things differently.

          Point is that people pick and choose what they want out of the Bible in order to justify their system of belief. Citing a 2500 year old book of laws makes complete sense in any argument, because civil rights tend to be very over rated.

          I choose to not persecute people based on what is written in Leviticus 18:23. Instead I choose to stone people to death for wearing garments woven from two differing materials, as per Leviticus 19:19. Well, the “forbidden” part is covered, the stoning part is just my interpretation of what the punishment should be based on the amount of transgressions that stoning is an acceptable punishment for in the Bible. I’m also not a fan of the whole slavery thing that is condoned in Leviticus, Exodus, Ephesians, 1 Timothy etc so I skip over those parts.

          If you want to pick and choose portions of the Bible to justify hatred or discrimination against others then be aware that a different verse can and has been used to justify turning you into a second class citizen.

      • Godsfollower says:

        Goose please tell me where in the bible did I actually say that specific date? I’ve always been taught “NO Man knows the hour, not even Jesus when God will appear”… And yes I believe in that, not the false prophets the bible has proven to be true. That’s what those people were, false prophets and they’ve managed to deceive many weak minded people with their belief

    • whistling Frog says:

      Their trying to confuse our innocent children, and don’t think their not watching… Are we suppose to lie to our children and say these clowns are acting, maybe we should call it trash drama…

  9. john says:

    idk,,,i cant hate anyone for living how they want to ,,, i use to

  10. SMDH LOL says:

    wow!!!! i so agree with you “Raise De Roof” i can deal with the gayness but that crap of men dressing like women and trying to be a woman is just a no no. if the lord wanted them to be women they would be. Sybil is trying to promote that crap for 24th of May, are you serious??? i dont want my child to be seeing no dudes walking down the strret playing like they women. what the hell is this island coming too. They need to keep that crap in the privacy of their own home or take that $hit somewur else.

  11. Patricia says:

    SMDH LOL i agree with you.

  12. The Messenger says:

    Aint it funny how people run to Bible scriptures to try to make their point yet at the same time they are living a life of sin. Go figure!
    You all turn a blind eye to crime, adultery, drug use, gossip which is all frowned upon in the Bible.
    Are YOU living your life according to the Bible? I doubt it.

  13. Black pride says:

    If a [edited] puts that crap in my face, Imma call him out !! and let him know what a disgrace he/ she is to other NORMAL people

    • Persia Monet says:

      Hey Cuz,
      Before you do that, you might just wanna check your closet and that of your family! Skeletons might just jump out from somewhere!

  14. Erica says:

    Fyre should have came 2nd hands down. Nice show! Looking forward to next year & October show!

  15. I don’t see how being gay differs from how alot of you live!! Having your nasty little threesomes, messing with married people, multiple partners….Leave these people alone!! At least they rally around their own! @ Messenger – I am with you!!!
    By the way, I am straight!!!

  16. Nicole says:

    Awwww look at that all the homophobes couldn’t help but click on the link like someone forced them too.

    Anyway go ‘head! 3 snaps in a circle! Faaaabuloussss! The same ones complaining have probably watched the new Madea movie 2 times already.

    • Anyone says:

      four times and going to buy the DVD when it comes out,,,

      • Nicole says:

        Man you people are just NOT funny-at all.

  17. john says:

    i would’nt want my kids looking at that either on 24th may

  18. Crystal Cave says:

    Its just entertainment – get over yourselves already. You don’t wanna see a guy dressed up as a woman – better not go the the Pantomime at Christmas either. Seesh! What about all the guys you see with earrings nowadays – that used to be a sure sign of gayness – now its a form of accepted dress! I even saw a guy in pink Bda shorts last Friday OMG!!!!! get over it people.

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    • whistling Frog says:

      @ Crystal Cave, to bad you don’t know your history, wearing earrings started in Ancient Egypt. Man and women used to wear types of pieces of jewelery as a way to show their wealthiness. today its just a fashion… As my momma used to say think before you speak..

      • Malachi says:

        ….you tell ‘em Whistling Frog: “Don’t be a drag – just be a Queen!” LOL

  19. Just to make clear that transvestism (dressing up in opposite gender roles; men as women) is a totally different issue than homosexuality. There are plenty heterosexual tranvestites; not all tranvestites are homosexual. I, personally, don’t understand tranvestism – I reckon its more a fetish than anything else – I don’t think its anything really to get totally upset about.

  20. Persia Monet says:

    I have to throw a stone here……

    From the visuals provided on Bernews, I would say that the show looked tacky and the Draq Queen’s cheap.

    C’mon Sybil step it up a notch and provide a quality Cabaret Act.

    • MIA says:

      I completely agree! This does look tacky and cheap. I applaud these men for coming out and doing this that night and I recognize the amount of courage it takes to do this but seriously make it classy! Put more into it! Don’t give people even more of a reason to dog what you are doing

  21. rick olson says:

    I did cheapen the show and I was very tacky the rest of the performers actually have some REAL talent probably won’t do it again but ya never know. Besides raising $ for charity the original idea I am PROUD to stand next to Mark Anderson his got real balls !

  22. SOMERSET OG says:

    This is a good post so straight guys can see who these herms are a don’t accidentally take one home one night! I wonder how many actually got into a heated situation with one and said what the h3ll and kept going? Yuck! I don’t bother them if they don’t bother me. Everyone has a right to exist whether we approve of their lifestyle or not.

  23. Cayden says:

    Bernews well done, I enjoy all news. It is just entertainment.

  24. chelsey says:

    What is Bermuda coming to , id rather violence than this. This is truly sad to see very disappointed.

    • Pitbull says:

      Bernews!! Job Well Done!! You Are The Best!!

  25. what grinds my gears says:

    If you’re gonna be a ‘gender illusionist’ please be a good one! You youngsters need to be more flamboyant! You need to work it!