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November 11, 2012

AES is the latest company listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange [BSX], and AES Chairman & CEO Joseph Konowiecki, joined BSX President and CEO Greg Wojciechowski at the BSX for its opening on Friday [Nov 9].

AES will trade under the symbol AES:BH on the Bermuda Stock Exchange and AESL:SIX on the Swiss Stock Exchange. The photo below shows Joseph Konowiecki, Greg Wojciechowski and Managing Partner of Continental Advisors, Ms. Andreea Porcelli.

AES is listing on the BSX as a Bermuda holding company, and the company also intends to be dual-listed on the SEX Swiss Exchange and its European headquarters will be in Switzerland. AES plans an institutional European roadshow organized by Continental Advisors (Lux) during the month of November.

“AES continues to enhance its software, expand its patent portfolio, and maintain client and partner relationships across the globe,” said Mr. Konowiecki. “AES is prepared for its next phase of evolution in the United States, Europe, and international markets beginning with its listing on the BSX.”

BSC CEO Greg Wojciechowski’s comments follow below:

Good Afternoon and welcome to the BSX.

I’d like to begin by acknowledging Mr. Joseph Konowiecki, Chairman and CEO of Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ms. Andreea Porcelli, Managing Partner, Continental Advisors, Representatives of Global Custody and Clearing, a subsidiary of the LOM Group and last but not least the BSX team.

Mr. Knonwiecki and Ms. Porcelli welcome back to Bermuda.

The development of Bermuda’s domestic capital market and the BSX continues at a steady and deliberate pace. Our growth and potential is recognised more and more locally and on the international stage.

The BSX is committed to the growth of the domestic capital market thereby reinforcing capital raising options for local entities, regulatory oversight for the protection of the market and investors and modern infrastructure that meets the requirements of globally accepted standards of stock exchange operation.

What we do helps companies do what they need to do — to grow, innovate and as a result be a positive influence on the economy which includes job creation.

Bermuda’s domestic capital market and its highly regarded international business sector has firmly earned the country the reputation as a world class international financial centre.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the global capital markets and today is proof of how the BSX is providing support and opportunities to international companies.

The BSX shares the view of the world’s stock exchanges that small and medium enterprises (SME’s) are indeed the engine for economic growth. In this regard we are proud of the success that the BSX has seen to date in respect of its “Mezzanine Market.”– a BSX market segment that specifically supports the SME niche.

Achieving and maintaining a listing on a recognized stock exchange conveys a distinction on a company which underscores a commitment to transparency and the upholding of shareholders rights and values.

Undertaking a project such as a listing takes much work and there are many people who contribute along the way. They are of course the company’s management and team, advisors, attorneys, accountants, a BSX Listing Sponsor and of course the BSX team.

The culmination of this important undertaking is the successful listing of a company.

It is against this backdrop that I have the distinct pleasure and honour to welcome our newest international equity issuer to listing on the BSX. Apollo Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

As a very small token of this significant occasion I would like to present Mr. Konoweicki and Ms. Porcelli with a tombstone which commemorates this important milestone for the Company.

We wish the Apollo Enterprise Team every future success and we share in your excitement and look forward to watching the company grow from strength to strength.

I have the honor and pleasure to introduce Mr. Konowiecki and Ms. Porcelli and invite each to share their thoughts on this important occasion.

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