OBA: Debt Levels Grown Over 700% Since 2005

August 29, 2012

[Updated with video] Government’s interest payments on the debt amount to $230,000 dollars a day, which take away its ability to fund other areas such as public services, support for teachers, and ferry/bus maintenance, OBA candidate and spokesman for the Shadow Board on Finance Sylvan Richards said at a press conference this afternoon [Aug 29].

A chart provided by the OBA is below:

Mr Richards said: “As you can see debt levels have grown more than 700% since 2005. The debt this Government is accumulating each year will have to be paid off by our children and their children. We regard this as an abdication and a betrayal of trust – a sad legacy to leave our children.

“This past March, the Government raised the debt ceiling to $1 .45 billion dollars and we are quickly approaching that ceiling, with debt in 2012 projected to exceed $1.38 billion dollars,” continued Mr Richards.

“It is a generally accepted principle that a person should not live beyond his or her means. The OBA believes that this standard should also apply to governance.

“Government’s interest payments to pay off the current debt now amount to $230,000 dollars a day or $85 million dollars a year. These payments take away its ability to fund other areas that need attention such as public services, support for teachers, maintenance of buses and ferries and the ability to keep our communities safe and secure.”

Sylvan Richards full statement follows below:

The graphic behind me illustrates the cost of our soaring debt. As you can see debt levels have grown more than 700% since 2005.

The debt this Government is accumulating each year will have to be paid off by our children and their children. We regard this as an abdication and a betrayal of trust – a sad legacy to leave our children.

This past March, the Government raised the debt ceiling to $1 .45 billion dollars and we are quickly approaching that ceiling, with debt in 2012 projected to exceed $1.38 billion dollars.

This debt situation illustrates a major difference between the current Government and the One Bermuda Alliance when it comes to management of the public’s money.

It is a generally accepted principle that a person should not live beyond his or her means. The OBA believes that this standard should also apply to governance.

The OBA will be committed stewards of Bermuda’s assets and resources. Government has a responsibility to live within its means and must be held accountable when it doesn’t. This Government has been living well beyond its means and working Bermudians and their children, will pay the price for its excesses.

Government’s interest payments to pay off the current debt now amount to $230,000 dollars a day or $85 million dollars a year. These payments take away its ability to fund other areas that need attention such as public services, support for teachers, maintenance of buses and ferries and the ability to keep our communities safe and secure.

More and more, the Government is relying on borrowed money to pay its day-to-day bills, which is unacceptable. The Government, moreover, has made no commitment to pay down the debt. They are only kicking the can further down the road to generations not yet born.

The soaring Government debt is something every Bermudian must consider when voting day comes around. At the end of the day we must ask ourselves two questions:

Is this soaring debt in the best interest of Bermuda, and

Is the Government doing what’s best for our children?


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  1. Concerned says:

    The Roaring response is ‘HECK NO!

    We need an election and we want it NOW!!! Time to take the bull by it’s horns and the donkey by it’s tail and start to put things straight.

    It would be something if the UK were to invite Premier Cox to England for a Budget/Transparency conversation – but then, she might be unavailable and send Mr. Curtis, Pastor Bean and others as spokespersons for the Island.

    • swing voter says:

      we need foreign investment and the fat in Government cut….OBA must make this clear for every right minded voter….the middle class have taken a beating and will continue to support the marginally poor, the very rich, and the Government feeding at the trough….

      • Black Soil says:

        The earlier we hand over the finances of this country to the “Richards Brothers”, the better off we will all be! It’s time for a change!

  2. Codfish says:

    This is the best government for our people. The OBA is not interested in people only money!

    • The Fact says:

      Point noted but lets be for real, our people are suffering and at this rate, most of our people will be gone or out of the job. Money makes the world turn and it creates jobs and stability.

      This government doesn’t know how to manage money yet alone people.

    • Eventually this Govt. will no longer be able to borrow anymore money because the Banks wont lend it anymore because it has reached its limit. Just like people have a limit on their credit card. Then how is the Govt going to take care of its people when it is a broke Govt? Can you please explain Codfish?

    • Come Correct says:

      That’s a joke right? If not you just made a statement with no grounds to back it. The current government has done nothing for its people and everything for themselves…and there’s proof!

    • More with less says:

      Soooo how is the PLP for the people when they overspent and put nothing aside for the global recession they were warned far in advance about? Our roads are still unpaved except for a select few parcels, the ferries are in ruins, the buses are in ruins, and now they have to cut back on all the services that helped the people to begin with because they spent millions on stupid projects with major overruns. Does that TRULY sound like they are for the people? It sure doesn’t look like it from were I’m standing.

  3. Brilliant says:

    We need truthful answers as to what put Bermuda this far in debt. We deserve to know. Thanks OBA for this useful information that government failed to point out.

  4. Esther says:

    On a brighter note, its great not hearing from Bob the $nob eh? I’m happy! Mr. Dunkley must be off island eh? or just a press conference to hoodwink us into thinking Craig is in charge?

    • Ignore the message and shoot the messenger, usual tactics from the lemmings

    • Come Correct says:

      For real! Lol “we had to decieve you”…wait no, the oba didn’t say that did they?

    • More with less says:

      Nothing makes people more upset than having to look in the mirror and face reality does it? No comment on ginormous level of debt with nothing to show for it? Didn’t think so.

  5. Really? says:

    Politics or not–the money will have to be serviced and paid for

    I think we should have a serious conversation about how we as a country are going to do that!!!!

  6. Yng Black Mind says:

    I have read the statement from Mr. S Richards and I would like to applaud the OBA. They have done exactly what they always do – -highlight the short-comings of the current Govt without providing any indication of what they are going to do to combat the problem.

    Funny that Mr. B Richards decided to keep quiet this time – - maybe the OBA have finally realized that his mouth gets them in trouble time and time again – well done!

    I too believe it is time to call the election – - the current govt needs to held accountable for the management of public funds.

    It is unclear if there is a plan to correct the situation – - just wish the OBA would provide their 2 cents.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    • Swing Voter says:

      They don’t have a plan, they just trying to use this doom and gloom to get PLP out. The doom and gloom is real…don’t get me wrong…and yes this govt needs to be held accountable (just look at jump during the Brown years…sheesh), but OBA don’t have a plan, they just want their seats back.

      I just see people going back to the plantation, but only because this underground railroad has been a train-wreck.

      • Inside Track says:

        Agreed. OBA is, no plan + no vision = dooms day. God help us!!

        • observer says:

          they do have a plan, but why reveal it so that others take credit. I know this is not good, but it will be revealed in time. October 15, we will see if we borrow again under this hopeless administration.

  7. CHEEKUMS BI says:

    All countries currently have debts because all contemporary fiat money is backed by government debts. If there were no (government) debts, there would be no money.

    It is important to note that those national debts are backed by future outputs i.e. their taxable portions, and not by other government assets

    Just because a country carries a debt, doesn’t mean it has no money…
    Debt financing is aso a source of raising capital for governments

    On June 26, 2012 the Government raised nearly half a billion dollars in a four-times oversubscribed bond sale.
    More than 106 investors placed orders from places including from Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and US,. It is also stated the use of proceeds included the refinancing of more expensive and shorter term debt with $180 million representing new debt; the refinancing of a $200 million 4.95 percent loan facility due 2014 will result IN SAVINGS FOR THE COUNTRY OVER THE NEXT TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!
    and the low pricing and very large order book confirmed that the markets continue to have a very favorable view of the Bermuda credit story despite ongoing economic challenges and the general volatile backdrop stemming from the European debt crisis.

    SO pack away your chart Mr Richards Bermuda is doing fine stop trying to scare people into believing that PLP is running the country into the ground that is not the case! Instead why dont you show us your chart for GETTING US OUT OF DEBT IN 2 TO 5 YEARS TIME???

    • More Confused says:

      If you have savings in a bank account paying zero interest, and someone comes along and offers you 3% you’ll jump at the opportunity. That’s what Bermuda has done, and why the offer was oversubscribed. Bermuda is paying too high a price in interest.

      The half a billion represents some savings in interest on part of the debt that has been refinanced, but also adds another $180 million of new debt, so the overall costs have gone up, not down.

    • Concerned says:

      You think so – walk through town from tomorrow until September 6th 5pm – see how many parents are struggling to get shoes,sneakers, school/pe uniforms, back packs, lap top computers (must have so it’s said)lunch goodies (snacks, etc.)and the first rain there will be or very few rain coats. Then you will see just how well Bermuda is doing. Better Still, take a walk through the grocery stores on a Friday and look at the family carts. Stand in the school yards and listen to the parents explain that they were not able to get different things for their children and then, waitttt, hold on – listen further for the reason they were not able to supply lunch?

      I appreciate the OBA for keeping us abreast of our financial debt – there is a plan believe you me… XXXXXX the PLP out of office and y y y our very competent members in. When individuals of the PLP leave this island, do you think they will be thinking about you and yours – don’t believe it..

    • CommonSensenBda says:

      I agree, where has our Premier/ Finance Minister presented the BERMUDIAN PUBLIC any information about where we have reached financially?!

      I am pretty sure that although you have captured $500 Million Dollars in a bond issue, The Bermudian Government to not only replay the $500 million, but to also pay these investors 4% interest every quarter for at least 10 years.

      Of course, when investors have been unable to get that return of interest anywhere else(we are the only ones offering such a assisine proposal), of course it would be oversold. But far be it for me to burst “CHEEKUM BI’S” bubble.

      Would really like to se the tortured math that our Premier will present to show how our country will raise the funds for just the $0.5 Billion borrowing, must less the $1.5 Billion we have racked up since 2005

      • CHEEKUMS BI says:

        EVERY DOLLAR MADE IS MADE WITH DEBT ATTACHED TO IT,our money gets its value from the american dollar as well, and the united states is in a trillion dollar debt however you Bermudians go and take trips to a country that is in debt, and turn around and lash the bermudian government for Bermuda being in debt, when in fact the whole process of debt helps to raise capital for Bermuda, debt is a never ending struggle…
        if you truly want to end debt then your fight should be against WALL STREET not the Bermudian government, Debt is inevitable and Bermuda has to play the debt game and still we remain on afloat and on top of the tsunami of economic collapses thats happening world wide and Bermuda is still up there in the world rankings of being one of the richest countries
        Bob Richards is just pointing out figures that would be 100% the same or worse if OBA was in government….GET this through your thick skulls….WALL STREET CONTROLS WHAT A DOLLAR IS WORTH WORLD WIDE!!!!!
        If Bermuda wa sdoing so bad why are we attracting so much people to do business with,…..even Islamic banking”a trillion dollar” Industry wants to partner with us and we with them…………..OBA SCARE TACTICS WILL NEVER WORK!!

        • old mans beard says:

          Your concept of finance is just plain wrong my friend.

          The govt debt is money they owe to other people, not to secure the value of the Bda dollar. Bermuda dollars do not generate the 1.5 billion in government debt.

  8. BDASON says:

    Good Afternoon,

    Thank you very much OBA for the presentation. I’m sure we all got the message. However I have never seen the OBA recommend any in-depth solution. It is fine to make endless promises for “change”. But at least present an specific solution to be reviewed by the public. Please don’t continue to be all bark and no bite. The pointing finger is having little effect on us all. Where is your Platform? Please present an agenda and reasonable timeline for consideration.

    The right set of solutions will ONLY swing my vote!

    • Really? says:

      Time to call the election—Let’s hope that when that is done the OBA will unveil the platform it will be competing upon. Perhaps we’ll see some new thinking from the incumbent government.

      Let’s have a healthy, honest and respectful competition and debate. Bermuda, our businesses and the population deserve it.

      Bermuda’s customer service starts with our elected public officials–let’s hear how both sides are going to service the needs of our country and her people, ALL of her people.

    • bermudian says:

      Everyone including the plp and oba knows what the solution is, cut government spending ie cut the bloated civil service in half, cut civil servants’ and ministers’ pay in half and eliminate government minister cars and trips like they have done in greece. Of course suggesting that would be political suicide.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Yup the plp just want the OBA to say it first thus giving the PLP the election and then doing it anyway……………

        LOL such is life in politricks.

  9. Vote for Me says:

    This analysis is completely ridiculous.

    The items that the PLP government used funds for include the Berkeley, Dockyard Pier, Sylvia Richards Seniors Home, New Bus Fleet, Fast Ferries, Airport refurbishment, new Court Building and Police complex, plus support for day care, KEMH, Bda College fees etc. Beleive it or not the debt related to Cedar Bridge also forms part of teh total national debt. All of these activities have benefitted Bermudians and residents.

    The OBA should SPECIFY which items they would not have spent money on. They should then explain the impact that their reduced spending would have had on Mr. and Mrs. Average Bermudian.

    All of the comments about a lack of committment to repay the debt is clearly false since there is a legal mechanism that requires the government to set aside 2.5% of debt outstanding into the sinking fund on an annual basis – we have never defaulted on our debt payments.

    Whilst I accept that some of the comments are intended to be emotional, it is incorrect to complain about the ‘debt’ being passed to our children and grandchildren. As an example, who will benefit from the new Dockyard Pier??? The current and future generations!! Thus it is appropriate for current and future generatons to pay for them.

    It is also interesting to note the change in the cast from MP Richards. We will see how well that lasts and when he ‘reclaims his rightful spot’.

    In summary, I once rented a house at age 24. My debt was ZERO. That is, no interest payments. I then bought a house for $750,000 at age 45. Guess what!! My interest payments suddenly increased to $4,500 per month, on top of my $1,500 principal!! Did I complain??? No since I now owned my own house. And guess what I bought the house with my 2 children who share the repayments. Did they complain – no, because they were getting a benfit also and will inherit the house once we as their parents pass on.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      The difference is that you had the money to pay for your house, and it was not crumbling while you were paying for it. Some debt is good, some debt is foolish.

    • Verbal Kint says:

      By the way, how much is your house worth now?

    • Edmund Wells says:


      In rough numbers, comparing Bermuda to your story, about one-half of the debt went to buy the house. The rest went to groceries, petrol, dinners and vacations. And, given that your job doesn’t pay you enough, you will continue to borrow to pay these operating costs, until the bank stops lending money to you.

      Oh, and your house was supposed to cost $100 (which was the basis on which you could borrow money), but it ended up costing $300 to build, because you can’t seem to manage construction projects very well. So an additional $200 of debt went to a capital asset, but shouldn’t have. $200 that could have been used in so many other places, or $200 of debt that wouldn’t have to be serviced.



    • Mad Dawg says:

      Oh, really, the Cox Debt Explosion since 2005 went to build Berkeley? Got news for you. Berkeley was finished and occupied before 2005. In fact it was finished before she became Finance Minister. So there goes $120m of your ‘theory’.

      Same with the ferries. All done before 2005.

      The money was spent on first class travel, ministerial salaries, cars (hundreds of them), increasing the civil service by 50%, foreign consultants who did nothing at all, scandalous overpayments to questionable contractors, parties, festivals, you name it.

    • Kels says:

      Furthermore ,if you’re ‘smart parents’ and you only have one house but more than one dependant your will should state that the house be sold after your death and the proceeds split between the children.

  10. it only hurts when I breathe....... says:

    is there any more of those International Wormen’s Forum – Woman Who Makes a Difference Awards hanging around and going spare? Cuz by golly!!! Madam Premier aka FINANCE MINISTER – does not deserve just one, heck she should have at least TWO for this performance!!! 700% INCREASE in Debt since 2005 – now that’s truely what you call a outcome!! Any other awards floating around anywhere??? All awards welcome so send them in please!

  11. media says:

    The OBA need to hold onto the rest of their plans at until the election is called. November so I hear. Even then the PLP will be going through it with a fine tooth comb cherry picking the best parts – like before.

    Does anyone really think the PLP have anything new to offer? If re elected things will carry on down the same path we are one now, with the PLP just hoping things will just turn around rather than making any hard decisions, some of which would not be popular…Their policy is to support what is currently in place even if we carry on borrowing more to do that. With that said, having just blown through $200m in less than 3 months, the coffers are running dry yet again…can we have some more debt please and just continue as we are…the PLP have offered no other solutions.

    • theothersidebda says:

      Agree…let’s hold off from implementing any good ideas for the next 2 months from the OBA in order to get votes. Let’s not implement the strategy on how to tackle gun violence and hope that during the next 2 months the machine gun continues to jam. Let’s not implment the strategy on how to generate jobs for the next 2 months and hope those who can’t pay their bills will survive without having to turn to crime. Yes, great idea. Maybe we should even hold off on the really great plans for 4 years so that we can use them for the reelection. We certainly wouldn’t want to make any good public suggestions that might be implemented by ‘the enemy’ and actually HELP the people of the country. Because the people of the country are obviously too stupid to realize where the plans came from if we were to announce them and let the PLP implement them successfully. We can’t have that happen now, can we? No we can’t have that…

      Party politics = lack of progress

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    What part of massive debt do the PLP lemmings not understand? The debt is costing each of us something like $4 per day in interest ($120 per month), never mind paying off the amount borrowed. This is real money, real debt. It is not imaginary Monopoly money, imaginary money.

    The sad part is that the PLP has very little to show for it. Where has it gone?

    Too bad there is no way to identify who voted for the PLP & hold them liable for the debt. Then people would not be so careless with their vote.

    • smiths resident says:

      Wow, you know, that’s a genius idea (holding voters accountable). I think voting would have to be mandatory for fairness. But certainly this would discourage misrepresentation, which can only strenghen good governance. Voters may decide to vote for parties based on policies and their ability to represent them, rather than retarded kneejerk ideas like the party with ___ skin colour. We’re all in this together but in context of the debt, PLP voters owe the rest of Bermuda to vote smarter and think of future generations. Let’s not forget the environment and how the sargasso sea protections are stalled because PLP is trying to sell the ocean to the highest bidder, no conservation sought.

  13. Kels says:

    Why do they always say ‘ This debt will have to be paid by our children and our grandchildren ? ‘

    Is it supposed to muster up some feelings of pity or remorse ?

    I have no children so does that mean I get off free ?

    The truth is this debt belongs to every person working and living on the island NOW , plus it will also fall on future generations because it’s such a huge debt.
    And the way things are going I fully expect this governemt to eventually default too.

    ps/ if you’re unemployed or retired it’s your debt to pay too through vastly increased taxes which will end up further inflating the already sky high cost of living.

    Soooo much to look forward to.

    • Limey says:

      ‘The truth is this debt belongs to every person working and living on the island NOW’

      No thats where you are wrong im afraid, the debt belongs to Bermudians only. The population tomorrow can be cut by a third if all expats leave. Therefore lets say the Bermudian poulation is 40,000, then lets say there are 25,000 bermudians in the local workforce, excluding the retired , children under working age, and the unemployed. Therefore this 1.5 billion debt the govt has acquired belongs and is expected to be paid for by the 25,000 bermudians working!! That works out as 60,000 dollars each per working bermudian, and i havent even included the interest payments on the debt, and the amount of jobs that would have been lost if every expat leaves! You think the debt belongs to expats as well living on the island, in your dreams!

      • Kels says:

        As long as those expats are living/working here they ARE paying the overinflated taxes for this debt too. Unlike us though, they have the option of leaving whenever they like. No argument on that , but they’ll all have to leave first for your statement to fully qualify.
        Otherwise , this massive debt burden is up to all of us ‘locals’ as long as we remain here .

  14. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The only time that the masses think of an election is when money is tight . My belief is that when there is no longer a threat of DREB or De Kernal assuming any semblance of Power , than , only than , will foreign investors will once again see Bermuda as open for business .

    • swing voter says:

      That opinion is spot on M8….I’ve seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears…Foreign investment dried up for several ventures including hotels ….. BTC will not attract any foreign investment until there is a change in government policy. You won’t see a hotel project get off the ground until there are changes in government policy…..period

  15. theothersidebda says:

    Hey at least it’s gone down from 3 digits to 2…don’t pay any attention to the decimal and units…it will all magically work out.

  16. 32n64w says:

    It’s pitifully ironic that the PLP talking heads keep asking for the OBA’s solutions to the problems and unsustainable debt burden incurred by the current Government (debt which began accelerating WEEL BEFORE their fall guy excuse of a global recession).

    It’s clear the PLP don’t have any original ideas or plans to curb their excessive spending which is further evidenced by their simplistic hijacking of an OBA ad in a lame attempt to scare the electorate with unsubstantiated & dishonest rhetoric.

    If the PLP can’t even formulate their own media campaign what chance do they have to resolve our current social and economic challenges?

    PLP – Betraying Bermudians since 1998, one plagiarised idea at a time.

  17. Shaking the Head says:

    The myth that the Global Recession is to blame can be clearly seen from graphs showing revenue and expenditure. Revenue since 2007 has remained fairly constant, dipping a bit then rising, dipping and rising back to 2007 levels. However the 2 areas which are Government controlled – expenditure and debt – have ballooned since 2007. The facts show clearly that the Global Recession has not impacted Bermuda to the negative extent the PLP loves to say, but wasteful PLP Government expenditure has.

  18. diva says:

    Three people. A graphic chart. Press Conference. Lots of mention about “budgets”. (A word used at least six times in a single speech). Yet something is still missing. Could it be AN ACTUAL EXPLANATION OF HOW THEY INTEND TO TURN THIS MESS AROUND?!? Because they still haven’t revealed THAT!!! No more intentions. We know what they are because you keep repeating them. Unveil your SOLUTIONS!!

    • Blankman says:

      Kind of reminds me of the PLP when they were in opposition – refusing to contribute ideas because the sitting government might claim them for themselves.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      It is a mess, no doubt. Created by Government. Well-described.

      And, once an election has been called, it will be good to see the OBA plan. Because then we can put their plan right next to Government’s plan and compare them.

      But, remind me again- what SOLUTIONS have Government unveiled for this MESS?

      • Concerned says:

        More Spend/borrow/spend/borrow/treaties/treaties/treaties!

        TAKE THE cheque book away from the Finance Minister – she is a woman for goodnes sake – everybody knows a woman luvs to SPOPM (spend other people’s money)which tends to make one feel powerful and righteous in all that she do. How many are waiting for the silent ones to speak up and out – haven’t heard a whimper or anything else. Perhaps they have had EB’s letter nailed to their computer screens. Silence is deafening or golden or means something – hmmmmm!

  19. specialgirl4U says:

    Some extremely good and insightful comments by a few folks such as diva says, CHEEKUMS BI says: VOTE FOR ME, These comments are extremely insightful and tell the real story.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Ya think please recap what exacly was so insightful about they comments besides the usual “the oba have not solution” k if your party has a plan to real fix this debt instead of furthering it where is it they are the Government where’s their plan……

      LOL right they need to check with the OBA first. … Please pathetic right from the mouths of those that support for no real reason but to support. Same goes for the OBA I might add but really the PLP are the Government if the only plan is to keep borrowing…..WOW

  20. William says:

    Normally i would agree that this shows significant lack of foresight by the financial advisers and administration , buh i am beginning to think of it as somewhat a miracle that the PLP managed to convince so many other institutions businesses etc to lend them that much Green..
    PLP went GREEN for the Gold lol
    buh somehow they plunged into the red. well crimson .
    red just doesn’t say enough for 700% increase ..

  21. Victor says:

    Sooner or later (probably the former) this money will have to be paid back and there is only one way to do this – increase taxes. The tax on purchasing foreign exchange will almost certainly be increased, especially when it is or travel or investment overseas – think five or ten percent. Pensions will be raided, even private ones, payouts probably taxed at same rate as existing payroll taxes, effectively twenty percent. Look out or a VAT on purchases, especially on capital purchases like cars, stoves, fridges, certainly on fuels; all this on top of existing duties. Dividends tax – a certainty on utilities shares (Belco), probably on the financial sector too – BF&M, BCB, BNTB preferred, etc.

    This pain can however be lessened if massive cuts were made in Government spending with a view to laid off Government employees reentering the work force through the private sector. A lot will have to be outright letting people go. However, privatisation of services makes a lot of sense in solving this crisis – money is raised fom the sale and the ongoing costs are no longer there – think waste collection, ferries, buses, etc.

    I respectfully suggest that the OBA are the best bet to solve this debt crisis in an effective and efficient way, especially as it was not their “Partying” that caused it. The alternative is a much worse hangover later, i.e insolvency and extreme poverty for all but a few.

  22. Real says:

    Idiots talking about going back to the plantation if we vote OBA…….Newsflash, we are already in it. I just want some money while I am picking corn and the PLP don’t have it. I hope the OBA don’t say jack until they are voted in cause as soon as they give an idea and PLP take it and use it and are successful, you idiots are gonna say they are the greatest and vote them right back into power and then not only will I be in the plantation but that’s where I will be buried.

  23. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    NO NO NO haven’t you heard? All Bermuda’s problems have been caused by a few people criticising the PLP. The debt was caused entirely be a few bloggers who are very very racist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  24. Umjussayin says:

    Like seriously people! Have we even seen a platform from the OBA/UBP? What do they really stand for; the ideals and characteristics are those of the former UBP party. That’s why half of the previous UBP members are now there. Same ole same ole. Many Bermudians were disenfranchised under the UBP reign and if we are honest those in power took care of an elite class of Bermudians (if which I don’t belong). Each time Bob Richards speaks I cringe as I realize that the average Bermudian will be tossed out like a rag door to keep International business and his pockets alive! Isn’t Bob on the CELLONE board; could he have been instrumental in keeping Bermudians employed??? Furthermore the OBA/UBP have rolled out a candidate in Constituency Number One who cannot manage his own personal affairs (can you say foreclosure) and struggling to manage a Towne (incapable). Improvement is needed but I am not sure that the OBA/UBP are really the party for ALL the people of Bermuda,. Instead of pointing out the obvious (Government debt) the OBA/UBP should look to have for quality candidates with integrity and experience; I haven’t seen many of those yet, maybe they intend to roll out the GOOD candidates later; but Kenny (DOGCHAIN) Bascome surely isn’t it!

  25. letariatpro says:

    lol, all those begging for the OBA solutions to the problems the PLP cannot figure out a solution to.

    Where is the OBA solution, I have a better question, where is the PLP solution?

    More scary that the people in power don’t have a clue what to do, other than to spread lies and disinformation.

  26. old mans beard says:

    If you want the OBA to show you how to fix the problem, then you obviously should vote for them so that they can do it.

    • theothersidebda says:

      Hey listen, I’m 99.99% sure I’m voting OBA, BUT I really have an issue with any opposition that refuses to share solutions with the standing government because they don’t want the standing government to take credit for them. Who are the people in government (whether it be standing or opposition) working for? THE PEOPLE. If all politicians would starte SERVING the public properly, then perhpas we wouldn’t have this party politics garbage. Political parties are such a waste of time. Get on with it!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You might want to go back to prior 1998 when the PLP was Opposition. All the did was tell the UBP that they were doing things wrong & making a mess of Bermuda. The favourite line of one daily PLP talkshow caller, now PLP candidate, just barely, was “The UBP has failed & they have failed miserably”.

        Well, look who has failed miserably & costs us over $200,000.00 per day in interest charges. As long as they are the Government the PLP is responsible for providing solutions to the mess they have created.

        They have none & are looking more & more that they want to bail out of being the Government because they have no clue of what to do.

        • theothersidebda says:

          What I find ironic is that the tactics you cite being used by the PLP in 1998 (stating the UBP is screwing things up without offering solutions) is pretty darn close (in many instances) to the statements being made by the OBA against the PLP in 2012.

          Look, all’s I’m saying is that this country is in desperate need of strong leadership, not party politics. If the PLP or OBA have a real, well thought through plan on how they are going to tackle many of our ills right now, the time to share that plan concretely is now…not later. We need strong leadership NOW now later. So get it together boys and girls (of the OBA/PLP) and stop worrying about the votes; start focusing on the solutions.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        They HAVE said things that they woukd do. Bob Richards has given suggestions countless times.

        It’s like after driving the bus over a cliff the driver looks back and says “well I see you’re all unhappy with what I just did. Well what do you suggest I do? “.

        • theothersidebda says:

          Agree that BR has offered some suggestions, but I know for a FACT having talked with some OBA candidates that they assure me they have a plan but are reticent about sharing ideas for fear that the PLP would ‘steal their ideas and take credit for it themselves’. Perhaps this OBA candidate was speaking out of turn, but my opinions are based on what was told directly to me by one of the party members. And if that’s the case, then I have no time for people playing games with the future of our country. Both sides are equally foolish in that regard. Work together and for the people or pack up your toys and exit please.

          • blerg says:

            Agree with you. 2 party politics to run a small town like bda is just hurting all of us except the politicians who make money regardless of affiliation. Need to move to local representation and getrid of the party system