Cannonier: ‘PLP Distorted The OBA’s Position’

October 10, 2011

[Written by OBA Leader Sen. Craig Cannonier]

Thou shalt not lie.

At the end of last week, the PLP deliberately distorted the OBA’s position on term limits. They said we would “end” term limits instead of what we actually said, which was to “suspend” them for a period of two years pending a review that gives us a policy that works better for Bermuda.

It was a simple, straightforward recommendation our economic team had made among a raft of others to get Bermuda back on track, where we are once again producing jobs, not job losses.

Bermuda’s economy is in crisis with unprecedented and growing unemployment, cost-of-living hardships for thousands of families and real doubt about Government leadership.

The situation is serious and we need to be at our best – open to ideas and honest dialogue for solutions that work for people.

Without batting an eye, the PLP immediately subverted this effort, trying to twist it into a political fight based on a lie.

The Premier’s team said the OBA’s plan “to end” term limits would be “nothing short of a disaster for the Bermudian worker.”

The distortion is desperate and pathetic, showing us they are more concerned about politics than policies to make Bermuda work better for Bermudians.

The OBA is taking great care to put forward policies to build an economy that enables our people to have a job, build a career and pay their bills.

We do not have that now because the PLP Government has presided over the largest loss of opportunity and employment in Bermuda’s modern history.

That failure is the starting point for our review of what can work better for Bermuda. We have looked closely at issues such as term limits and concluded it should be suspended for two years pending a review that gives us a policy that puts Bermuda first.

Let’s look at two facts: Since 2000, the number of Bermudians in the work force has steadily declined while the percentage of non-Bermudians in the workforce has grown.

Couple these trends with the growing ranks of the unemployed and it is PLP policies – nobody else’s – that have been “nothing short of disaster for the Bermudian worker.”

The suspension of term limits does not mean abandoning protections for Bermudian workers. We have a work permit system whereby all incoming workers are vetted by government before permit approvals are given. This is the real line of defence for the Bermudian worker and there is no question that it must remain in place. It can be better managed, but remain it must.

This brings me to my last point, going back again to PLP distortions. In attacking our position, they said the term limits policy was instituted to protect Bermudian jobs. Well, again, that’s not true.

In October 2008, then Home Affairs Minister David Burch wrote a letter to Bermuda’s employers that the term limit policy was introduced to dispel expectations among long-term non-Bermudian workers “that they could ultimately acquire permanent residence in this country…

“Most employers,” Col. Burch said, “mistakenly believe that the policy was introduced to make more jobs available for Bermudians.”

The PLP today is ignoring its own rationale for the term limits policy and distorting our position in order to pick a fight. They are willing to say anything to distract people from thinking about new approaches, new ideas that can get this island back on track.
They are doing it because those new tracks to growth and prosperity are rejections of the economy the PLP has made: where jobs and opportunity are leaking away and hope and confidence is being challenged.

It’s dead end politics, divorced from reality, and promising us nothing more than more of the same, which is getting Bermuda nowhere. It’s time for change; it’s time for leadership that puts Bermuda first.

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  1. PLP not Wrong this time says:

    No distortion in my book! UBP/OBA are the same people. Question for Cannonier – he formerly stated that the UBP need to apoloize for the pass of what they did to Blacks; now that he is head of those same people, minus 2, when can we expect this grand apology?

    • JD says:

      LMAO – Wow lets totally ignore the article and just comment on whatever we feel like. Whats with the PLP deciding to employ Andre Curtis?

      • Can't Take It Anymore says:

        True, but we have to get to the root of the problem before we can attempt to start a new argument. Asking for an apology about a lie when you still have not gotten an apology from your own party over a very significant event. I understand where both you and PLP not wrong this time are coming from.

        • Truth (Original) says:

 what you are saying is that until you can get an apology from the “UBP” (whoever that is at this point), you are not prepared to even consider the ugly facts staring you right in your face about the PLP.

          Man. Whilst you wait for an apology, our childre’s future is being mortgaged for the benefit of a few.

          That’s a sad position to take.

          • Tired of OBA already! says:

            Benefit of what few? You mean mean the 40 thieves and their children?

            • Truth (Original) says:

              No. I mean the new 40 thieves and their children. Realistically, what can you do about the past? Are you going to go marching down Tuckers Town and strip the land owners? As much as you think that would satisfy you, it will never happen. We have to start dealing in reality and what is happening now. Burying your head in the sand about current events because of the wrong doings of the past is tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

              • Black Soil says:

                The PLP are hazardous to your grandchildrens’ health.

                • babygirl says:

                  Powerful reply by the PLP! Little needs to be debated at this stage of the game, as the bloggers will continue to rage on with negative comments for the sake of saving the OBA/UBP party.

              • Johnny says:

                That’s the same reason a black man will never get paid the same as a white man, because you feel we should just forget the past. Basically what you are saying is that I if I robbed you of all of your wealth and made you work for me for free, you should have no reason to be upset or mad with me, and you should just forget about the whole situation and move on wiith your life. And so should your children and grandchildren.

                • star man says:

                  Oh! you mean like how a certain Premier, whose name shall not be mentioned, put my company out of business with a change in policy. Yeah I WAS really pissed!! But I’ve moved on….

                  Unresolved resentments are cancerous. Be careful.

                  • What ! says:

                    Are people stupid, this article is about the PLP accusing the OBA of something incorrecty. The PLP are lying. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. The PLP hope and pray fools think it is about race, as that is ALL that they can play on to get them their fat ministerial pay. Next time a PLP candidate or party member brings up race, know that it is because they have nothing else to offer. This last month has proved that on so many occassions. They lied and tried to fool you again, just as they did when A. Scott replace Smith after the election, as Brown did with the Platinum period. They lied to YOU and they still LIE to YOU

                • Truth (Original) says:

                  I never suggested that we forget the past Johnny. If you robbed me of all of my wealth and there was no recourse, I will start to build a new life for myself. Not remain stuck in what happened in the past…. And past that I have no control over. I do have control o er how I allow the past effect me and that is the same power that we all have. The problem is that we don’t exercise it. Instead, we choose to wallow itself pity.

                  What is your solution to right the wrongs of the past Johnny?

                • Waiting Patiently says:

                  lol thats not at all the same.. thast another temper-tantrum exaggeration of what was said.

                • Downsized says:

                  @ Johnny,

                  While I can agree that the statistics are there to support the argument of Blacks being paid less that prove that is the case as it is for many women in the work force obviously that fight must continue where those imbalances exist.

                  Who robbed YOU of your wealth?? give us an example and name the individuals (This Should Be Good). Better include the PLP on that Sh*t List as that is exactly what they’re failing tenure is doing right now and will do to your and mine future generations, guess that’s ok as at least they’re black right?

                  Oh Yeah all white people enslaved and stole our wealth … Please!! While the History of Slavery is there for all of us to see at what point will people like you stop living a life that is not yours?? Do you not realize that it has been a few hundred years since slavery and while the system of dis-enfranchising blacks locally is more recent the only person who can break and change that is you the individual. If you educate yourself the chances of escaping ‘poverty’ are greatly enhanced.

                  Obviously you know all that but it’s better to play the victim in this instance right?! Look around Bermuda and the world, read some History many & most Black People past and present have & are doing just that despite the legacy of Slavery. Are You? Or is it just easier to sit back and complain about why you aren’t where you feel you should be in Life??

            • star man says:

              Yeah… the new 40 Thieves; PLP Elites and Brownites, with Ewart being the biggest of them all.

              This IS who you’re talking about, right?

              Because the original 40 Thieves are long gone. Along with the UBP.

          • Can't Take It Anymore says:

            No not saying that at all. I just think a certain degree of acknowledgement needs to be made and addressed on certain topics that just linger in Bermuda’s history. Why is it the norm for issues such as this to be push behind us and and people then say, o thats the past so let it rest? Problem with that is we want to use it only when it benefits the person saying that for that moment. My point, we need to acknowledge these things before we can move forward or else it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths. And if you ignore the few by telling them to get over it, you sound exactly like Dr Brown.
            And for records sake, the UBP is the OBA. All of the UBP’s backbenchers and monetary supporters are now loyal members of the OBA. That is a point no one can argue.

            • Truth (Original) says:

              So you want an apology from Craig Cannonier? Who EXACTLY do you require an apology from and would it honestly make a difference without a redistribution of wealth and opportunity?

              I think not.

              “Acknowledging the past” simply wouldn’t go far enough for people who feel hard done by. What would an apology give you? Closure? I doubt it. It seems to me that an apology would be justification for the mess that people have made in their own lives (not speaking about you specifically).

              I know how that sounds but the cold truth is we should have long taken responsibility for our situation. If we did that, we wouldn’t be in the predicament that we are in currently. Instead of looking for someone else to blame, we would have taken ownership and made a real difference in our own lives.

              • Can't Take It Anymore says:

                Again, not looking for an apology. You’ve got to read the chain from the beginning. Was simply elaborating on the first comment made by ‘PLP not Wrong this time says.’
                Honestly I really think you guys just read the first few lines and then devise your own opinion based off of that first line.
                None the less, I feel and understand where you are coming from and I agree with you 100%. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and move onward and upward. But to a great deal of folk here on the island it is not that cut and dry for them. Which is where my previous opinion is rooted from.

                • Truth (Original) says:

                  Hmm. I interpreted this comment you made to be asking for an apology from the UBP…

                  “Asking for an apology about a lie when you still have not gotten an apology from your own party over a very significant event”

                  If that is not the case then I appreciate you clarifying it for me. I am glad the discussion was had nontheless because there are far too many Bermudians still not living up to their potential because they have this crutch (the white man did it) that they point to and say “See ! it’s not my fault I am failing in life”. Without that crutch I believe that we would see a greatness in many more of us.

                  I appreciate the dialogue.

              • The Truth says:

                CRAIG, CRAIG cannonier said that the UBP need to apologise. Now they are all cronies together, who’s going to apologize to whom?

                • Waiting Patiently says:

                  for fcks sake… our country is falling apart and peolpe are bickering over an apology??

                  this is a big reason why things will take a long time to get better.

    • Obeying says:

      Remember Craig – thou shall not lie, thou shall not covet their neighbors wife, etc etc etc. but quoting and living up to those commandments are quite different as showing with you and C12/OBA/BDA/PLP.

    • Black Soil says:

      Under PLP we are dying. If you are happy with that, then shame on you!!

      • for real!! says:

        I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% happy the the PLP but they have done more for the people with what little bit they have, then the UBP did with a lot! Under PLP I have seen more low budget people upgrade their living condition and enjoying life!
        And if Dr. Brown wasn’t doing something right and good for the peiple he would still be the leader of PLP no question!
        Do this one thing for all you doubters, go and find out who controls most of the work force in Bermuda, cause its not the government of today! The civil servants is but a minor in the island! And all the other jobs are own by the old UBP and the new OBP! And its funny how the first thing they say they want to do is create jobs for bermudians, why wait to get into power to do so, but at the same time their the ones laying off bermudian! Talking about its a recession, so if they can’t provide jobs now how can they do so later!
        I’m just saying!?!?!? So think about that one for a moment!

        • Black Soil says:

          You give OBA too much credit. They do not own the Bermuda workforce. If you honestly believe that then there is no hope for us. If you cannot see that PLP policy has led to IB leaving Bermuda, then PLP will be happy to get your vote in the next election. Suckaaah!!!

        • RN says:

          for real!! you are so right, I have been telling people that for years …Bermuda is owned by few families…that acquired their wealth on the backs of the black population either free or paying low wages, instituting laws that had ensured that blacks remained an underclass population, and the trend is repeating it’s self that’s why they want us to shout up and forget the past.
          #1 sign) accept lower wages if you are black and want to work in this country. insuring that you stay poor. and this is applicable to the the educated and the not so educated.

          and they complain because the Government although not enough is doing a little something for the black people.

          • The Whole Truth!! says:

            co-sign!! The WHOLE world is ran by a few families!! It’s bigger than Bermuda, this is just their Devil Island to do whatever they want behind closed doors. They’re turning OUR country into a country club for ALL of their bloodlines, cronies, and the rest of the SUPER RICH!!

          • Downsized says:

            @ Rn

            I hope your’e telling those same people how you and your family ‘broke’ that trend? I would bet that would be more helpful to them than moaning about things that they cannot control or change like who made what law 50 or 100 years ago. The same things that MOST blacks (& whites they’re not all rich and silver spoon former slave owners you know) have been doing to get ahead in this country for generations.

            Answer me this, if that cycle is repeating itself today why isn’t the PLP Government doing anything meaningful to change it? There has been no Black Empowerment policies from them in 13 years, why? No policies that directly helps the black entrepreneur (who isn’t ‘connected’). why?

            No serious attempt for ten years to fix an education system that would go a long way to empowering Black & white Bermudians to advance themselves, why? You want to empower people? do what previous Governments (UBP) had done, run a good education system, that’s right yeah we had one once remember? … until the Berkleyites of more recent times got hold of it anyway!

            Manage the economy so that even the not so well educated have an opportunity to jobs/education and with hard work, a good plan (like your family had)they will be able to advance themselves. what is the “little something” that the PLP are doing for black people? They are failing at most of the things needed to create an environment for the advancement of Bermuda’s people period.

            Their failed term limit policy coupled with the Recession has helped see more jobs, $$$ leave Bermuda than just the recession and our high costs (costs that the PLP Govt. helped make greater) would have done. What the PLP Government is doing to Black & white Bermudians with their mismanagement should be a crime, but hey you’ll support em again as at least you can blame whites, UBP, OBA Gibbons …. pathetic really.

    • sammy says:

      The facts show that the PLP are distorting the truth on this matter. So if it does not register as a distortion in your book it reflects poorly on you and discredits your opinions on other issues (e.g. UBP and OBA being one and the same). Bermuda needs to face realities. Denial undermines Bermuda.

    • Not OK says:

      PLP lied or don’t know the aim of their own policies. Dress it up how you want to, or attempt to deflect it…but these facts are there in stone. Get them out now. They are desperate and clearly have demonstrated they have nothing to offer today.

    • Got to go says:

      Typical PLP diehard response. Always this and that about the past and so on and so forth. We need to concentrate on the present and future, and the issues at hand. The economy is the issue at hand! This and that about the past is irrelevant. Why is it that PLP supporters can’t speak intelligently about the issues and instead have to resort to the past, or feelings, or emotions? Get with it, our economy is on a downward spiral with the end of it not in sight. Here we have specific suggestions given to the public, and here we go with diehard PLPer’s. The past… black power… etc, etc. Do PLPer’s have the ability to debate the issues and not bring in race, emotions, or the past?

    • Eastern says:

      @PLP not wrong this time…….If you want to get people to apologize for the past; please look at those white Bermudians that have the same last names as many Black Bermudians and stop lumping all people of the same colour into the same pot.

      As someone that has several family members and friends (both black and white) that have lost their jobs because their manager or supervisor didn’t get their work permit renewed and hence that department was moved overseas causing all the Bermudians in that department to lose their jobs; I find your comments have nothing what so ever to do with work permits and everything to do with clouding the facts.

      You have obviously clouded your own mind as the International Companies that keep the cash flow coming into this country are competing globally and need the the very best of employees “globally”. We will never have the people on this small island to support the demands of these companies. Bermuda is just too small, but the money generated by those working in these companies will trickle down to you, me and other Bermudians. Where else do you think the money is going to come from? Surely you are intelligent enough to understand that.

      Regarding your comments about the OBA looking like the UBP; sounds like the ruling party is running scared as your comments reflect their’s and is the only BS line they can play now that they are running out of race cards.

      • Talk's cheap says:

        Eastern, I do recall those were Cannonier and the BDA he then represented words. I recall hearing him say the UBP needed to apologize to us Blacks and thought he was off base because we are so mixed up which part would he apologize to? But Cannonier did say that to Easter take it up with Craig and the BDA supporters including fahy and crockwell.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Did you actually address the content of the article at all?

    • Death to party politics says:

      The PLP are also the same people who’ve incurred a ton of debt the past decade. And you want to continue putting your trust in them? Well done. And also, you failed to address the point of the article.

      Death to Party politics

    • Downsized says:

      @ PLP not wrong …

      Hmmm Pass instead of Past again, must be RN posting under a different name. So when will the PLP apologies for what the have done to Black people and Bermuda ???

  2. Questions says:

    Also, heard he’s going to run in St. George after he win C12 because others want the so called safe seat? Another said that Pettingil will be parachuted into Southampton, because Jeff Sousa won’t budge to give Pettingil back his safe seat. they are all opportunist looking for safe seats and don’t want to work for it.

  3. joe says:

    I like it!
    It smacks of intelligence.

  4. Craig is Clueless says:

    Craig, “Puts Bermuda First?”.

    Sounds like you are more willing to put company profits ahead of the Bermudian worker. No surprise there however. Keep singing off your Gibbons/Dunkley funded consultant’s hymn sheet.

    I’m still waiting for an answer that makes sense in putting bermudians back to work. A 2 year suspension on term limits, while sounding good to your friends on front street, does nothing for Bermudian Workers!

    • Black Soil says:

      Since 2000 less and less Bermudians are working in Bermuda. That’s not a political statement, it’s a fact straight out of the Bermuda stats dept. If PLP policies are any good, why are less Bermudians working in Bermuda?? If PLP policies are any good why do they perpetuate a black underclass. Why do they sit back and watch our black boys shooting each other? For 30 years they watched that UBP party…and they couldn’t wait to become the new-UBP. And now they are. I am very disappointed!!!

    • Got to go says:

      You do realize that when companies are profitable they are in a better posion to hire?

    • sammy says:

      Let me make sense of the answer for putting Bermudians back to work. First, stop damaging the economy. Second, stop increasing Bermuda’s debt. Third, stimulate the economy by removing the disincentives that prevent companies from hiring people. Of the two parties, so far the OBA seems to be on the right track and the PLP on the wrong track. For example, the term limits policy is proven not to inhibit long term residencey very effectively yet it damages the economy by encouraging relocating highly paid expats to leave Bermuda (e.g. Bermudian landlord cannot rent their apartment so cannot pay their mortgage; Bermudian pool cleaner has one less pool to clean; Bermudian carpenter and plumber has one less kitchen to renovate; Bermudian mechanic has one less car to repair etc.). The response: the PLP say term limits is going to stay because it protects Bermudiams in the labour market despite previously insisting that the policy was design to inhibit long term residency and did nothing to protect Bermudians. The OBA say: let’s temporarily suspend so no further damage is done to teh economy while we redesign the policy to find a better way to inhibit long term residency. But this is only one of many things than comprise “the anwser” for putting Bermudians back to work. The PLP has not yet announced their “answer” but the OBA have started to roll theirs out last week (front page of RG). So the answer will not come as one initiative – but many.

      • for real!! says:

        Do you really know what your talking about!
        Why not send a bermudian to school so that they can do the work these expacts are doing rather then having to bring them pay them and pay for their rent, which could go to have another Bermudian employed thus keeping the money in bermuda’s hands rather it being sent to the families who live in other countries!
        If you have more bermudians working in these high paying jobs they would be able to afford the rent these companies are paying for the overseas worker to live here!
        Some of you need to be on the other side of the fence before you open your mouths!

        • BackatownCornBeef says:

          LMFAO….you really aren’t “for real”. What planet are you from? Please tell me who has filled your mind to make such a ridiculous comment. Never mind…my educated mind already knows.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      @Craig is clueless- I am going to try and help you to understand how it works in real life. My boss is on a work permit. Him being in Bermuda gives me a job. I, inturn, use my heard earned dollars and hire Bermudians to do a variety of jobs that I need done (including building a home).

      However, if my manager was to go away because they couldn’t get a work permit renewal, I would have no job. With no job, I couldn’t hire Bermudians (or anyone for that matter) to do the things that I would like done.

      The money flows through the economy, a lot of it originating from International business. Whilst you may take solace in your ignorace to maintain a nonsensical talking point, the Truth is that money from IB ends up in many working class families pockets.

      Craig is speaking the Truth.

  5. I gotta be me says:

    I don’t know why we don’t offer 20 year work permits to Intl Businesses. If the permit holder gets into trouble or the boss wants rid of him then the permit is yanked. And after 20 years, they HAVE to go. No extensions, no do-overs, no LTR, nothing. They leave. It would be a huge marketing tool for Bda Inc and the families that come here would be able to raise their children and then go back from whence they came after 20 years. Also, why are we not going after the Super Rich? People like Operah Winfrey who have billions would love to move their assets here, bring their rich friends here and spend a bodacious amount of money. We should offer them status! What would it be maybe 20 couples? 40 people who can buy those mansions that Bdians cannot afford, hire construction people to fix ‘em up, hire secretaries, assistants, drivers… I think handing out 40 status papers to Super Rich people is another way of getting Bermuda back in business.

  6. LMAO says:

    Is the OBA complaining about someone “distorting” a position.

    It must be April fools day! The OBA never met a PLP poistion that the didn’t distort.

    They make up statistics, claim them to be fact, and then blame the government. At the same time they sell Bermudians a dream that if you get rid of term limits the economy will magically recover.

    What a bunch of jokers. Come with real facts, price out your suggestions and then maybe people will take you seriously.

    • Got to go says:

      I swear PLPers cannot discuss issues. Critique and refute the OBA’s ideas with facts. But then again, I think I’m asking too much.

    • sammy says:

      What stats have they made up? If you are refering to the 10-12% jobless rate, that was the stat from the recent mindmaps poll published in the RG.

      Also, nonsense is your claim that the OBA “sell Bermudians a dream that if you get rid of term limits the economy will magically recover”. They never said they would get rid of it, nor that the economy would recover as a result. They said thay would suspend the policy because it has proven to damage international business. Not damaging international business is good for the economy – and the OBA seem to be on the right track that we need to design an implement a better policy to inhibit long term residency because the current policy does a poor job of that.

    • Joe Blow says:

      What stats have they made up? And further to that point, do you believe every stat that the PLP throws at you?

      It must really hurt some of you people to have an objective thought.

  7. Terry says:

    Man….yoo lutt sahn like my neighbor. Blame it on the white bouys all dee tyme.

    There ain’t sh$t on Front Street anymore. Get owar it…..

  8. Rumors says:

    You heard? You can hear alot of things, doesn’t mean they are true

  9. Spreading the word... says:

    I applaud this posting by Senator Dr. K. Michelmore (OBA) from another forum:

    “Unlike the OBA that have up to now have spent most of its time criticizing the Government, our party has been hard at work on the initiatives that it committed to in the Throne Speech and in the Budget…….” Quote from the PLP’s statement in response to the OBA economic press conference.

    I believe that it was President Obama who recently said that “The practice of listening to opposing views is es…sential for effective citizenship. It is essential for our democracy.”

    One of the roles of the Opposition is to highlight areas in need of change, to challenge decisions which are felt to be incorrect, and to attempt to hold the Government to account where necessary. Since delving into front-line politics, I have found that it has been common practice for the Government to avoid an actual defence of their actions by accusing the Opposition of being “too critical”. This is deflection and is a weak response.

    As politicians and as a community we should be doing more “listening”. To dismiss an opposing view as “criticism” wastes a valuable opportunity to consider the issue from a different perspective, which could possibly move us all towards more common ground for the good of our country.”

    • kevin says:

      These are very good comments- the problem with this blog is that supporters on both sides feel so strongly about their own positions that they ignore facts and replace them with their own logic. They seem to believe that if you dont agree with their point of view something must be wrong with you! Maligning someone simply because they do not agree with you does not make for a good discussion of any issue. The fact is no political party has all the answers and to suggest otherwise is just wishful thinking. There is no way that any party is going to fix our economy unless they are first going to fix the US economy specifically and the global economy generally. Good luck with that.

      • Finally Someone has some brains says:

        @Kevin says: ….. Sheesh!!!!! Thank you! Finally someone that is paying attention.

        If Europe, US, China, UK.. EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD is struggling to get through this WHY do we think that we live in a bubble and that we will not be effected… What is happening around the world is a natural process of economics.. the world needed a financial cooling off… the problem is when people were telling us to save, telling us it was going to happen, we younger ones did not listen or even care… because it felt like it wont hit us…Bermuda is always behind the rest of the world when it comes to prospering and recovery, BECAUSE of the trickle down effect.

        We younger people (25-40) around the world, have never experieced this level of do with out. We grew up always having and very rarely saving for that rainy day our grand parents talked about. SOME of the situations WE bought on ourselves, we did not store up in the times of plenty so that when the times of lean came we could live wisely.

        Bermudian are resourceful, and if we stop whining about who did what and said what, and looked with in ourselves for a solution that will effect our circle of influence then as our circles join up, it will effect everyone.

        I work for myself; I have two companies and I am working wisely to make it through this season… I am not BLAMING any party for what is going on, I am taking responsibilty for not being wise and storing up, OUR GRANDPARENTS DID, OUR GREAT GRAND PARENTS DID! They may not have had the lavishness that we think is needed but they had the most important things, love, family and family values….

        The answers are within.. NO GOVERNMENT CAN OR WILL BE ABLE TO SOLVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Talk's cheap says:

    I don’t listen to spin doctors. This doctor is heading out of dodge and trying to set up straight? Isn’t she employed by government or a consultant for government? She will be spinning from down under?

    • Toni says:

      @ “Talk’s cheap” how does Dr. Michelmore’s employment or pending re-location invalidate her points? We need to listen more.

      • Too smart for own good says:

        Well, how can she take government payments with one hand and slap the government with the other hand. and how effective can she be from whereever she’s moving?

        • star man says:

          So, you expect vendors to kiss a$$ and not criticise to get work from the PLP Government? Really?!

  11. very true says:

    This government is doing the best job they can for these economic times. Look world wide, we are in a better position than most. When American has been experiencing this for years, we are just facing a bit of hard times!

    • Sean says:

      We were always in a better position than most. The real question is are we in a better position than we were ten years ago, and could this have been avoided? Perhaps without the millions wasted under Dr Brown, the government would be in a better position to weather this storm. Tell, me, if you could have seen this coming, what would you have said about Beyonce coming down for a cool million? You’ll say there was no way to see this coming, no doubt, in that case I would direct you to Bob Richard’s comments over the years leading up to this recession warning about the overheating economy and what that would mean down the road.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Unfortunately, the “best job they can” isn’t good enough. They simply lack ability.

  12. Keep them Honest says:

    To OBA:

    instead of Blaming the other party about what you said and they said you said…. and

    This is what you do.
    1. Direct you conversation to Bermuda people- they are the one that will elect the next government
    2. stop telling us what PLP have done, we already know that , we are looking for solution… UBP used to do that, stop it… that’s why people did not like UBP to begin with
    3. Engage, the business people of Bermuda, listen to them
    4. Come up with a plan, that “we the people” can look at, read it, that cover all aspect of what OBA
    5.Remember stop blame game, think solution!

    • Death to party politics says:

      Partially agree, though the OBA did come up with some solutions which were, unsurprisingly, retorted by the PLP with their own spin. And frankly, the OBA can run a laundry-list of solutions till they’re blue in the face, we all know that some people are so biased in their political perspectives that they would refuse to accept those suggestions, even if they make perfectly logical sense. Bermudians stand in the way of their own political maturity, because we can’t let go of this BS party system.

      Death to Party Politics!

    • Terry says:


      If I told you that I love you………………………would you ask me why?

      6. “solution”………I already told you. BUt if I tell more your boy/girlfriend would take you away from me.

      I need a rum.

      • Keep them Honest says:

        @ Terry,

        Before you can begin to think about politics at all, you have to abandon the notion that there is a war between good men and bad men

    • All Clogged Up says:

      Why NOT blame the PLP and its failed policies….facts are facts and politics demands praise for doing good, and criticism for wrong doing and underhanded behavior…..I really hate the term, but ‘unethical but not illegal’ behavior has to be addressed….no more loopholes for the priveledged few, white, black, or anywhere on the color bar! And its true, WE CAN BLAME THE UBP FOR NOT HAVING REAL DEBT!

    • Kim Smith says:

      @Keep Them Honest… I think you have given them very good advice. Focus on your own vision and don’t get pulled into taking a defensive stand.

  13. Thinking hard about the OBA says:

    To: Mr. Cannonier,

    You need to stop the spin, whiles you may not have stated, the above in your latest statement, you certainly have said in on several radio shows.

    Don’t let this come back to bite you.

    I agree with “keep them Honest” I was/am a hard PLP supporter, that was open to looking, but your nasty bloggers are chasing the undecided persons like myself away, they are vile and nasty with their approach.

    And this will be the down fall of the OBA, common courtesy is due to all.


    • Death to party politics says:

      Out of interest, why would the bloggers chase you away? It’s not fair to judge the OBA on the basis of people whom they have no control over( as far as what comes from their mouths or fingertips). All due respect, you’re either open to what the OBA has to say…or you aren’t. I’m not sure where random, Internet bloggers comes into the picture.

    • mediaguru2 says:

      You make an interesting point. Unfortunately for the OBA their diehard bloggers come across in such a manner that someone looking at this blog might get the idea that this is what the OBA represents. As a supporter of the OBA I can tell you that I am often offended by what I read here. All I can say is that every Political Party has there own version of them. No party can dictate who “supports” them. Hopefully reading your comments might make some of them think twice about the whether what they write will actually help or hinder the OBA winning over the support of people like yourself. The OBA is much more than what you read here. Why don’t you make contact with someone within the OBA and find out what they really are about?

      • Death to party politics says:

        Yeah but there are obnoxious diehards on both sides of the fence. I think the parties should be judged on the merits of their policies and performance. Or, we can end party politics period, as my name suggests :)

      • Too smart for own good says:

        Typically Michael Dunkley and Michael Fahy style, in your face. Most people I know turn off the TV when they are on.

    • Terry says:

      Well I guess the “RN” stands for remain neutural.

      Also, just in case you missed it, this is not an OBA site. Bernews is aloowing free speech.

      What do you think OBA stands for….

      Only Blacks Apply?

      Only Bermudians Apply?

      One Bunch (of) a$#holes?

      One Bennificial Approach?

      One Brown Appature?

      Only Beyonce Arrives?

      One Bank Active?

      Chasing you away from what. If you are ‘Iam/was” then you know not what you are.

      OBA hall dee vey….detz rite…….a new One Bermudian Attitude……………………………………………………………

      • RN says:

        OBA stands for whatever you want it to stand for… but you did get remain neutral = RN, correct.

        Chasing me away means following my own advise, I tell my children stay away from persons or situations that will place them in the company of persons behaving badly, even those that disguise their behavior as free speech. I don’t want to end up in a room with persons like you while you are exercising your rights.

        • Terry says:

          You bet your life you want to remain in a room with me.


    • LOL (original) says:

      “I was/am a hard PLP supporter, that was open to looking, but your nasty bloggers are chasing the undecided persons like myself away, they are vile and nasty with their approach.

      And this will be the down fall of the OBA, common courtesy is due to all.”

      LOL I feel the exact way about some of the PLP’s die hard supporters/ bloggers how ever they are usually more vocal than the others that show common courtesy. Oh and I would not put my kids in a room full of race haters either white or black so in that reguard I see where you are comming from with this “I tell my children stay away from persons or situations that will place them in the company of persons behaving badly, even those that disguise their behavior as free speech.”

      • RN says:

        LOL (original)….I am running from the badly behaved PLP, why would I run to badly behaved OBA.

        Thanks for opening my eyes.

        I thought your point was going to be that you are better. guess not.. sorry I was wrong.

        • LOL (original) says:

          My point was it’s the same feeling from a different persective and like you I’m not taking it any more.


      • star man says:

        “… but your nasty bloggers are chasing the undecided persons like myself away,” Buh-bye.

  14. Chronic Backpain (Original) says:

    PLP distorted something. Why is anyone surprised??????? They are the enemy of the OBA. This is what they are supposed to do. The fact that they have zero credibility nowadays is enough for me. They are just a joke. Let them be – they will be out soon as OBA takes over as the new ruling party.

    • Death to party politics says:

      The parties are effectively each others enemy. What one party says, the other will retort, for no other reason than to oppose. This is a winner take all system, so showing up the other side to get into power( or stay in power) takes priority over the good of the country. Bermudians, on both sides of the political fence, are being played like pieces on a chessboard. Unfortunately, many don’t have the ability to ‘step outside the box’ and actually see what’s going on here. End party politics, introduce Independent candidates.

      Death to Party Politics

      • star man says:

        It’ll never happen. The Independents elected will eventually organize themselves into Parties to gain more power and control. It’s a natural progression….

        • Death to party politics says:

          Then make parties illegal under a revised constitution. And, if we see certain people ‘ganging up’ to form their own little groups, they’ll be easily identified and much easier to vote out.

  15. Noel Ashford says:

    OBA/Craig…. You arent exactly showing you have much intellect… You are allowing the PLP to waste your time on DEFENSE versus offense… AGAIN? This is what they did to the UBP. The UBP spent all their days defending the PLP’s comments about them… Who cares… The PLP needs to be this way are they have such a horrible track record. You have no track record at current.

    If all you can offer is spending your days listening to the PLP’s nonsense about the UBP then I don’t know you should count on my vote.

    Disappointing at best… Why don’t you spend your time educating Bermudians on the current state of affairs and who caused them… PLP!


    • Death to party politics says:

      Reading that statement above, I don’t see where Cannonier made any commentary regarding the UBP. I do see several ‘eduacate Bermudians’ comments, such as:

      “Let’s look at two facts: Since 2000, the number of Bermudians in the work force has steadily declined while the percentage of non-Bermudians in the workforce has grown.”

      This is fact, under the PLP Government work permit holders has increased. It’s not spin or distortion.


      “In October 2008, then Home Affairs Minister David Burch wrote a letter to Bermuda’s employers that the term limit policy was introduced to dispel expectations among long-term non-Bermudian workers “that they could ultimately acquire permanent residence in this country…

      “Most employers,” Col. Burch said, “mistakenly believe that the policy was introduced to make more jobs available for Bermudians.”

      This is taking something a PLP Minister said a few years ago, which contrasts the recent commentary from the PLP that term limits are about protecting Bermudians. It isn’t, and the above quote from David Burch,then-Immigration Minister, attests to that. It’s about removing any possibility of work permit holders remaining long enough to qualify for long-term status. The statement is right there for all to see.

    • mediaguru2 says:

      While I generally agree with your thrust. I think it in this instance it was important to untwist the PLP’s distortion of what was actually proposed.

      • star man says:


      • Noel Ashford says:

        Okay, I need a better spell checker … LOL anyways… As I was saying, The question is, where does it all stop? The PLP will throw more and more comments and its just tiring to watch an opposition party defend themselves versus be on the attack of the current government. Thats the role of opposition. The PLP turned that role around on them… It’s time to put things straight. Call the PLP to task on all the things they did wrong. That should give ammo foor many days to come. My beef with the OBA is that they took far too long to say what they stand for. This is the first stance they took on anything since conception. They need to come forward with more ideas and who cares what the PLP’s take is on them… We already know this PLP is fresh out of working ideas…


        • star man says:

          “My beef with the OBA is that they took far too long to say what they stand for.” It takes time to build consensus. Be patient, all will be revealed in due course.

  16. MMMM! says:

    the PLP said that the opposition was always trying to scare monger saying International Business would one day pack up and leave we have seen this come to fruition,now they are saying if term limits are suspended they would come back in droves and leave no jobs for us

    how crazy is that? definitley politics at its worst!!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      LOL ! Now that is funny.

    • star man says:

      Come back in droves and leave no jobs for us? You are wrong. Suspending Term Limits for 2 years actually will CREATE jobs for Bermudians. If you can’t understand that I can’t help you.

      Oh BTW, do you have a job now? Over 1400 do not. Meditate on that.

      • LOL (original) says:

        MMMMM. .

        Is pointing out the irony here of what the PLP are essentually saying to the voters ie the UBP said IB would leave crahing our economy and the PLP laughted. Now it seem they are kicking them out to crash the economy and killing Term limits would bring them back fixing the economy and that’s bad accourding to the PLP somehow Star man

        LOL I might be wrong but it does seem like shooting your self in the foot twice.

  17. Keep them Honest says:

    The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will

  18. InNeedOfaJ-O-B says:

    I posted in other forums, asking the public to help me in my job search.

    I am officially giving up on my job search. I am deciding to leave this hell bound island. I feel horribly let down my my own country, and I am ashamed I can’t find work in the place I have called home for 20 years.

    Signed, a single 20yr old mother too tired and hurt to fight for survival.

    • Terry says:

      Where you going. How much money you have. You must have means. Damn…….

      • Terry says:

        You posted in forums…………..bawahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        Ever been to an interview? Or even filled out an application…………………………………………………………were f#%#@d………….

        • InNeedofAJ-O-B says:

          Ofcourse I have Terry, and I think your mutliple use of the letter A in your comment is a bit much, so dont post comments to over the top we don’t want you to over exert yourself….

    • RN says:

      Dear InNeedOfaJ-O-B:

      At your age you maybe better of taking your child and going away to school. Contact someone at the College or the Government Training Board for advise, on how to make this happen. Work at getting into school. The job market is getting harder to compete. You can do it.
      Come back to Bermuda with a solid marketable skill.

      Good Luck to you.

      • InNeedofAJ-O-B says:

        Thankxx you RN…I think that is the best thing for me and my child as well….thankxx for the positive feed back…it helps…

  19. Keep them Honest says:

    To all:

    An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.

  20. shirlely Richardson says:

    Just how much money has the PLP wasted Bloggers? Be truely honest about this. Start to calculate.

    1. Increase pension for seniors= Money wasted.
    2. Sylvia Richardson care facility = money wasted.
    3. Urgent Care facility = Money wasted.
    4. Child Day care = Money wasted.
    5. Bermuda College reduced fee = Money wasted
    6. No land tax for Seniors = Money wasted.
    7. Future Care = Money wasted.
    8. Free bus&ferry for seniors = Money wasted.
    9. upgrade to airport runway = Money wasted.
    10.Pension for Blk war vets = Money wasted.
    11.Housing at Southside = Money wasted.
    12.New Dockyard ferry terminal = Money wasted.
    13.New court&police building = Money wasted.

    I could continue, but I’ll stop there, final cost for these benefits to the people of this country,more help for our seniors,children,visitors,and people who are at the bottom of the economic latter. Add it all up, and what you get is DEBT.

    Now I’ll wait for the push back for all of the arm chair economist.

    • RN says:

      Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise..

    • Micheal Smith aka Jus' Askin' says:

      Are you serious? Helping seniors, children and people who are at the bottom of the economic ladder, is an issue for you? WOW Do you hate puppies and kittens too?

      • Downsized says:

        To Craig and the OBA,

        Why are you wasting your time responding to this attempted PLP Misinformation/Misdirection just get on with presenting the Bermuda voters with your policies etc… Do not fall into the trap of answering every slight or intended misdirection of your statements it just makes you look reactionary and weak !!

        • Sean says:

          And if they remained silent, would they be getting praised for not replying? I think the PLP needs to be called out on everything. Their horrible track record as well as all the lies they feed the electorate in the run up to the election especially this one. And the public needs to be constantly reminded of all the giveaway promises that were made in 2007 that have now had to be reduced, cut back, or eliminated because nobody bothered to do any math before announcing their platform.

          • Downsized says:

            No one is suggesting they remain silent, but if the OBA falls into the same trap that the UBP did I doubt they are going to be successful in winning the Government. There the UBP seemed to be on the defense the whole time apologizing for this that and everything that the PLP ‘distorted’, didn’t help them did it ?? Nope.

            There is a need to answer the misinformation but I feel it is more important to stick with telling the people what they are going to do rather than getting caught in this mode.

            The difference now is the ‘swing voter’ and even many people who where PLP supporters can all see the PLP’s track record for what it is … a disgrace!! (except the Blind Ones of course) All ‘right thinking people’ should agree on that fact and yes the Public definitely needs to be reminded on that (offensive not defensive). I bet the Sums where done back then and shown that the Freebie’s could not be sustained but the Govt pushed on with it anyway, the people where ‘Decieved’ … again and here we are.

    • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

      While you have your calculator out,please address the cost over runs for
      Berkeley–TCD—Court and Police Building, Dockyard ferry terminal and pier etc.
      Add that total to the cost of those outlandish music events at Dockyard and—-well you get the point right?

      • Downsized says:

        No Calculator needed R/fish 1&2 the old standby is coming such as “The other guys did it” & lest we forget the other PLP Chestnut of “…. “nobody complained back then..” !!

        Of course that makes it alright today!!

    • What ! says:

      I think some of the expenditure in those listed is very important, but not as short term measures to win votes. Faith based tourism, mismanagement and excessive overspends on government construction projects, consultants, travel, an education spend per head, way beyond that of private schools, but resulting in declining performance (spun to look good, but we are not that stupid), plastic bus shelters, inadequate training for public transport mechanics cost bus routes and repair costs to be multiplied as work is sent overseas, Obliteration of a tourist encouraging and succesful Jazz festival and cteation of a flash in the plan money costing show, Condos marketed as low cost (hardly low cost) in Warwick, guarantee on low cost housing for Wedco, contracts with overseas companies that failed to produce results , I think that is enough for now. What does this cost..200’000 interest every day, every day, every day. That 200,000 a DAY could be supporting Bermudians instead of costingj them their future and their childrens future support. You asked Shirley,

    • Death to party politics says:

      Debt which the same people who are ‘helped’ by your long laundrylist now have the burden to pay back, as well as their grandchildren. Attention Irony?

      Are you serious? I mean really? The College is no longer ‘free’, the dockyard terminal was 26 million over-budget and has damage after two years. How about the 28 million non-tendered contract to Globalhue for tourism marketing. That OK in your book too? The bus and ferries? You mean the 60 buses off the road? You mean the ferries who’ve stranded tourists a few times this season. Platinum service, eh?

      Death to Party Politics

  21. No matter which way you slice it, dice it or price it…the PLP is a failed government.

    • What ! says:

      They need to be out of power for at least a term to learn from their mistakes, reassess their goals, drop failed ideas and develop to a party that does not need to play a race card to win an election. That will be a PLP that everyone will consider voting for.

  22. Keep them honest says:

    @ Terry

    There is a shawdow behind you ….

    where is the light coming from?

  23. BERMUDACEDAR says:

    What about the young black man what about us how can we be treated as members of society without are own people pushing us away bermudians have caught on to there former masters by degrading us and inpowering more woman and overseas help not saying its nothing wrong with that but it should be a balance i just pray we as a country just look and see what has happened to us we in our country we are labled terrorist half of goverments money is used to degrade us this is unfair

  24. BERMUDACEDAR says:


    • Not OK says:

      In the first post you are angry that government (PLP) has spent money to “degrade the young black man”, a very interesting observation. All the consultants reports and pointing at failings to the nth degree have generated a stigma setting folk back. Government should have spent that money encouraging and tooling up the confidence and self belief of people instead of crushing it.

    • Death to party politics says:

      Speaking of slaves, that’s what the PLP’s reckless spending has made you. A slave to debt which will take a few generations to clear. Just a thought.

      Death to party politics

  25. babygirl says:


    • LOL (original) says:

      Should we just record this comment of your speci….I mean babygirl and play it back on all the political stories for you I mean your say’n the same thing essentially in every story.