BCB Updates On Treadwell Gibbons Suspension

September 27, 2013

Treadwell Gibbons  Bermuda, August 13 2013-2The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] said that the suspension of Treadwell Gibbons from the national squad will continue until he has completed one year of community service and a BCB approved anger management/impulse control assessment.

During the 2013 Cup Match Classic, Gibbons was ruled out by an umpire and initially refused to leave the field, at one point waving the cricket bat around and being restrained by another player.

The 28-year-old cricketer held a press conference last month during which he apologised to everyone for his actions, and said it will not happen again.

He received a separate suspension — which was itself suspended — from the St George’s Cricket Club, as a result of his actions during the second day of Cup Match.

A statement from the BCB said, “At the September 26th BCB Executive Meeting the Board ratified the actions of the sub-committee appointed to investigate and adjudicate on the Treadwell Gibbons Cup Match incident.

“The sub-committee ruled that the suspension of Treadwell Gibbons from the national squad will continue until the following conditions had been met: – One year of community service – Satisfactorily complete a BCB approved anger management/impulse control assessment.

“The decision has been communicated to Treadwell both verbally and in writing and he has accepted and understood the sanctions imposed,” the BCB concluded.

Gibbons apologising for his actions last month:

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  1. juice says:

    this is bull—-

    • Hubba Bubba says:

      I do agree that its bull****!!! Those dictators need to be removed from the bcbc office! Cupmatch is not an ICC sanctioned match nor does it have anything to do with the cricket board.Who do they think they are! When first reading this I thought that he was standing in front of a judge and jury.
      Who is going to serve a year of community service work just to come back and play for THE BERMUDA NATIONAL CRICKET TEAM in division 4. HAHA! You have people serving on the discipline board who have never been in any sort of competition especially a game as big as cupmatch were emotions run high and sometimes gets heated in the moment. People make mistakes and he has apologized for them.
      Let it go!!!By the looks of it,the Cricket team needs all the talent they can get,men who are not afraid of the opposition,not these nice guys that turn up to training everyday with LITTLE talent or none at all!!Bermuda needs to take their best and toughest players out there and Treddie is one of them! Not some of these wussies you are putting in a Bermuda uniform!!

      • North West says:

        Everyone realizes that the BCB is one big joke! BCB=Blind Chasing Blind!

      • No matter who holds the reigns, “get caught speeding, u most pay the price…n it does not matter whom caught you but u must face something n the price…”.
        I think it is called an upgrade or an appeal as the sentence meted out did not fit the outburst that many saw. Gotta draw the line somewhere as denial should be left out of the equation n pampering or a smack on the wrist will only lead to more impending issues.
        Wasn’t the right thing to do at all…..we ALL know that. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  2. Mr. Gibbons has no one else to blame for his ungentlemanly conduct but himself; that officials, visitors n Bermudians alike witness during Bermuda’s most prestigious event where thousands get together to enjoy for two days plus of fun n relaxation.
    I think St. George CC let him off lightly as this kind of conduct must be deterred from all sports. It was an embarassing moment n I think the BCB took a positive stand in banning him for one year so that he may think twice before activating again.
    As a Cup Match player/National Squad member, it is not his first encounter with ungentlemanly conduct here or overseas. The meted out punishment matches the old adage…” If u make ur bed hard, then u must lay in it hard”.
    Some of us perhaps think that the BCB is wrong but business n pleasure don’t go together neither does threatening behaviour.
    Most validates his actions because as most say that’s my ‘boy’. But when u break the law or infringe on the criteria of rules n regulations, you must accept it, whether you like it or not, the meted out punishment for the actions that put one in that position.
    We need to understand n recognize that there are our up n coming young cricketers n surely we don’t want them to be disrespectful to the sport or themselves whilst participating in any game being played. Whether its Cup Match, Eastern/Western Counties, T20, or in the back yard. An example of good sportmanship should be shown n GENTLEMANLY conduct displayed each time one walks on n off the ‘pitch’. Unfortunately Mr. Gibbons failed in his attempt to display either.
    He has an opportunity to revamp his ethics n push forward to become a more respectable cricketer during this ban. And I m sure that he recognizes n realises the error of his way n will govern himself accordingly.
    By the way, stop blaming the BCB. They are BCB whether you like the committee or not but had to do what they had to do in the event to send a message to all cricketers n that is behaviour of this nature is totally unacceptable n will not be tolerated AT ALL.
    “Spare the rod! Spoil the child”.
    He, Mr. Gibbons will have a new day n he will greatly appreciate it in due course.

  3. Prayerful says:

    Hubba Bubba,

    You continue to disappoint me. Mr. Gibbons should not be let off because he is a talented player. That is more the reason he should be admonished.

    I agree that the team needs help, but not this way. It should hurt Mr. Gibbons seeing his team paly, knowing that he could do better.

    • Hubba Bubba says:

      Sorry if I disappoint you but the fact is the Bermuda cricket Board has no authority to suspend Treddie.Cupmatch is not an ICC sanctioned match and therefor has no right to punish Treddie!Thats like the cricket board punishing someone playing in the evening league!IM NOT SAYING THAT HE SHOULDNT HAVE RECIEVED PUNISHMENT,it is not the BOARDS issue but St GEOEGES issue!!!THE BOARD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CUPMATCH!!! UNDERSTAND????
      While I understand his actions at cupmatch were bad, Im sure that any tourist that witnessed this is not surprised nor will they ever remember this incident especially if they are sports fans! With all the fights,spitting,drugs use,racist rants that athletes engage in,in MOST SPORTS(and that’s on the field)around the world ,this incident is MINOR!!! I was a professional athlete and have seen it all!I as well as four of my former pro teammates withessed Treddies antics on the field,we also had a good chuckle and referred and compared it too baseballs bench-clearing.People are laughing at us because we made a big stink out of something so minor.If YOU ALL were to witness some incidents that take place in sport worldwide,judging by your comments,you would need counseling!!!AGAIN, he should have received punishment but not by the CRICKET BOARD who has no affiliation with cupmatch. Would you allow a stranger to discipline your child or put them under punishment!?
      COMUNITY SERVICE??? Is he an ATHLETE or a CRIMINAL?!?! This seems more like punishment from a judge and jury not a disciplinary committee,I have never heard of such!!BERMUDA IS ANOTHER WORLD

    • Hubba Bubba says:

      One more thing! I don’t know many who inspire to be LIKE Treddie BUT I do know that before you allow your children to look up to and inspire to be Roony,Suarez,Messi,Ronaldho etc remember, these players have all been involved in incidents FAR WORST than Treddies antics and that’s a fact!!!!! The English Premier League is the biggest culprit of this not to mention NFL NHL NBA and yes even cricket also!!

      • Can’t compare! Different place! Different people! Different sport. And yes many fail in their presentation and/ or bad manner n face the same disciplinary actions but it does not n will not have any weight in Mr. Gibbon’s case. And yes I called him Mr. Gibbons as all respects are dues just like punishment must be meted out for such a blatant ungentlemanly conduct. There is a balance. See it.