Gun & Ammunition Also Seized From SailBoat

August 2, 2011

Drugs-On-Yacht-Confiscated-Bermuda-August-1-2011-1-5_wm-620x413The Bermuda Police confirmed today [Aug.2] that in addition to seizing a “substantial amount” of drugs from a sailboat yesterday, they also found a firearm and ammunition on the boat.

Police said that the Latvian man they arrested had diverted to Bermuda after experiencing mechanical problems with his boat while traveling to Europe, and investigations suggest the shipment of illegal drugs was not destined for Bermuda. The 28-year-old man is expected in court in due course.

Police and Customs officers descended on McCallan’s Wharf in St. George’s at approximately 2pm yesterday, searching the sailboat and removing numerous bags it.

Today a police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service in conjunction with HM Customs can confirm that a 28 year old Latvian man is in police custody after a significant amount of illegal drugs, a firearm and ammunition was seized from his sailboat.”

“The 28 year old man diverted to Bermuda after experiencing mechanical problems with his boat while traveling to Europe. Investigations conducted thus far suggest that this shipment of illegal drugs was not destined for Bermuda, however this seizure is another good example of cooperation between overseas law enforcement agencies as well as local agencies.”

“A court appearance for the 28 year old man is expected in due course.”

[Age amended from 24 to 28, police issued correction]

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Comments (16)

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  1. Real Talk says:

    Not destined for Bermuda? Hmmm… well where the heck was he coming from and where was he going? Cuz that’s a LOOOONNNNG way to go for some weed.

    • Think about it says:

      Who says it was weed

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ real talk – comin shru s. america/caribbean gone europe. neva a looooong way for de money.

  2. Terry says:

    Most foreign vessels carry firearms. They are declared at customs et al.

    Guess any port in a storm.

    Maybe an enquiry can be made to the police spokesperson as to how much food etc was aboard the vessel and it’s last port of call……nawa no………

  3. Terry says:

    I’m sure we will hear something soon enough. As I mentioned as our posts overlapped, where from, where is thye vessel registered et al. Maybe Dwayne will give some more when the time is right, just to keep enquiring minds enquiring……

    Gunja Mon……yoo ok?…….

  4. d reader says:

    bermuda triangle gets another wictim

  5. Ganja Mon says:

    No where in the world drugs or guns have a value like Bermuda. If that stuff wasnt destined for here he wasnt trying to make any money. Fool should have gave all of that to me and we woulda been str8..

    It was definately weed! Those bails were too big for anything else.

    Guess he didnt know!

    • Anyone says:

      Ganja Mon knows his Ganja buh!!!

    • Terry says:

      Ganja……den why he sail into St. George…sh5t….could have up wastin bloo cut ann drupped hit horf………or gave it to a chartar bote………jingus………

    • will says:

      no one in their right mind would take cannabis from the islands when you can get prime skunk and wonderful hashish all over europe…perhaps cocaine..the longer the distance traveled with coke the more its worth including europe..probably headed to the UK (biggest coke consumer in europe-with highest rate among young people in world)

    • duuuh .. says:

      xx It was definately weed! xx

      Now that we know it was 30 mill of coke and NOT destined for Bermy , how smart do you feel now Mr expert on nothing ?

  6. Fromavayclafefan says:

    Virs Clafe?

  7. Terry says:

    Heeze hup Cublarz Kut wiff heeze aunite Coral Pollylips chakin howt dee demaige…..Heel bee bek wonce lampalight turz heeze wil dahn………

  8. YUP says:

    Coulda been the guys smoking poke ppl. Who no’s – only in Bermuda do they put value on it like they do. Now his gonna call home and tell all his frens how much money you can make off of drugs in Bermy. Some good advertising Po-po!

  9. US Observer says:

    I see Clafe coming over the horizon… :-)

    • Terry says:

      Mee two…..muss haiv bean rastin haftar dee jernee…..Heeze hin Cashew City Kansas nah rite….?