Police Investigating: Gun Shots In Southampton

November 7, 2012

At sometime around 9pm last night [Nov 6] police responded to reports of gun shots in the Scenic Heights, Southampton area. Unofficial reports indicate that no one was injured in the incident.

This continues a trend of increased firearm incidents in recent weeks, with this incident being the fourth in the western end of the island in the last two weeks. No one was injured in any of the previous three incidents which occurred on Nov.4, Oct.27 and Oct 25.

The police are expected to make a statement on the incident later today, and anyone with an information can contact the main police telephone number on 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. Rule of Law says:

    As a young Bermudian professional working abroad, it is sad that I access Bernews every morning with the expectation that I will read about another gunshot incident. These now all-too-familiar reports make for very depressing reading.

    • timeshavechanged! says:

      @rule of law——my dear as depressing as it seems, reality is stark, you need as much positive influence as possible so try to avoid that anticipation and look forward to only good news!I wish you all the best in your studies, and I can say that not all of us are caught up in gun play! as a matter of fact MOST of us are good citizens, and maybe when you have completed your studis you can too become a more positive influence as well.Avoid the negative!

  2. Rick O'shea says:

    Another day, another gunshot incident. These sissyfied gangs need to get their act together. Let’s have machine guns and hand grenades. Pipe bombs in fact.

    • Stretch says:

      “sissified”? say that to one of their faces then “Rick O’shea”

  3. Ridiculous says:

    As a young Bermudian professional living and working in Bermuda after recently returning to the island from overseas University, it is a shame to have to read the same news that occurs in populations of millions more people where guns are actually legal! Something has got to change on this island.

  4. lifeblood says:

    Are these gunmen aiming at someone? Why are there no witness accounts from people who were in the line of fire? Are the culprits simply firing into the night sky…no target…simply to be heard?

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    more gun incidents in the last 14 years than in the 250 years before that….whats changed?

  6. Who knows says:

    Maybe they were not trying to aim at anyone or cause any harm??? Maybe they was just celebrating the pre-winning of Obama??? Go figure!

  7. Sickntiredofbeingsickntired... says:

    If either of these political parties want my vote, knock on my door and be prepared to fill me in on how you (your party) plan on fixing this problem with the illegal use of guns on this island as this has now moved into my neighbourhood and I want answers.

    I remember Cleansweep when it hit Ord Road in Paget. It cleaned up that area, haven’t seen guys blalantly hanging out selling drugs since. We need a form of that operation to wipe out this mess. I don’t understand this, who is benefitting from this craziness. BPS has a pretty good idea who is involved in this on a street level, so why can’t you do some real survillence work (undercover foreign officers) and catch these fools in action. Its obvious these guys are riding around armed. Police need to pop a shot in their direction and show these fools they are SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These fools are starting to look smarter than the effin police intelligence (if that even exist). Enough is enough!

    And before anyone comes on here saying ‘why it didn’t bother me before it came to my neighbourhood’? I did, but what could I do – I don’t know any of these fools acting the arse. I didn’t even hear any shots last night or the other night across the way. I want’em harassed just like they are harassing the innocent law abiding people of this island. The Bermuda Police Service, National Security and Legislative Authorities need to put your heads together and stomp this out. REAL TALK

  8. New Norm says:

    Same sh!t, different day.

  9. UHHUH says:

    @sickand tired I feel the same way you feel and so do many others we are not seeing any effort by those in power to seriosly fight this thing head on.
    Dear OBA I am going to be voting for you.. please take note my main reason is because I believe you will tackle this problem head on with no fear, please dont dissapoint us once you get in office.
    People are tired of this.
    When is the last time a house has been busted into after a shooting?
    Whatever happened on going to house to house? And cleaning up this crime.
    ***********I wasted my vote last time with plp. They don’t get a second chance with me.**********
    There is a hardcore drug element and gangelement that needs to be cleaned up new jobs or boys clubs will not help these guys that are too far gone. will be great for the next generation but some of these guys are insane.

    Thank you


  10. Stretch says:

    Shooting up the Height’s??? smh

  11. Stretch says:

    Shooting up the Height’s??? no way buh

  12. Proud Bermudian says:

    My 12 year daughter plays in this once very safe neighbourhood. Now she os scared to walk to the neigbhours house that is 300 feet away. Is this what we have LET ur society come to. Stupidness drugs are rule root of all evil.

  13. Micro says:

    I guess they smartened up and picked up the shells this time since the police haven’t confirmed it yet.

  14. Notan Al Coholic says:

    Greed is the root of all evil. Everyone wants more money for less work. If they can’t then they rob others. In cases like this, it is just idiots with the ability to smuggle guns. Smh

  15. just sayin..... says:

    Obviously these incidense are a form of communication, cases are out the streets have been quite, something is on the horizon. Mark out the locations, shooting the air is a way to inform the public of things to come.