2.5 Hr Video: Cannabis Decriminalization Forum

March 17, 2014

The PLP hosted “Free Up 1.0″ — an open mic on the decriminalization of cannabis — last night [Mar 16] at the Devils Hole Club starting from 7:00pm. The event was moderated by Senator Diallo Rabain and panelists included Senator Marc Daniels, Alan Gordon and Michael Brangman.

The full 2.5 hour video of the meeting is below:

Those in attendance included OBA MP Sylvan Richards, Cannabis Reform Collaborative [CRC] members Stratton Hatfield, Robyn Swan and Khomeini Taalib-Din, political commentator Chris Famous, PLP deputy chairperson Tinee Furbert and lawyer Eugene Johnston.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Wow empty room !

  2. BETTTY TRUMP says:

    Thanks Bernews for this, your spot on. Sunday evening is difficult to attend such a meeting for most. But it still seem to have a great impact. As time goes on, more will learn about this subject matter. Well done !

    • Hmmm says:

      If that is the case Betty, it shows how out of touch the PLP are with the people.

      Please stop trying to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse.

    • Put pupils first says:

      They should take a leaf out of the BIU’s book and schedule the meeting in the middle of the day. Then everybody could just walk out of work and attend couldn’t they Betty?

  3. a photog says:

    maybe if PLP didn’t make this a political arena they would have got more attendees please don’t take that as a diss

    • ya right says:

      No diss. Not everyone would even feel comfortable going to an event like that. I bet the majority of folk like yourself would rather watch an online stream.

  4. bear claw says:

    now don’t get me wrong i like a burn….i mean i really LIKE a burn….but this video is a pile a drivel, clearly biased and based on what i shall term ‘dreame’rism’…. no need to to preach all the ‘life savin’ and biblical arguments and all the rest…..plain and simple herb aint as bad as the boogie man makes it out to be and people gonna bun anyways (the war on drugs don’t work)….open the market, bring in the tourists (before the rest of the world gets on the band wagon – cause it def coming), hurt the gangsters profit margin and stop criminalizing normal peoples….pragmatic, economic reasons should be enough in and of themselves #freeuptheherbalist

    • @bear claw. I also agree, take the dollar value out of the drug market and people will have no choice but to “get real”. When we look back upon history we see when alcohol was illegal there had been (basically) the same mentality among the people who were out seeking the “fast bucks”. They had gangland murders daily and the only people profiting were the “Boss” while other received what is termed,”kibbles and bits” for their part. Once it became legal again much of that lifestyle was swept away and it became a legal business providing legal jobs to many citizens. So yes, I also do support not only decriminalizing “narcotics”(or, weed alone)I want to see the children coming up educated on the pros and cons.

  5. the purps says:

    enjoyed this vid change is coming….