Lisa Blackburn Does It Again: Medal #3

June 30, 2011

lisa-blackburnLisa Blackburn continues to turn up the heat at the 2011 Central American & Caribbean Swimming Championships [CCCAN] in Puerto Rico, collecting her third medal, with all three won in record setting style.

Her latest swim not only broke the Bermuda record – it shattered a six-year-old Central American & Caribbean record previously held by a Cuban Olympic swimmer.

Ms Blackburn’s first medal was a Silver in the 200m breastroke, with her performance shattering Jenny Smatt’s 1992 record.

Her second medal was a Gold in the 200m individual medley, which saw her set a new Bermuda record of 2:25:56.

Her third medal – also a Gold – came in the 100m breaststroke, during which she broke the third Bermuda record of the meet.

In addition to breaking the Bermuda record, Ms Blackburn’s final time of 1:13.23 broke the Central American & Caribbean Swimming Championship record of 1:13.33, which was set back in 2005 by the Cuban Olympic swimmer Imaday Nunez.

Finishing behind Ms Blackburn, 39, was Patricia Casellas of Puerto Rico in 1:14.40, McKayla Lightbourn of the Bahamas was third in 1:14.77, Natalia Castillo Luna of Mexico was fourth, and Ashley Bransford of Aruba rounded out the top 5.

Other Bermuda swimmers were in action in Puerto Rico, with Ashley Yearwood just missing out on a finals spot when she finished 11th in the Girls 15-17 100 Long Course (LC) Meter Freestyle with a time of 1:02.38.

In the Boys 15-17 100 LC Meter Freestyle preliminaries Nicholas Patterson finished 20th with a time of 58.57, while Jesse Washington finished 12th in the Boys 11-12 100 LC Meter Butterfly with a time of 1:09.32, Patterson then finished 13th in the Boys 15-17 200 LC Meter IM clocking a time of 2:25.16.

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  1. Lovebda says:

    Well done team Bermuda .

  2. Gary says:

    Good stuff!

  3. jredmond says:

    …yet swimming will continue to recieve almost no funding from government.

  4. Kam says:

    Well DONE!!!!!

  5. Sally Smith says:

    Well done, and congratulations !!

  6. Malcolm X says:

    What do you want government to supply swimming with…? Ocean? duh its an inexpensive sport and we have all the resources here. You gotta be OBA

    • Common Sense says:

      Great comment from Malcolm X! Using his twisted logic all we have to do for football in Bermuda is to provide a couple of fields and let the footballing community get on with it! And the same goes for golf. Instead we built a National Stadium and spend multi-millions on Port Royal. Swimming is just a little more complicated than jumping into the ocean and splashing around. Practically every country in the world will have a first class 50 metre pool for its athletes, including many Caribbean countries. Here we have a young woman who has trained for year after year, and has broken 3 national Bermuda records (in a first class 50 metre pool) and all Malcolm X can do is to start throwing around political insults about the OBA. Yes, the Government is tight for funds these days. Some might argue they have thrown millions into some sports with very little to show for it. We were supposed to have a first class 50 metre pool built at our National Stadium years ago, and hopefully it will become a reality – but don’t hold your breath. I have nothing to do with swimming but I recognize that the swimming organizations in Bermuda do a fantastic job training our young people – and they get great results. Lisa Blackburn is one prime example. Shame on you Malcolm X.

    • UN I - TEE Y says:

      Thats an incredibly arragant and ignorant comment to make “Malcolm X”. This goverment has donated MILLIONS to football and cricket….what do they NEED? a lawnmower and a ball? Why should they get MILLIONS…. or did you forget…perhaps conveniently!!!!

    • jredmond says:

      swimmers here have to fundraise hard on a private level just to be able to represent Bermuda in the Olympics. The Government won’t even foot that bill, yet they constantly trow money in abundance at cricket and football, two sports where we will never be able to compete seriously on an international level.

      there’s that. And then there’s the fact that they are sinking millions into the construction of a pool at the national stadium that every swimmer on the island agrees is an outdated design. Governement is ignoring all the professionals and wasting our precious tax dollars.

      But if your cool with, that, by all means, continue in your ignorance. And no professional swimmer trains in the ocean…twit.

  7. Are you serious says:

    Malcolm X, ya clueless

    Jredmond is correct!!!!
    Football and cricket receive the most funding and have the most drug heads!!!!!!! Swimming, track and feild, etc. don’t get no funding. Why does a person have to be OBA for speaking the truth……
    I’m not OBA or UBP………..


    X baller…….A very good one at that…….

    Congrats Bermuda, Congrats Ben Smith……..Congrats Ms. Blackburn

  8. Are you serious says:

    Common Sense, ya correct too……

  9. UN I - TEE Y says:

    Congrats to Ms. Blackburn and all of the other BDA TEAM members!!! All of you, your families, coaches and supporters should be proud!!! As the father of two young Bermudian daughters I appreciate all of you… whether you win medals or not. The fact that you are able to set goals for yourselves, stick to them, grow and get good enough to even qualify for events like this helps my daughters see that with motivation, perserverence and direction comes results. Medals or Not…all of you should come back with your heads held high. Thanks you all for the lessons you teach…without even realizing it!

  10. MinorMatters says:

    First all a big congratulations to the all of the participants for making Bermuda shine and proud and for achieving excellence in their disciplines.

    I see an inverse relationship with the success achieved and the amount of government funding. It seems to me that those organizations that receive very little funding from the Government purse and have to work to raise funds privately have athletes who aspire to (and perform) great things through hard work and effort. Compare and contrast that to the athletes that have had Public Taxpayers’ money thrown at them and see what good results have we seen…tsk, tsk.