Chris Famous: “Cabinet Is All UBP Born & Bred”

December 12, 2013

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

So the 3 card shuffle aka Shell Game is on and popping? Let’s take a look at the recent OBA Shuffle.


Minister Leah Scott MP loses her non-ministry. Can’t lose what you don’t have. But then turns around and picks up Junior Education Minister quicker than one can say Nine West.

Education Ministry

Senator Nalton Brangman loses Ministry of Education. I have mixed feelings on this as it seems he was putting his all into it. He and I get at it often, but Nalton truly has the best interests of Bermudian children at heart.

I guess between hiring Dr. Heatley and losing Mr. Warren Jones, the Education Ministry was taking too much heat. Now is that Ministry back in the hands of Dr Gibbons who spearheaded the Middle School system under the UBP or is Jr Minister Leah Scott going to run it?

Kind of ironic the OBA used complain so much about the PLP changing ministers and then turn around and have had 3 Ministers of Education in less than one year.

Environment Ministry

Well I guess Hershey is having his last laugh. Just as quickly as Sylvan Richards pulled the plug on that innocent puppy’s life, so too was his ministerial life pulled. I must admit this was indeed a shocker for me as I saw Minister Richards as a rising star.

Maybe it was the callous way he dealt with the dog situation or his “Black Black Blacketty Black” lyrics over the summer. I can’t call it.

new-old-cabinet (2)

Health Ministry

So Patricia Gordon Pamplin loses her Health Ministry eh? I guess she underestimated the people of the East End. If anyone took the time to listen to her in the House of Assembly it was clear she was getting in over her head with inability to explain some of the more ludicrous directions she was going lately.

Lamb Foggo, privatization and then this requirement for persons to get board approval before they can get a cat scan.

I don’t know how she will make out in the Public Works department. Leading up to the campaign she spoke some highly inflammatory words towards the BIU….“BIU is a bastardized imposter of what a union should be.”

Most of the persons in that department are BIU members.

Public Works Ministry

Trevor Moniz could never come up with real figures of how many Bermudians were employed on the Heritage Wharf project or a completion date. I was up Dockyard last week and the job was still on going and over budget.

There will be interesting debates in the house. Minister Trevor Moniz vs Shadow Minister Zane DeSilva debating healthcare in Bermuda. Anyone wish to bet on the outcome?

I will set my stop watch on how long Minister Moniz will last in that post.

The UBP Lives

Well one thing is sure now, reincarnation is real. The Cabinet is all UBP born and bred. If anyone had any doubts about who is running the OBA it is clear that the UBP is in full control. Considering their back bench is full of UBP bred MPs they had next to no wiggle room in juggling ministers.

I predict the next election will be sooner than 4 years away.

- Chris Famous

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  1. inna says:

    and i predict that you should stick to your day job! putting up belco poles!

    • Observer says:

      Chris Famous is a very emotional man. It stops him from thinking ahead.

      • Yahoo says:

        He’s also not very bright – dangerous combination!

        • ABM says:

          Anytime someone gives a view that does not mirror the OBAs, why must the supporters always respond in kind with comments such as yours? Instead of addressing what he said you choose to condem it regardless of his point of view. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          • JustAskin2 says:

            I think that gives you a birds eye view of the OBA – really the UBP.

          • u ank sers says:

            What is der to address?! So what if some of dem people are OBA now? SO EFFIN WHAT! whats your’e point?!

            • James says:

              I find it amusing when some of us do our very best to poke fun at how some Bermudians talk. It stops being amusing when other Bermudians join in. Having traveled around the world and lived in many, many, places what I have come to understand is that comparatively speaking, we are better than most. Travel to Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Cardiff, Aberdeen, NewFoundland, Boston, Brooklyn, Nashville, Houston, or just about any Southern State in America and it will be difficult for you to argue with my statement.These are all English Speaking cities yet they could be confused with speaking some unknown language. A little ‘touchy’ you say, I think not, just had enough of the hypocrisy.

      • Joonya says:

        The problem with Bermuda’s society in a nutshell Observer.

        • Rayki Emery says:

          I never usually post my name on any online forums but I would really like to address these idiots.

          Firstly, Mr Famous is abosultly right. The OBA is an exact reincarnation of the UPB and only a group of complete fools would dispute that. During the last election news surfaced regarding a document (we’ll call this the report) that the OBA had written by a man who was a political stragist during the Clinton Adminstration and Bush JR. He has experience in getting idiots ellected. Part of the plan was to convice the Bermdua Public that the UBP was complete gone, a fact amplified when Kim Swan “fought” to keep the UBP afloat.

          Im going off track however, but i would like to ask you all, WHAT DOES MR FAMOUS’S JOB AS A BELCO LINER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BEING CORRECT! Just like Bermudains to down one of our own because of something so trivial.

          Secondly, READ THAT EFFIN LIST, THERE ARE 9 FORMER UBP MEMBERS, INCLUDING 2 FORMER PARTY LEADERS!!! so in a nutshell ninety percent of our government is completely UNITED BERMUDA PARTY. ANY IDIOT CAN SEE THIS, but of course, Bermudains are too trendy to believe that. What they do belive is that any group that mimicks a succesfful political stragety from a county as popular as the united states deservees their vote. CHANGE? REALLY? Change would have been looking into the laws regarding illegal pitbulls instead of MURDERING a living being who did nothing wrong at all.

          CHANGE would have been allowing Mr. Brangman to continue his posistion. I have been a long time critic of Mr. Brangman but recently he has won me over and I truely believe that he cares for Bermuda’s Children.

          That Said, all of you can *at a D**K

          FORZA PLP!

          • Ganja mon says:

            Who cares who is I’m Govt??
            As long as it is NOT the PLP…they had their turn for 14 years and failed, if you can’t see that then take off your blinders..

            Which is why they lost the last election, no?

            People grew tired of their same old don’t let the white man back in, and also failed to balance the budget after 2008 when the world economy faltered. The OBA have taken they right steps to addressing Bermuda.

            The sad part is my brother some of us have gotten past mental slavery and people like you havnt. Everything is race, color and difference in your world.

            Listen you were never a slave so take the shackles out of your mentality.

          • Anyone born before the election of 1998 in Bermuda is UBP born & bred!

            • frank says:

              you must be the only ubp baby

            • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

              ok…so ur sayin that anyone over the age of 15 is a UBP offspring?? if u wer born after 1998…then u shouldnt really be talkin…

          • realest says:

            @Rayki You speak the truth!!

          • JustAskin2 says:

            Well there were a few of us who weren’t fooled. :)

          • Navin Johnson says:

            Imagine a Bermuda where the UBP did not lose in 1998…full employment ,little debt, ….instead we had the failed experiment and the catastrophe that resulted…..

            • Johnny says:

              For some people.

            • forest and trees says:

              If the UBP had continued to win elections, the 2008 economic meltdown would have still occurred in the US, and companies would have still lost profits, redomiciled and left Bermuda.

              Bermudians would have still lost jobs and would still be in a recession. Wake up!

        • We the people!! says:

          No, the amount of disrespect is the problem with Bermuda’s society. Respect holds you accountable to the saying ” if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it at all.”

          • Ringmaster says:

            @Rayki. Your post is exactly the negative tone that Chris Famous is referring to later in this thread.

            His post timed at 1.32pm today included the following:

            As long as you folks continue your angry rants againts the PLP you do 2 things

            1 alienate most of the voters
            2 show you are not willing to discuss and find solutions to the full reasons we are in this space.

            Change PLP to (you choose UBP or OBA) and look in the mirror and your post and see the similarities.

            • Mike Hind says:

              See, this is where you’re wrong.
              Mr. Famous thinks that no one in the PLP has behaved like you’re describing.
              No member or representative of the PLP, according to him, has EVER made a racially hostile statement.

              As always, the message is: “It’s ok when we do it.”

            • Rayki Emery says:

              I did rant, but the point shouldn’t be the manner in which the message was delivered but the truth in it. I stated fact, and that should matter most. Yes the PLP made mistakes, many of them economic but that doesn’t change the fact that they did more for the social issues in Bermuda that the OBA ever will and the UBP ever did.

              Also, let me reiterate. Majority of the names on that list, (which is the reason for the opinion piece that brought about my comment, which brought about some form of ridiculous response from you,) are former UBP members, there was a plan, it was implemented and Bermuda isn’t going to be any better for it.

    • Victor says:

      He has a day job?

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      He may not keep that job if he keeps talking about his bosses like that…aka shareholders.
      Don’t people see it..? Obviously they don’t. This UBP Entity that you are all perturbed about is the same Entity, that whether you like it or not provides you with the standard of life that you have become accustomed as a Born n Bred Bermudian, be it a high standard or low. Chase the Money out of here and see how long you last. You are naive if you think that Politics has any moral or ethical properties…Govts. are businesses…run by the very influential…everyday i hope to read a change in peoples awareness but to no avail, the same bureaucratic jibberish…akin to a dog chasing his own tail n talking loud an ain’t sayin’ nuffin.

  2. Quo vadis says:

    Mr. Famous, the implicit sexism in your piece (‘Nine West’; ‘in over her head’) is troubling. Also, you neglect to mention that this shuffle leaves just one woman in cabinet. I am not a UBP/OBA supporter, but think that the gender imbalance in our politics deserves attention.

    • Chris Famous says:

      I agree re gender imbalance

      • Justin says:

        If this means going back to budget surpluses and taking the civil service back to a manageable size like in the UBP days then I’m all for it :-)

        The PLP should sit back and take notes for a change. The professor tried letting the student run things for a while, but that failed miserably!

  3. Hmmmm says:

    This from a guy that says politics is a chess game, whereas to us people it is a service to Bermuda and Bermudians and not a game to be played.

    You can keep trying to play with the minds of people for you own game, but some of us see right through you !

    How about the PLP reshuffling their Shadow Cabinet…and shrinking that. The OBA are nothing to do with the UBP. The Constitution, the structure and the inclusiveness and opportunity for ALL is completely different.

    • watching says:

      LOL! What would shuffling the Shadow Cabinet do? There are no salaries associated with Shadow Cabinet positions.

      • Hmmm says:

        So when the OBA were in opposition and they donated a% of salaries to Charity whilst the PLP dithered, the OBA members weren’t receiving money?

        PLP folks are receiving money in opposition.

        • Rayki Emery says:

          FIrstly a**hole, the OBA WAS NEVER AN OPPOSITION PARTY!! They formed months before the general election and had no shadow ministers.

          • Hmmm says:

            Rayki Emery,

            Where was the secondly ? Did you run out of steam after directly insulting me.

            The people who were in opposition …substance over form. I believe the press at that time called them the OBA and most in Bermuda referred to them as the OBA. My apologies if that confused you. Now, let’s get back to the point.

            Did or did not the people who were not PLP who were known as the opposition recive montetary compensation or remuneration?

            a) YES or b) No

            • Rayki Emery says:

              Whoa, this just got dumber. FIRSTLY I dont believe I had enough time to waste any more of my intellect on you. SECONDLY (like that dont you) How were they an opposition party if the CURRENT opposition party was still in operation between the Swans? I mean if there really is separation between the parties than wouldn’t logic say that the UBP were the opposition party until its complete withdrawal from politics? Also what about our other political party? you know the one that formed right before the election, The Bermuda something something** and canvassed constituencies to make their candidates MPs? Do they have a say also in this opposition party thing? and who were these shadow ministers exactly? and Mr. Cannoiner, was he receiving compensation for his time as the opposition leader? In that pretty pink building on front street with a GP car and two paid assistants? NO NOT AT ALL

              So to answer your question I’ll go with c) You have no idea what you are talking about, you probably heard what ever nonsense you posted from someone who heard it from someone that heard it from someone stupid.


              *** Not the BDA Craig’s (Start Up Party)

          • checkyourfacts says:

            The OBA was actually a party over a year before the last general election. Thus when they became a party, and most of the UBP MP’s joining their ranks, they became the official opposition with John Barritt as the leader in 2011. Therefore they did actually have an year or more where they did donate their MP salaries.

            Spouting off facts that are incorrect really seriously takes away from whatever point that you had. Furthermore name calling and the like also takes away from people thinking that your post is legit.

          • Concerned says:

            I would never want to associate myself with a person who has to use such language to convey a point. Rayki, whether you are a man or woman, clean up your attitude. People like you only makes matter worse. Then again, we are in a mess way over our heads thanks to attitudes like yours in the first place.

      • Family Man says:

        Its good to see they’re finally getting paid what they’re worth.

  4. Betty Trump says:

    Well said Mr Famous, it is clear that UBPoba are now in full swing.
    “Well one thing is sure now, reincarnation is real. The Cabinet is all UBP born and bred. If anyone had any doubts about who is running the OBA it is clear that the UBP is in full control. Considering their back bench is full of UBP bred MPs they had next to no wiggle room in juggling ministers.” I could not have said it better. Here is the UBPoba following thur on the Secret Report recommendations. WOW….

    • Sandgrownan says:

      You couldn”t have said it better because you’re an idiot.

    • Joonya says:

      And who cares ya moron. I dont care if they are called UFO! If they can get us back to a somewhat stable economy then I’m all for them.
      But people like you would rather not have prosperity and economic stablity, and instead unemployment, poverty, and no industry just because its not your beloved PLP. F*** OFF then! Get off my island!
      Ask yourself this one O Wise one, was the island in better shape under the UBP rule or PLP rule? And once again dumb*ss they are called OBA.

      • ABM says:

        Be careful of that, becasue the islands majority hated the UBP hence their renaming. If this proves to be true then the majority of the island will again hate them and vote the other way. Just basing my opinion off of history mate.

        • Joonya says:

          And I will vote for the ones producing results, irrespective of whatever 3 f#****g letters they use! People need to start growing up.

          • Tolerate says:

            Wow…. Joonya, exactly. So a politician who was part of the UBP party should NEVER again think about entering politics. Simply because the old Party (UBP) was the devils that put us black people in chains and destroyed our Island????
            Ridiculous that the new PLP attack is heading in this direction. “Race Card”, “Had to Deceive you” all used up? Comparing the cabinet minister’s history now? Wait; PLP got a few as well don’t they?
            OK, I’ll give you this one Mr. Famous as you have researched and are correct in relating the ministers in this way.
            Now we know that the PLP inherited a prosperous Bermuda from the UBP; would you not agree? After all, what was the countries debt at that time? Peanuts?
            Now we have had 14 years of mismanagement by a Party completely out of their league. Oh, yes when it came to standing out front and talking to the people they were brilliant. Hell, our last Premier could talk and talk; almost to the point of you forgetting the original topic. Are now any politician involved with the PLP party EVER allowed back in politics?
            Forget they come from a party that did more damage to Bermuda; why does the PLP Party still exist? Ask yourself that question while you criticize politicians linked to the UBP.

            Grasping at straws, but the voter base will eat it up; at least for now. You know the saying about the common Bermudians memory.

      • Concerned says:

        No need for this language. You are no better if you have to use this type of adjectives to get your point across.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Totally agree. I think a lot of people were fooled into believing it and are probably sorry now. I’m still giving OBA the benefit of the doubt — waiting to see how they are working for me; whether they are good for all of Bermuda or only a small subsection. As for the latest, ah, –interesting– idea from Bob Richard’s, well let’s see if that works out as well.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    I guess Mr Famous would rather have the pilot who only just got his license to fly a little single engine 4 seat plane in charge of his next flight to NY instead of a fully trained captain with years of experience at the controls.

    We had 14 years of PLP learning on the job, & not learning very well at all, with disastrous results. As honourable & best intentioned as the new people may be now is the time for experienced people to be at the controls.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Based on your pilot analogy Triangle, how do you explain the presence of the non-solo student pilot currently fronting as the Premier? Btw Famous, Sylvan is not a rising star anywhere. Grant and Fahy are the bosses, and ths is all a sham. A jr minister and minister in the same House? The UBP truly are clueless and incompetent.

      • Mike Hind says:

        Care to back up these claims with ANY sort of evidence? Or will me asking spark another tantrum?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        See, now THERE is a fundamental difference between the PLP & OBA. In the PLP it is like a rock star leading the band. The rock star calls all the shots. The rest cower in fear & do what they are told for fear of losing their positions.

        In the OBA the Premier is more like the director of an orchestra. He has to work with them & them with him otherwise there is no harmony.

        Premier Cannonier is new to the job but he is learning fast. He sure has a much more diplomatic presence about him than the last two. One of them would have been better suited as a salesman at a used car lot, complete with all of the superficial shiney stuff & bright lights.

        • Rayki Emery says:

          Dumb post

        • Ya got me Rollin says:

          One fundamental flaw in your post . Your Premier is directing absolutely nothing. He is being directed by Dr. Rockstar.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Who is Dr. Rockstar?

            And do you have ANY evidence to back up this claim?

    • Hmmmm says:

      Mr Famous is looking after Mr Famous.

      End Of.

      • Rayki Emery says:

        your kidding me right… how is he looking after himself? is he running for political office or making any sort of money from doing this.


  6. Suzie Quattro says:

    As far as I know the Premier was never in the UBP. Neither was Shawn Crockwell. So the “All Born and Bred” idea seems to be Famouss’s usual hysteria and hyperbole. He says something patently untrue and hopes some people will actually believe it.

    How many PLP MP’s were ex-UBP members? Was it that “different” somehow?

    • Really? says:

      Are you sure Shawn Crockwell was never UBP?

    • Chris Famous says:

      Shawn crockwell was first elected to parliament as a UBP MP

      The Premier does not hold a cabinet ministry

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Not that it matters that the cabinet is made up of ex-UBP members, do you think boogey-man politics is effective? What’s next a Brownesque “plantation” comment? You’re living in the past, give it up and look forward otherwise you’ll be left behind.

        Do you think bringing up the same old tried arguments and emotions has a place at this critical juncture in our history? How about some truth and reconciliation?

        How about an apology from the PLP, an admission of just how badly they screwed things up? Can you imagine how to deal with a bloated and ineffective civil service, debt, lower revenue and still keep the lights on? What would you do?

        Thing that cracks me up about the PLP is the Progressive and Labour parts. They’re not progressive, or even particularly pro-labour anymore. They’re just tired old homophobic conservatives who when given power squandered the opportunity to make Bermuda better. At least we have adults in charge now.

        • ABM says:


          • Sandgrownan says:

            Too many long words to keep your attention huh?

            • Question says:

              You speak of harmony and moving the country forward but pour out such disgusting rhetoric against the opposition – - you are a hypocrite – plain and simple.

              How am I suppose to take you seriously and have meaningful dialogue with someone who ends their post with “At least we have adults in charge now.” – - really?


              • Sandgrownan says:

                I’m not asking you to take me seriously, i don’t care to be honest, but what I do expect is that you look honestly at the PLP’s record and then try reconcile that with the infantile whinging from Bean the Homophobe and Famous.

                The rest of us are moving on, these guys are an irritation, but the 60′s style rhetoric doesn’t have a place.

                • Sandy Bottom says:

                  I wouldn’t waste your time with that one Mike. He’s a nutcase.

                • Question says:

                  But again, I ask you why the negative slant? I have never defended the mistakes of the previous government – in fact, I pointed out several problems before and after they were removed from office.

                  Why attack? You continue to say “we are moving forward” but you don’t include Mr. Famous or the Opposition Leader because they don’t think like you – that is just crap. They are part of the “we” – the entire community needs to move.

                  So remember that the next time you decide to question the opposition as they fulfil their actual role in “moving” Bermuda forward. You might not like it, but you need to respect it.


                  • Sandgrownan says:

                    Bean is a homophobe and deserves no respect.

                    • Question says:

                      I am trying to refrain from lowering my standard of dialogue – thus I will simply indicate to you that you are part of the problem – - be the solution.

                      You demand respect for the Premier, his Ministers and the Government then have the nerve to disrespect the Opposition Leader and others – JUST BECAUSE you do not support his party.

                      If you are intent on focusing on the concept of “homophobe” – please ask your Cabinet Ministers to take a look in the mirror before you throw it towards Mr. Bean – - because at least you know his feeling/stance (right or wrong). There are several members of the current government who feel similar to Mr. Bean WHO ARE TOWING THE PARTY LINE – not standing for their beliefs – this is a fact, not accusations, or hearsay.

                      So please stop with the attacks on Mr. Bean – - as sure as you have an opinion, he deserves the respect for his own – - especially since he has stood for public office, while people like you and I sit at a computer and speak from behind pen names – -

                      Moral – - don’t throw stones, because you are so blind, you will hit yourself


                    • Mike Hind says:

                      So… Because there are other homophobes, people should stop pointing out that Mr. Bean is one? Seriously.

                      Pointing out that he is, in fact, a homophobe and has said disgusting, hateful things isn’t an attack. He did those things.

                      Just because others are just as bad doesn’t mean he should be let off the hook.

                    • Question says:


                      Again, no one stated that he should be let off the hook – - I told sandgrown that if they want to move forward, EVERYONE needs to be included. My mention of others who feel the same way as Mr. Bean simply indicated that he was not alone – - if Sandgrown is willing to include those others while “moving forward”, why not Mr. Bean.

                      That is my point – don’t get it twisted.


      • Suzie Quattro says:

        So isn’t the Premier in the Cabinet?

      • Terry says:

        So what.

    • watching says:

      Shawn Crockwell was elected in 2007 in Pembroke West as a UBP Candidate.

      And was never seen in Pembroke West again.

    • frank says:


  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    And Wayne Furbert was NEVER in the UBP…RIGHT CHRIS!!!!?????????OR DO WE CHERRY PICK AT BELCO!!!!!

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Furbert was also the leader of the UBP, and was duly rewarded with a Ministry for crossing over.

      Talk about selective memories!

      • ABM says:

        Wow, 1 versus the whole party… fair much?

        • u ank sers says:

          lol hypocrites. you can’t pick n choose IS HE RIGHT?! YES!

          you can go on…jamal simmons, etc..


          you lot r dumb…

          • Johnny says:

            After being called a dumbass, I really don’t feel bad. All you OBA followers with blindfolds on, are really going to try to argue that the OBA and the UBP are not the same. I see it like this, the closer you get to home, the more the knives and jibes come out. Some of the OBA posters are really getting violent lately, cursing and calling people names. I just wonder, if they are in as good a position as they think they are, why do they have to be so overly defensive. Normally, when things are going good everybody is smiling.

  8. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    stick to putting up poles,on 2nd thoughts,no,because all I see are bent over!

  9. colin s says:

    Is that all you can come up with Famous & Trump? Still beating the irrelevant UBP drum in an age that all we want is competence and experience to fix a broken system inherited from the PLP. First, Govt has to be leaner which regrettably means fewer people in Cabinet by merging some ministries. The PLP failed Bermuda despite good intentions so what we need now is forward thinking leaders willing to do what’s in Bermuda’s best interest. The OBA are on the right track.

  10. campervan says:

    Chris says,
    “I predict the next election will be sooner than 4 years away.”

    Cayman, Malta and the City of London are licking their lips.
    Do any of them have you on a retainer Chris?

  11. Mike Hind says:

    All this from a man who claimed that no member or representative of the PLP had EVER made a racially hostile statement.

    Why are we listening to him, again?

    • Question says:

      Because he has a voice and is willing to express himself… but remember, you listened enough to respond – interesting.


      • Mike Hind says:

        Yes, because, as I do with you and other demagogues, I think it’s important to speak out against, misinformation and propaganda.

        Nice try, tho’…

        Next time? Maybe something based in reality.

        • Question says:

          You miss it every time. You speak about me in this negative light when I simply reflect your own propaganda against you.

          If you really read my statement, instead of doing what you normally do which is attack me (a common complaint of yours, I might add), you would see that I simply highlighted that you posted to his comment – nothing more.

          I never stated that I didn’t agree with your assessment of his previous comments – - but you never assume right?


          • Mike Hind says:

            Nah. No you don’t. You don’t even read my posts, you just post whatever nonsense pops into your head, based on what you think I mean.

            Like I said… Try something based in reality next time.

            • Question says:


              You challenged me to discuss issues with you and now you have reverted to slander and misdirection. Stand and discuss or step aside – but do not deflect and try to paint a picture of a failed reality you have created. I have always given you credit even when I have not agreed with your positions – it is you who choose to attack now, not I.

              The topic was the shuffling of the current Cabinet – I made a statement regarding it under the original article – would you care to discuss it or would you rather continue this delightful dialogue regarding your feelings towards my posts?


              • Mike Hind says:

                Nonono. Not even close to true.

                You responded to a post about the author of the story on this page. That was the topic.

                You’re moving the goalposts.

                I’m not attacking. I simply point out the things that you do. I know you want to try to use my own words against me, but the problem with that is, they have to apply.
                They don’t here. The only one creating their own reality is you.

                As for discussion? I’d love to. Are you capable of responding to the things I actually post? You haven’t so far…

                • Question says:

                  Now who is creating false realities? Every post I have written in response as always been topic related and specifically focused – just not on these things you deem important. My opinion on matters is always my focus – but again, I am allowing you to move us away from the topic.

                  You made a statement about the author of this article and I responded tht I believed you to be heavy handed in your criticism – yes?


                  • Mike Hind says:

                    You. It’s you that is creating false realities.

                    You do it every time you come at me.
                    You try to post some ridiculous accusation, based on something you made up, then, when I point out that you’re not only wrong, but that you also made it up, you change it and then attack, making more stuff up.

                    It happens EVERY time and it’s getting REALLY boring.

                    So, I ask again. PLEASE try to keep your posts based on real things that actually happened and not stuff you make up.

                  • Mike Hind says:

                    As for heavy handed?

                    I don’t think that someone as either deluded or dishonest as Mr. Famous – and the evidence would be his claim that no member or representative of the PLP has EVER (emphasis mine) made a racially hostile statement – is someone that should be listened to.

                    You say you respond to my posts, but you haven’t ACTUALLY responded to that…

                    And you never said that you believed me to be heavy handed in my criticism.

                    That is something else you made up.

                    Stick to things that actually happened.

                    • Question says:

                      Instead of reacting to your vile attempts to discredit me, your original post which poses this question – “why should we even listen to him” was answered in my first post with the response – “because he has a voice and is willing to express himself” – fact.

                      You then turned your attention towards me by name calling in your next post – fact. (all can read the thread above)

                      In my original post, my last statement speaks to my belief of you being heavy handed in your assessment – granted it can be considered as a jab towards you, but it was about the concept that Mr. Famous would not get a fair assessment from you.

                      So again, your assessment is incorrect. Moving forward.


                    • Mike Hind says:

                      You really will say anything to spin yourself out of the nonsense you get yourself into, won’t you?

                      As for my assessment of Mr. Famouss? It’s totally fair.

                      I think this is where we have miscommunication.
                      I’m not like you. I don’t just make stuff up, like claiming you said I was being heavy handed, then, when it was pointed out you never actually said that, or anything like it, you make up this whole thing about “it speaks to my belief”…, when I post stuff, it’s real. It’s based on things that ACTUALLY happened. When I say Mr. Famouss said that no member or representative of the PLP has ever made a racially hostile statement, it’s because he actually said that.
                      Basing an assessment on ACTUAL things – and not fabrications you just mad up, whole cloth, on the spur of the moment – is completely and utterly fair.

                      Oh, and the “fact” that everyone can read? It’s not a fact. I never “turned my attention on you by name”… I never mentioned your name, neither the pseudonym you hide behind nor your real name, which I don’t know. All can read the thread above and see that you’re not telling the truth. Again.

  12. Bermuda Boy says:

    Famous or however else you spell it, instead of putting the OBA down constantly, why don’t you talk about all of the damage the PLP did and would do if Bermuda was stupid enough to vote them in again.

  13. watching says:

    It seems clear to me that the OBA knew they would need to appear to be different from the historic UBP in order to be elected. So in their candidate roster they ensured that some new faces were strategically placed, but that the old UBP guard would be reelected as well. They waited a year before really making any changes, and now Premier Cannonier removes the BDA members (Leah Scott, Sylvan Richards and Nalton Brangman) from the Cabinet, and passes their responsibilities on to Grant Gibbons and Trevor Moniz, two of the legacy UBP Members. The wool has been pulled over the peoples’ eyes.

    • u ank sers says:

      um no it hasn’t you brainwashed plp supporters think it has but really they tryna trick you into voting for them again so they can suck the rest of the money dry (YOUR MONEY TOO!!)

    • Victor says:

      The UBP was not the Party whose future Premier and leader once said, “We had to lie to you.”

      • Ringmaster says:

        Small correction if I may in case “he” is looking in. “We had to deceive you” is the correct version.

        • Sandy Bottom says:

          Oh, “he’s” looking in, make no mistake. There’s definitely some influence there on what gets said and what doesn’t. That’s why he can say almost anything-any factual challenge won’t get printed.

  14. Sisu says:

    Are the new cabinet ministers not suitable for their jobs because they lack experience or simply because they were UBP members? If the later then a lot of people need to grow up. Blind hatred (or loyalty) based on party lines hurts all of Bermuda…when will people realize this? We are too small a country to be dividied on such petty things. Where above does Chris Famous offer any suggestions on how to improve the mess we are in? He doesn’t. And he never does. The above offers what exactly? Nothing. Simply voting PLP won’t solve anything as they are largely responsible for where we are today. Where are his/their ideas to stimulate growth? Real tangible ideas and not pie in the sky talking points. Who cares if the OBA implement a good idea you come up with. Claim credit at the next election. We all want Bermuda to get better, right? Stop making politics a game and fix the numerous fucking problems.

  15. Unbelievebale says:

    I wish Chris Famous and his other Bernews alter-egos would find the strength to also criticise his own party. He’s angry man only cuz there’s a supposed “puppet-master”. It’s like he’s watched too many episodes of The X-Files.

    There’s so much fiction in his “statement” above that it almost looks like something the North Koreans would be capable of.

  16. aceboy says:

    Boy am I glad they are UBP people there now. Hopefully they will fix what the PLP broke.

  17. Mike Hind says:

    All this boogeyman politics. I’m so sick of it.

  18. Mike Hind says:

    I think the question to be asked about the title of this piece is:


    or maybe

    “So what?”

  19. aceboy says:

    Anyone else noticed how Betty Trump has disappeared but Chris Famous is more prolific than ever?

  20. Vote for Me says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire!! Lets ahve a constructive analysis of the article. Here is my attempt.

    Agreement or not, Mr. Famous offers an interesting perspective on the Cabinet changes. The facts are that all Minsters were former UBP Members of the Legislature. The leader (Premier Cannonier) is the only Cabinet member (the first amongst equals) that had no public ties to the former UBP. As far as I am aware he was not a former member of the UBP. In fact, many of his public comments (taunts) drew the ire of the UBP faithful – remember turn out the lights?

    From an historic perspective, the UBP determined that it could not win an election under its former guise. The UBP ultimately folded after the Warwick bye election with MP Marc Bean as winner following Dr. Brown’s resignation. It was publicly stated that the then BDA and UBP would combine to increase chances of winning a future election.

    Initially there was vehement objection from most (many) of the UBP faithful but they ultimately ‘saw the light’ and joined Crockwell, Hunt and Pettingill as former UBP MPs.

    We sometimes have short memories, but if it was agreed that the UBP had lost its way and we now have former UBP Members of Parliament dominating Cabinet (without internal conversions), it begs the question for the voters that voted OBA.

    Fast froward to today. The Premier has difficult choices to make and he made them – BRAVO. The question is the strategic value of the changes. As a start, many will question the practicality of giving Dr. Gibbons the mega ministry of Education and Business Development. Given the shrinking role of Tourism Development and Transport, it seems practical to have made MP Crockwell Minister of Education plus anything else the Premier preferred.

    An admitted red herring from some of the posters – you cannot compare the ‘sprinkling of former UBP in PLP’ with the ‘dominance of UBP in OBA’.

    Note – this sort of ‘historic analysis’ is what Mr. Grearson as Special Advisor is paid $105k per annum from tax payer funds to provide to Premier Cannonier.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Not a red herring VFM. The ex UBP leader was a senior PLP cabinet minister. He dominated the PLP tourism strategy. He was up to his eyes in it.

      Either you lot want to keep dragging up the past, or you don’t. Make your mind up.

      Today you want to talk about a party that ceased to exist five years ago. But last week you emphatically did not want to talk about the cost of the PLP Premier’s staff costs because that was”in the past” and “irrelevant”.

      Personally, I like the idea of bringing up the PLP record. It is absolutely relevant. But you lot seem to want to avoid the subject.

  21. Let's Hope says:

    And what…they still did a better job then the PLP! They did not run us into debt…a debt that we will never be able to pay off. Oh and one more thing we all had jobs!

  22. Chris Famous says:


    With the amount of profanity used by OBA supporters it is clear who gets emotional when the truth is put out.

    Secondly the cut and thrust of the column was pointing out the individual ministry changes.

    Mean while everyones angst is based on the fact that they cannot deny the government is a de facto UBP government.

    Moving along the PLP has offered multiple suggestions.

    The OBA has chosen to ignore them thus far.

    Apart from selling status the OBA has not presented any form of plan.


    Because they sold enough folks on the concept that “term limits” was the main problem.

    They failed to mention

    Tax compliance
    Cost of doing business in Bermuda

    Those factors still exist and will continue to exist.

    Solutions start with being totally honest about all factors.

    As long as you folks continue your angry rants againts the PLP you do 2 things

    1 alienate most of the voters
    2 show you are not willing to discuss and find solutions to the full reasons we are in this space.

    Until/Unless I write something that is untrue keep ranting about the obvious or come up with your own suggestions.

    • aceboy says:

      Suggestions are all the PLP are capable of…

    • jt says:

      Which of the PLP solutions do you beleive to be most worthy?

    • Mike Hind says:

      When did you put truth out? I missed it.

      • Johnny says:

        The truth is that after the most recent cabinet shuffle all current ministers are former UBP ministers. The truth is that the OBA promised change, and they came through – They dusted of the cabinet and moved the chinaware around

    • Verbal Kint says:

      I think we have probably reached the point in the political discourse where we can ignore whatever comes after their favorite new phrase “de facto”.

    • Mike Hind says:

      “Until/Unless I write something that is untrue keep ranting about the obvious or come up with your own suggestions.”

      Um… history has shown that, when someone DOES point out when you write something that is untrue, you go on a smear campaign, branding them as “troublemakers” and then ignore their points, happily continuing to spread lies and misinformation for political gain.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The PLP government was de facto UBP. The ex UBP leader was a cabinet member, and his strategy was adopted for Tourism. He became mates with Roban, to the extent Roban did him a Planning “favour” and had to resign. The PLP were happy about the ex UBP leader working with them

      And what does it all mean Chris? Absolutely nothing.

      And as others have said, if you want to talk about the past, and if that remains a topic, bring it on. The PLP record is crap.

      But whenever anyone brings up what the PLP did, you all whine “that’s in the past”.

      Well you can’t have it both ways Chris.

  23. Ernest Hemingway says:

    For shame! A cabinet of people that started out in a party with a track record of being good for the economy and keeping a balanced budget. Bermudians should be terrified.

  24. Unbelievebale says:

    I wish Chris Famous and his other Bernews alter-egos would find the strength to also criticise his own party. He’s angry man only cuz there’s a supposed “puppet-master”. It’s like he’s watched too many episodes of The X-Files.

    There’s so much fiction in his “statement” above that it almost looks like something the North Koreans would be capable of.

  25. Ringmaster says:

    It is quite ironic that so many pro PLP bloggers have been berating the OBA and pro OBA bloggers for referring to the past 14 years and saying “OBA is now the Government, ignore the last 14 years and fix Bermuda”. Yet here we have an entire opinion piece, supported by the same old names, fixated on the UBP, a Party that was voted out in 1998 and now is extinct. So the message is you must not refer to, and must ignore the damage of the last 14 years, but allow “us” to drag up 1998 and prior? Says it all. So much for working to help repair Bermuda and to work collaboratively.

    • Mike Hind says:


      Yet another example of “it’s ok when we do it”

  26. u ank sers says:


    At least they gettin s*** done while de party dat claimed to be for our people took our money and spent it for 14 long years. See de light bra and embrace it!

  27. Terry says:

    And one wonders why they put this stuff up.
    Ratings are b****.
    I used to like Chris but I believe and as I have told him he is being used.

    A nice fella with a wonderful family.
    He is not that radical but his ties to the south sustain the rhetoric of the PLP.

  28. somuchless says:

    Chris Famous go away. Thanks

  29. Victor says:

    The UBP was a great party. They certainly did not run off with the public purse. Nor did their policies gamble with the future of the country. If they had won in 1998 and subsequently, it is unlikely our futures would be as uncertain as they are now.

  30. Um Jus Sayin' says:

    It is a shame that even with the facts presented before your very eyes, there is still so much negativity directed at the person who had the b@lls to print what alot of us are thinking and saying. Although I voted for change, this is not what I was hoping for – a UBP Cabinet (It is there in black & white). OBA be for real. Craig is only a puppet. In the UBP’s grand scheme of things. I WILL be voting otherwise in the next election, unless this current Gov’t proves to be the better party.

  31. jt says:

    Our problems aren’t a result of the number of ex-UBP members in cabinet, they are a result of the number of PLP members formerly in cabinet.
    Good luck to our present ministers. The task left to you is a daunting one.

  32. Sisu says:

    Being a bit younger than most who post on here can somebody please explain to me why THESE UBP members are being dragged through the mud? I get that the UBP of 40 years ago did some pretty bad things but what bad things did THESE UBP members do? Or is it simply guilt by association and to hell with moving Bermuda forward, even if some of them are well qualified to do the job at hand?

    • Clear as Mud says:

      bad like what?? putting money in the kitty the opposite of what the plp did. or is it the old black vs white issue again? Very astute question and answer to your own question.Well done young person

    • Ringmaster says:

      Well said! Don’t expect to receive an unbiased answer though.

  33. Chris Famous u are severely BRAINWASHED! I think u should schedule a MRI!

  34. hummmmmm says:

    the plp and it supporters it trying everything to shed away from what oba is doing and bring the fear tactic in. it is not going to work the people in Bermuda is smarter then what plp thought it is and that is why they will never get back in..sit back and watch how things get done. it will not be as we want it but its for the better then I am all for it. The voters sent a message a year ago and it is sad that the plp and its brainwashed supporters still have not got the message yet.

  35. Clear as Mud says:

    Famous. Answer this if you can see thru your hatred of the LETTERS UBP. What govt put money in the kitty for a rainy day,and what party spent ( to put it politely ) all the money and I do mean all the money. Or do you deny the fact that govt was not going to make payroll. Who all but bankrupt the island and who is TRYING to fix the problem.

  36. terry says:

    Chris is family and friends.
    Between him and Betty and Lavworne and e=rat……
    I need a wine.

  37. UBP says:

    Oh how I miss that wicked UBP obligarchy.Over employment,little crime,lots of tourists and so much opportunity!

  38. white Dog dont bite white meat says:

    White Dog don’t bite white meat I will say this again……………………………………………….UNTIL THE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ARE EQUALLY GUARANTEED TO ALL WITHOUT REGARDS TO RACE IS A WAR.

  39. Chris Famous says:

    “Everyone has a compulsion or something they battle with. For me it’s shoes…”

    Leah Scott

    The lady said herself she is addicted to shoes

    Minister pamplin was in over her head in regards to trying ot justify the closure of Lamb Foggo.

    Otherwise why did the Premier “order” it to stay open after the exposure on ZBM?

    • aceboy says:

      Paula Cox the PLP Premier AND Finance Minister stated Bermuda was in a post recessionary environment in 2010 and then again in 2011. I think it was 2009 that she presented her “Recovery Budget”.

      The big plan for reviving jobs during the recession was retraining nail technicians and dry wallers. During a recession. Expensive manicures and new training in the one business that has been most affected by the downturn!

      We need more of this brilliance?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Lamb foggo shpuld never have been built in the first place

  40. Chris Famous says:

    What I find funny is this

    1 People seem very brave to say all sorts of things when they can hide behind fake names

    2 97% of the column was about the ministerial changes of which I actually spoke highly of 2 of the former ministers

    3 If the UBP was so great, why did all those MPs abandon the UBP ?

    • Sisu says:

      #3 – Because people who look and sound like you linked the UBP of 2010 with the UBP of 1970? Not seeing that the people – and therefore their ideologies – were different. Which in turn stopped them from being an effective opposition.
      Perception is reality, even if your perception is wrong or faulty.

    • Mike Hind says:

      1. And yet, you ignore both those folks on your side who say horrific things from behind pen names, constantly AND those that address you with their real name. Not hypocritical at all.

      3. Most folks agree that the UBP messed up. A lot. But they’re not e boogeyman you make them out to be. This question is sneaky as heck.

  41. Fraudulent Fred says:

    Chris – “I was up Dockyard last week and the job was still on going and over budget.” I don’t doubt that you were “up in Dockyard”, bit please back the rest of your statement up up. I would hate to uncover you as a liar. Maybe you’re just uneducated?

    • Chris Famous says:

      The project was due to be completed in May before the cruise ship season. It is now December.

      The project was due to hire 75% Bermudians. The persons i saw working there were not Bermudian.

      The project was to cost 22 million. The project costs have exceeded 22 million.

      The project was started due to the new Breakaway ship.
      The ship was safely tied to the existing wharf.

      Let me know which part is a lie.

      When people cannot fight the facts, they then resort to name calling and attempting to say persons are uneducated.

      All this coming from persons who hide their face and names online.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        “The persons i saw working there were not Bermudian.”

        What does a Bermudian look like then Chris?

      • Unbelievebale says:

        Well if the PLP had hired a reputable and decent contractor to build the damn thing, maybe we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

  42. SMH says:

    Who cares about party names! I want Bermuda to recover and for too long politicians have not addressed that. Absolutely pleased to see Nalton gone. What an insult to educators to even think he could manage persons far more astute than he is! Love Grant Gibbons. He is smart and will get the apathy out of education. And forget what Mike Charles has to say. He has spent too many years deprofessionalizing education. He is well over retirement and needs to go! As long as I can vote I will NEVER vote for the PLP. I have them and these self serving unions to thank for losing $500 out of my pay and the reason for Bermuda tinkering on bankruptcy. I’m a black educated Bermudia so very sick of people like Famous who is an embarrassment!

  43. Chris Famous says:

    My last comment on this thread.

    Out of one mouth the OBA calls for unity. Ok fine.
    Then from the mouths of their online supporters they use every vile word and tactic to insult the majority of the population.

    Not one of you have the common sense to use your real name and speak in a rational manner. So tell us how do you expect national unity? It will now come about by hiding under cyber sheets with words of anger,frustration and hatred.

    The facts remain that those 10 Ministers of the present OBA Government were born and bred in the UBP.

    Let us know why they all abandoned the UBP.

    God bless you all.

    • Victor says:

      I think you are right to stop posting before you lose your party even more votes. Anonymity is a good thing, as are whistleblowers.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Here we go again with this racist hypocrisy from Mr. Famouss. It’s ok when his side does it.