Mother Speaks Out After Teenage Son Assaulted

December 4, 2012

A mother whose teenage son was assaulted over the weekend has spoken out about the incident saying a group of assailants had metal and aluminum objects and brutally attacked two unarmed young men outside her home.

The police confirmed there was an incident at around 9:30pm on Friday [Nov 30] on Butterfield Lane in Sandys parish which two teenagers [17 & 18]  assaulted. Two male suspects and two female suspects aged 18-19 years old were arrested in connection.

In a comment posted on our website — which Bernews confirmed was authentic and obtained permission to repost  – the mother explained what happened, and expressed her disgust with the incident.

Saying a mother she doesn’t care about her own safety when her child is in danger, she ran outside to help and was threatened by the assailants.

The mother said: “I want to let you all know that first of all it wasn’t a group fight and the two the media claims was taken to the hospital was residents of the neighborhood. The assault took place just minutes from where they resided and ended just outside their doorstep.

“Another fact is that the media also claims they have 4 people in custody, 2 males and two females but what you all need to know is that it was 4 males they should have in custody along with the two females.

“Another fact is that it wasn’t mentioned that the victims were unarmed and the assailants had metal and aluminum objects attacking these young men. Before any of you ask how do I know all this is because it took place right outside my home and my son was one of the victims being attacked.

“I witnessed from my window my son being attacked by these wangster wanna be gangsters. As a mother I didn’t care about my own safety at the time as I saw my child was in danger I ran outside to help and was threatened by these fools. I witnessed my son being beaten all over his head with the objects they all carried.

“I saw my son was weak but he kept up trying to defend himself but after they threatened me it was as if he gained a burst of strength from God because he managed to get them down although he was so weak and being beaten all over his head.

“I saw my son was beginning to stagger and at that point I managed to get him inside than locked the door. He had a gash to his head and was bleeding profusely. They kept kicking and banging on my door threatening me and my son and the next door neighbors who did try to help.

“I honestly thought my son was going to die because once I got him in the house he kept staggering over everything and falling but yet still trying to stay up to protect me and the neighbor.

“I know it was all strength from God and I give praises to Him because my son could be dead right now if I didn’t manage to get him in the house when I did because from what I witnessed they were trying to kill him. So you can choose to believe their story or the truth from someone who witnessed it. Bottom line please get the facts before you make your comments.

“To all the residents in the area I just want to say thank you. Now before you all start patting yourselves on the back just know I’m being sarcastic.

“You didn’t take the time to even come and try to assist and help these young men in any way as I’m sure some of you heard the commotion taking place but yet as the ambulance was driving my son and neighbor to the hospital you were all standing outside of every house as they drove of the hill. I do sincerely want to thank my neighbors who did however assist in any way. Now that is the truth, choose to believe it or not that is your prerogative.

“Before anyone asks the question or make the assumption about it being gang related, No! It wasn’t, these were just fools in someone else neighborhood making trouble as they often do as they are well known to the police. My question still remains if they only have 2 males in custody where are the other two and why haven’t the police mentioned that?

“I know for a fact that as of yesterday one they don’t have in custody. The other two is either someone with dreads, or one I’m not too sure how to spell his name but later on I will be posting it if I find out he is not in custody.

“I will not rest until they are all in custody because my son could be dead because of these asses, for all I know I could be too if they gained access to our home. So if you want to do something call the police if you should happen to see any of these fools in passing. Thank you for your time.”

The police confirmed that the four teenage suspects arrested in connection with the incident have been released on police bail pending forensic examinations, and asked anyone with any information regarding this matter to contact Detective Constable Sylvester Augustine on 295-0011.

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  1. Tommy Chong says:

    I feel sorry for this mother & I’m glad she had the guts to protect her son. This turn a blind eye mentally that has grown over the years in Bermuda is disgraceful. These thugs that wonder around committing violent acts are almost as bad as the kkk or nazis. Even if they are not preying on people that are a different race then them they are still preying on those that they feel are weaker then them & this is the big picture of the kkk & nazis to prey on those weaker. If those neighbors who turn a blind eye think they are protecting themselves by doing so they are wrong because just it happened with the kkk, nazis or any violent group the more that no body did anything about them the stronger they grew & the violence became excepted. What’s even worse is that the police don’t do their job efficiently & neither does our court system which makes these punks undeterred. The do nothing attitude is breeding a ghetto mentality society in such a small jurisdiction that it will inevitably turn on everyone no matter their demographic here.

    “When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.”

    - Martin Niemöller

  2. lil D says:

    Preach it mama I would have done the same thing helped my son kick their butts!

  3. WhistleBlower says:

    This is just disgusting for these animals to have the nerve to act in such a barbaric manner makes me question WHY we as a country are facing so many TROUBLES?? WAKE UP BERMUDA SILENCE=ACCEPTANCE!! We have taken too much corruption, witnessed CORRUPTION and participated in OUR own demise! RESULT – The Chickens have come home to ROOST!!!

    My heart goes out to you Mam and my prayer is that you and your son can OVERCOME this WICKEDNESS that has SWAMPED OUR HOMELAND! May GOD BLESS you and your family.

  4. Dante's Inferno says:

    “Metal and aluminium” Kind of like “Drugs and Alcohol”

  5. Dante's Inferno says:


  6. Dante's Inferno says:


  7. mom and nana says:

    I applaud the mother,I would have done the same,threats or non i would be kicking their ass, parents you have got to protect your children from these thugs, but as I have my own cross to bare,with my family member.when your child is bullied,sometimes the bullied child can end up taking that bullies life. And thats the truth.

  8. um just saying says:

    well lets just thank the lord that it wasnt my family involved. If this was my son or brother all hell woulda broke loose and the parents of these lil brats woulda been pressing charges on my ass. um had enough of these lil bastards and i refuse to live in fear or allow them to feel power over me and mine. they woulda kicked my door and lost a damn leg cause i aint at all wrapped to tight. the mom in this situation has more will power than me cause i woulda been all involved me n my son woulda had 2 take on the team. glad that you and your son are safe tho and if ya’ll find out who these lil asses are plz post their names cause its clear they need to meet someone like me cause i dont play that shit. THEIR PARENTS NEED TO BE ARRESTED OR BEATEN AS WELL.

    • Come Correct says:

      I agree, no mercy for the merciless. Try that around my yard and I’ll leave you with a constant reminder for life. Those cold damp night will be a bitch.

  9. ella says:

    Good Job Mommy! I would have did the same thing. When it comes to your children, there is something that comes over you that when in danger you HAVE TO PROTECT WHAT IS YOURS!!! To the dispicable, wanna be thugs, you need your asses beaten, seriously – going after the mother when you could not get to her son, shows that you are lacking respect for your own mothers, your own sisters, your owns aunts, your own grandmoms.

  10. Plato says:

    Why do people still call them wannabees they are gangsters

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Because REAL gangsters are more organized & have more of a pull in society. These fruits of the loom are just common thugs who watched boys in the hood & new jack city one too many times. REAL gangsters don’t do things that bring heat to their own hood rule #1 no sh!tt!ng where you sleep. They are just lucky we don’t have REAL police detectives & REAL judges here who know how to use their crimes as leverage to get them to turn informer & thats why they can bring the heat because the heat is luke warm. They are also lucky their so called wankster leaders are not REAL gangster leaders because I’m sure all this tit for tat, one by one crap is destroying their business & if they were in a REAL gang they would be disappeared for doing so. Calling them gangsters just creates a fear in the community that politicians use to get votes & media use to get money & the wanksters use to put fear in the public & believe it or not fear in our law enforcement.

      • Plato says:

        lol ok El Chapo you would know because you used to be a street Boss. MR.OutsideandNeverGotIN

        • Come Correct says:

          He’s absolutely right yet in response you choose to attack him without knowing him…you should probably pick a different name and no, definitely not Socrates.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Why would you name me El Chapo & then say I used to be a street boss? Guzmán A.K.A El Chapo did not sit on a wall or walk around the streets like these so called wankster bosses do. I’m sure there are El Chapo types in Bermuda but they don’t represent any of these so called by the media, “gangs”. These El Chapo types probably sell drugs & weapons to all the wanksters in Bermuda indiscriminately. They probably are considered upstanding members of the community & hold 9 to 5s. Also there is a huge possibility these El Chapo types are not even close to the same skin complexion as these waksters.

          Yes I’ve known members of white wall, front line, cut, hermitage, Devil’s Hole & the old 42nd but never, “GotIN” because my pops would have beat me like a bass drum. Luckily for me my pops forced me down the straight & narrow because all those guys I knew have either had their lives set back years by prison time or are dead & buried. Another thing is that these old crews would never consider themselves a gang they just called themselves a posse or crew to be considered an American type gang would be a joke to them & any beef was settled with fist one on one not with guns. It was the media that gave the new crews like parkside & MOB the idea that they are gangs. The old members of crews that are still around have their ear to the street & when I see them tell me whats going on. They tell me how they are staying clear of any of this crap that goes on now because all these new wanksters are so strung out on coke & heroin they don’t know which way is up & don’t even know why they do what they do. They say these young guys as I typed before all want to be like wesley snipes character in the movie new jack city & even use memorized phrases from the movie when they talk like its their own. It just shows that the police here have no clue how to be police if they can’t deal with these fools who have no organization. Heck maybe police in Bermuda never knew how to be police EVER because if they did then the American DEA would have never had to come here & help them with operation clean sweep to bust the old crews.

      • please wake me says:

        Tommy you have hit the nail on the head.I think this Police Service
        is a joke.However I don’t think much will change,if these punks should get what they deserve (there a$$es kicked)IMO people will still cry foul!

    • PUNK says:

      they are wannabees, Plato…watching too much “gangster” s*** on TV, trying to live that lifestyle o-so-portrayed in music videos and what-not.

      As for punks, this one line proves you aint-no-wannabee-punk! YOUUU SIR, aretherealdeal.

  11. Chart says:

    WTF? But maybe we should actually be talking about the secret report instead of these inconvenient reminders that Bermuda is coming apart at the seams. Please stick with the plot (as dictated by the PLP spinmasters).

    • status! says:

      @chart——wtf, you are on the wrong topic!There is not one mention of any policitcal party or report from the above story..This woman is in pain and needs to be heard, yes the report is another story , now go to that blog and comment! I am glad her son got that strength from his Mom and shame on the pokey neighbors who would not come out in force to show some sort of support which might have caused a scatter action if enough neighbours defended each other..

      • Chart says:

        Yes, I am with you. This lady’s story is awful – and there are so many stories like this these days … that are totally being ignored by the big happy green Standing Strong express train.

        • Raised Eyebrow says:

          You Serious???…This woman is pleading for these idiots to be brought to justice for what her and her child experienced and you’re talking about some dumbass report that whether it comes out or not isn’t going to matter one bit because PLP or OBA it doesn’t matter they both suck and from the beginning to the end have their own pockets in mind so buzz off Chart and stick to program…

    • sharon says:

      Idiot!! Get a life! Nothing to do with politics!!! Parents need to be in control of their children but since you want to go there the UBP/OBA passed the law that says you can’t physically dicipline your children (remember that) and since then and the fiasco of these Mega Schools Bermuda’s children will never be the same!!!

      • Chart says:

        UBP didn’t pass the law: it also had the support of the PLP.

      • Tommy Chong says:

        What Law Was Passed? The only law passed was an amendment of the corporal punishment act that says teachers can’t use corporal punishment but they can send students to the principal who can correct students with corporal punishment. Parents are still allowed to use corporal punishment just as long as its only to a certain degree. The certain degree judging from the last child abuse case that got thrown out seems to be that you can beat your child with the metal end of a belt till their bruised & bloody just as long as you don’t kill them.

        Many of these children have gone down the wrong path not because they never received smacks but because their parents allowed them to wonder all over the island without any curfew. That’s if the parents actually take care of them as many don’t because they dish the child off to the grandparents or to the older siblings who are only a few years older than them while they go out & have their fun. You can beat your children all you want but if its not made clear to them what they are getting beaten for then they just get desensitize to it & learn that what ever it is that someone does to irritate them even if it’s something as slight as looking at them wrong they should use violence to solve it. Beatings will never solve anything if there is no example of responsibility set by the parent or guardian.

  12. My view says:

    To the mother in this situation it is unfortunate that you had to encounter such events, my hearts desire is that should you read this you see where I am coming from and to your neighbors they should all be ashamed of themselves – weapons or not together you shoul have rallies together to protect what is yours – your neighbor and your community – your future – Loyal Hill is an example of what standing together gets you!

    It is beyond me how many people come on Bernews and make the comments they make! My humble question to you all is when these same people were growing up and wanted guidance what did you do to assist! When these same children were at your house acting the fool what did you do to all of you who may say I corrected my humble suggestion to you was correction wasn’t the only thing that child needed! They perhaps needed nurturing and love and nurturing as well! Yes it may not have been your soul responsibility to raise that child but your love support and guidance would have made a difference – it takes a village to raise a child they say so I ask all of you are you not apart of the village that should assist in raising our children! Growing up I could remember teachers who cared enough about each individual child that they did know and did care enough to pull you aside talk to you and guess what show you some loving. However when we moved on from one school to another the loving and support that was once given was gone and teachers actually were belittling children calling them dumb, dopey, loser and informing and then constantly reminding them that they would never be nothing. So I ask you if you are not shown love and support, nurture and guidance and home or at school or from the “stronger” adults in your neighbor then where do you expect our young people to gain the skills they need to be of value! I also challenge you to ask yourselves how often have you said or done things in the eyes of children that you shouldn’t have done or said things about leadership or people in power in front of young minds who are eager to be grown! Your behavior, your words and your example have helped to shape our community into what it is today! Many come in Bernews pointing the blame and are quick to say not my – how incorrect of you to say because by default the thugs are yours they are a reflection of the things you did as didn’t do the things you said and didn’t say my humble suggestion would be to all of you who come on here to vent, blame or do anything else negative next time before you post ask yourself what have you done lately to help assist other young people growing up in these times who need your guidance, love and support! Yes, I have and still do volunteer at youth groups, youth centers, brownies and when I can I take the neighborhood kids for a drive and talk with them and you would be surprised the things the children say. The simply things they are needing in their lives! Not all children want money or material things, many are looking for the simplicity in life of love and nurturing and the desire to feel wanted! So to all of you stop with your negative vibes on here because guess what some of our young people are reading your comments and comments like they should die, we should put them on an island and let them shoot themselves or name calling are all acts of condoning the negative behavior taking place on our island just in a different t manner. The hearts of humanity is black and we have forgotten the true meaning of community! I urge all of you to stop and look at your lives and ask what did you do to help society to be what it is today! Whether it be by helping or not helping by default you still assisted because we are all apart of the problem and the solution!

  13. Melanie says:

    They are wannabes. You take half of them to countries with organized gangs they wouldn’t survive a minute. Quick to run home crying to mama. Stop giving these lil fools that much credit. If in fact these are attacks on kids that have no involvement…that could in fact be your child at any moment. Don’t be so ignorant. Kudos to mom for not being afraid to defend your cub! Animal instinct at its best!

    • Young Plato says:

      yes half of them wouldn’t survive and the other half would come back with PHD’s and CONNECTIONS in organized crime. Think deeper
      Young Plato

  14. LOLA says:

    I also want to applaud this mother, we as a country do need to come together, and protect our island, the police can not do it on their own, and they will only get factual information if they are given the right information. We can’t keep putting the blame on the police, and the judicial system, it is all of us who accept this terror to keep happening. People on juries, still deem these criminals as innocent, and they get off. I honestly can’t wait till everyone gets tired of these boys terrorizing the island, cause right then thats when we will be unified, and they wouldn’t know what hit them. I dont know exactly what its gonna take to get the PEOPLE to FIGHT back, but something needs to happen now. Laws need to be changed, so that US the innocent can protect ourselves especially when the violence is happening on our properties or door steps. If that mother wouldve retaliated in a different way in which she had brutally injured one of the assailants she would have been charged, that firstly needs to be changed immediately. You should be able to protect the contents of your propety and the members that live in it, if being threatened. Im not saying take the law into your own hands, but something needs to give.

  15. Shaking my head says:

    To hell with the so called ‘secret report’. It’s history. Do you follow other history documents? What is a gangster anyway? A wannabee is exactly who these little boys are.

  16. Sorry Sir says:

    DAMN SON! Mother of the year. No sarcasm. That woman spoke truth. Then the police wanna know why people don’t talk to them. They exaggerate their jobs. BSin’ the public everyday.

  17. LX says:

    If that was my kid, i woulda lost it and ran outside with a object myself…basball bats work. show them how it feels to be beating…

    situations were others wont help and prefer to stand on the sides line has unfortunately become a norm for some bermudians and it needs to change. neighbors need to come together to protect their neighborhoods, other wise you let these fools run things….ug..stand up for one another BERMUDA!

    as the old saying goes…Together we stand…Devided we fall.

  18. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    As I read each and every comment I noticed the repulsive language and anger being used. Is this the norm and now a form of communication? I’m not casting judgement here because I too can slip up sometimes. And you wonder why the “children and young adults” act the way they do. Remember to check yourselves first.

    Just because you are an adult, grown, have a car, house, job, etc…does not give you the right of passage to do whatever and say whatever you like and to whomever. The community as a whole “should” be upset about what is happening in Bermuda; they should be angry. However, we must look within first. Apples not only fall far from the tree, but they also rot on the ground if you do not pick them up in time. The same applies for our children. If you leave them, they will rot and eventually die or kill someone else in the effort of trying to stay alive.

    Are you saying that in such a small country (21 sq miles long and 3 miles wide) there isn’t a resolution or even an effort to pull these young people off the street?

    When you really think about it…they are begging us to help them.

    • Takiesha Wales says:

      So how should my mother react after seeing 3 maybe 4 (or more) boys hitting my brother over the head, back, knees with metals objects repeatedly, purposely trying to take him out? How should she react after they threatened her life? Or better yet…how would you react? Would you not be angry?

      Is she supposed to just let it go? Is she supposed to be calm and mildmannered about it all…HELL NO!! If you saw what I saw there is no way you would be mildmannered about anything. And I only saw the aftermath. I can’t even begin to imagine how she feels after watching my brother struggle to stay on his feet to fight these ASSES off while they continue to beat on him (all because he was outside of HIS DAMN HOUSE at the the wrong time). So before you look for the bad in the choice of language she uses, try putting yourself in her shoes and think about how you would react after watching in horror as you child is being beaten about his head with metal pipes, bats etc. If you have experienced this and still remained calm throughout then I applaud you for being so strong. But I’m not one of those people and my anger will show everytime I think about it.

      • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

        Have you ever had a gun point at your head? I have and did remained. If I hadn’t, we would probably not be having this conversation. SO before you react, think first.

        How you react will make the difference. It did for me.

        • Smh says:

          So moms was just suppose to stand and watch her son get beaten? And if she did that and he died she would have had to live with thinking “maybe he would still be alive if I had helped him?”

          And “before you react, think first”? Who the is thinking properly when they are in panic and anger at the same time?

        • Oldest Sister says:

          US Observor: Do u really think that my brother should have stood there and allowed guys to beat him without defending himself? Your statement ” think before u react ” sounds real stupid in this circumstance. like hell if u going to have time to analyze a situation when u know your damn life is in danger. the only reaction will be fight to survive.

  19. so saddened says:

    Okay so I know that I am going to get kicked in the butt after making this statement.

    My question is Why would these demonic people try to kill your son? Who are his friends. Now Somerset is known to harbour MOB gang, was it them? Is your son a person known to be friendly with Gang members? I just want someone to clarify why They would risk everything to beat him up for nothing!? After she pulled him inside they tried to kick the door in. WOW they sound MAD at your son! I am not saying he deserved this, I am not saying he is a GANG member, what I am saying is WHY HIM?

    Did they initially try to steal his bike or possessions? Were they just in the neighborhood looking to beat someone up. There was a case where this did happen to Kellon Hill. He was set upon by people looking for blood. And his life ended there. Is this a similar case. Kellon Hill was at a beach party. These boys were in the neighborhood.

    I am so sorry she endured this.

    • Takiesha Wales says:

      I can understand how that question may come about as our island seems to be overflowing with gangs now. But my brother is not a gang member nor does not associate with gang members. No one can answer the question of WHY HIM besides the fools that did it. Now I’m not saying my brother is the perfect son who does absolutely no wrong so I don’t want anyone taking this out of context saying well his sister said “not my brother”. Because I know how some of us have a way of doing that. What I’m saying is that my brother isn’t the one to go looking for confrontation and did not deserve this. Nor did my mother.

      • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

        Ms. Wales, I understand your frustration and trust me its the worse experience to go through. I would not wish this on anyone. If he is totally innocent, I’m sorry he was selected to be jumped on.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I don’t know what the full situation is with this but the mother did state that her son & friend were not gang related. I believe that in Bermuda this could possibly be true because I know for a fact that there are young men & women here that are so mentally disturbed that their idea of a fun day outside is looking for someone to assault. These young psychos will even say or do things to someone to instigate a response that they feel even if just verbal deserves a beating. Some of these groups that go around looking for a fight will even bring younger siblings along & when they see a kid their siblings age will push the sibling to go over & beat up the kid for no other reason then the sadistic kick they get out of seeing it happen.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      By the way, the Kellon Hill tragedy is just a clear example of my point. Kellon Hill didn’t do anything to instigate what happened except for trying protecting his chain from getting stolen but the ones who did it already had weapons on them. Kellon Hill’s assailants were already planning to stab someone up & just used Kellon refusing to give them a chain as twisted self justification to kill him. This also proves my point of how the judicial system allows these type of psychos to be undeterred since only one killers was sentenced while the rest walked. The ones that walked still continued to participate in violent criminal activities & still when caught for those were given minimal punishments.

    • Dumb it Down says:

      I totally agree^^^^^. For every action there is a reaction…Newton’s Law

  20. Sad says:

    Its really sad of what our island has come too. When will we have that breakthrough of when things will start to get better. I applaud the mother for her courage to protect her son! I also applaud her for putting the truth out there! I pray her son is recovering well and hopefully ALL of these teens will be brought to justice

  21. Free says:

    If your dog is out of control and attacks someone the owner is held responsible and in some cases the dog is put down. The owners(parents) of these animals(teens)should be held responsible as well.

    If you can’t raise your children right then you need to be held liable. Raise your brats to be respectful, responsible people so as they grow up they know right from wrong and turn into respectful, responsible adults. Enough of this crap already.

    The only thing I have a problem with is the mother blaming the neighbors. Times have changed and sorry but most people aren’t going to step in and help save someone who is being jumped. I too believe these little boys and so called grown men are wannabe gangsters as well but you don’t have to be a real gangster to pull a trigger or jump someone. You just have to be a coward with equally as cowardly friends.

  22. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    Does anyone have a solution or will it come to people taking matters into their own hands?

    Here’s a clear suggestion: Make into law “Stand Your Ground”

    I’m sure you are familiar with the Travon Martin case in Floria.

    • Free says:

      So you believe Trayvon Martin deserved to be gunned down and did something wrong? Wow.

  23. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    @ US Observer in Pink Sand
    you should apoligize to the Martin family as well as the Davis family for being so insensative.
    Here are 2 cases that 2 neo nazi men killed young teens and both have the nerve to quote that the killings were justified.

    Its a damn shame that White America believes thaat it has the right

  24. tsol says:

    I love it Zimmerman is a neo-nazi. you looked at a picture of him? The guy is a latino with a Jewish last name. You blacks have been trying to say Portugese people are not white for the last 30 plus to try and get them to vote PLP when they are most definatly caucasian. But a brown skinned latino is a white neo nazi when it suits your purposes.

    • Free says:

      He isn’t Latino, he isn’t brown skinned. He’s white and you sound racist.

  25. TEE says:

    I just read an article lastweek about REAL GANG MEMBERS getting REAL GANG MEMBER TIME in Atlanta. Police caught guys doing a pack. Apack of dumb $hit including murder. 5 a$$es. 4 have been sentenced, The main fool got 270 years PLUS 4 life sentences on top. The lowest sentence was 45 years plus 3 life sentences on top. Thats what you call if you cant execute or kill them, make them think about it. We have no death penalty, they do. Change the damn laws, REAL TIME PLEASE AND A REAL HARD CORE PRISON. Bring in some hard core prison officers too from Malasia or OPEN ALCATRAZ for Bermuda criminals only, And pull your pants up, tired of seeing doodoo on your asses, f%%^$#

  26. Tricks are For Kids says:

    So sad on so many levels…..HOWEVER…we are just getting one side of the story……While no one ever deserves to be beaten we don’t know what happened…what was the lead up to this…..story on the street is a lot different from what is being presented here…yes it did end up in their yard but what LED UP to that…….

    At the end of the day we must teach our young people to get along…..I know one of the young men that were assaulted as he attended a school while I was there……Why are OUR young people so angry? why aren’t they able to resolve their issues withour bashing each other? are just some of the questions we should be asking ourselves…I read the comments and I see that we are becoming as a whole nothing but an angry society…look at all the name calling and bashing….you’re no different than the avearge gangster on the street…the only difference is that you are using words instead of weapons…..

    • Oldest Sister says:

      Bermudians are so quick to talk BS and run with the versions that they heard trying to play damn news reporter. Everyone wants to seem like they know something talking their BS bout “WORD ON THE STREET IS”…smdh . Do you always believe all that you hear?
      My Mother stated that the assault did start minutes away from her home and continued right outside her doorstep. So you use your damn common sense. My brother was trying to get away from the confrontation and make his way home and these fools followed him still attacking him in front of my Mother and threatening her. Do you really believe that if one was prepared to go out for a fight, with numerous guys waiting at the bottom of your hill with weapons that you would go defenseless and unarmed? My brother did not know what was about to happen.
      You are asking “what led up to this”? Trust me that is a question my brother and family are asking as well. I guess you can only get that answer from the fools that attacked him.
      I know my brother and trust me I am not one to make excuses saying, “Not my child”. If he was in the wrong or went out looking for trouble I would be the first to say he deserved an ass whooping. My brother is a quiet and humble young man. You can ask his teachers or peers and I’m pretty sure they would say the same.
      So now I ask you: Tell me what you know since the streets seem to know it all…

      • Tricks are For Kids says:

        @ Oldest sister…I only asked as I am a Behavioral Therapist by trade and I understand the functions of behavior and know that often prior to behaviors there is often something that preludes the event….Young people talk, the police talk, as well as those that work at the hospital….is it right that they do? No, it isn’t!!!..but it happens, therefore, WORD ON THE STREET is different from what is reported IT IS WHAT IT IS….I can’t do anything about that and neither can you…I understand how you feel and as a Therapist I can also understand your reaction….However, you are not alone…my son was in an unprovoked attack of which he received 36 staples and the LEGITIMATE questions that I poised in my comment are the same type of questions that were put to my son when it came time for the perp/attacker to appear in court and prior to that questions that he was asked by the police. In my comment I mentioned that I knew one of the young turns out that I know both of them…’s quite possible that your brother is the one who attended the school where I worked….and if he is then yes I could attest to his humble character and demeanor….

  27. Onlooker says:

    @ Stop complaing for 1 and @ Free….IF you actually READ the @US Observers comment Properly it says: “Here’s a clear suggestion: Make into law “Stand Your Ground”.I’m sure you are familiar with the Travon Martin case in Floria.

    With that said, in this case in Florida they are making a law “Stand your Ground” to protect people who are being targeted.

    A stand-your-ground law states that a person may justifiably use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of an unlawful threat, without an obligation to retreat first. The concept sometimes exists in statutory law and sometimes through common law precedents. One key distinction is whether the concept only applies to defending a home or vehicle, or whether it applies to all lawfully occupied locations..

    Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certain situations and the “stand your ground” law would be a defense or immunity to criminal charges and civil suit. The difference between immunity and a defense is that an immunity bars suit, charges, detention and arrest. A defense, such as an affirmative defense, permits a plaintiff or the state to seek civil damages or a criminal conviction but may offer mitigating circumstances that justifies the accused’s conduct.

    More than half of the states in the United States have adopted the Castle doctrine, stating that a person has no duty to retreat when their home is attacked. Some states go a step further, removing the duty of retreat from other locations. “Stand Your Ground”, “Line In The Sand” or “No Duty To Retreat” laws thus state that a person has no duty or other requirement to abandon a place in which he has a right to be, or to give up ground to an assailant. Under such laws, there is no duty to retreat from anywhere the defender may legally be.[1] Other restrictions may still exist; such as when in public, a person must be carrying firearms in a legal manner, whether concealed or openly.

    If Bermuda adopted that law then when people do actually defend themselves or even this mother and one of the abusers got injured or even murdered in the fight then the person that was using sel-defense would get off without a punishable crime.

    I am just appalled at this whole scenario and I pray that it never knocks on my doorstep as I am a mother myself. But I will say this, if ever i was to witness something of this nature I couldnt allow myself to watch this. If this was my daughter I would be in jail at this very moment and doing time. Someones child would be severly injured or dead.

    I dont know what its going to take to make BDA to wake up but one day its gonna happen to the wrong child and then Bda is going to see a REAL war take place. I truly hope that justice truly prevails for this mother and son.

    People are so quick to say “well I wonder what this little boy done”, My thought on this is like well even if he DID do something it shouldnt take 4 boys and 2 girls to have to do something to him that severe.

  28. I give thanks and prays to this mom that went outside to protect her son. @US Observer in Pink Sand if that me, all hell would have broken out,those children parents would be standing over the grave looking down at them. The nerve of them, outside my WINDOW and here I see is my SON getting ATTACK & HIT across the HEAD with OBJECTS. MERCY ME!I would have LOST my mine, I would have grab a hammer and ended all the sorry asses.I’m not the one, That’s how live has become in Bermuda. Family stick together and don’t fear none of these punks.AN EYE FOR A EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH