Police Issue Warning After Surge In Burglaries

April 7, 2013

The police said there has been a surge in residential burglaries in Hamilton Parish, Warwick and Sandys, and have advised the public to secure their property and to keep an eye on individuals that are acting suspiciously.

A police spokesperson said, “We are advising the public, to secure your property; lock all windows, doors, and secure air conditioning units.

“Please ensure all valuables are in a safe or safety deposit boxes as jewelry and electronics have been the main items stolen. Also, we are strongly suggesting that home owners take pictures of all valuables and record all serial numbers of electronic goods, in the event they are stolen and recovered those goods can be identified.

“We are also asking for the public to keep an eye on individuals that are acting suspiciously in neighborhoods, as most of the recent break ins have taken place during the day whilst occupants are at work.

“Remember, thieves are opportunist and travel down the path of least resistance, take away the opportunity and minimize your risk.”

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  1. swing voter says:

    Welcome to the new Bermuda. so what are the limits and where do I draw the line on protecting my=self, my property and family? Is there any chance of finding myself in the defendants box if I kill an intruder to ensure he doesn’t kill me?

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Is “Scaley” back out!?

  3. Really says:

    Don’t put away the lead pipe just yet

  4. Pickup says:

    Thanks for the warning BPS and Bernews

  5. Focused says:

    I may be wrong, but does anyone else realize that these break-ins/ warnings increase during the times when schools are out on break?

  6. Eastern says:

    Everyone in my neighborhood that doesn’t have a dog has had their house broken into. Of course not everyone can own a dog, but this is a really big hint for those that can own a dog.

    But ensuring that your house is secure is extremely important, however if someone wants to get in your house bad enough; they will and that is where a dog comes in. I have a dog in my house and a second one in my back yard. I won’t feel sorry for anyone that breaks into my house; in fact I’ll save the government some money as they may not need to prosecute the poor idiot.

  7. resident says:

    Thanks for the warning that doesn’t help all of us who have already been burgled and feel that we have zero chance of recovering our stolen property. Bring pictures to cash for gold and other jewellery stores and they have a “WALL” full of emails or pictures from people who have had their stuff stolen. When will Bermuda wake up to the fact they have a higher crime rate per capita than most countries even though we have more police per resident. We need action and more honesty from the those who know who these people are.