Video: Fire Breaks Out On Tills Hill

March 1, 2012

[Updated with video] A dog was rescued after a fire broke out just before 11am this morning [Mar.1] in the Tills Hill area of Court Street by TCD.

Smoke can be seen pouring out of of the upper level of a house in the area, while the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service seeks to contain the blaze.

The police are also on scene, and the road is blocked from the TCD area to Angle Street. Details are limited at this time, however we will update with additional information as able.

Update 11.12am: There are approximately a dozen firefighters visible and multiple fire trucks.

Update 11.38am: Details remain sketchy, however we are expecting to receive an official statement soon. It appears that a dog was rescued from the fire, with a small white dog being seen carried out of the house by firefighters and late cuddled by her owner.

Update 12.18pm: The video of the Fire Service spokesperson is below, saying they responded at approximately 10.40am, and confirming that no one was injured.

Update 2.26pm: The road has now been re-opened to traffic.

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  1. cocoa says:

    Oh no! I pray no one was hurt.

  2. Oh no says:

    Oh no hope no one was hurt.

  3. Thank goodness says:

    Well done BFS!!

  4. Winnie says:

    From all indications no one was hurt which is the most important thing. Great job BFS and BPS keep up the high standards.

  5. reality check says:

    they should have a clothing drive for them. i have clothes id like to donate to them.

  6. Nothing But the Truth says:

    @ reality Check. I agree. I just came from away and don’t mind donating a few of my items

  7. Bermyboy123 says:

    @ reality check & @ Nothing But the Truth
    if you do do that let me know i would love to help out. its my GF house so i feel i would have to if you do sumthin like that contact me @

  8. Bermy_Juice says:

    Hey guys, the victim in this matter has lost vitually everything and she has three young kids(i believe daughters) she definately needs a little help getting back on her feet. im not in a position for mass emails but if you respond to this message with an email address i can get her to contact you… Thanks all.

  9. honeybaby 85 says:

    any donations can be sent to the Salvation Army thrift Store. Ask for Lynn she is collecting for them.

  10. Teacher says:

    So sad for this family… the girls are ages 2, 10, and 16. They will need any and everything that anyone can offer. PLEASE feel free to drop off donations at Victor Scott.

  11. Highly Concerned says:

    Who should we ask for when we are dropping off the items at Victor Scott?

  12. Highly Concerned says:

    Pls advise this lady to contact 293-8093 and ask for Desai he is offering to give her any items she may need from his House sale for free!
    God is Good!!!

  13. Highly Concerned says:

    Thank you for getting the information to this lady, now they need some trucks to help move her things so if you know anyone willing to help out, please pass on the information. Remember when you bless others God will bless you in return!

  14. DoThisBermuda! says:

    If u take things to VSS just state that they are for the family who lost their things in the fire. They are well known and loved at VSS.