Dr Brown: ‘Governor Gozney Has Done Harm’

April 10, 2012

[Updated with video/full speech] Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown held a press conference this afternoon [Apr.10] at the Hamilton Princess, and said that Governor Sir Richard Gozney has failed in his duty, and has “harmed the people of Bermuda and the Government of Bermuda.”

“At my request my legal team has written to the British Foreign Office setting out what we perceive as Governor Gozney’s chief sins of omission and commission during his tenure,” said Dr Brown.

The 17-minute video of Dr Brown’s speech is below:

“It is not my purpose today to enter into the debate on whether a 21st century Bermuda should be subjected to the  paternalistic  colonial concept of having a Governor at all. For so long as we have one, however, Governor Gozney’s  responsibility during this period should have been to reassure the international community,” continued Dr Brown.

“He should have been stating for all the world to hear that Bermuda has necessary checks and balances to thwart  corruption and ensure good governance. And, unless and until he had incontrovertible evidence that corruption existed or until criminality had been proven, Governor Gozney should not have besmirched Bermuda’s international  reputation as he has done. He was simply wrong.”

Dr Brown stepped down as Premier in 2010, and kept a relatively low public profile until last month when he delivered a speech at a conference in the Cayman Islands, entitled “Is the UK-OT Relationship Based on Mutual Interests? Bermuda and the Uighurs Case Study.”

“The relationship is not based on mutual interests. It is based on superiority. They would have figured out what was best for the UK, and handed down their opinion to us irrespective of our needs or wishes,” said Dr Brown during his speech in the Cayman Islands.

Governor Sir Richard Gozney will leave his position next month, and the new Governor George Fergusson will take up his appointment in the same month.

Update 4.23pm: The first page of the letter is below:

Dr Brown’s full statement [PDF here] follows below:

Dr Brown’s submission [PDF here] to UK MP Henry Bellingham is below:

We have requested a response from the Governor, and hope to update as able.

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  1. Hudson says:

    Ewart, it is YOU that has “harmed the people of Bermuda and the Government of Bermuda”. The people of Bermuda should be issuing a letter to the British Foreign office to set out our issues with you! Please, STOP! You are a cancer that won’t go away.

    • Maddog says:

      Mr. Crockwell was jailed in 1996 after stealing $600,000 worth of heroin from a court safe while working as a Supreme Court clerk.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        You just hater..


      • Wandering says:

        what has that got to do with what Ewart Brown is saying and how it is hurting Bermuda even more, causing more confusion amongst it’s people. It is he that began the ball rolling against his own and is the one who had the deepest desire to get what he thought was his. Get your head out of the book and into the world of reality.

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      He has not harmed anyone; it is those folks that are a part of the conspiracy to forge those cheques to bring the government down. Who and where are they? Why did they do that? Who signed those cheques? Those are the bad persons in this big conspiracy against the government. Was it you? Simple, find those individuals behind this situation, and case is closed!!

      • Finally left! says:

        haha or if its possibly the same people that claim it as a conspiracy being the ones that caused it? tHen they dont have to follow up on it, but can complain when others dont do the same

        what every happened to that bullet? was such a big deal for ONE article and then disappeared.. hrrrrm

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          A Perfect ploy for independance………………..

          LOL the Govenor thought he and the PLP were working together. Lolol

      • Hudson says:

        SG4Y, you must be living on a different planet. I have no objection to a full investigation into those checks, but while they are at it, they can investigate how we became 1.5Billion dollars in debt, the numerous housing scandals, the arrest of the auditor general, the intimidation of ordinary residents at the hands of this administration and the list goes on. Please, go ahead and defend your fearless leader, but allow others to express their dissatisfaction in the same manner as he’s allowed to express his issues.

        • Cleancut says:

          I think the Governor “Should have seen to it that the person who sought to prepare such a crime would be hunted to the ends of the earth,” or at least be brought in for questioning.


        • Maddog says:

          I do now know that you are white, this is very interesting,thank you Dr brown for opening up my eyes to what is going on in Bermuda,these people are racist.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Change your name to hater even a mad dog has more respect.


          • Goose says:

            As racist as hiring a tourism consultancy firm because they had an excellent track record and were the only firm that weren’t white owned?

            • Maddog says:


          • Hudson says:

            Brrrr… wrong Maddog, but nice try. I’m interested to know why you think I’m white simply because I do not support Ewart Brown or his blind supporters? I am not a sheep and am capable of forming my own opinions. Are you?

            • Come correct says:

              Because he is a racist himself, that’s all he ever spews on here, not to mention continuously making himself look like an uneducated idiot. They(the paid bloggers) think they’re helping the plp lol quite funny.

            • Maddog says:

              Hudson you are not white, and that how you talk about your own people.

              Have you ever seen the white racist bring down there own people.

              We need to focus on our young black men,and pulling down your own people does not help them Hudson SO SAD.



              • Hudson says:

                Maddog – a few comments:

                First of all BERMUDIANs are my people. Not just black Bermudians. I’m trying to see ALL Bermudians have a good honest life. There are plenty of examples of white on white desputes – turn on the news. Read your history books. But we’re not talking about blacks and whites or blacks on blacks or white on whites. We’re talking about ONE man who has a MAJOR problem with seeing Bermuda prosper and is hell bent on bringing the Island and its people (black and white) to their knees.
                Indeed, we need to focus on our young black men and woman,and endorsing the treasonous vitriole coming from Ewart Brown is not going to help them.

                It is unfair to say that Whites weren’t at Carifta – but if you are so worried about this – why do you think that White people think that they aren’t welcome at black sporting events? Do you think it is how they are treated? Do you think it is because they are made to feel unwelcome in their own country? Stop and question your own actions before you challenge the actions of others. Then we will get somewhere.

                Finally, you dont need to shout at me to read my history books. I can read and i can think for myself. Stop and question this – why is it that the most successful black men and woman in the developed world (think Mandella, Oprah, Cosby, Freeman etc)are those that have found peace with their ancestry and want to embrace the life they have and the life they want to give others. They do not preach hate, but rather tolerence, understanding, respect and ambition. Think about this.

          • Correct says:

            @ Hudson You are absolutely Correct

            @Maddog: So according to you, if you are dissatisfied with scandals, corruption etc you are automatically white and racist? I am pretty sure that “Hudson” has no problem with a full investigation into the checks as was stated above. Just don’t investigate the PLP’s actions because that makes you white and racist. Ironic how the actual racist comments came from you who are accusing others. Or is your definition of racism different than most:

            Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
            2: racial prejudice or discrimination

            So according to that definition the primary reason that someone would criticize the “1.5Billion dollars in debt, the numerous housing scandals, the arrest of the auditor general, the intimidation of ordinary residents at the hands of this administration” is because they are white.

            I am guessing your dictionary says:
            “Racism: Anyone who disagrees with a black person for any reason, legitimate or not is racist”

        • pepper says:

          Great reply Hudson.

        • Yup says:

          Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate….

          • Yup says:

            DREB wants to destroy govt house and front street.

            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              Now he see the hinden agenda that Dr. B always talked about.

              LOL he is a bit smarter than Misik.

    • Southampton says:

      Dr. Brown you more than any other person have done more harm and damaged the reputation of this island. You are bullheaded, self-centered and had only one wish, and that was to be Bermuda’s first dictator. Thank god you are not our premier. You are lower than the smallest insect in the world. The best thing you could do right now is to leave this island and live somewhere else. Our lives would be richer if we did not have to hear or speak of you again.

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    He doth protest too much.

    • Maddog says:

      says her husband has been “cruelly thrown into the snake pit” by his former colleagues.

      Cindy Swan has hit out at the “ungrateful behaviour” of the seven MPs responsible for a mass walkout of the 47-year-old United Bermuda Party.

      The politicians have gone on to join new political party One Bermuda Alliance, leaving Mr Swan in what his wife calls “a worthless position” he doesn’t deserve.

      Mrs Swan has defended the actions of her husband who spearheaded a court injunction to try and prevent the dissolution of the UBP. Mr Swan stood down as Opposition Leader after losing the support of his MPs. The injunction has since been dropped.

      Mrs Swan said she wanted to “put the record straight” in response to negative comments written about her husband on the Internet.

      She told The Royal Gazette in an interview, “It’s very distressing that people can be so hurtful and negative. He doesn’t deserve this.

      “It’s upsetting and unfair that people are now pointing the finger.

      “Here is a man who has dedicated 12 years to his country. He cares for the people of Bermuda and stands for transparency on all levels.”

      Mrs Swan said her husband was “acting on what he believes in” as he was adamant that the proper procedures to wind up the UBP had not been followed.

      She said he was simply “sticking to his principles” that public consultation was needed and “doing things right by the UBP’s constitution”.

      • Finally left! says:

        Was that meant for a different article?

        How does that relate to a controversial and pro-Independence ex-premier bashing UK?

      • SpecialGirl4You says:

        If they did it to Kim Swan, they can also do it to Dr Brown and the PLP party. This was a conspiracy at best! Now who did it ? Was it some folks from the O…A or U…P?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          or the plp the world may never know………………………….


          • Whistling Frog says:

            You can tell how strong a man is by the amount of people it takes to try and push him down…

        • Hmmmm says:

          What are you going on about…

      • pepper says:

        maybe Cindy Swan, thinks her husband and Ewart were wrongly done by !!!! go figure !!!!

  3. Bird says:

    Mr Brown.
    We have not heard from you for a while. Please go back under your rock as things are so much better when we don’t hear from you.

    • Maddog says:

      White supremacy is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds. The term is sometimes used specifically to describe a political ideology that advocates the social, political, historical and/or industrial dominance by whites.[1] White supremacy, as with racial supremacism in general, is rooted in ethnocentrism and a desire for hegemony and power, [2] and has frequently resulted in violence against non-whites. Different forms of white supremacy have different conceptions of who is considered white, and not all white supremacist organizations agree on who is their greatest enemy.

      • Finally left! says:

        lol you quote that every time, and i have YET to see you post it to someone who actually mentions black/white.

        I can tell you this… disagreeing with a black leader does NOT equate to white supremacy.

        • Maddog says:

          In Bermuda it certainly seems that way.

          • CBA says:

            Your posts never make sense and are either personal attacks or unfounded ridiculous statements.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Yes hate blinds the maddog yet he will not wear his glasses.


      • chips of the old bolck says:

        the pround legacy of the Black Panther Party… is the sole black organization in the entire history … in the United States that was ARMED and promoted a revolutionary agenda.



        • Come correct says:

          We had the black beret cadre here, if they used the same name it would have been nothing but a smear on a british army pro boot, but yes panthers none the less.

        • Maddog says:

          The Black Panther Party (originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense) was an African-American revolutionary leftist organization active in the United States from 1966 until 1982. The Black Panther Party achieved national and international notoriety through its involvement in the Black Power movement and U.S. politics of the 1960s and 1970s. The group’s “provocative rhetoric, militant posture, and cultural and political flourishes permanently altered the contours of American Identity.”[1]

    • pepper says:

      I agree why do we need to hear from this ego maniac ? something is brewing !!!

      • SpecialGirl4You says:

        Until the truth is revealed, you will hear from him. If someone forged cheques in your name, or my name, I am sure you want to know who did it? More so who is out to smear your good character and damage your integrity? Now who is behind this situation, and why would they do such a thing to hurt the government? Time will tell the truth.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          And when it comes out you will be ready to riot………

          Special you were not even worried about it until he open up his mouth again you have not constantly been concerned about the bullet from so long ago even against the back drop of the rising gun violence in this country which to me shows you care more about a man who single handedly pulled this country down than the country itself, because what, cause he’s black? Race is being used as a weapon to control you and those like you who are easily deceived into this kind of support gangs use similar methods and tactics.. Does this sound familiar “how come they on hang out with them selves who do they think they are this is our country to etc.etc. This is hysteria at best. Your emotions betray you rational mind on a regular and spur you to hate. You need help as the kidnapped you start feeling for the kidnaper read up on it………….

          Once you start down the path to the darkside any good you think you are doing is lost in you desirers.

  4. Finally left! says:

    lol this has nothign to do wtih the people of bermuda…he’s whining that the governor didnt stick up for him…

    This man is sick… but definitely election time. Its no shock that he comes out of hiding going on about racists accusations when no mention of race was ever said against him.

    • pepper says:

      Is our Premier going to make a statement about the allegations against Gozney ?

      • Come correct says:

        No she’s busy looking for her spine right now.

  5. Mad Dawg says:

    Why isn’t this guy on the stop list?

    • whatever says:

      Why is he holding press conferences? He is just a private citizen, no?

      • Limey says:

        Quite agree, he shouldnt be given any special attention, plus i see on his press statement it says ‘Dr the Honourable Ewart Brown’, Is he allowed to keep on using the term Honourable, he isnt an MP anymore, or am i mistaken. IMO there isnt anything honourable about the man. He’s a hypocrite who detests the English but doesnt mind using Westminster style terms like Honourable, and if he is American, he should know the constitution says no person should take any additional titles to their name!!

      • ed says:

        can you say making a come back!

      • Maddog says:


    • Tommy Chong says:

      America has a stop list not Bermuda & as you might recall Ewart has done favors for America. Beside the U.S. would have to have some knowledge of a criminal act that has been done to put someone on the stop list. Maybe this is why Ewart is trying so hard to get his name cleared though I think their is more to it.

      • What Next? says:

        you would have thought that Dr Brown had negotiated the Uighars deal he would have bargained for the removal of the US Stoplist that stymies so many young Bermudians who get caught up in stupid things before they are mature enough to go overseas and continue their education…so what DID the good doc negotiate…er for Bermuda????

  6. Cancer says:

    The only person that has done harm to this country is you.. Ewart Brown – your always ready to blame someone else – please give it up the people of Bermuda don’t want to hear from you anymore – you had your time at the reins and you ruined the island as well as the main player of the race card. The people of Bermuda don’t want to hear any more of your rhetoric – as you were the worse premier we’ve ever seen. Be like the rest of the PLP and Please Leave Politics!

  7. Cancer says:

    @Hudson – Me and Ewart certainly not the same “Cancer” that’s for sure! Please no one confuse the two!

    • citi zen says:

      Don’t think anyone was associating the two. EB must have a conscious afterall. cause hindsight is 20-20. Just maybe he sees what he has done to us. Shame on him. (excuse spelling)

  8. Joonya says:

    Stop crying and get ya @ss back Stateside. Embarrassment.

  9. Observer says:

    Is this jerk even relevant anymore?

    • OvEr says:


      • Yup says:

        This jerk wants to take over…his destruction is not done.

      • Maddog says:

        Jerk, who you calling a jerk you racist pig.

        • WOW!! says:

          Maddog I’m pretty sure the term jerk was for Ewart Brown

        • Willsee says:

          speaking of yourself!

        • Finally left! says:

          lol maddog is just as irrelevant.

          I could tell him the sky is blue and somehow i’ll be racist.

        • Observer says:

          Since you have no knowledge of me, my race, or even (dare I say) my gender…I find your comment unnecessary and yes, racist. I may be many things…proud Bermudian, parent, employee…but the one thing I am NOT is racist. And..just so you know, I was referring to Brown as a jerk. Not because of his skin color but because I think he’s a jerk.

          • Come correct says:

            Anything that maddog doesn’t agree with is racist, too bad he doesn’t realize that with every staement he makes he sounds more and more like a vacuum in the background.

  10. Wee Pow says:

    When I look at all the people who despise the former premier Dr. E. Brown I think of this quote:

    “You can tell alot about a man based on the enemies he’s made.” This quote is so true..


    • Finally left! says:

      Please elaborate?

      Is he a victorious strong man, and the peopel that despise him are ignorant haters?

      Or is he teh self serving tyrant that destroyed bermuda, and those that despise him were right all along??

      His own party has admitted that he screwed us over… and that they want to get us back on track… to say he was a great leader would be a joke. He had the gift, no doubt, but not the right direction.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      OH YES!!! SO TRUE!!! If you think about the men in history that have had the most enemies. Like hitler, stalin, nixon & mugabe to name a few.

      • Wee Pow says:

        MLK, Marcus Garvey, Ghandi, Mandela, the Jews in Europe WW2, Moses, Castro, etc etc. yup so true. Note: i am not comparing Dr. Brown to those men

        • Finally left! says:

          lol oh i hope not..

          basically all that’s been shown is that really the only thing you can tell from the quote you’ve said is that the man in question was controversial.

        • Rick Rock says:

          Good. Some of those people are admired historical figures. While Ewart is a despised failure who did nothing but cheat and lie. Allegedly, of course.

        • Hmmmm says:

          The Jews in Europe!!?? What are you on!

        • Navin Johnson says:

          Moses and Castro? now that is an odd couple….

  11. Jim Bean says:

    WTF is going on??? Why is he back?

    • pepper says:

      Brown, is worried about a possible inquirey that may come out about himself ….I wonder where Misick is ?

  12. Navin Johnson says:

    a hopeless attempt by a hapless man to restore his tarnised reputation….laughable in its content and smacks of whining and an attempt to rile the people to rush for independance…go after him and prove what most right thinking people believe…..

  13. really... says:

    E Brown does NOT speak for the people of Bermuda. I would suggest where there is smoke there is fire.
    I seriously fear a repeat performance of his famous “We had to lie to you..” scene. If for no other reason, the PLP cannot be allowed back in.

  14. Concerned says:


  15. George says:

    Who are you to be calling for this inquiry Ewart.Brown? One arrogant SOB – that’s who!

    Let’s hope the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Henry Bellingham MP put you swiftly in your place! Someone needs to!

  16. Wandering says:

    Could it be he is going to comeback as self imposed governor of this Island call in de cruise ships and de erplains… let’s run before he shuts de ports daun.

  17. Wandering says:

    Forgot…. don’t forget the letters those idiots signed… Please somebody bring us up to date on this story…

  18. smh says:

    No matter how much I dislike this E.Brown,
    Governor Gozney HAS caused harm to Bermuda.
    He has FAILED to stabilize the crime situation.

    While many Bermudians think that National Security is in control of police,THE GOVERNOR gives the orders. The National Security Minister can only advise the police. The police are NOT obligated to listen to his requests.

    We get mad at government for our Police Service, meanwhile GOZNEY is making double figures to do NOTHING! He has done NOTHING for us!

    THE GOVERNOR HAS FAILED his only main duty of “Providing internal AND external security to Bermuda.”

    • Finally left! says:

      If that had be said by EB, back when he was in power, i’d say yes it would work well and be a good debate..

      but firstly, this speech is all about EB

      second, EB and other plp members (not saying all) have managed to vilify the governor as being a sign of colonial oppression.
      .. perhaps he didnt do all he could do to limit the crime, but given the divided nature of bermuda based on race, colonial appreciation, economy, I think he had a very versatile situation to deal wtih.

      As much as we’d like, crime isnt so bad to declare national emergency and call in troops.
      What a lot of us say NEEDS to be done generally isnt appreciated once its actually implemented…

      Perhaps he could have done more.. .but perhaps he also realizes that there are also constitutional limits that he cant rightfully transgress.

      That part is all up for debate.. definitely. You are right on that. .. but as for ewarts submission, I hope it falls on deaf ears.

      • smh says:

        Yes I certainly am disgusted that Ewart roams free to speak on behalf of the very country he betrayed. I certainly agree that this speech was all for him.

        However, I really do wonder why the Governor receives NO flak (blame) for the Crime mess we are in. But certainly it s time for Ewart to keep quiet.
        He is only angering the Bermudian people (and the motherland), and not to mention, he is embarrassing us.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          But Anger is his goal. The Governor is in a tight position do you not agree if he does as you suggest and moves harshly as you think you want him too he will be called the colonial oppressor the PLP have been calling the UK forever. If he does not enough you call him weak and accuse him of failing his job. A rock and a hard place really one that only a true statesman can come away unscathed. Any way why know that EB is no longer in Government and the Governor is retiring why now……………….?

          LOL could the warrant out on his friend have anything to do with it or is it just the election. Should Bermuda be a place were come election time people move away till its over for the fear of violence.

        • Finally left! says:

          I think the situation is similar to what LOL says..

          Gov Gozney (from teh majority of his press releases) was willing to let the govt pretty much work within its legal bounds and do its thing.. he was surprisingly easy on EB… seeing EB turn around and bash him now is surprising, but not shocking..

          I think Gozney was fully aware of PLP mentality with regards to his position. Just his presence is declared as a sign of oppression. To have him jump in and lay out a crackdown in certain parts of bermuda probably would have caused more problems than the current crime.

          All in all, we really can’t know what the governor did or did not do.

          Dr. EB has no shame in listing out (Factually or not) the things the governor did not do but “should have”… in contrast, i doubt the house of the governor will not engage in a stupid he said/she said and go out listing the things id did do/want to do, just to make EB look like a liar.

          Im sure this MP in UK knows teh pros and con’s of this past governor well enough.

    • David Henry says:

      @ smh

      I see your point, however, this is not Dr. Brown’s point. Read above and you will see he is–surprise surprise–only concerned with Dr. Brown. Sure, he says “The Governor has done harm to the people of Bermuda and Government of Bermuda”, but if you read the formal complaints, it’s all about the perceived harm the Governor did to Dr. Brown.

      The majority of intelligent, rational thinking Bermudians will always remember Dr. Brown a certain way; and whether he admits it or not, little of that has anything to do with the Governor.

    • Unspoken says:

      I can say the same thing for brown his letter is a piece of crape. Brown didn’t do sh*t but destroy the economy now he here causing more trouble so we can go independant . they he’ll take over the island all over again

    • Seriously?! says:

      You blame the Governor? Why not blame our elected officials. It’s their job to represent this island and ALL people on it. The Governor is not here to do the job of the Premier. It is the PLP that has failed us.

      • smh says:

        The elected officials DO NOT control the Police. The PLP may have failed in other ways, I agree with you on that! But we must put blame in the correct place- and for crime, the blame goes to the Governor.

        And yes, this speech may be “all about Ewart” as a publicity scheme, however, let us not shut down a point simply because of who it came from.

        • Unspoken says:

          The Governor is not here to proctect Bermuda from gangs and crimes. He is here to over see the island and report back to the queen. What did you lot wannt him call in the queens mens . Get a reality check us as Bermudains need to help or own island. If we dont help no one else will. stiop pointing fingers

          • smh says:

            Actually the constitution states the HE IS RESPONSIBLE for internal/external security matters. Read your facts.

    • Rick Rock says:

      Of course, that isn’t what Ewart is even talking about. Ewart is whining because he thinks the Governor should have defended his “honor” (to the extent the word can apply to such a weasel).

      What you’re ignoring is that the government is in charge of the political government of law and order. When the UBP suggested some law-toughening at the 2007 election, Ewart said “they want to lock up our people”. Anytime anyone suggested anything, it was “we don’t have to listen to you”. Ewart was famous for sticking two fingers up to the governor whenever it suite him, including when he brought in the Uighers.

      He can’t ignore the law when he feels like it (Uighurs for example), and come crying to the law when he wants protection.

      Why don’t we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the whole thing. That will either confirm Ewart’s innocence, or will confirm his guilt. At least we will know what we currently suspect.

      Won’t happen though. Cox is too much of a hand puppet controlled by Brown. And doesn’t want anything threatening his freedom or his hundred mill.

      Open your eyes.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Before E.B. came up with “example one” in his manual of “ways in which the public attention may be diverted” none of you ever thought of holding the Governor responsible for the criminal crisis Bermuda found itself in (and I am not referring here to Parliament). Soon as Your Excellency Doctor the Honor-rabble has the light bulb moment of criticizing the British representative of the Queen, you all go giddy with finger snapping excitement! First you want no part of the British, hands off us, we’re so independent, then you want to drag him in to the day to day running of our police force?! So what’s it gonna be flip floppers? Now we need him to think for us now we don’t. For the head of a (country) (Island) (rock in the middle of ..) to have to divert blame from his own inability to manage the economy and then security shows just how weak he actually was.
      You sycophants mistake scheming for intelligence. 24-7 scheming creates a result that looks like this…Auditor General cannot sign off on any of the country’s accounts which are bottom line, $1,300,000,000 in the hole with perhaps 600-800 million unaccounted for.
      Newsflash?!!! Sycophants, you are all broke, your homes are virtually unsaleable now, your jobs are more insecure every day and your choices of candidates to vote for are either ex UBP or convicted bank robbers or the nice folk who brought you this economic nightmare.

    • PH says:

      You may wish to check your “facts”
      The purse strings control the Police not the governor. Teh Governor held meeting that EB refused to attend. The Ministry in charge of the Police have yearly slashed thier budget and culled anyone that speaks out. Anyone can take a look at the recent changes to the Police force and the new pupper Commanders over the past few years. Frankly I am not buying it.

      Could the Governor stand in and take over – yes. But the second he does what would do your first complaint?

      • smh says:

        Yes the Govt. contols police budget,
        But the GOVERNOR appoints the Commissioner,
        THE GOVERNOR makes the decisions,
        and the GOVERNOR is in control of Police.
        That is the constitution and many Bermudians fail to realize that.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          During the 30+ years that both black and white Bermudians came together and voted for stability under the UBP, we never heard them whine about the Governor not running the country’s security or have those budget balancing Premiers cry foul that the Governor was not investigating cheques mistakenly made out to individuals instead of their companies.
          They did not have continual unqualified reports coming back from the Auditor General or 25 million dollar overruns on every other major government led construction project.
          5 pages of rentals in The Bermuda Sun! Where did all the renters go? What happened to the rents you all were getting? Don’t even get started on job security or tourism.
          So why did Global Hue get the boot from the PLP after EB left if they were so first rate?

  19. Smurf says:

    Go away Brown,

    Nobody likes you.

    • Maddog says:

      Dr brown lives here you racist fool.

      • Hmmmm says:

        Tyat was not a rascist comment.

      • fatman says:

        you mean Dr Brown lives here some of the time and other times lives in property he mysteriously acquired during his tenure.

        Plagiarism like larceny is theft dear VC.

        • Maddog says:

          Why,It is mysterious because he is a black doctor. Hmmmmmmm
          You would never say that about a white doctor.

          • fatman in Toronto says:

            I would if a white doctor was bouncing checks one year and buying New York apartments with cash the next.

          • Just wondering says:

            Just a small question but was he not allowed to practice? I recall some issue of him not qualifing to be a licienced doctor.

      • O.B. says:

        You assume Smurf is white, but why? A lot of black people don’t like Brown either. And you shouldn’t assume that because someone doesn’t like Brown, they’re racist. But you know what they say about people who assume…

        • Maddog says:

          I assume you are white to, but if you are black you are a fool.
          But most of the comments made about black people on BERNEWS come from white racist people it is evident.



          • fatman in Toronto says:

            there/ their?

            what sort of unemployed and disregarded screenwriter are you?

          • Barracuda says:

            You are without a doubt, the biggest racist on this site.

          • Dee says:

            Mmm. It would appear the same would apply to some, mostly Maddog, black posters on this thread too! Some people, mostly Maddog, see racism where ever they look.

          • Finally left! says:

            Im actually starting to think Maddog isnt just some racist..

            If you notice.. he/she never actaully makes any points defending anyone.. they simply tell teh poster they are racist…

            im starting to think its just a troll causing trouble

          • Bermuda Is Another World... says:

            Dr Brown was the person to bring out true racist feelings about white people in this country, not the other way around. When stuff started to hit the fan, I felt like being white, I couldn’t have a voice about the problems going on because it always resulted in Dr Brown claiming it was all because of black vs white. Please! When I was growing up here in the 80′s, I never encountered racism. My family had black and white friends and neighbors and I was taught to treat everyone the same – white, black, Indian, Asian, handicapped etc. There are definitely people here who instill in their kids from a young age, that the “white man” is out to get them, not the other way around. I’m also sick of being treated like I’m NOT a Bermudian, becuase I am white. When Tao Dill started discussing about “Bermudians vs whites” on every single topic during the Brown era on hott 107.5, everything started getting out of hand with racist comments and that made me angry because I felt like I don’t belong in my own country. But we ALL live here and share this land. We need to see the issues here for what they really are, not try to blame the blacks or whites or whoever else for the problems. We can only make the world (and Bermuda) a better place if we learn to do it TOGETHER as PEOPLE.

            • Maddog says:

              It sounds like you you need a government contract so sad.

              • Bermuda is Another World says:

                What is that supposed to mean? You must be EB himself!

          • Anbu says:

            Bro u don’t really wanna have an conversation with anyone. Dr brown is starting trouble….AGAIN as usual and u just wanna jump on the bandwagon and bash white people. Brown wants independence, plain and simple. He will do and say anything to get his followers to agree with him and obviously it works on the diehard followers like you. Please ease up mate u r gonna give yourself a stroke.

            For everyone else who’s tired of all this guys speculative ranting here’s a quote I see almost every day, I can’t remember the author but i just keep repeating it to myself every time I read what this grump posts…….”it is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument.”

            Have a good and safe weekend everybody

  20. Opressed says:

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being. Please go back home, we don’t ever want you back here again.

  21. My two cents says:

    Governor Gozney is gone. Too little too late. Maybe he should have done this as soon as his name was cleared as it would have appeared a little more genuine and purposeful.

  22. Cancer says:

    Don’t be fooled guys – this is an election ploy. Anyone ever notice just before an election Brown makes a controversial statement to bring pity on the Goverment? First election he played the race card – second election he claimed someone sent him a bullet – now just before the election he comes up with this. Don’t be foolflyby this ! Btw only two people know when the election will be called – that’s Ewart and Paula.

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      Cancer who is behind this conspiracy? Why are you afraid to find out who forged those cheques? Is it possible that it may lead back to your political affiliation? Now let’s be careful….because you do not have all the facts….and you might not like it when the facts do come out. You may swallow your words and others as well. Not an ‘election ploy’, but a ‘truth ploy’ to determine who is behind such a conspiracy to discredit the government during that time frame. Lets name them……give me a real debate. Stop the false nonsense of calling Dr. Brown all sorts of names…..you using Dr. Brown to avoid the real issue here……WHO behind this conspiracy of forged cheques? Is it too close to home for you to call?

      • Liars says:

        who really cares?

        Its the PLP that are separatist here, divide and conquer. go into every industry in Bermuda and meticulously tear it apart to suit you.

      • star man says:

        It was a false flag attack. To divert attention from the truth.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        Spacialgirl4us- you are worried about two cheques bringing down a Government???
        Not 30 scandals of ever increasing seriousness? Not $1,3000,000,000 of debt, jobs lost, trust in the political system destroyed and a nation in jeopardy? Are you here to remind us that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king?

  23. Franklin says:

    Independence time with Ewart as President! bermp bermp!!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The term is not president the term is dictator. I was tempted to ad a k to this term but that would be too harsh for some readers to see even though true.

    • Observer says:

      Please tell me that’s sarcasm. If you’re serious, please get out of the gene pool.

      • Hudson says:

        Sadly, I worry that Franklin might not be too far off the mark. I fear that the PLP with Ewart at the helm will call the next election with Independence on the platform. They know that this is the only chance at independence and Ewart has been carefully calculating his attack on Great Britain and “the establishment” in time for the election. Watch out Bermuda – this is one dangerous man IMHO. He doesn’t care about you or Bermuda, he only cares about himself and his own agenda.

  24. Bermy's Finest says:

    wow!! Ewart really, what does he hope to get out of this!! This is crazy!!

  25. I totally agree with Dr. Ewart Brown that the culprits that forged the cheques should be thoroughly investigated and brought to justice but I also pre warn him that his statements against Govenor Gozney must be taken seriously as he talked about the sins of comission and omission, these comments is somewhat more dangerous as God sits high and looks low and need we forget that there are far more greater issues that Bermuda faces now becuse of his past administration,I also would like to caution him about publicly calling the Boldens liars this to comes with a price.this press conference seems to be more about clearing his own name more then anything else,I would like to see Bernews and the Royal Gazzette,Bermuda Broadcasting and V.S.B. all push for the Govenor’s response and to that end the former and present Auditor General to address these old allegations that Dr. Ewart Brown seems to think is important enough to address now. since he is bold enough to call people liars and talk about their alleged sins,I just wonder if we started to do the same toward shim openly and publicly what woulsd be the next thing, letters sent off from lawyers in London, the U.S. or Turk’s and Cacios.Bermuda wake up and see your future and take your head out of the sand,if Dr. Ewart brown in the saint of all saint’s and the savior of Bermuda then help him over throw the present administration and become our first Prime minister or President, Govenor General or what ever he is aiming for so atleast they can stop calling him the snake in the grass.now that is said let’s deal with some real issues then the nit pickin that we are seeing,if the Boldens lied then let it be proven and if the Govenor erred in his leading of criminal investigations let it be proven,we dont know what correspondence went between the Govenors desk and those in London and Canada, yes we are privy to information but not all information is forth coming but I close by saying be carefull because every dog has it’s day, the old adjative is what goes on in the dark SHALL come out in the light.Wake up Bermuda and I hope the present Premier does not allign herself with such stupidity.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Ewart has surely given you a lobotomy. The greatest trick he ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Well maybe not the world but a percentage of Bermuda’s population.

      • verbal kint says:

        That’s my quote, Tommy Chong. HA HA!

        • Tommy Chong says:

          It’s a quote from Charles Baudelaire but I’ve substituted a word for he since I thought it wouldn’t get approved if I didn’t. For anyone who knows french this is the original, “La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.”

          Here’s another from Charles Baudelaire that goes good for the occasion, “On n’est jamais excusable d’être méchant, mais il y a quelque mérite à savoir qu’on l’est; et le plus irréparable des vices est de faire le mal par bêtise.” I think I’ll leave this one up to others to translate.

          • verbal kint says:

            Also quoted by a character in the film “The Usual Suspects”.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Is it? I’ve been meaning to watch this one but keep forgetting when I get to the dvd rental. It’s got some of my favorite actors in it Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Spacey & definitely Chazz Palminteri. They should show Chazz’s film A Bronx Tale in schools here so kids will realize being a “gangster” is not all that its seems to be despite what their idols lead them to believe. It also shows how racism plays a big part in all gangs.

    • Cleancut says:

      Ewart will keep those false checks very close to his chest, it’s his big “Get out of jail card”

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Yeah lets thoroughly investigate two forged cheques, spend millions if we have to, but hellno we aint investigating no PLP politicians and the auditor general’s concerns over hundreds of millions of unaccounted spending. Notice the lawyers in Canada don’t want to hand over Government info on the Courthouse project to Sam Spagnulo who is accused of complicity in the oh so terrible 2 cheque attempted coup d’etat! Notice E.B. didn’t mention one of his earliest run ins with unethicality concerning all those fund managers writing cheques to his name in order to have a $2500 lunch with a door prize of managing Bermuda’s pension funds?

      • Navin Johnson says:

        not only spend millions nitty gritty but I believe the term he used was “go to the ends of the earth”

  26. Bermudian says:

    Is anyone else having issues with bernews videos? For some reason, for the past month, the audio is sped up and they all sound like chipmunks. Guarantee it’s funny as hell to watch, but all of my computers seem to be having this issue.

  27. Argosy says:

    Where’s the cog?

  28. In General says:

    I think that the Solicitors at Garden Court Chambers don’t know who they are dealing with! The statement sounds like a little kid crying that they didn’t do it – so stop listening to the other kids!

  29. Soooo says:

    Hell… I think the British Government SHOULD INVESTIGATE… All the dealings and associations of our former Premier…

    Ain’t it funny how someone can write the UK Government about DR E’s “Sins” and their all raceialy motivated, however he can complain about the Governor and it’s OK… Maybe it’s because the Governor doesn’t look like him?

  30. CBA says:

    Why is this man still talking on our behalf? Your time in power is done. Let the current Premier have her time.

    If the Governor was against you, he would have ordered a Royal Commission during your tenure, which many people called for.

    • Unspoken says:

      She can’t have her time cause she is his puppet. He never left PLP he is still in charge she just reaps the befits as he still runs our country

  31. real says:

    he’s just mad cause he’s exposed! nasty man!

  32. OvEr says:

    The Governor did harm? Seriously? Do you not see what your administration did to this island? Get real!

  33. Unspoken says:

    We need a petition to stop this men from talking on the behalf of Bermuda. Better yet one to stop him from enetering back into the island. Why dont pula cox put him in his place . I think he still charge and she taking orders from him. Kick brown out of Bermuda we dont want you. GOOD BYE

    • Opressed says:

      You’re absolutely right. Brown is still pulling The Cogs strings behind the scenes, someone had to do it for she is without brain, and spine. Brown needs to get back in power, if the OBA ever get in and start to uncover all things he’s perpetuated on the people of this island….

      • Wandering says:

        is that why her consultant is always with her – Brown’s way of keeping an eye on her??? This man is attending all events with Premier Cox and people want to know why. It seems very much out of place and people want to know, why this is, who is paying for his living accommodations, what his salary is, etc… it must be a helluva lot. If he isn’t 100% necessary let him lose and no, he isn’t a foreigner he is Bermudian.

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      Another Petition. Has any of your so called Petition been successful? I do not think so……keep pushing to find the truth and you want to stop that? WHy are you afraid of who is really behind this conspiracy? You may not want to believe it!!

      • OvEr says:

        You always miss the point. The point of the speech was talking about the Governor’s failures, not about finding the authors of the false cheques (though I think they’ve found out who it was?). It’s people like you that make Bermuda’s future uncertain because you don’t have the capacity to see things for what they are.

        • Unspoken says:

          I know what you mean but the Governor still over sees everything Pula cox was the finance minstery and he was the Premier why couldn’t they figure out who wrote the false checks. I think it was one of them and he trying to point fingers else where. hello he always pulls a stunt.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        So Special would you be interested in a petition to the UK for tracing all the dealings of the Government for the last few years? This would expose all the players and known associates surely it would uncover the false check culprits and expose them and clear the Governments name once and for all. What is there to be afraid of right?


  34. Baileys Bay says:

    Wow, this guy just won’t stop… What is the point of this scathing attack? Please go back to preppy Nantucket and leave the rest of us to deal with the mess you have made of this country…

    You have to hand it to him, he is the ultimate strategist… Just too bad he never used his smarts for the good the country. Now he’s handing us one final swift kick…

    And the bigger question is what will Paula do?? If she supports him, she is seen to be attacking the Governor as well on the brink of an election… If she goes against him, it will certainly seem like too little, too late!

    Aye carrumba. What a nightmare for us all.

  35. Tolerate says:

    Good try Dr. Brown; one last push for Independence before you all get shown the door. Where is our Premier on this? Here is a past Premier going at the Governor of Bermuda. Did she know this was coming (if not, what a total lack of respect from a party member). Then again, if she did know and remains quite she is having him do her dirty work.
    Once again shame on Dr. Brown. This is NOT Bermuda’s views, this is one man’s views and if Premier Cox does not make a comment on this, than we should all assume she knew and backs his ravings and should remember when it comes to voting. Many on this blog say the election is close; if this is the beginning of what is to come from the PLP, than I hope Bermuda is paying close attention.
    Really, with all the BS we are trying to deal with as a country, this guy takes center stage with his own agenda, insulting Britain once again. The next attack will be on the incoming Governor, finding a way to blame him as well for their mismanagement of this Islands affairs.

    • Finally left! says:

      She knew… A former premier doesnt just start making speeches this close to election time.. and it be a total surprise.

      It will still be interesting to see if she makes a statement on it… but i doubt its come out of the blue. As others have, there are members that have been in the upper parts of PLP, either as MP or senate, but have been removed/left.. they can say what they want because they are not govt officials (although some of those speak too much too), and they also have a fan base…

      Im quite sure the plp is aware of EB’s popularity, and are using it to their advantage.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      This seems to be something concocted by plp to save face & get back some voters they may have lost with the scandal. It also could be a gear up for a future independence referendum if plp by some incongruous chance wins the election. I realize in Ewarts appeal to England it specifically states this has nothing to do with independence but whatever Ewart states……

      I think most of us know how to finish the rest.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        You forget the PLP under EB said that the election would be the mandate for independance, they do not prefer for the people to decide that by referendum remeber.


        • Tommy Chong says:

          Yes I remember, a blatant push to a dictatorship if there ever was another in Bermuda. The plp supporters need to look up the definition of fascism before they go to the voting polls again.

    • O.B. says:

      Will voters be smart enough to see it for what it is and not vote plp, or will they continue to let the Island fall. A year ago I would say that the plp was sure to win but I actually think the OBA has a real chance. A lot of voters lost their jobs and nobody is happy about having to pay higher duty to import items.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        If voters believe this latest statement from ewart they may still elect plp & blame all our woes on England & its officials as ewarts done. Hopefully Governor Gozney acts as quick with this as he did with the pay cut remark & shuts ewart’s forked tongue once again. Ewart has more mouth than brains doesn’t he realize that England is tighter with America than he could ever be. The only thing he’s done is take a few POWs for America while England has sent thousands of troops over to help the U.S. fight their mideast wars. If ewart keeps trying to run with the big boys he’s liable to get trampled on.

  36. dogberry says:

    Real brave of E Wart to raise his concerns just as Sir Richard is about to walk out of the door, that’s twice in several weeks he has directly attacked the British Government, where has this concern been while Sir Richard has been in office??? This is purely an attempt to build up a boogie man that can be used to gee up sentiment in the upcoming election and take the scrutiny off of what a complete disaster this gov’t and it’s policy’s have been.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Exactly. Boogie man politics. Interesting, he’s figured out that the race doesn’t count for much anymore, so this is all they have? Attacking Britain? Really.

      Kind of desperate.

      Either way he’s a tool

      Demonstrates clearly how ineffective Cog really is, and how out of her depth she really is…shame…. wonder how she feels knowing that everyone knows she’s simply a pawn of the misogynists of the PLP.

  37. Kim Smith says:

    Oh my… it’s hard to see what’s going on here… what with all this smoke and all these mirrors!

  38. Truth is killing' me... says:

    Paula Cox…why do you allow such antics at the circus? I paid my taxes/admission and did not expect to see clowns all the way through the show. At least bring on the elephants and tigers!

    • O.B. says:

      She allowed him to do what he wanted while she was finance minister and will continue to do so as premier. Remember, she didn’t challenge his leadership when Bermuda needed it most.

  39. Seriously?! says:

    The only person that’s done harm and failed in his duty is Dr Brown. This man’s ego knows no bounds. Just go away already and leave us to clear up the mess you left behind. Your 15 minutes is over.

  40. Sparky says:

    Good grief! Does Ewart Brown never stop? Wake up already! Your reputation is in the toilet and nothing you can do or say can reinstate whatever credibility you might have had. Those of us who saw through you from the moment you returned to the Island from California and those who later woke up to your divisiveness, racism, will never, I repeat, never, accept or believe anything you have to say. You and your cronies in government, past and present, have brought this country to its knees and you, in your typical ego-driven style, continue to try to hold sway over the governance of this Island. Stop whining and go back to Martha’s Vineyard and leave Bermuda alone.

    • pepper says:

      Or go back to the turks and caicos,but please Bermuda has had enough of you already.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        ..or go back to L.A. or Atlanta or ….the cruise ship….

  41. Finally left! says:

    hahaha did i really read on BDA sun that EB wants UK to ask Canada for full cooperation???

    lol strike me stupid, but can he not just do that himself? can he not have bda govt do taht themselves? this is not exactly and international affair… if he cant even get proper law proceedings in canada.. how the hell does he expect an international bermuda to survive in the real world?

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      Be careful now !! Dr.Brown is a smart man, he knows what he is doing, wait and watch, before you tear him down….also who did forge those cheques?

      • Finally left! says:

        lol oh i know he is a smart man..and i know that he knows what he’s doing… i dont doubt that at all..

        What i do doubt though is his sincerity regarding the governor hurting bermuda, as opposed to some form of EB’s old agendas.. including himself, party power, and independence.

        also we have no clue who forged teh checks…

        at the end of the day, iw as poitning out how funny it is that he goes behind UK’s back for uighurs, goes on about independence, adn then when his little legal battle is on the line, he asks uk to ask canada to play nice?? lol seems a bit odd

      • Hmmmm says:

        Probably you. You keep going on about them.

      • Come correct says:

        Detract from the issue at hand at all costs!…

      • Johnny Cakes says:

        We all know that Dr. Brown is a smart man; and we are all convinced he knows what he is doing. He has a master plan that started in Cayman a few weeks ago and will run until the day after the election in an attempt to further divide the people of Bermuda.

        His plan – blame everything on the evil colonial rulers. Just look at how badly they have treated him. They wouldn’t step in to support him in anyway, even when he didn’t want them to interfere in internal affairs.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          Misick crowed loudly about the British coming to Turkey & Capers and look where that got him! His own people were sick of the corruption and cronyism which was right out of control. If you read the commission’s ruling Misick wasn’t even sneaky about the deals, he too was arrogant and boastful but you know what they say ….first so brave then so humble or is it “pride goeth before the fall”

  42. jumpup says:

    why didn’t he mention the concrete company take-over.

  43. Familiar says:

    As a born Bermudian, I would like the British Foreign Office to know that when Mr. Brown speaks of ‘harming Bermudians’ he is not speaking on my behalf. As far as I’m concerned Sir Richard Gosny has caused no harm to this country or her people.

    Mr. Brown, on the other hand, I believe has one heck of a lot to answer for and if they’d like to look into him I’d most certainly appreciate it.

  44. Familiar says:

    Oh, for the record, I do believe that an answer should be found as to who forged the cheques, presuming they were actually forged.

    A crime is a crime is a crime, regardless of who it is perpetrated against.

    But, let’s face it, investigations in Bermuda have limited success, particularly when they involve government officials. Apparently, regardless on which side of the charge they sit.

  45. Jumpy says:

    Just election BS, best to ignore him.

  46. Turdunday says:

    And now that he knows the Governor is on his way out he takes cheap shots, he didn’t have the sack to do it when Gozney had years of power ahead. I hope the british government open a case on this.

  47. The Hell says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Who has done more harm to Bermuda than this ego maniac? Don’t you get it Ewart no one wants to hear from you any more only your blind admirers, your just like that nightmare that no one wants to experience again. You obviously have a chip on your shoulder about the colonial system must be that panther attitude. Must of the time the Governor acts on the recommendations of the Government.

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      What harm did he do? Only harm was done by the UBP/OBP who cared nothing for the people of Bermuda.

      • Finally left! says:

        Are you kidding? or in denial? There is a reason his party, and the current leader, have said they are taking a step away from the previous administration…

      • CBA says:

        It’s scary that someone can be that blind. Hopefully you’re joking

        • What is going on? says:

          You better wake up, you talk such nonsence.

      • Sparky says:

        Spashulll Gurl…you need to look up the term “delusional”, ’cause you’ve got a very serious case going on. One only has to compare the accomplishments of the UBP and the PLP during their respective terms governing the country to see which party brought the country its greatest successes and which party brought it strife, economic failure and hardship.

  48. Argosy says:

    Yesterday it was Rolf.

    Today it’s Ewart.

    Who will it be tomorrow, I wonder?

    • Cleancut says:


    • rubber bong says:

      Furbert or Burch…SMH

      • tolerate says:

        Defintely Furbert (Chris)… After Commissioniong and Burch, saved them all for last. After all, the gag order is holding up until they are named. A way to keep em in line. Notice how quite it has been from certain fellows? Election is near…

    • Maddog says:

      Shot the he’ll up.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        Shot the he’ll up??
        Are you talking about the bank after Rolffe left it al those years ago?

  49. True Bermudian says:

    Ewart you ruined Bermuda, our good name and our finances.


  50. Shaking the Head says:

    Dr Brown knows that only The Premier, curently Paula Cox, can request a Commission of Enquiry and she won’t because they both know the can of worms has many worms that need to be kept inside.

  51. Um Um Like says:

    The only harm the Governor did to Bermuda was to allow eWart to continue at the detriment to Bermuda.

  52. SpecialGirl4You says:

    I hope that this matter is looked into. It appears that a grave injustice was done against this government. Yet no one is seeking to find out who forged the cheques in 2 ministers name. Why are persons not seeking answers to this question? There are too many unanswered questions? Why not go after those individuals behind this conspiracy, instead of just focusing on Dr. Brown’s statement? It is possible some folks have something to hide, or do not want this brought to the public’s attention, as the answers may not be in their best political interest. The answers may break apart a particular political group. It is possible that OBA/UBP will speak out strongly against Dr.Brown’s claims. One should ask why? Why not allow Dr. Brown to seek answers to this situation? I think the devil is in the details, and the truth may be too fightening to know.

    I would surely want to know who forged any cheque in my name, as an attack on my character is at state. I would not rest, until every stone is turn over, to clear my name. As a result I do understand Dr. Brown’s position in regards to this matter. Like it or not, answers must be found. This situation looks clearly like a conspiracy, and the names reveal will not be a pretty one. Any attempt to discredit a government should not be taken lightly. In no country in the world would this kind of matter be pushed aside, and overlooked. Why are Bermudians willing to over look such a serious crime of conspiracy? We must seek answers to those folks behind this matter. Who are they? Why did they do this? What was their overall objective? Was it political victory and power at any cause? I am eager to know the real answers. Like Dr. Brown or not, he is correct to stand up for what is a conspiracy and folks that are afraid to be found out. OOH the truth will kill some of you. Maybe even get you to re-think your comments.

    • Shaking the Head says:

      I agree with you on this. Why doesn’t the PLP and its supporters pressure Paula Cox as Premier to call for a Royal Commission and have an in depth investigation of all of the allegations highlighted by Dr Brown, plus the others that he has not listed.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      In case you don’t read newspapers, the oh so important attempted coup d’état by cheque as you see it, is being prosecuted in Canadian courts now. It is not Bermuda Government vs Sam Spagnulo, it is between he and the Burgess Brown twins. Unfortunately Sam’s lawyers have asked for certain info for their defense from the Bermuda side relating to invoices etc for the work on the Courthouse building project. As we already saw
      Sam’s firm were reluctant to sign off on millions of dollars of work not done allegedly, when cheques were requested for it. The Brown side’s lawyers are fighting to withhold such info claiming it is not relevant to the case! …want to join in the no fair no fair to revealing the true facts of what went on at the Courthouse build using your tax dollars?? Sign up to specialgurl4webyes anti what’s good for Bermuda campaign and divert everyones attention away from why our country is broke out of work and running out of time.

  53. Limey says:

    Anyone read Point 7 of the reasons why EB state Global Hue was picked and repicked for the tourism contract. It states that it outperformed previous companies, fair enough, but also states it was the first such company not white-owned.
    What does that mean, that the two main reasons it was picked was it was good and owned by blacks. LOL
    The British Govnt should definitely look into this blatant bias of race in awarding governemnt contracts, i find it hilarious hes admitting this to the British Govnt

  54. What is going on? says:

    This is like a nightmare and you can’t wake up….. why has he come back. Hopefully Madame Premier will make a statement and remove herself from this ego-maniacs’ grandstanding, self-serving speeches.

    • Maddog says:

      Dr brown is a bermudian count, and he is not going anywhere.

      • Family Man says:

        A Bermudian count? I think you misspelled that. There’s no ‘o’.

      • YES MATE! says:

        Dr. Brown is a Bermudian count? You’re missing a comma that changes your whole statement.

    • CBA says:

      Premier Cox would be very smart to distance herself from Brown

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Or order the inquiry her self and put it all to rest but she won’t to much to hide I agree with Brown open up an investigation on all dealings with government for the last 7 years and question all names that show up could be interesting.


  55. Triangle Drifter says:

    Why did the media even show up for this? A great non event. Wouldn’t it have been great if it was only Brown & Laverene representing the least read publication in Bermuda there. She would have had all the cookies to herself.

    One thing he was right about. Gozney was useless. Hope he enjoyed his extended vacation here.

    • OvEr says:

      They shouldn’t have. He’s a regular citizen now. Maybe I’ll have a press conference tomorrow to air my views…

    • CBA says:

      I can’t understand why the media covers Brown’s stories. He’s a regular citizen now

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        do some research on “The Power Behind The Power”…wake up before its too late People!!!

      • Sparky says:

        Honey, Ewart Brown never was and never will be “regular”…LOL!

    • Yes says:

      The media loves drama

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Pull the stage, or microphone, out from under hime & what will you have? Nothing! Silence from him! As good as pulling out the vocal cords. Then if he wants to be heard he will have to stick to the blogs like the rest of us little people.

      • SpecialGirl4You says:

        Let him speak,…are you afraid the real conspiracy group will be named?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          I personally want you to name them so that when you’re wrong you have to eat your words and possible watch you as you go though a slander prosecution as it is apparent that you think you know who it is put your money where your mouth is.


          • shirlely Richardson says:

            Thank you Dr. Brown for standing tall and speaking the truth, It is obvious that the governor does’nt care about Bermuda, he is just here on the gravey train, now he has made his millons off the people of Bermuda, he can now go and enjoy his retirement, As for some of these haters, many of you can’t stand Dr. Brown because he is not a yes man, as he stated, when he was born Bermuda was divided, and it will remain that way, until black people stop acting like they are inferior, and white people stop acting like they are the superior race on the planet. There will always be division. I know many of you hope that Dr.B will go away, well It’s not going to happen, many of you can’t take the truth, especially when it comes from a black man’s lips, Well get over it, don’t you know that the truth will set you free.Go Dr. Brown expose the hypocrisy and lies that’s constantly being promoted by the Fox news surrogates.

            • Come correct says:

              God I’m gonna love it when you people get what your asking for and eat your words.

            • Jeff says:

              It reminds me of someone always blaming their partner of cheating when they are the one doing it.

            • CBA says:

              I don’t think the Governor made millions, though it’s debatable whether our own elected leaders have…

              Funny you mention Fox News (though irrelevantly), because many people in Bermuda (me among them) support the Democrats in the US, including Obama and the Clintons, but won’t bring myself to support Brown. Doesn’t your laughable theory fall flat on its fact then because we trust words coming out of President Obama’s mouth (a strong, black man) but not Brown’s?

              Maybe, just maybe, it’s because Obama is more effective since he approaches things in an intelligent way, instead of using race etc to excite people like you.

              • The nitty gritty says:

                OH SHirley Shirley, enough with that 1960′s rhetoric! It only makes you sound like the people you are so critical of. Cease and desist right now with this
                “white people stop acting like…black people stop acting like” because you are claiming an entire race does the same thing or acts the same way which is preposterous and ignorant in the extreme.oh by the way, it is the first step in being a racist in case you hadn’t thought of it.
                For you a special treat, a lesson we teach our primary kids.
                There are good individuals and bad individuals and they come in all colors.

  56. rubber bong says:

    funnily enough, michael misick used similar tactics (the victim of a colonial conspiracy) when he was being exposed. its nearly identical.

    • Nemo says:

      Well they are BFF’s!

    • shirlely Richardson says:

      Some of you bloggers would fit very well in the Repub/Fox News/TeaParty group, In fact, Reading some of these statements, makes me wonder IS DR.BROWN REALLY A BERMUDIAN? IS HE REALLY A DOCTOR WITH A MEDICAL DEGREE? DID HE REALLY GRADUATE FROM A REAL MEDICAL SCHOOL? DID HE ACTULLY RECEIVE INTERNATIONAL ROCOGNITION FROM AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, FOR HIS HUMANITARIAN ACTIONS TO HELP THE UIGHURS? Or was this a high level plot between Dr. Brown, and President Obama, to get praise and accolades from progressives around the world? So many questions, I’m just wondering, Is Barack Obama an American? or was he born in Africa, I’m really puzzled by some of these blogs, Are these two men human beings or are they figments of a right wing sick mindset?

  57. verbal kint says:

    This is the second time Dr. Brown has defended himself against the Bolden allegations without really having to. What is he afraid of there. And, he has twice referred to the Boldens as convicted perjurors. When were they convicted of perjury?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Yes funny that does Dr. Brown know he is not protected by parliamentary privilege now?


  58. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    It is not hidden that some a$%holes wanna go Independant ….did you ever think that he said…. Hey! They want Independence so Badly lets see how they stand on thier own two feet…huh? with that said …answer the question your self….did we stand on our own two feet?
    Why would he involve him self in a few gun toting children …BUT let a foreign country show aggression towards us …THEN thats when you will see the BIG DOGS brought out ….you all are as small as this rock and just as dumb as the concrete you stand on…really shaking my head!

  59. Ric says:

    Finally!,, some real news!

  60. Hang up and call again says:

    My hope is that the truth does come out and those responsible (on either side of the political fence) pay the price. Whether Ewart is telling the truth or a lie needs to go before court, be resolved and once completed, put to rest. Bermuda needs to get past it’s past and move forward. The anger of Bermudians on both sides is palpable and is constricting Bermuda’s ability to breathe the much needed new life to move ahead.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Only the current Premiem can put this to rest and call the inquiry……..

      LOL will she or not…………

      • Hang up and call again says:

        To be fair, the governor has been rather quiet and has not made a public statement thus far. Perhaps he might be quiet for various reasons, but again, something should be said before he leaves his position at the end of the month if for no other reason than to respond. I don’t know whether Great Britain can start an inquiry from it’s end. If there’s further evidence of Mr. Brown’s actions, then I would expect that the Premier would call the inquiry. I hope that time will tell and the truth does come out with clarity…

  61. LaVerne Furbert says:

    As expected, the cyber anonymous army is out in full force this evening on Bernews and the RG website.

    • Bermydude says:

      You discust me to the fullest!!

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      As expected, here comes the Defender/8 votes.

      • SpecialGirl4You says:

        Your one of the biggest defenders of the OBA/UBP, yet you fail to want those involved in this conspiracy revealed. Why? Is it possible some of the OBA/UBP are a big part of this conspiracy against Dr.Brown, and the haters is a way to avoid persons from thinking about this situation fully?

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Does not matter what any think have the Premier call the inquiry and put this to rest……see we want the same things but I’m not to sure the reslut of said inquiry will be what you stated the OBA as an organization should sue you for your slander. If they are guilty then you will be safe…………….


        • star man says:

          I must correct you again; the old UBP Party still has two sitting MPs, apparently will be contesting the next general election, and has nothing to do with the new One Bermuda Alliance.  The new OBA is a new Party that has never been the Government (nor done any damage to the Country), and has nothing to do with the old UBP, except that there are a few experienced ex-UBP members who are sitting MPs for the OBA. You know, for depth. Just like the PLP has a few ex-UBP members in their Party as well. So your attempted UBP-OBA tie-ins are bogus… and, as you know, you are still a hypocrite.

          As well, your insistence in bringing race into every conversation is divisive and getting very old!

    • fatman says:

      Don’t be so hard on yourself Laverne – when it’s just you and your son it’s hardly an army.

    • OvEr says:

      Everyone has the right to post. If people feel that the PLP is doing a good job, or if they really enjoyed hearing from Brown, they can post it. Maybe the reason you aren’t seeing much of either is because people are neither. Look around, the leadership is a “train wreck in slow motion” (quote adapted from the late Julian Hall, who was referring to David Burch’s public relations. I just think it sums up the leadership).

    • Liars! says:

      ya well YOU the biggest loser PLP wannabe senator…wanna be polititian…..is this how to get back in with the PLP for you?
      You are truly a total joke Laverne.

      A snapshot of what the old guard of the PLP stand for….ignorance is bliss they say.

      • SpecialGirl4You says:

        Stop your bad behaviour, each persons has a right to share their views. Just as you spill your nasty hateful OBA/UBP rhetoric daily. The same old posters, like you Cancer, Sandgrownan etc……Freedom of Speech, how dear you tell others not to post and share their views. Tell me, who is behind this conspiracy and stop avoiding the bigger issue, by spreading Brown haters.

        • Finally left! says:

          Fine..ill tell you.. There is a reason no real attempt is made to find out who caused it.. .there is a reason he is blaming others for not figuring it out.. Because he doesnt want the truth to come and he DOES want others to think its some massive conspiracy.

          NOw that you have asked your question 20 times on here.. and i have answered you, do you have anythign to add tot he discussion or are you going to blindly copy/paste the same damn post?

        • My two cents says:


    • sandgrownan says:

      What a waste of oxygen.

    • My two cents says:

      Damn that freedom of speech again? When will it stop? Can’t take the heat then don’t go into politics. Bunch of babies

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        I thought with freedom of speech came a certin responcibility isn’t that what was said about the papers of this country perticularly the RG when the media council came about, so do these rules not apply to DB as a private citizen……

        LOL starting to see the hypocratic oath or something like that………

        • My two cents says:

          Hold up, nobody said Dr. Brown couldn’t say whatever he wanted. Oh he is doing just that by attacking the previous governor. Freedom of speech for all! Bunch of babies. Constant whining is so annoying but hey that’s freedom of speech now isn’t it…

    • LMAO says:

      As expected, Laverne Furbert is out to defend her mentor. Oh dear don’t say anything about EB that angel.

    • Bermudian Overseas says:

      Laverne, why were you apart of the press?? I find it funny that one of Ewarts colleagues was akin questions as if she doesn’t know them… hmm


  62. Booze Cruise says:

    This idiot pops up out of the blue during these times where aggresion seems to be everywhere and all he does is add fuel to the fire. I never paid any mind to politics before he came along but I know a snake when I see one.

  63. Ronnie Viera says:

    While I am no great fan of EB, I think it was a despicable act to falsify the cheques. Not only was it wrong to do so but it feeds EB’s eternal strategy to be “a victim”. It really is too bad that someone wasn’t held accountable for it.

    However, since he and his then deputy (and finance minister), have driven the island into what now seems like a bottomless pit of debt, he should be the last person seeking any sort of accountability.

    It is truly laughable that he actually thinks that Henry Bellingham will even read the letter let alone take action on it. And once you stop rolling on the floor with laughter at that, imagine the Canadian Government taking action against anyone for a couple of mocked up cheques occurring over 3 years ago. I mean come on…this is clearly an election gimmick to whip it up here…he knows when he speaks it gets a strong reaction….

    I smell a rat…or should I say writ!

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Maybe he’s counting on that they don’t do anything………………


  64. Ronnie Viera says:

    Oh yeah…I do agree that Gozney was one of the worst Governors we have had. Had he been more effective, he may have stopped several pieces of flawed legislation which were passed over the past 5 years or so.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      If he had the PLP would have been all over it and you know it as stated before it’s a real balancing act the victum he would have been the Govenor just like in the past learn from your history……………


  65. Cancer says:

    We all know dr brown is smart man. Maybe to smart for his own good. However dr brown has taken on a stregedy consultant role for the PLP. Don’t be foed folks he is just making this noise at this point of time because it is an election ploy. This is no coincidence that he speaks out at this time. His shows that Paula is a very week leader and that she does not run the show. Ewart is still a decision maker who directs and tells Paula what to do. This shows just how desperate the PLP are and they know they will not win the election on their own terrible merit so now it’s time for the flip PLP to bring out their dirty election ways. First it was the race card then it was a bullet in the mail which he called a press conference for and we haven’t heard anything about that since. Now he’s up to his old tricks again because PLP know they can not win the election without getting some sort of Pity from the public. Just think about it people. People of Bermuda Don’t be fooled by Ewart Brown and these PLP tricks. Their trying to play you once again. Don’t let it work this time. Every month it’s some different controversy with the PLP. We don’t need to continue this way. Paula is weak and Ewart knows it. This is his way of being in the limelight and getting his way back in the governmental door. Once again – don’t be fooled. The people of Bermuda must reject the tricks of Ewart Brown along with the rest of the PLP. He admittedly deceived you once…. Don’t be deceived by him again!!!!

  66. I am so disappointed in EB. I can’t even bring myself to type his full name. This is a man I used to admire. He was a legend on the campus of Howard university years after he led the first student sit-ins at the HU administration building. He had an almost mythic legacy, even back then.

    Here was a young black Bermudian who was ostracized by a white government who feared and despised him and who for years prevented him from practising medicine in his home country of Bermuda. Self exiled to California, he returned to Bermuda in 1993 or thereabouts and was soon elected to parliament.

    I remember him canvassing in Warwick. He was someone I really looked up to. I was an advocate when he stood for Premier but by then, others of my peer group were having reservations about EB’s “integrity”. I lobbied these wary peers on EB’s behalf. “Give him a chance” I said to them. “He will rise to the occaision.”

    Even when he deceived Jennifer Smith I ‘stood by him’. When he finally became Premier no one was happier than I. Finally we had a strong, intelligent, charasmatic Black Man as leader. He would take Bermuda to the next level. We would be on the international stage in a way never before seen in Bermudian politics.

    Then, slowly and then at a faster pace it all started to go horribly wrong. All of the promise,potential and possibilities went sour. It became clear that EB had a definite ‘agenda’ that benefited no one but himself. All of the big contracts went to people who didn’t ‘look like me’. The arrogance, ego, vindictiveness, exaggerated sense of self, deception and wily cronyism rose to the surface.

    In time it became apparent that I had been deceived…or perhaps I had deceived myself? I humbled myself and went to all of my peers whom I had lobbied on EB’s behalf and told them that I had got it wrong and that their reservations about EB had been spot on. I learned a life lesson from EB. I will never forget it.

    His legacy is tarnished now. He is an obviously gifted man who was so embittered by his early life experiences that he chose to seek revenge and retribution instead of uplifting Bermuda like Nelson Mandela did in South Africa. Rather than building bridges he chose to burn them. As Bermudians we must learn the lessons that EB has taught us….and never make the same mistake again when choosing our leaders.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Thank you for your honesty.
      Maybe you will take a moment to look back at the other black leaders we had while your country had full employment, a balanced budget ( I.e. 1.3 $billion less debt) strong home values, less gunplay and violence generally. We don’t need leaders who are charismatic or a particular color. We need leaders who are willing to create harmony and success for EVERYONE with PUBLIC ACCESS TO INFORMATION. The taxpayers pay for much of what a government spends and when that government is not ACCOUNTABLE to them and often refuses to properly account for it’s spending, we have a big problem. The Auditor General seems to have an ongoing problem with this governments accounts. I think when some of the shenanigans are exposed by the upcoming PATI law, you will have good reason to exclaim..’VOTT!’

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      @Vott……As a newly selected candidate for the OBA/UBP, stop hiding behind your pin name. One would think now that you step forward to run, you would be honest. So you write a narrative that is not honest. So how can you go against someone that is only seeking the truth to answers behind this conspiracy? If someone wrote cheques in your name, would you leave it unresolved, particularly if you character and integrity is at state? More so, it was an attack on the government of the country, not just Dr. Brown. Nowhere in the world would something like this be allowed to go unchallenged. Or are you afraid of the individuals that are truly behind this matter, may impact your OBA/UBP and open up a big can of insects?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        It’s “worms” Special you’ve been in the PLP panic room far to long you need help……………..


      • The nitty gritty says:

        Oh the hypocrisy!! Nobody is calling you out behind that ‘special’ name!
        Let me tell you straight, for too long Black people worried that if they spoke out freely things unpleasant might happen to them. Then EB came along and White folk started feeling de same vay. So now we all know how it feel!
        This forum like others is all about freedom to speak your mind (if you have one).
        Forget about who is behind the name, hear their message. If you dont like the message….tough! I was gonna be nice and say ‘dont read it but that dont make sense cuz you have to read it to know you dont like it.
        I will leave you now to go get a peanut butter sandwich, with the inspirational words of our past premier who said ‘promises made..promises kept’ or was it ‘We will introduce Public Access to Information shortly so you can all dig deep and yell AHA! in unison.”

  67. HappninBoy says:

    Seems he’s forgotten who told him to go……OR ELSE. Be careful.

  68. Whistling Frog says:

    He neither will beg nor he won’t bow; Neither can he be bought nor sold. He defends the right; Jah – Jah children must unite: Your life is worth much more than gold… And who owns all the gold?

    I can’t believe the amount of people that are afraid of Dr.Ewart Brown… People are really in fear of how this man speaks and who he stands up to… WOW!!

    De heathen back, yeah, ‘pon de wall!
    As a man sow, shall he reap
    And I know that talk is cheap.
    But the hotter the battle
    A the sweeter Jah victory.
    With de heathen back dey ‘pon de wall!

    • CBA says:

      If people were afraid of him they wouldn’t speak out against him. Do you remember the protest against him? Nobody was afraid. They tried saving the country from going where it is now. Too bad people like you allowed it to.

    • Finally left! says:

      Meh its like god, or Apple…

      I dont hate them..I hate their followers..

      Its not EB that i fear… he is only one person, and i can see right through him. Its the mass of people that simply see him as a “strong black leader” because he claims to fight against white colonial oppression…

      Thoe are the people that scared me because you cannot debate or discuss with illogical people. They follow him simply on what he tells them, not what reality really shows.

  69. full moon in paradise says:

    Reminds me of the spinning tops that emerged around Easter time. Spin on…

    • Maddog says:

      Who you talking about those white people, that all I saw.

      • Come correct says:

        Racist pric! You should go to liberia, I think you would like it, vitually no white people…because they would f@%king eat them…literally! Or you could just stay here under the rein of the plp for a few more years.

        By the way please change your name, its disrespectful to my dog that has a better sense of reality than you.

        • Pastor Syl says:

          @ Come correct: I hope you are not calling the Liberians cannibals> Now THAT would be truly racist, unless you can prove it. I don’t have any admiration for the Liberians. They left slavery in the US, went to Africa and enslaved the natives, which I think is despicable. But I have never heard that they were cannibals.

  70. Bermydude says:

    A few weeks ago i saw Browns car in the Cabinet grounds and also Coxs car, does she know about this????before we did???

    Brown has made history in the worst way for Bermuda!!! Coxs follows the same road!! they are in this together since day ONE!!!

    the man is a …!!

  71. proof in the pudding says:

    So nice to hear from Dr Brown I have missed your leadership. As a young Bermudian can you also ask the UK office investigate why the governor of Bermuda/head of police, has done very little to assist the police with these gun crimes. The question has to be asked as a young black male ” IF HALF OF THE MURDER VICTIMS WERE WHITE WOULD THIS SITUATION HAVE BEEN HANDLED THE SAME”?

    THANKS Dr Brown I love you

    • Mad Dawg says:

      What, like the guy today given five years for nearly killing a brutha? They catch plenty of them. There’s always more.

    • OvEr says:

      If they didn’t care enough to open a Royal Commission into the Brown administration, it’s unlikely they would do more if the victims were white. Remember, while people like you can be influenced by Brown’s racial politics, the UK isn’t.

      I think you’re in a very small majority of people who love him, even among the PLP supporters.

    • Finally left! says:

      I think you need to ask about more detail than you are. and you have to look at the social tensions in bermuda.

      I’d say if 100% of the murders were whites, but it was still all gang related, then no, it would not be handled and differently.
      If 100% of the victims were of non-gang related blacks (that includes not even having gang friends), then yes i’d say things would be handled way differently.

      Ask yourself truly, do you want the governor to get extra police from the UK (who will probably be white) to come down to tackle our gun toting thugs (who will probably be black)? Would you honestly see that as a good, pro-bermuda defense option? Do you honestly see a british police task force harassing and chasing down people on 42nd street as something that would really go over well here? and that Bermudians would be cheering them on?

      We all have a “perfect outcome” in our heads, but we rarely actually think of it in practice and reality.

      • proof in the pudding says:


        • Finally left! says:

          lol mate get real.. the majority of cops in bermuda are NOT british, and they are NOT white…

          I am white if you must know but i dont see how that relates to anything… I am not the one that would be fussed about police cracking down..because as you can tell, ive left the damn island..

          To get extra personnel to quickly solve this issue would probably require the governor to get the task forces and help from the UK, so they would probably white..

          Im not saying YOU care about who they are, but in bermuda’s current racially heated society, with many in current govt and its supporters openly bashing the UK, openly frowning on Stop and search as being discriminatory, openly saying whites are oppressors…. do you honestly think that a bunch of foreign white gang task force officers running aroudn with a hard hand against guns wouldnt cause some sort of an uproar??

          Again, im not asking for your personal view.. my personal view is i dont care if they do it, but chances are you’ll just say its cause im white and it doesnt affect me. You may have other reasons why you would like it seen.. but can you honestly tell me population of these crime areas would be ok with this heavy handed approach? Do you honestly think the PLP wouldnt turn around and call the “expat police” out for being discriminatory?

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Proof in de puddin- maybe the real question is why aren’t young white males out shooting each other? or young black females, or middle aged white males or older black males or chinese fishermen or…..stop looking to blame everyone but the damn shooters.

  72. YES MATE! says:

    See what happens when you don’t flush? PLoP then flush and the brown goes down!

  73. JB says:

    This will be the 3rd time I’ve attempted to post this and I do so as a point of enquiry into the legitimate practices even TODAY of this man…
    ” does anyone know if he is operating his stem cell clinic legally and ethically according to current legislation governing this ? I personally shudder to think what is going on behind closed doors on our very own doorstep. “

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ JB: Thank you for asking this question. You are not the only one who wants to know. Unfortunately, I believe the answer is that we do not have any legislation at all governing stem cell research, unlike the US, the UK and Europe, which is more than likely why the clinic is based here.

      • JB says:

        Unbelievable !! This is a serious situation that absolutely should not be overlooked, but where do we go from here ?

        I want the whole can of worms exposed …. we MUST bring about legislation !!

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I’ve thought about this also & tried to connect some dots like the push to build the new hospital. I wonder if all the patients in this new building will be residents of Bermuda or will they be wealthy foreigners looking for procedures that are not approved in other countries.

          Then my mind goes into massive conspiracy mode where Ewart is creating a race of humans in his likeness but then I have to step away because surely there hasn’t been someone this maniacal since the early 1940s. I must think the worst is about the greed of money & not a plan of human dominance. This only exist in sci-fi movies. Doesn’t it?

          • Pastor Syl says:

            @ Tommy Chong: You put the nightmare into words. I have heard whispers of medical tourism, but don’t know where or how to get answers. Part of me doesn’t want to know, but the other part knows we, at some stage, must deal with all of this stuff. HATE this feeling of helplessness, which didn’t start until The Reign of Brown. It ain’t over.

  74. Cancer says:

    We all know dr brown is smart man. Maybe to smart for his own good. However dr brown has taken on a stregedy consultant role for the PLP. Don’t be foed folks he is just making this noise at this point of time because it is an election ploy. This is no coincidence that he speaks out at this time. His shows that Paula is a very week leader and that she does not run the show. Ewart is still a decision maker who directs and tells Paula what to do. This shows just how desperate the PLP are and they know they will not win the election on their own terrible merit so now it’s time for the flip PLP to bring out their dirty election ways. First it was the race card then it was a bullet in the mail which he called a press conference for and we haven’t heard anything about that since. Now he’s up to his old tricks again because PLP know they can not win the election without getting some sort of Pity from the public. Just think about it people. People of Bermuda Don’t be fooled by Ewart Brown and these PLP tricks. Their trying to play you once again. Don’t let it work this time. Every month it’s some different controversy with the PLP. We don’t need to continue this way. Paula is weak and Ewart knows it. This is his way of being in the limelight and getting his way back in the governmental door. Once again – don’t be fooled. The people of Bermuda must reject the tricks of Ewart Brown along with the rest of the PLP. He admittedly deceived you once…. Don’t be deceived by him again!!!!


    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      Cancer, stop the OBA/UBP haters club against Dr. Brown. You are so busy hating Dr.Brown that you have missed the bigger picture in all of this. THose folks behind the conspiracy of this entire matter. Are you hiding behind spreading hate towards Dr.Brown out of fear that they will be revealed? What will you do than, it might bring your OBA/UBP flat down on the ground. So stop using Dr.Brown to avoid the bigger issue here in regards to this matter. Many of you are so busy hating, that you are not thinking…but thats not uncommon from the OBA/UBP fan club.

      • Come correct says:

        What about your checks?! The ones your getting to sit there and mindlessly dribble on your keyboard?

  75. Rockfish#1 says:

    Those persons who were addressed by Brown and Cox in the Cayman Islands a few weeks ago must be rolling in the aisles and scratching their heads after reading this news.

  76. Turdunday says:

    Confuse people and make them think someone is out to get you and you are the good guy. He is shady. Who else would smuggle political refugees under the cover of darkness without letting the Governor know?? The same person who had to deceive you, the same person that would happily lie to you for his own gain. The Ego maniac!

  77. Bermudian Overseas says:

    OK fist of all why is Laverne Furbert apart of the press?? as far as I know she has no press affiliation.
    She’s only there to try and make Ewart feel better about himself by asking irrelevant questions..

  78. BigD says:

    I am not a Ewart Brown supporter but I believe there is some merit to what he is saying.

  79. Victor says:

    A second coming? Or did he ever really leave? Has he run out of money already and is coming back for more? At least we now know who is still really in charge.

  80. 1minute says:

    He forgot to bring up the bullet incident… Or doesn’t he want that fully investigated…
    He is such an idiot. He should go back to his Cayman house or US house and leave Bermuda alone.

  81. Fed Upt says:

    Can we write a letter about the sins of Ewart Brown? Why is Dr. Brown not held accountable for the Uighur situation?

    • Pitbull says:

      Where are those Uighurs anyway have they been deported yet!!!!??????????????

  82. Liars! says:

    hey Jennifer Smith came back…from being Premeir to a Minister….so now she gets two pensions payed by me.

    Next it will be Alex Scott

    Then they will start digging there friends out of the ground so they can remind people how racist white folks were 50 years ago.

    This is all a ploy to have us all write the usual crap we write about the PLP so that they can then take it back to Alaska Hall and tell all there loyal followers that white folks have all the money and power and that they need to decieve everyone to change that……exept that is a lie

    Most white folks on the island, after the last 13 years of industry manipulating, are hurting……right where the PLP wants white folks…hurting.

    He is not done, he needs more money for some reason

  83. Liars! says:

    and why does he write DR. The Honorable eB shouldn’t it be the despicable EB

  84. carla wilkinson says:

    Why is Ewart Brown still hanging around? Why is he still speaking on behalf of Bermuda? He shouldn’t even be entertained by any newspaper, radio, etc, in Bermuda. -f anyone person has done harm to this country, I would definitely say that it is this one man. As for the “forged cheques”; I smell a rat. I mean, after all of the under-handed things that he has done, who can actually believe what he says? He is a manipulator of sorts, and people continue to back him. Paula Cox needs to get a backbone, but as she is just another mindless piece of silly putty,that will never happen. I honestly believe that it is time for the P.L.P to go away. It’s time for change. And it’s up to us as a collective that we get rid of these politicians. Paula Cox definitely needs to go first. She is a puppet and is still being controlled. She too is doing nothing but harm to our country because of all the things that have occurred in the past and she has basically turned a blind eye to it all. She is a clueless leader, with that “deer caught in the headlights” expression that she sports very well. Down with the P.L.P.. Oh, I hope that the situation concerning the supposed forged cheques is resolved; and here’s to hoping that Brown has had his last say. Wishful thinking.

  85. @ Dr. Brown,

    Extra Large Yawn!! What a bore, he’s right about the Governor being useless except in my opinion it is WE the Bermudian People who have been let down by Government House and the FCO not Dr. Megalomaniac and the PLP Govt.

    Our reputation went into the toilet during his time as Premiere and Government House & the FCO where happy to stand by and as Nelson did at Trafalgar look through the telescope with their missing eye. Now he is back kicking the British Govt in the rear and serves them right IMO.

    We are fortunate in one aspect though, this joker is no longer our Premiere and for that I am eternally grateful. Now Bernews enough of this self centered bore next Worthy News article please, like a tiddly winks competition maybe??

    • SpecialGirl4You says:

      @Gilber……The biggest “YAWN” is you, when you come on the radio everyday, downing your own people. You defend the OBA/UBP as if they are so great, and never did anything wrong. What dream world are you living in? You are boring with you daily spill of rhetoric about the OBA/UBP. Not one thing you say makes much sense. OBA/UBP is full of lies and does not care for the people, only about political victory at any price. YOur over there behind whites, that care nothing or little for Bermuda’s black population. They do not attend our functions or seldom take part in anything we do. Yet you act like one of the biggest black apologists I ever seen. Sad in deed!!

      • Finally left! says:

        To be honest this constant “need” for whites to attend black events is sickening…and generally just annoying..

        White culture has certain interests. Black culture has its own certain interests. Why must one be forced to attend events that it is not interested in (this goes both ways) just so the other can feel happy and liked?

        Perceive this as you want, but cultures are different.. that is what makes up diversity. If we all acted and did the same thing, then great!!! But i do not see why it has to be forced..

        If I dont like black music, why must i got to a black concert just to show you i care? Sure you may say that blacks openly integrate into white events.. and fine..good for them, but no one says they have to..

        Are we really 5 year olds who cry when some of our friends dont come our birthday party?

      • Trikeita Leshae says:

        Question for SG4U or just plain Special…how many white friends do you have? How many white people do you feel entitled not to respect? What events do you attend that support “white” causes? Now ask yourself why should white bermudians come out to support us. I don’t know what colour you bleed, but when I cut myself, it’s red. If the the Doctor x-rays me, I have the same organs as my white ace girl. My friends of all backgrounds talk about how ignorant Bermudian adults seem all the time. Always on one side or the other…hate to break it to you, but to fix Bermuda, it has to be a team effort. NOt Black, Not white, but a team effort. Racism works both ways you know. You are forever ranting about about the racism that’s been passed down and entitlements forgetting that you have created little entitled racists of your own probably. How many of your children or children you may know seem entitled? IMAGINE THAT! the one injustice the majority of Black Bermudians struggled against you are now perpetuating. You must be so proud. Well clearly since you waste your time to do it everyday. I think that’s the biggest epidemic EB set into motion…the one called IGNORANT BERMUDIANS. We seem to have an abundance of those since his tenure…too bad they can’t see the forest for the trees, and that most of the trees are on fire.

        • Navin Johnson says:

          there may be hope after all

        • Come correct says:

          I may type my stupid comments on here more than I try to put a positive influence on the situation, but when I see comments like this my heart feels lighter, it pounds harder for Bermuda, all is not lost and I have so much faith in my generation. F@ckin well said Trikeita Leshae! With people like you there will be a brighter tomorrow. Sincerely, thank you.

      • @ Special G…

        Careful with that yawn as your teeth may fall out. Seriously though if anyone is living in a dream world it’s you. Seeing as I have probably called the collective talk shows about a dozen times this year so much for everyday, I guess you must hear me in your sleep LOL.

        Also as I virtually never talk about either of the Opposition Parties here I guess you must dream that too, earth to specialg… The Govt. does get a good slap once in a while and so what? Get Over It .. Or Don’t cause I don’t give a damn seeing as they are the ones in charge and responsible for much of the mess we are in.

        The rest of your Gibberish is not worth replying to as it is the same old same old delusional victim mentality rubbish from you, one day you will be able to have an original thought of your own … naah probably not!!

        Enjoy Space as that’s obviously where you live :)

        • specialgirl4you says:

          @Gilbert……Stop telling falsehoods, you & your brother, are on there nonstop, spinning out nothing but OBA/UBP rhetoric and gibberish nonsense. Speak as if what you have to say is the Gospel. But in whose eyes, only your own.

          • You obviously need psychiatric help and a calculator, but better get the calculator first so that you can count how many times I call. Well that is if you can tell my voice apart from my brothers as clearly you can’t. If you can then the calculator will suit you best as using your fingers to count will only confuse you more.

            If you are hearing me as often as you claim then you are hearing voices (as most of your posts suggest). As for the help … upon reflection there is obviously no help for you. Even though I don’t call very often anymore (despite what you think) and haven’t for some time then So What?! Get over it or don’t as I said before I don’t give a d*mn!! I think I will step up my calls though as if it bothers you and your ilk I am obviously right on point.

            Oh yeah … YAWN!! :)

  86. Bermydude says:

    Its a very sad day for Bermuda once again!! Dr. Brown has made history in the worst way possible in Bermuda.

    1. Millions caused by him and his so called friends!! Over runs???

    2. Has divided the community by using the race card!! but all his so call friends are all white business men.


    1. Whay is doing this? possibily he’s pushing for independence? and i will bet that he willl be running for President them!!

    2. Did Mrs. Cox already knew this was coming?

    3. Has he ran out of money, wants more??



    • Just saying says:

      i agree – Get rid of them all. He is such a joke, he even has the smirk like the joker

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Why the request get rid of him, why fear when he speaks?, Why be afraid of an intelligent smart black man? WOW, wish I had a such power! He is as powerful as Dr. Gordon, Mazumbo. Mazumbo was up against such difficult opposition as well, and he changed his name as a result. Many feared Mazumbo, but he did not stop. Why do you fear such a powerful man? This fear is so wide spread, that Dr.Brown must have something that these people are afraid of. Is Dr.Brown the OBA/UBPs biggest fear, after all he did kill the UBP! Wow what a powerful weapon of a black man.

        • Bewildered says:

          Will you still be so supportive when he kills the PLP? The divisions within the PLP are very clear to see.

        • My two cents says:

          All I can say is the massive debt speaks for itself. This is why people fear him. DEBT. You can make all the excuses you like, the debt is STILL HERE.

        • Familiar says:

          Dislike and distrust of someone does not mean they are feared, nor does it make them powerful. It simply means they’re disliked and distrusted.

          And, while I am certain there are exceptions, I suspect that most people who dislike and distrust Dr. Brown do so with little consideration for his intelligence or his skin colour.

        • Come correct says:

          Um where are you getting this idea that people fear him? I bet he bleeds just as easily as you and I, although good luck getting blood from something stone cold. The fear you talk about I believe is the fear people have of what this man can single handedly do to bring down this island as he’s so clearly demonstrated. Also, why such an enphasis on him being a black man? Do you think we’re all blind or stupid? No you just feel the need to highlight the differences, just like he does to divide this country. Your comments on an almost daily basis show that your either paid to spread this propaganda or you truly have this evil stuck in your heart, look at the 300+ comments on here, how many are like yours? Very very very few, and its clear to see they’re just as ignorant. I’d be careful, karma is a bi%ch, and it may not come back to affect you directly.

          • specialgirl4you says:

            FEAR, FEAR……Based upon the need for the OBA/UBP Trolls to continue to write such distasteful comments. If this was not the case, why take time to write anything. He knows how a certain sector of this community feels towards him, but this will not stop him from pushing for what he believes is right to do. He will do what he must, and no OBA/UBP comments will stop him. You can write over 1000 comments, will make no “significant difference”. Strong man is not easily removed by such actions. He also knows that he has a strong support base as well. So what is the point that the OBA/UBP fans are attempting to make. It can only be FEAR for strong black man, that will stand up too anyone. If not why give someone you hate so much a moment of your time? This is really a key factor to your OBA/UBP FEARS……………….

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          I asked above I’ll ask again. Will you take the debate to the next level or will you choose party over country?

          So Special would you be interested in a petition to the UK for tracing all the dealings of the Government for the last few years? This would expose all the players and known associates surely it would uncover the false check culprits and expose them and clear the Governments name once and for all. What is there to be afraid of right?


          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Let it be know she chose party of country………….


            • LOL (original TM*) says:

              should be “over” rteally I just wanted to be the 430 comment nice round number very balanced eh? PLP…. balance.. balance what I must be a racist lololololol


        • United says:

          You know, Mugabe was also a powerful, black man, Idi Amin was also a powerful, black man. You can be powerful for all the good reasons or powerful for all the bad reasons which Mr. Brown fits the latter descriptions.

  87. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    It is quite simply wonderful that Dr Brown has chosen to deny these things in such a public fashion. It is all an opposition could ever hope for. Thank you thank you thank you Sir.

    Some of these items had quite simply been forgotten and now they will be plastered all over the media once again. Let’s remember the old adage “He who excuses himself, accuses himself”.

    My heartiest congratulations Dr. Brown, you have just done the biggest damage of all. You have scuttled the chances of your very own party, the PLP, of winning the upcoming election.

    You even had to mislead you own peeps. You must feel so proud!

  88. rubber bong says:

    In the run up to the impending election, i think DREB like last election is trying to create an ‘US’ and ‘THEM’, anti-british and by extension, anti-white sentiment among the majority of the population (black). He’s trying to draw Govt House/Britain into a war of words to remind us that white people are our sworn enemies. In my opinion, he’s trying to secure the black vote through emotional manipulation instead of a solid platform, past record or future projections. this is a desperate move as he knows that there are a lot of us (black swing voters) that aren’t happy with the way the plp have governed. race politics won’t work this time…the country is tired of that. as time goes on, more and more ‘freedom fighters’ and older folk that lived through and can remember segregation are dying off. replacing them are young people (like myself) under 45/50 that grew up in an integrated society and cannot be swayed by someone telling them that white people are the ‘enemy’

  89. trees says:

    Something must be worrying him to go on such an offensive! Maybe we’ll find out the truth to where all the money has gone and why the PLP are screwing us with all the taxes to try and make up?

  90. proof in the pudding says:



    • Willsee says:

      If you can’t take the heat, get out of the frying pan!

    • Bermyman says:

      Are the OBA attacking the PLP or just black people as a whole? As a political party on an Island where the majority of the population is of one ethnicity, I would not think that outright attacking that group of people would be a good strategy to win the election. I am not sure also what the black people within the OBA would think of that, because there are many of them within that party. I do hope you realize that we live in 2012 and the civil rights movement is long over. There is still much to be said for educational and economic equality for all races on this Island. But that can only be built through good governance and the people. Our economy is the backbone to achieving this, at present it is in trouble. And the people at the helm did not manage the countries money to handle the recession, they spent it like one big credit card. Our children’s futures are in trouble, black and white children’s futures. They will have a high cost of living, high tax and not enough work if things continue this way. So stop thinking that white people and black people should be opposing each other, that is the attitude the PLP bring to the table and it is one devised to keep us divided. Think outside your box.

      • observer says:

        I could not have said it better, that is why they will not get my vote anymore!!

    • citi zen says:

      y r u shouting

    • btw says:

      So , PITP , how do you think the current gov’t has shown it cares about ‘the people’ ? The infrastructure (your newest favourite just discovered word) is crumbling . And don’t talk about social programmes either . Socially we’re worse of now than a decade ago. Despite all the money that’s vanished on supposedly ‘caring about the people’ .
      How do you like your (huge) share of debt that has to be paid off ? Debt that will cost you dearly for many decades with higher taxes and thus higher cost of doing business and prices .

      Stop worrying about white people and get over your paranoia …they are not your enemy or problem. This PLP government is !

      And if you’re in your early 40′s you have no idea what the last riots ,or the one before were about , as reflected in your remark which is really just an uninformed opinion.

    • Come correct says:

      @PITP, absolutely right, I was walking my white dog the other day and we came across a chicken laying in the road, I figued he’d use it as a chew toy, but no, he gave it CPR and the chicken got up and ran off…truly amazing

  91. Moonbeam says:

    This man is like a cancer – he keeps metastasizing.
    Rx ? An oblation !

  92. Navin Johnson says:

    judging by the comments it would appear that the Good Doctor has done just what he set out to do……rile the masses and bring on the racial rhetoric in the lead up to the election…still has scores to settle

  93. SpecialGirl4You says:

    Stop the OBA/UBP haters club against Dr. Brown. You are so busy hating Dr.Brown that you have missed the bigger picture in all of this. THose folks behind the “conspiracy” of this entire matter. Are you hiding behind spreading hate towards Dr.Brown out of fear that they will be revealed? What will you do than, it might bring your OBA/UBP flat down on the ground. So stop using Dr.Brown to avoid the bigger issue here in regards to this matter. Many of you are so busy hating, that you are not thinking…but thats not uncommon from the OBA/UBP fan club. The talk about Dr. Brown is merely a tactic to avoid dealing with the real folks behind this matter…..they want you to hate on Dr.Brown so you will overlook those real folks out there that did the real damage.

    • Barracuda says:

      Karma is going to be a BIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHHHH.

    • 2am Uighurs says:

      conspiracy is like giving away 20 year mortgages to poor people for housing that will be worth ZERO after the next big hurricane.

      this is not a conspiracy – it is what we see – a simple personal and profitable agenda.

    • LOL at SG4U says:

      OMG are you really that dense?? He is the conspiracy LOL

    • Jusitce 4 All says:

      have you ever thought he is getting some Karma now. His sons are in prison, and instead of him visitng them, he is out making speeches.

  94. True Bermudian says:

    Ewart: The culmination of your so called leadership has left Bermuda with a huge debt while you knew full well jobs were leaving and no jobs were coming in. Which means no way to pay off YOUR debt you saddled us Bermudians with.

    Lying to Bermudians because you say you “had to” was not good enough then. And it sure isn’t good enough now. You have zero credibility. Your word means nothing.

    Haven’t you taken enough from Bermudians and Bermuda tax payers? Houses in Martha’s Vineyard, London, Caribbean and NYC not enough? You want Bermuda to go independent so you can become Emperor or President?

    You are a disgrace to Bermuda and Bermudians and you sullied our once good, proud and strong name.

    Dr. Browns list of accomplishments include: Two sons in prison – one for sexually assaulting multiple women.

    Dr. Brown has zero credibility.

    All he did was take from us Bermudians and give nothing back but high debt with no way to pay off with destitution with no jobs to be found.

  95. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    Putting aside Dr. Brown’s personal baggage. I personally feel that he is the strongest leader Bermuda has ever had. 10 years from now, our children and grand children will see the truth of my words. right or wrong, he said it and did it.

    • My two cents says:

      Strong leaders don’t guarantee a good leader. 10 years from now your children and grandchildren will be lucky to be able to make a basic living in Bermuda as they will be paying off our debt with an exorbitant cost of living. My genuine advice to you if you are truly concerned with your children and grandchildren is to get them working young and make them put their money in savings as soon as possible. It will be very tough on them ten years from now so the sooner they start saving the better.

      • Bermuda Is Another World... says:

        @ My Two Cents – agreed!!

        @ Mbaya – 10 years from now, your children and grandchildren will be able to make up their own minds, and I’m pretty sure they’ll disagree with you. A good leader wouldn’t run his own country into the ground.

    • Finally left! says:

      As noted, a strong leader does not equal a good leader..

      There are a lot of anti-EB people that will readily admit that he could have done wonders for bermuda, simply because of his drive and “get done” attitude..

      however he took it in the wrong direction.

      • Mbaya Avunaye says:

        This is one reason we always land in trouble. I never said Dr. Brown was a good leader. I said STRONG and still mean STRONG. Over the years we’ve had a bunch of jellyfish leaders. Who else had the nerve to tell people “We had to deceive you to get what we wanted.” and got a standing ovation? Finally Left your last statement says it all.

        • The nitty gritty says:

          ‘Jellyfish leaders’ who brought in balanced budgets, full employment, strong home ownership, good rents, tourists (remember them) secure jobs, the International Business industry, international respect, no need for Government bonds at 5%+, and..yeah you know.

  96. BDAGIRL says:

    Please dont even waste your time listening to this man. Remember he had to deceive you bringing in the Uighurs through the airport late at night. Remember that was 4 jobs taken from BERMUDIANS. The forged checks should not be an issue now, if you never received a credit into your bank account its a dead horse. But if you received a bullet in the mail you should have hired the best lawyers possible to trace it.I hope he is paying for his lawyers to deal with this matter he is running his mouth about. Go lay under a rock and let Paula try and clean up your mess. I bet her travel expenses don’t come anywhere near what you spent. And she travels through Bermuda without hired bodyguards.

  97. Limey says:

    Hes not an MP anymore, is he still allowed to use the term Dr. ‘the Honourable’ E Brown??
    Theres nothing honourable about him. How long after stepping down as an MP did he get his American passport?? If he is an American then he should know that in the constitution no American citizen should take additional titles to their name that make out that they are superior to other citizens in one way or another, except ofcourse if you are in office.

  98. Island Girl says:

    Brown, please, please go far far away. I am a PLP supporter. I can’t take any more of your rhetoric. We are a British Dependent Territory – DEAL WITH IT. The people will decide on whether they want Independence. NOT YOU!!!!!!

    I agree with you on one point – the Governor has done harm. He SHOULD have pushed for the ROYAL COMMISSION. If you are clean so be it. The world would know the truth. If Members of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries and Top Civil Servants are guilty of corruption it gives us an opportunity to bring the guilty to justice. At least the World would see that we have Zero Tolerance for this sort of behaviour.

    Bring on the truth. Thou dost protest too loudly.

  99. George says:

    The only fools in this debacle are those who continue to believe Dr. Brown and give him an audience! Especially those of us who continue to believe that somehow a national conspiracy has taken place and somehow the credibility of the Bermuda Government was/is at stake!

    The only conspiracy here is the one Dr. Brown and his entourage continue to perpetuate on the people of Bermuda because we give him an audience. Let me remind you he is no longer a member of the present Government and if this was/is a legitimate case involving previous Government officials why has the Bermuda Government itself withdrawn its backing of the case(funding)?

    If this was a legitimate case worth fighting why have two separate police forces and Departments of Public Prosecutions (Bermuda/Canada) both stated that there is no case to investigate/prosecute in this matter? By making such a statement as he has Dr. Brown is not only calling into question the credibility of the Governor but the professionalism of these Depts. and the people who work in them!

    I believe that every one has the right to defend themselves in a court of law when/if they feel they have been unjustly treated/slandered in some way. What I won’t support is someone who masquerades as a leader of a country demanding things which are not warranted and he is not entitled to and in the process creating devision within our small Island community. This serves no purpose but Dr. Browns – this is not being done for the greater good of Bermuda or its people.

    Dr. Brown time to exit stage door left and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  100. Cancer says:

    He had the potential to be our best leader/Premier
    He had the charm, carisma and work attitude
    But he lacked the good ethics and said “we had to deceive you”
    He then destroyed this island leaviing millions of dollars in debt along with his policies that destroyed the small business man
    The people have now lost respect for him
    No one feels his pain or shares his pity!
    PLP FOREVER!!! Please Leave Politics….

    • Bermydude says:


      I belive that most Bermudians don’t hate or dislike the PLP supporters, but we have to be fair in all of this.

      1. In 1998 great chance for Bermuda, until he had Mr. Cox as finance Minister ( The previous Government has lef a surplus of money and a small debt)

      2. Brown and Paula Cox came around and here we go down hill!!

      3. Cox as finance Minister allowed Brown to burn our money and she is responsable for that.

      4. Today Premier Cox and still finance Minister, is still burn our money. There is only one conclusion to all of this: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and just like in 1998 we need a change.

    • Sigmund says:

      Cancer ,,, please show a little character judgment skill. You’re not stupid are you ?

      You and I know people who have REAL charm and charisma . Brown’s was totally false and phoney and as transparent as glass to all with basic interpersonal skills.

  101. Cancer says:

    @island girl maybe you shud consider voting OBA – I mean enough is enough from this PLP flip flop party!

    • sunshine says:

      be careful people the real meaning of OBA is OWNED BY ANOTHER take a look at some of the faces in the party and that will tell you who will really be the leader of the party if they were elected

      • star man says:

        Dunkley is a good guy. He has his own money, so he won’t steal from us. Cannoneer is a good guy. He has also earned his own money, so he won’t steal from us either. Not stealing from us taxpayers is important. Who cares whose leader… ANYTHING is better than the PLP!! I would vote for Snow White and the 7 Dwarves before I’d vote for the PLP.

        • sunshine says:

          I thought Cannoneer was the leader of the OBA, It’s nice to see you put Dunkley first, that means you truly know what I’m talking about. “OWNED BY ANOTHER”

          • Finally left! says:

            SpecialGirl, i do laugh at you…

            Now that you’ve stopped begging for conspiracy to come clean, you’re new attack is that people fear EB, adn people must fear him because they keep taking the time to write about him…

            You have posted 20+ times complaining about OBA trolls, people hating a strong black man, conspiracys, etc.. and then you go on to say that people that are taking the time to comment so much must be afraid??

            To put it simply, either you’re blowin smoke out of your @$$ and trying to annoy people, or you’re afraid of something that they have to say.. perhaps that you actualyl realize how bad for bermuda EB is….

            At the end of the day though i do giggle, 20+ posts, and you’ve basically reiterated the same 2 or 3 things each time whether it was relevant or not…. way to add tot he discussion :)

          • "OB What?" says:

            Eh Girl I thought OBA stood for “Old Balls Alliance” oops my bad, same thing inna? New name, same old balls!

  102. Bermuda Is Another World... says:

    “Dr” Brown, NO ONE CARES what you have to say anymore so stop speaking on behalf of our people. You did more harm to this place than anyone and yet you still try to place the blame for the screw-ups on other people. If the Governer hadn’t trusted you in your position, maybe he could have prevented a lot of things from happening before they did. But you were in a position of trust and you blew it. Everyone saw it, except for a specific group of kool-aid drinkers who believe you are everything that you are not. You cannot lie to Bermudians anymore, so stay away from politics and the media so we don’t have to hear you or see you anymore. THANK YOU!

    • specialgirl4you says:

      YOU CARE, if not why take the time to write a comment? Maybe you fear the most, that this strong man has not step aside, and stands up strong for his rights.

      • Bermuda is Another World says:

        I care that he still thinks he is somebody important and he’s not. Do you really think this island is better now than it was 10 years ago? Think again Special Girl. Growing up amongst all the allegations of corruption makes you really think about the type of place you happen to be a native of. I see it and many others do too. You don’t see it and think everything is hunky dory in your country??

  103. Chewy says:

    It shows a real problem if the major “hiring reason” for GlobalHue was that they were a non-white-owned company. What about performance? Dr Brown never understood his role was to be a custodian for Bermuda’s interests … not to further his own narrowly focused social agenda.

    Seriously. Who did harm to Bermuda? Count up the scandals linked to Dr. Brown. Count up the debt accrued during his reign. It is not a pretty picture.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      So much for Martin Luther King’s words so often quoted.

  104. Wez Tender says:

    Interesting comments from a man who told us all back in 2003 “We had to mislead you !”

    • What about the People says:

      Were you a PLP Delegate in 2003? if not, i don’t think Dr. Brown told you anything.

      • Wez Tender says:

        Go to the Royal Gazette Archives, the day after the 2003 election, Dr. Brown is quoted as saying “We had to mislead you !” Get the facts you dummy !

  105. Pastor Syl says:

    @ SGFU: Yes, I want to know about the forged checks, but don’t stop there! I also want to know about several other issues. I would appreciate a FULL investigation! This is not the first time I (and others) have requested same but Premier Cox is not listening. This leaves us wondering why and encourages speculation. One would think she would WANT to clear up all the questions. Makes me wonder what she knows that she doesn’t want us to know.

    IMHO, the Governor has done what our Governors have done for years – stuck to a “hands off” policy, which is the way we have wanted it…until now.

    • Chart says:

      I believe they can’t afford for anyone to scratch beyond the surface.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Good Pastor, I’m sure Premier Cox is listening but you must remember what she was the minister of when Ewart was premier. She is no dope & has managed to keep this seat while also being Ewart’s successor. I’d be willing to bet Premier Cox is a great card player in her free time & taken this skill into politics. She knows how to keep her cards in a row & seems to be even better at laying the trumps down when needed than Ewart.

  106. HeyBye says:

    Dr “Photo Op” Brown has to create controversy to deflect the real issue of his ulterior motives.
    The cheque controversy,to make an issue where there is none,creating a platform to spread his propaganda.
    The bullet in the mail,so called incident,an excuse to have an entourage of security,thinking he was just like the President of the U.S.
    Carrying on like a third world dictator,that he was above his Bda subjects and it’s law. Photo op sessions with celebs, while traveling on the bda tax payer dime.
    A son who was a doctor, sitting in a L.A.jail for raping female patients

  107. ed says:

    I wonder of all these comments, how many voted for him? Just saying.

  108. carla wilkinson says:

    Why don’t we just ignore Ewart Brown as a collective? Like the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. Yes, he has been deemed untrustworthy, and just an all around dishonest individual( we should be ashamed to even have had this man in charge of our country), and here he is, back all of a sudden, still causing strife within our community. Maybe if and when the p.l.p are voted out(fingers crossed that its this next upcoming election), the puppeeteering will come to an end, that Brown character will go away once and for all, along with all the other puppets. And maybe Paula Cox will have more time on her hands to find a better suitable shade of lipstick..lol. I, for one, have had enough. We need some strong leadership, not easily corrupted.

  109. 20 yr mortgage on a 15 yr cliff says:

    This is very bad for BDA Inc. Tourism & IB.

    How can people like Steven Todd, Kim Wilson and Vince Ingham support this damaging, direct hit attack on Bermuda’s economic infrastructure?

  110. Citizen Banned says:

    Go home dr brown. Nobody wants you in Bermuda.

  111. Oh My dur! says:

    Don’t listen to the man with the hitler mustache! Ewart = babylon and has cashed a fat check we all have to pay leaving the economy… well u know

  112. Sandgrownan says:

    We know he is a self admitted liar. We know he is unethical. We know two of his offspring are in jail for particularly heinous crimes. We know he presided over a regime that handed lucrative contracts to friends and associates (cruise ship pier, faith based tourism..) and we know there was no oversight on cost overruns. We know he is Machiavellian in character, (using race and division for his own gain, The Uighers episode).
    We know that government policy changed to help him personally. We know he lived “large” on the public dime.

    All of this is fact and I would welcome to be challenged on any of it. Given the above, it is perfectly reasonable to assume certain things. His moral fibre is bankrupt and it’s fair to say this is merely scratching the surface.

    So bring on an investigation, call the f&$kers bluff and investigate.

  113. Sandgrownan says:

    Oh, and Cog was right it here in the middle. Ineffective and grinning like a schoolgirl.

  114. specialgirl4you says:

    WOW , Dr Brown is sure “popular”, he gets the biggest attention from the OBA/UBP trolls club. All have written comments, like it going to change something. All the OBA/UBP trolls have been asked to post on this article to express fear of the powerful Dr.Brown. “Powerful black man” is a dangerous thing to white people, and more so the OBA/UBP trolls. He did say the UBP will crumble down, and they did. I understand their fears, as many seem very scared on this thread. Is this fear that the OBA/UBP fans and associates will be exposed some time in the near future?

    Instead, many have failed to ask or examine the key factors. Stop for one minute with your feelings of hate, and listen to the real issues here. Was this done by members of the OBA/UBP political arena or associates? Who actually did forge the checks? Where does this lead back too, and what media outlet may be associated with it? Please your expressions of hate does nothing to change this matter. Instead your hate fuels this matter to be examine, and may reveal what you fear most……………right back in the laps of you and the OBA/UBP.

    • I gotta be me says:

      Do you really think a couple of forged checks can bring down a govt? Can stop tourists from coming here? C’mon. EB is just blowin smoke.

    • star man says:

      I have plagiarized this from somewhere:

      I keep shaking my head at the propaganda machine of the PLP. They keep saying the OBA and the UBP are the same. News flash! The UBP still exists as the PLP.  I look at the committed PLPers — Wayne Furbert (ex UBP Leader now the hard-working PLP Minister of Tourism), Darius Tucker (elected in 2007 as a UBP candidate), Jonathan Smith, (ex-UBP member who assisted in writing the UBP crime platform in 2007 which was roundly critcised by the PLP, ( is now a Senator for the PLP), Vincent Ingham, (was a known PLP critic in UBP circles and assisted in UBP fundraising), Jamahal Simmons (was a UBP MP, but resigned to became Premier Brown’s assistant), Larry Scott, a radio host on a known pro-PLP radio station (was once was a UBP Senator), Maxwell Burgess (background PLPer who was a VERY high profile UBPer in the its heyday) etc etc.

    • My two cents says:


    • Bewildered says:

      SPG4. Think back to the investigation into the alleged BHC scandal. The police investigated and it was concluded that there was no eveidence that any laws were found to have been broken. Dr Brown and his supporters (such as you) gleefully use this to show he was not implicated. Now the shoe is on the other foot. An investigation into the checks was carried out, by the same police service, but no evidence found. If the findings of the BHC investigation were good enough then to not implicate Dr Brown, wwhat is the difference now? Oh yes, the findings aren’t what was expected or required. Tough, get used to it.

  115. Bewildered says:

    Where is The Premier, Paula Cox? For the last 18 months she has been busy “resetting the dial” and distancing herself and her administration from the Dr Brown era. She has been enacting Good Governance laws to prevent the unethical behavior reoccurring. Clearly all this was apparently just window dressing, and indeed she was just fronting for the old administration. No leadership at all. There is no new PLP, just more of the same old tired and divisive rhetoric.

    • crazy says:

      retooling and rebranding and not withstanding the downturn and market forces FFS “????&%$*!

  116. I will rest my need for justice on British civil structures, PATI, the security of evidence and not expect justice to be timed with the coming and going of individual personalities. It took Hansel and Gretel a long time to retrace the bread crumbs.

  117. Triangle Drifter says:

    So…where is Paula on all of this? Has she run over to the little Grand Atlantic beach to bury her head in the sand with the rest of her colleagues hoping that this too shall pass. The unanswered controversys are stacking up. Two this week alone. What is next?

    Brown is officially a nobody. It is quite amusing to see that a man who despises anything British so much decided to have his grand speach in the PRINCESS Hotel in the CHURCHILL room. LMAO!

    Ignore him. He is nothing more than a buffoon these days who has done irreprepairable damage to Bermuda. He may be right about a few things. One of them being that he is not responsible. No, the voters who put him into power are responsible. Who did you vote for the last time around?

  118. Argosy says:

    If he was onto such a good thing…….ask yourselves (or ask him) why did he leave?

    Obviousy, he was forced out and, guess what, time to get even – again!!

  119. Mayan says:

    And the media who must be desperate for news are entertaining his BS…

  120. United says:

    What a pathetic, delusional piece of garbage this guy is. He ran Bermuda into the ground and now he blames the governor, who for the most part seems to just lay about in the residence and pretty much is a vacationing Brit that every now and then shows up at some governmental shindig.

  121. Cancer says:

    @specialgirl4you – i see your still out there being the same ole defender the your flip flop PLP party. Your certainly the “lone ranger” out here when it comes to defending the behavior of Ewart.. Yes Ewart! Specialgirl you have every rightto support your party and the folks within but there must come a time when you take your blind loyalist behavior and put it behind you! What does it take for you to open up those blind eyes of yours. All you do is defend defend defend and the people are so tired of you and your repetitive rhetoric that you spill out every time the PLP rears it’s destructive game playing head! Get it in your head that no one fears Ewart – what you see on this blog is disgust with a man that ruined Bermuda and it’s reputation internationally

    • specialgirl4you says:

      @CANCER…..the awful disease you are. You are still hiding out in Cyber-Space lynching the government every day, nonstop. You are the biggest supporter and defender of the OBA/UBP Party. Tell me, do you know who forged the checks, or are you one of those that are a part of the conspiracy? Maybe that is why you fear Dr Brown bringing this issue to light again. Well time will reveal all will it. Guess Dr.Brown’s popularity it big with the OBA/UBP Trolls as you all taking good time to write a comment. WOW he sure has great power in Bermuda, and that you hate ah Cancer. If Dr.Brown is not significant why are you and your OBA/UBP fans taking time to write? He must be of some great importance!! Love the fact you love him…..

  122. star man says:

    353 comments, a world record!!

    • specialgirl4you says:

      @ Star Man…….That speaks to how powerful Dr.Brown is, if a man get that many comments, it speaks volumes. We already know that OBA/UBP fans dislike him, that is a given, and so the comments are expected. But, what is funny if they hate him so much why take the time to focus on this issue? If there was no fear from the OBA/UBP camp why write or call all the OBA/UBP fans to make a comments. Guess your best at signing those useless petitions you all love to do, yet fail to sign your real names. Dr. Brown has won in this matter, just the response from the OBA/UBP has given him that victory. You all look like fighten little ducks putting your heads in and out of the water. Powerful Dr.Brown……

  123. Bermuda is Another World says:

    Premier Cox has the power to make a difference in this place, she’s a strong woman no matter what else is true or untrue about her. She just needs to do what is right, and get the country back on track from all these buffoons thinking they can run the place. You could make history in a great way Premier Cox! Take the reins and oust these people!

    • Victor says:

      She had her chance and blew it – long, long before she became Premier, back a dozen or so years ago when she became Finance Minister – instead she mortgaged the country to the hilt for the benefit of Ewart and his pals.

  124. Cancer says:

    She’s unable – she’s weak – she takes orders from Brown. Why else do you think she hasn’t spoken up and distanced herself from Ewart ? Paula is a weak leader !

  125. Mountbatten says:

    I must say , it is quite amusing to watch the tail try to wag the dog . And say , he , DREB was the last in line of a people smuggling process that started when the Wigga’s were stolen by bounty hunters under the order of Bush 2 .
    Dreb was but a parasite attempting to appease a great leader in the person of President Obama . And now with bargain basement consul out of London , he trys to sanitize his sullied name . Whitehall will give him measure for measure the same amount of respect that was afforded to them in the Wigga fiasco .

  126. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Brown: “Governor, I demand that I be known as King Ewart”
    Governor: “But we’re not a Kingdom”
    Brown: “OK I demand to be known as Prince Ewart”
    Governor; “But we’re not a Principality”
    Brown: “Well what are we then?”
    Governor: “We’re a Country”.

    • The road to hell says:

      LOL @ Cedar Beams – excellent! That cheered up my day. And so he should be named….

  127. specialgirl4you says:

    “WOW Popular and Powerful Dr.Brown”. “DR.Brown Speaks and All Listens” he still got it……WOW !!

    He was able to generate a great deal of “attention” and “time” from the OBA/UBP Trolls. This suggest many things, and more so he is of great significance if persons take the time to write a comment. This speaks volumes about his ability to get folks to listen to him, regardlesss if they like it or not. He did it!! He is clearly aware that many of the OBA/UBP trolls do not support or respect his views. But, folks listen, and they even took time to write something, some in support of his statements, and others that never supported or liked him anyway. But, it is clear everytime he speaks he will get the attention of the OBA/UBP Trolls…..positive and negative….does not matter really. He gets your ATTENTION !!

    FEAR, FEAR……Based upon the need for the OBA/UBP Trolls to continue to write such distasteful comments. If this was not the case, why take time to write anything. He knows how a certain sector of this community feels towards him, but this will not stop him from pushing for what he believes is right to do. He will do what he must, and no OBA/UBP comments will stop him. You can write over 1000 comments, will make no “significant difference”. A Strong man is not easily removed by such actions. He also knows that he has a strong support base as well. So what is the point that the OBA/UBP fans are attempting to make. It can only be FEAR of strong black man, that will stand up too anyone. If not why give someone you hate so much a moment of your time? This is really a key factor to your OBA/UBP FEARS……………….At the end of the Day Dr.Brown still stands tall….

    • Joonya says:

      yep, just like a narcissist dictator would.

    • Come correct says:

      Do you enjoy making yourself look like an idiot? Your his only f@$%ing fan base, your other personalities don’t count.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        @Come correct…… Name calling is common practice from the OBA/UBP Trolls, and it suggest that your argument is extremely weak, and you are incapable of defending it. So keep it up….I expect nothing better from your type…your not able to think any higher…

    • My two cents says:

      DEBT we FEAR MORE DEBT. WE FEAR more DEBT. WE FEAR more DEBT. If I keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over, does it make sense?

  128. verbal kint says:

    When were the Boldens convicted of perjury?

  129. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    SPG4U: Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Given enough rope he will hang himself. You can watch from you house on Mars. Clearly you don’t live here.

  130. Come correct says:

    Didn’t we celebrate 400 years of Bermudian settlement under EB? What better way to end the celebrations than with 400 comments about how much we think you’re a D!CK!

  131. verbal kint says:

    We celebrated, he didn’t. If you recall, he went on vacation.

  132. Cancer says:

    Specialgirl4you – there you go again saying your same ole thing in support of your week flip flop party. Do you think all the posts on here are just from OBA people? Ill be the first to tell you that many of your plp collegues and members are also so tired of Ewart Brown – he surely needs to Please Leave Politics. Well everyone knows now that you along with Laverne are Brown’s number one and two supporters. Maybe one day you will manage to take your blind loyolist actions and use them in a productive manner. Everyone here is so tired of hearing you Anyhow keep on bragging how you feel Ewart is a great man. I can’t wait for in the very near when it all comes back and bites you right in the neck. Only thing I will say to you then is “hey special girl you got Brown stuff all over your face!”

  133. Finally left! says:

    SpecialGirl, i do laugh at you…

    Now that you’ve stopped begging for conspiracy to come clean, you’re new attack is that people fear EB, adn people must fear him because they keep taking the time to write about him…

    You have posted 20+ times complaining about OBA trolls, people hating a strong black man, conspiracys, etc.. and then you go on to say that people that are taking the time to comment so much must be afraid??

    To put it simply, either you’re blowin smoke out of your @$$ and trying to annoy people, or you’re afraid of something that they have to say.. perhaps that you actualyl realize how bad for bermuda EB is….

    At the end of the day though i do giggle, 20+ posts, and you’ve basically reiterated the same 2 or 3 things each time whether it was relevant or not…. way to add tot he discussion :)

    • specialgirl4you says:

      Once again you all took the time to READ and ANSWER !! He Has got your attentions, and can demand you to read and watch what he does and says. The man has power, and not many can demand such an audience !! Your comments are insignificant to him, as he knows what he must do, and how to do it. Dr. Brown still stands strong. It is killing the OBA/UBP TRolls.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        “WOW Popular and Powerful Dr.Brown”. “DR.Brown Speaks and All Listens” he still got it……WOW !!

        He was able to generate a great deal of “attention” and “time” from the OBA/UBP Trolls. This suggest many things, and more so he is of great significance if persons take the time to write a comment. This speaks volumes about his ability to get folks to listen to him, regardlesss if they like it or not. He did it!! He is clearly aware that many of the OBA/UBP trolls do not support or respect his views. But, folks listen, and they even took time to write something, some in support of his statements, and others that never supported or liked him anyway. But, it is clear everytime he speaks he will get the attention of the OBA/UBP Trolls…..positive and negative….does not matter really. He gets your ATTENTION !!

        FEAR, FEAR……Based upon the need for the OBA/UBP Trolls to continue to write such distasteful comments. If this was not the case, why take time to write anything. He knows how a certain sector of this community feels towards him, but this will not stop him from pushing for what he believes is right to do. He will do what he must, and no OBA/UBP comments will stop him. You can write over 1000 comments, will make no “significant difference”. A Strong man is not easily removed by such actions. He also knows that he has a strong support base as well. So what is the point that the OBA/UBP fans are attempting to make. It can only be FEAR of strong black man, that will stand up too anyone. If not why give someone you hate so much a moment of your time? This is really a key factor to your OBA/UBP FEARS……………….At the end of the Day Dr.Brown still stands tall….

        • My two cents says:

          Debt we fear MORE Debt. More massive overflowing unpayable DEBT. That is real fear.

        • Whistling Frog says:

          People will always be interested in what Dr. Ewart Brown has to say…
          I personally dig what he stands for. Its a shame we don’t have more strong leaders like him…

          • My two cents says:

            Bermuda can’t afford more “strong“ leaders like him.

  134. Hello says:

    After reading these comments… I am appalled! I cannot believe we have people willing to comment on these pages about race and racism! What century are we living in? It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is when you comment on something. What matter is the quality of your thought! I really started to get disgusted with these racial comments.

    Is this comment section meant for telling people off or tell people to ‘shut up’? Or is this a place for mature discussion about the article content?

    If people continue to use ‘the race card’ then it will continue to exist! We should be more focused and interested in what people are doing, not what they look like or the colour of their skin. We should focus on their quality and genuine interest in Bermuda and what is best for Bermuda!

  135. Miss Tee says:

    i love that the haters are still having coronaries over Dr. Brown. What does Gilbert Pitcher do for a living?

  136. Victor says:

    It suddenly dawned on me: this is a pre-emptive strike on Brown’s part in view of what is presently going down with his erstwhile buddy Misick in T&C. In other words, he Is panicking.

  137. Undeniably believe that that you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be on the internet the
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