33-Year-Old Man Denies Touching Young Girl

January 21, 2013

The 33-year-old man who is facing two charges of sexual assault and improper behavior to a girl under fourteen appeared again before Senior Magistrate Archie Warner this morning [Jan 21].

He had been on remand since his initial appearance on 7th January 2013. This time the man — who for legal reasons cannot be named — asked if he could withdraw his decision to have his trial in Supreme Court.

The Senior Magistrate agreed and the man elected to have his matter dealt with at Magistrates Court level. The two allegations that in December 2012, for sexual purposes, he had twice touched a girl who was under fourteen were read out again.

The man, who was represented by lawyer Charles Richardson, pleaded not guilty to each charge. The Senior Magistrate remanded the man into custody until his trial on 26th April 2013.

The victim was said to be 9-years-old at the time of the alleged offences.

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  1. swing voter says:

    Y u gonna pay Richardson unless yur pleading not guilty….u hav no excuse for doing this. Y waste yur money

  2. Vexing says:

    Dirty piece of trash….. You should rot in ……

  3. Bermy Gooner says:

    Do they separate these dirty perverts from the general population at West Gate? I hope not…

    • watching-n-listening says:

      Usually they don’t”untill”what should happen”happens”or if he feels threatned he can ask too be placed in”protective”custudy”but off the bus,from court he needs his ass beat str8 up….

  4. What Do You THink says:

    Scumbag……..that guy cant be serious. The child is not even developed. Vexing I am with you on this, they should ……..

  5. Judge Dredd says:

    You people are the reason why they never name the accused because you can’t seem to understand what a TRIAL is. The man is NOT guilty until proven guilty. Then and only then can we gladly castrate him and hang him by the jewels. I personally think molesters and rapists should be executed but as a man I would not want to contribute to a culture that allows a man to be demonised and have his life destroyed upon a mere accusation that he has committed a sex crime. Can you imagine putting that much power in a woman or child’s hands who could easily have a vendetta against you? Calm down and remember to insert “if he’s guilty” when you pour out due condemnation

    • Free says:

      So a 9 year old lied and made this up? Here’s a clue 9 times out of 10 they are not lying. Children do not make up random stuff like this. Of course he will deny it! Do they ever admit it? A 9 year old with a vendetta? What woman would lie about something like this and put her child through all this? Not many because that rarely happens. Not what happens OFTEN is pedophilia and sexual assault of minors.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Stop making or asking for conclusive statements. There is a process of law. I have a better question for you, shouldn’t we just skip the whole court process since according to your statistics he’s 100% guilty? No woman would ever put her child through this so he’s guilty. Any man who is ever accused of this crime is 100% guilty. There is no way in hell that he is not guilty. There’s no need for a trial. He’s been accused, that’s all we need. Right?
        You belong in a third world country where accusations qualify to prove guilt. All I’m saying is acknowledge that a trial is in process, acknowledge that no matter how you feel you must not assume that guilt is proven until it is and if you can’t do that then all I’m asking is that you kindly shut the hell up until the guilty verdict.

        • Come Correct says:

          You make a very good point. Remember the girl a few years back that cried rape so her boyfriend wouldn’t find out she was…(I’ll be nice)cheating. If she hadn’t broke down and told the truth where would this guy be and for what? Now any time a case like that comes up the truth will always be questioned and if a real offender walks free, you can thank her. I find it hard to believe a child would make things like this up but it wouldn’t the first time either. Adults can have a big influence over children and even use them for their own personal vendettas. Its for the judicial system to decide not us, I just hope they get it right this time. At the same time you have to realize that people hate these sorts of crimes more than most others, especially involving children. When people read these things they imagine if it was them in the situation and I can bet for most, it makes them sick and angry thus you get the comments you see. It’s a touchy subject for most (no pun intended). We can all say what we like but personally, being real with myself, if it was my child I think my emotions would get the best of me and it would be me on trial.

          • Judge Dredd says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more

          • Free says:

            And that’s one story out of HOW MANY?

            Precisely it makes people sick and angry, especially when they end up only getting 2 years, if found guilty.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Now THAT just pisses me off about the two years. I personally think they deserve death penalty. Molestation, rape, murder deserve death. I think I’m understanding or different positions now. You see because I believe a child rapist/molester should be executed, I’m less inclined to draw conclusions before all evidence is examined, I take the trial process much more seriously because a conviction in my opinion = deserving of death. Whereas for many others they jump up and down with condemnation before the trial but they are soft on the punishment that should be meted out. Ill bet those talking the most chicken out when death penalty is mentioned. Let’s see how passionate they are then. Should we execute rapists and child molesters?

        • Free says:

          Of course not, now you stop asking stupid questions. They need to go through court to find out details (guilty or not guilty) the severity(for the sentence), etc. I never said no woman would put her child through IT so he’s guilty. You need to learn to read in CONTEXT. I NEVER said we shouldn’t have a court trial either, so save that third world ranting for someone else. I won’t acknowledge sh!t! Acknowledge that EVERYONE HERE has a right to free speech and to type what they want(Bernews doesn’t post certain comments during ongoing trials anyway). Get the hell over it!! You cannot and will not ever stop Bermudians from typing what they want. So kindly shut up and stop complaining about because it’s a waste of keystrokes.

    • tricks are for kids says:

      @ Judge Dredd…..Curious as to whether or not you would have as much empathy if it was YOUR daughter…….IJS

      • Judge Dredd says:

        Again your question assumes that a guilty verdict has been delivered. You people just can’t wrap your pea brains around the importance of justice and rights to a fair trial. The bottom line is that it is NOT my daughter so I can’t carry on as though I know more about the case than I do. If I were her father and I knew for sure that he was guilty I would see to it that he disappeared. If was a man being accused and I knew for sure that I was not guilty I would curse and pray for the worst for people like you who don’t care about justice and have no empathy for those who have a right to fair trial. Once there is a guilty verdict it’s a different story or at least know SOMETHING about the car before you open your hollow barrels.

        • tricks are for kids says:

          @ judge dredd just as you are entitled to YOUR opinion everyone else is entitled to theirs….and whether you agree or not thats entirely up to you…..I don’t agree with what you have to say and I will continue to RESPECTFULLY disagree without having to lower my standards and rely on “name calling” and insults to get my point across…… have a blessed evening…

          • Judge Dredd says:

            You have a blessed evening too. I’m choosing to believe that you simply don’t understand what I’m saying because to think that you do and still disagree with being just and fair is not only insulting but it’s as repulsive as the crime this man is being accused of. Lord help us we are going backwards. All I’m saying is that we hang criminals AFTER they’re found guilty. Why is that reduced to being my personal opinion?
            I don’t know what else to say.

            • tricks are for kids says:

              Why?….because it is YOUR opinion…..some may feel as you do but I (notice I said “I”) do not feel the same way….sorry if YOU don’t agree with me…..and for the record if you read my question and then read my statement (with understanding of course) you would see that I never accused him of anything I just simply said I don’t agree with what you have said. I can concur however from your response that you ASSume I am passing judgment and have already found him guilty….

              • Judge Dredd says:

                Great! If you concede and are no longer saying he’s definitely guilty, I have no issue with you. Thank you, that’s all I was saying.

                • tricks are for kids says:

                  Still haven’t read my post I see….never said he was guilty….never said he wasn’t………

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    I read your post and if you had read nine you wouldn’t have tried to peg me as being unempathic toward the complainant. Your comment was as irrelevant to mine as you feel mine is to yours. I never said I didn’t empathise with anyone and you had no right to suggest that I didn’t, so if you didn’t have a position on his guilt or innocence what are you disagreeing with when that was precisely my position?

          • Free says:

            Bingo. Thank you tricks are for kids! He doesn’t realize that he sounds like a hypocrite!

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Don’t project your hypocrisy onto me. Ill bet you are against death penalty for child molesters. You see people like you don’t take these things serious because you don’t understand that to molest a child should mean death. You jump up and down like a silly clown before the trial because all you are calling for is a prison sentence. Your lukewarm passion and hypocrisy blinds you from seeing how morally obtuse and confused you are. Answer me this please, should child molesters be executed or not? Let’s see who the hypocrite is.

              • Free says:

                The multiple personalities in your head are clashing aren’t they? Stop ASSuming.

                • Judge Dredd says:

                  Good advice, I will stop trying to understand the minds of @$$e$. I like how you dodged the question you lukewarm fraud! Stop challenging people of authentic passion. You don’t have the backbone to stand upon anything. Like I said you are confused and wishy washy. Yapping but in reality you do not possess the backbone to carry out true justice now go yap some more about the long prison sentences you take your comfort in.

                  • Free says:

                    LMAO!!! I’m sorry I blocked your authenticate passion for the rights of pedophiles and your authenticate passion for children.

                  • Black says:

                    Let me start off with saying Judge Dredd that you are very childish and seemingly insecure. You go off the deep end on such innocent comments from people. From your stance on gays to politics. If anyone dares disagrees with your opinion you insult them and question their intelligence which in turn makes you look bad and speaks of your ‘so called’ intelligence. I guess you care nothing of this 9 year old girl. So long as you get to argue and show off how tough you are over the internet.

                    You want justice and a fair trial? How about showing some decency and respect towards this girl and her family. Where’s the fairness and respect for them? What if he is guilty? This is not a joke. How would you feel then? It’s a shame you take this so lightly and use it as an opportunity to get your thrills through online argument. You need to control that rage you have or release it through other means. How do you maintain personal relationships that way? Do you speak to people in person that way? Surely you do not because you know it’s unbecoming and not a way to conduct yourself. If you aren’t brave enough to call people names, hurl harsh insults and attack their opinions under your real name-why do so anonymously? Is it because you know it will reflect badly upon you as person? Or that’s it’s plain rude and wrong? Calm down and re-read all your comments. You come across angry, rude, arrogant and condescending. I am appalled. Everyone has opinions and we all won’t agree. That’s what makes the world go around. Nothing free or tricks for kids said was wrong or illegal. I’m certain you will reply with rage and some sort of insult but I will just feel sorry for you. You are truly a reprehensible human being if your comments are any reflection of your true character. Absolutely disgusting person.

  6. MsFedUpWithDisNonesense says:

    slap up d boi dem … cha. how dare he allegedly touch up a little girl … fareak can’t get a chick his own age … pervert is right , pin his face up and make him stand in the stacks with a p on his forehead for pervert if convicted… !!

  7. oh Please says:

    They all have something to say…when this guy could be innocent! What are they going to say afterwards…..No apologies I guess!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      It’s the stupidity of a lynch mob. I might understand this behaviour from someone directly involved who is sure that the guy is guilty but not from Joe blow blogger who knows $#!+ and pretends they do. @Free, Free pretends that a parent wouldn’t put their child through this when parents put their children through abuse, sex them into slavery, kill then etc. Your whole argument is contradictory. You fit right in with the 1960′s lynch mobs who don’t care about justice. Do you know how many men have been accused of this crime only to be found not guilty after spending years in prison? This is not something to play with. They should either speak in a way that acknowledges that he’s been accused and if he’s guilty then such and such. Like “if he did that then he’s a disgusting pervert who needs to be locked away”.

      • Free says:

        Um no sane rational mother would put her child through that!!! “Sex them into slavery”? You need to get a grip. Your mind is wondering to some strange places! AND WOW now I fit into a lynch mob! What happened to giving people a chance before accusing them of something and convicting them? You DO NOT KNOW ME! Kindly shut up and stop slinging whatever insults your lilliputian brain can come up. It’s a sign of a low level I.Q. You are far too invested in this story which leads me to believe its probably one of your relatives. Here’s a newsflash, this isn’t 1960′s Southern America. Its 2013 Bermuda! Very few people are being falsely convicted.

        • Judge Dredd says:

          You’re a child molester! And wow you’re paranoid. Now I’m a relative? Poor soul can only understand standing for justice for relatives, quite a glimpse into your paedophile psyche. Thanks! And if by your standards I must be related to the accused due to my “investment” then you must be either related to the complainant or a child molester due to your investment on this blog. Usually the ones who act so hostile and enraged before a verdict are only trying to mask their own guilt by finding a scapegoat to project it onto. People who do that usually have something to hide and research shows that they are pedophiles. So you’re lifting your skirt up.

          • Free says:

            I’m a female and 99% of child molestation crimes are committed by men. To even suggest or to even type that makes you one sick individual, you are taking it a step too far being you are getting all butthurt over my comments. You need some serious therapy. Serious, serious therapy. Seems like projection on your part. So getting “hostile”(which I am not) makes me a pedophile but defending them doesn’t make you one? Sure. I guess everyone else hear is a pedophile too! Great logical thinking skills you have. Stop hanging around playgrounds creep.

        • Myzterri says:

          Bermuda 2013, anywhere 2013, people get falsely accused EVERYDAY, even with the advancements in technology, and don’t be fooled Bermuda is way behind when it comes to certain crimes. I agree with Judge Dredd, let the accused get through the trial first (due process). IF he is found guilty then let the punishment fit the crime he is found guilty of. However, the sentences rarely, if ever, fit the crimes. I have a daughter, and if anyone is accused of touching her in any way shape or form in the wrong way, well, lets just say, I know ppl.

          • Free says:

            Falsely accused and falsely convicted are two different things and we are talking about sexual crimes. We have advanced technology now. Unless of course there is no evidence in the case of touching a minor. It’s their word against his. In which case children usually do not make up such claims unless in the rare case they are being coaxed by an evil parent. Once again, the point was not that he is GUILTY-the point is people can have an opinion on him that is different than yours and you cannot do anything about that.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              How the hell can you be falsely convicted without being falsely accused lol? I swear your head must be at the opposite end of your spine. Now you are arguing for your right to have an opinion when we could equally argue for our right to challenge your stupid opinion. So this is not about an exercising of rights because you have every right to keep talking stupid and we have every right to keep pointing out your stupidity. Or are you calling for the right to be an ignoramus unchallenged? Lol good luck with that miss female pedo.

              • Free says:

                LMAO! Wow! If you’re falsely accused and then are found not guilty? Because it was FALSE. How stupid are you? Everyone is ACCUSED of something in court you dimwit, not everyone is CONVICTED of what they are accused of!

                No moron YOU initiated it by saying that we shouldn’t convict anyone yet and I countered that we can say whatever we want. So that was EXACTLY MY POINT DUMBASS! How retarded are you? I know you are probably drooling heavily right now and even those special ed classes were hard for you but I’ll say it again. 99% of pedophilia cases involve men. Meaning the odds are higher that you are one than me. Especially considering you lobby so hard for their rights.

                Once more-stay away from playgrounds kiddie diddler.

  8. A Parent says:

    Every case has to be taken seriously. Let us see what transpires.

  9. Pastor Syl says:

    I would have been interested to know the reasons why this trial was moved from Supreme Court to Magistrates Court. I am curious to understand why he thinks he would have a better chance in Magistrates Court – I am assuming that would be the primary reason why he would want his trial moved. Does he or his lawyer know something we don’t (or that we only suspect)?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I thought the same thing too. Maybe preparation for a guilty verdict since magistrates had loiter jail term?

  10. And the crap just keeps putting this island in a bad light…..n they say Bermuda is another world with a judicial system that has an impediment. Guns n Roses. Imagine that.

  11. Juice says:

    Hey Bernews, have you guys ever thought about implementing a rating system for the posts on here? I’d like to up-rate/down-rate or thumbs-up/thumbs-down or agree/disagree without always needing to post.
    That said, thumbs Judge Dredd. Its really unfortunate that the level of ignorance and stupidity in Bermuda has gone through the roof these past 2 decades. Sad :(

  12. realnigga says:

    My daughter would have killed him…

  13. W says:

    If you don’t print his name how will the other victims know it is safe to come forward now?

  14. W says:

    Because if he gets let off then they never will and that’s why no one trusts the system.