41-Year-Old Man Reported Missing At Sea

March 18, 2012

[Updated] Marine police are presently out searching the waters, after 41-year-old Donald Tucker was reported as missing at sea earlier this evening.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:10pm on Sunday, March 18th police received a report of a man missing at sea. There are limited details at this time; however it appears that two men were out fishing earlier in the Cooper’s Island, St. George’s area.

“One of the men returned to shore safely around 6:30pm; however the other, 41 year old Donald Tucker, is still unaccounted for.

“The Marine Police are currently searching the Cooper’s Island area waters for Mr. Tucker and the Maritime Operations Centre Bermuda Radio have appealed for any vessels in the area to assist in locating the missing individual.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of 41 year old Donald Tucker is encouraged to contact the main police number 295-0011 immediately.”

Update Mar.19, 5.15am: A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesman confirmed that Mr Tucker has not been located yet, and said that the search will continue at daybreak.

Update 9.30am: The Marine Police can be seen at the tip of Coopers Island, and people can be seen gathered on shore also. We are expecting to receive an official update later today.

Update 11.38am: Police remain in the area, with various activities taking place. Police are expected to release an official statement soon.

Update 2.30pm: The Bermuda Hospitals Board confirmed the death of 41-year-old Donald Tucker.

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  1. Waters Edge says:


    • csmith says:

      Lord Please Please answer our prayers that he is found safe and sound! Real soon yes plz! Thank you Lord.

  2. K.H BDA says:

    That is my uncle out there and does anyone know when the artical was posted was posted.

    • Bernews says:

      The article was posted at about 9pm on Sunday March 18…we hope everything works out for your uncle…

      • Marsha says:

        I am saddened to read and hear this news about Donald. I am a long time friend and praying for Donald’s safe return. Donald is a great man and very cautious. I am truly shocked about this scenario…does not make sense. Dear Lord, I pray that you have protected Donald and he will be found alive today. Amen

  3. Lonnie says:

    Praying for you Donald…Bring him back safe Lord..

  4. Family Man says:

    Spearfishing off Nonsuch Island? Really?

  5. Highly Concerned says:

    OMG………….. Donald is the sweetest person ever, he is always so very helpful, has that smile on his face and always checked up on his friends…I feel so numb right now…

  6. Bermudian says:

    Family man were is your compassion.

  7. Cynical & I know it says:

    This probably won’t get posted but how about in cases like this the media not name the missing person? I don’t know if the Police put out the names to the media or what but they shouldn’t be printed-once bad news arrives (that a body has been found) it then doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who the victim is, and then the Police want to bi!ch about ‘social media’ spreading bad news-it’s a case of putting two-and-two together!

    How about they learn to keep their traps shut, too?

    This is a valid point so I hope it gets posted…even if you post it a little later on…

    • Billee The Kidd says:

      I think the idea is that the “missing person” may come ashore and not necessarily inform those that consider them missing. Hence, more people would be aware to keep an eye out for said person.

      The fact that a body was found before an official announcement (made by the hospital in this case) was only reported by one outlet. It appears all others including this one, waited until an official release.

    • Marsha says:

      Very inappropriate comments by Cynical which should not have been posted during the time when family and friends are mourning.

  8. tricks are for kids says:

    His name was printed in the media as he was reported as a MISSING PERSON. ALL names of persons that are missing are generally printed in the media. If their names are not printed how would the publice be able to assist if the appeal went out and just said “Missing Person”? We wouldn’t know who to be on the look out for.

    • Cynical & I know it says:

      I’m referring to the SITUATION-that’s why I said IN CASES LIKE THESE. I’m not talking about in general when a kid has wandered off or run away, a senior goes missing, etc. where the public needs to keep a look out. I’m talking about CASES LIKE THESE where someone goes missing overboard (or some other unique situation). Then, when the word comes out that a body has been found, the public automatically knows who it is and someone could innocently inform the family before the police do-something they claim they try to avoid!

      If the Police are the only ones who know the identity of the person, then they will get the chance to inform the family first. THINK ABOUT IT-if someone is lost overboard what purpose does it pose to inform the public of that person’s identity? This man was MISSING AT SEA! The majority of the public wouldn’t run across the person as in normal missing persons cases, and mariners can keep a look out for one lost at sea without knowing the victim’s name-if they find someone in distress they will help regardlessless.

      Again, reading comprehension is important here. I don’t mean ‘normal’ missing persons cases-I mean special circumsances such as these. All Police could have said was that a 41-year-old man was lost at sea and ask mariners to assist in locating the individual. From the beginning this didn’t sound like it would work out well so I believe the Police were wrong in naming him due to the reasons I’ve stated. Understand my point now?

      • B2k says:

        You think about what you are saying cause right now you sound like a complete a$$!! Obviously in order for the police to know he is missing someone has to inform them and 9 times out of 10 it is a family member who has informed them. Also if the police don’t mention a name the person can be around and not even know they are being sought out. So therefore if the police publish a name they will therefore be able to turn themselves in. Use your brains! And also have some compassion for his family and friends at this time. Please don’t make any unnecessary comments! It’s really not called for.

        May his family and friends be at peace during this time! You have my condolences!

        • Politely Pompous says:

          I agree with Cynical. Some of you Bermudians are downright slow I swear. Look at the comments up top by K.H BDA who says:

          ‘That is my uncle out there and does anyone know when the artical was posted was posted.’

          Obviously the entire family did not know this man was missing! One of his relatives saw it here on Bernews before he heard it from his own family! Now supposed that same person heard a body was found before his family could reach him? He’d know right away it was his uncle before hearing it officially!

          You keep missing the point Cynical is making about these particular cases only. This isn’t the normal missing person’s case. Do you think that if someone fell overboard way out in the ocean they’re going to just come out, walk around and assume that nobody’s looking for them? Of course not so your point about them not knowing they’re being sought is moot.

          You are missing the point. Like Cynical said, reading comprehension isn’t everybody’s strong suit or you’d get the point.

          BTW-I haven’t read anything disrespectful or lacking of compassion for the family so what the heck are you talking about???

        • amen says:

          B2K stfu! You are the one who sounds dumb as hell, learn how to read fool. You are talking about unnecessary comments then calling someone else a complete a$$? What you said makes no damn sense. The person “can be around and not know that they have been reported missing”? Utter stupidity. Re-read ‘cynical & i know it’s’ post again and slowly.

        • Armchair Psychologist says:

          I agree. The Police have bigger mouths than anyone else then point fingers. I have friends who are officers and I have heard many a thing before it was made official as have many others with friends/relatives on the force.

          B2k has no room calling anyone an a$$. Like someone else said, unless Nemo was going to come across this individual there was no point in releasing a name. If he made his back to land there would be a hundred messages from concerned relatives/friends letting him know he was being sought so why tell the public his name at the juncture they did? This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this by saying ‘so-and-so’ is lost at sea and then announcing a body washed up and since only one person in the community was missing at sea, we all knew who it was.

          In any case, I feel for this family because I hear the victim was a good person. It’s so unfair how so many good men are dying so young. It was heartbreaking hearing the sobs of the family on the news. Very tragic. I pray they stay strong.

    • amen says:

      Well it’s a difference because they are at sea, they usually don’t immediately name the person who is missing if it’s at sea. If they are missing at sea it’s not like anyone is out there who might come across the person. Unless Nemo came across named missing person out at sea and informs the police.

  9. The Hell!! says:

    B2k: why is it that many people such as yourself that leave comments on this blog lack any common sense? The Police do a poor job on what info they should or should not release. Also why did they allow the relatives so close to the seen of the recovery. That can be very traumatic for them. I agree it is not necessary to release the name, given the circumstances of the situation.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      The relatives where assisting in the search……and THAT bit of info came from family members…….