Senator Ming: Bascome ‘Insensitive’, ‘Inaccurate’

April 2, 2014

RENEE MING[Updated] Senator Renee Ming has spoken out after what she called “insensitive” and “inaccurate” comments from St. George’s MP Kenneth Bascome about the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center.

Speaking with ZBM on Monday evening, Mr. Bascome said he feels they need an ambulance stationed in the east end.

Mr. Bascome was asked if he was in favour of the Centre remaining open and said, “I would not have any problems with it closing, because I believe we need to have an ambulance more than that particular facility.

Speaking about the petition to keep the Centre open, Mr. Bascome told ZBM, “We need to do a forensic analyzation of those signatures and see how many are more than one person.”

Senator Ming said, “After listening to the comments made by my area MP, Mr. Kenneth Bascome [OBA], on local television regarding the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center, I felt compelled to respond.

“I found his entire rant to be not only insensitive but also inaccurate. His dismissal of the petitioners’ concerns and his accusations of petition fraud were unbecoming of one who should be championing or at the very least respecting the opinions of his constituents.

“Mr. Bascome showed gross insensitivity to the service that the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center has fulfilled in the eastern region.

“In addition, he displayed a lack of understanding of the functionality of the UCC. To down play the significance of the facility and refer to it as a Convenience Care Center further showed his insensitivity.

“There have been conflicting reports given of the future of the UCC. The Premier Craig Cannonier, has said it will not close, while Health Minister Trevor Moniz has given the UCC a one year reprieve.

“Now we have MP Bascome totally discounting the positive impact of the UCC and categorically stating that it should be closed. It begs the question, what is the real plan?

“I, like other East Enders call on the OBA government to come up with a strategic plan for the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Center with a goal of making it a sustainable part of our health and safety environment.

“The people of St. George’s, St. David’s and Bermuda deserve more respect than they have been shown by the erratic and careless remarks of Mr. Kenneth Bascome,” concluded Senator Ming.

Update Apr 3, 7.53am: In response, an OBA spokesperson said, “In the House of Assembly just a few days ago, the Minister of Health, Trevor Moniz, talked about the efforts under way to find a sustainable solution for the Lamb Foggo Centre that works for the community.

“He said that among the schemes being looked into are moving the Department of Health’s Public Health Clinics from their small and very old facility in St. George’s to the Lamb Foggo building.

“At the moment, the Clinic provides maternal and child health clinics, dental clinics, and wellness clinics for seniors.

“While the clinics would not provide Urgent Care services, they could operate in a facility that is newer and much more modern than their current location. The Lamb Foggo facility might also allow the Department to expand some of its offerings and to use the St. George’s facility for other purposes.

“It’s also worth pointing out that our Member of Parliament for St George’s West, Nandi Outerbridge, in a column carried in local media, suggested that it was a mistake for the Opposition to cast this as a kind of One Bermuda Alliance vs the People of the East End battle.

“‘This is really a community problem,’ she said, ‘in which we all share responsibility for figuring out how to deal with a White Elephant that was misconceived right from the very start.’”

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  1. Hmmm says:

    Don’t be so disingenious Ming ! You know full well that not all those signatures are East End !

    A cuts and bruises centre v’s an ambulance to ensure quick response in emergencies. That is a no brainer.

    • LMAO2 says:

      Any mother with young children know of the validity of Lamb Foggo.

      Ok Kiprock aka Kenny Bascome – you say 200 were duplicated – that still leaves 4800 who says we need the clinic.

      Your problem sir, is that you don’t want Lamb Foggo to succeed because you don’t want the St. George’s clinic moved from your constituency like your voter one would like to see happen. You are a selfish individual and with your limited elocution, we now need to question that undereducated individuals should not be in the house of assembly.

      • ganja mon says:

        4800 people dont even live in the East End! She got people from all over the island who are PLP diehards to sign it…Keep it real !

        • skinnydipper says:

          There is over 6000 registered votes in St Georges. Not including St david’s…..just for your FVI

        • LMAO East West says:

          Yes weedman, goes to show that people islandwide are in support of the clinic remaining open.

  2. Sandy Bottom says:

    Bascome’s remarks seemed reasonable to me.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Bascome’s remarks seem “RECKLESS”, INACCURATE and FALSE” to me and thousands of others, and more so lacking any real knowledge in regards to the significance of the clinic. Who took the muffler off his mouth, as when this issue first came about he and Nandi’s mouths were wired shout by the OBAubp. ..REALLY

      Now he comes out speaking in a RECKLESS tone, with no real care or full insight in regards to this critical matter.

      This clinic is key for persons in the East End of the Island. Particularly during a natural crisis or bridge gets cut off. Mr. Bascome and Nandi are nothing more than playing the part of figure-heads, and speaking only when allowed to by the OBAubp. Please stop it Bascome.

      IF they both cared anything about the folks in the East End they would have acted when this matter was first brought to light, instead they both walked away from it. Now Nandi in Bernews pretending she wrote some article…how crazy does the OBAubp think folks are… get REAL…PLEASE !! STOP THE FOOLISHNESS OBAubp.

    • Robert says:

      Because you are an a@# !!!!

      • Robert says:

        Thats for sandy bottom

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        It’s an expensive, under utilised first aid post. We don’t need it. Wanker.

        • ABM says:

          Wanker…………… you are not Bermudian are you?????

          • ABM says:

            Or should I say, you migrated here very recently didn’t you?

          • Hmmm says:

            Perhaps he/she is a more worldly travelled person than you.

            Some Bermudians actually go to college overseas for longer than 3 years too.

          • Sandy Bottom says:

            Yes, I’m Bermudian. No, not new. Obviously better travelled than you.

            • ABM says:

              Don’t think that proves you are better traveled, I think it proves you are better at using other countries dialect and implementing within our own.

        • descartes says:

          You are absolutely correct. The centre has become a political pawn.

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

      Why does anyone have to live in the east end to have their signatures on the petition?

      Some-one’s elderly mother, handicapped brother and/or anyone of concern to them could be living in that area and therefore that facility’s fate is a major concern to them.

      With only 24 square miles, no-one is going to convince me that persons living in the east end should be ‘politically quarantined’ for their signatures on a petition as that facility could just as easily receive visitors and/or family member who do not live in the area.

      Even if you were challenging the signature of a visiting tourist s/he may not be a qualified registered voter, but their spent dollars do contribute, directly and/or indirectly, to Bermuda’s tax base.

      This challenge to the signatures on the petition is absolute nonsense.

      London, England

      • Westerners says:

        everyone uses the clinic, its clean, fast service and plenty of parking – it has so much going for it but bascome, outerbridge and suzanne including the funny girl jackson has said in public she wants it closed

      • Haters not says:

        This clinic will remain open, PCC said so. He is telling the truth, isn’t he?

  3. Bermuda First says:

    Should have never been built. Not needed and a complete waste of tax dollars.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      But hey, it bought a few votes from the easily fooled. Millions well spent as far as the PLP was concerned. Now the OBA is saddled with trying to make the building useful.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      One of the best things build in St. Georges in the past 10 years was the Clinic. Maybe it could have been a size smaller, but it was sure a good thing. It serves a purpose, however the OBAubp just do not have a PLAN to ensure its long-term viability and to make it effective for the people in the EAST END. IT has REAL PURPOSE and remains to be a key part of that community.

      Folks in the area believe it is key to their survive. We should support them to ensure such is provided in the EAST as well as far as in Hamilton. The CLinic is used by many, not just folks that live directly in the area of St.David or St. Georges.

      Lets keep it open, and build real effective management of the Clinic moving forward !!

  4. Miss. Q says:

    Thank you Ms. Ming for your eloquent and forceful reply. You are doing the work of the MP who should be seeing to it that his constituents needs are met and their voices are being heard. Instead he is shooting himself in the foot by denying his own people the basics of healthcare…what a guy!

  5. Terry says:

    PLP built it.

    • inna says:

      Exactly Terry. This is nothing more than (and i hate to use the term) drivel from the PLP camp. Though i understand the concerns of keeping the center open, quite frankly the east end could do with a facility capable of providing better medical services than what the Lamb Foggo currently offers. As Mr Bascome said, it really isnt anything more than a convenience center. I know a few people who have been to LF, checked in, spoken to by a “doctor”, and then casually told to please make their with to KEMH! And this has been over different needs of attention.

  6. This center is fantastic,it just needs doctors to get together and work from there.More over …medicine could be operated less expensively here as there would be less overhead.I just needs management.It could easily be operated as a medical center for specialists such as specialist medicine and general practioners.I’ll tell you what though…for my money I’ll bank it save for a ticket to where medicine can be had for pennies on the dollar,thailand,China,well just about anywhere but here…their medicine is as good or better….but much ,much,much cheaper…pennies on the dollar…I’ll be lookin for international insurance as well…or just in these cheaper countries….I bet you I find it too….

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      It’s a first aid post for 10 people a day. Completely unnecessary. If you want a medical specialist, go to the hospital like the rest of us.

  7. Kangoocar says:

    Sen Ming, everything MP Bascome said was totally correct!!! Maybe if you can come up with some way to make this part time band aid clinic pay for its self, some with intelligence will listen to you!!! But once again we have plp nonsense with know substance!!! You and your type who have know experience on how an economy works should just stay silent!! Your plp’s time in power proves my point, just apologize for your parties carnage and then stay silent and watch how the professionals handle it! Heck you might even learn something!!!

  8. metro says:

    maybe um wrong here, but isn’t the Lamb Foggo center in the event that the causeway got damaged again, so maybe they need both, the center to care for the sick/injured, and the ambulance to get them there, umjustsayingg

  9. nuffin but the truth says:

    there was a perfectly good hospital left by the US Navy when they closed down NAS…… but some clowns ordered it destroyed!

  10. GOD1ST says:

    Pile Of Tricks coming from Both sides lol….

  11. not TT says:

    I find it odd that Kenny aka Mr “Pro St Georges” hasnt said a word about the closing of the bridge.

    • jt says:

      Why would he? The vast majority of his constituents have no problem at all with it.

  12. Wondering Why says:

    All the naysayers in this forum don’t have a clue about the function of this clinic, nor have they probably ever used it. It is sad that it has turned into a political football, because it really serves a need for the people of the east end.
    First of all, it is totally inaccurate to call it a “convenience centre” or a “band aid station.” Not only is this untrue, but it’s an insult to the fine medical personnel there who attended to a variety of disorders. When my hubby experienced chest palpitations, he wasn’t turned away to KEMH. They checked his vitals, and were able to do an EKG on the spot. When my granddaughter had an asthma attack, she also received excellent care. I have used the centre on numerous occasions myself, and seen people there with a host of ailments. So it is grossly unfair and untrue to say it serves no purpose.
    Furthermore, a doctor there told me firsthand that it would ease the burden tremendously

  13. squirt says:

    Rookie Ming, chill out please and sit back, or better still. LET ME LEARN YOU SOMETHING …. LMAO !!!!!!! This position is not for you… Stay on your porch and let the pitbulls sort this out… or go back to East End Primary and this time pay attention…

    Kenny Bascome knows the system and he has been around the block a million times, he knows whats up… 68yrs of knowledge little girl… Now Mr Bascome, please continue sir……

    • LMAO says:

      Really laughing my a$$ off because to compare illiterate Kiprock with Renee is a laughable joke.

      Kiprock can rhyme like most illiterate people of his generation.

      Did he attend East End? If he did, he obviously did not listen to his teachers – he must have been at tobacco bay looking at the fishes lmao.

  14. Wondering Why says:

    Sorry, hit submit accidentally before I was finished.
    The doctor said it would ease the burden on KEMH tremendously if more people used the centre. That would benefit everybody, since a lot of people use KEMH for those so called band aid situations. Some people, such as those on HIP, have little choice but to use KEMH, which ties up the doctors with the small stuff and increases the wait time for everybody.
    To the people that say we cannot afford it, I was one of the first people to publicly state that it was the removal of the diagnostic services that led to the drop in revenue. I went for a blood test at KEMH and the room was packed. Why not reinstate that service and others, such as xray, to the urgent care? Surely that will increase revenue and again will ease the burden and wait time at KEMH.
    Like I said, it is time to stop playing politics with this. We can debate til the cows come home on whether it should have been built in the first place. The point is that it’s here now, so let’s drop the belly aching and find a viable solution.

  15. Coffee says:

    Here’s a guy who proposed that the parish of St.George should have the exclusive right to tax every airline passenger who landed in Bermuda . More fart talk from MP Bascome that makes no sense .

  16. ABC says:

    a bunch of kids cryin

    no wonder in nvester see this childish political

    bermuda sorry ur own fleas bites u de hardest

  17. Inquiring minds says:

    Tell you what let us give Renee and Zane exactly what THEY want let us leave the bridge operating and the lamb foggiest clinc open. When the bridge gets stuck open the tour boats can make a fortune taking people from one side to the other and they can walk to the clinc cause their cars will be on the other side not to mention the fery boat will be the only commute so hope the bridge is fixed before winter or st George’s people will have a long furlough.
    How about the politicians just shut up and let the engineers decide the risk maintenance issue ok!!!!

    And re clinic during hurricane prep there is an ambulance on east side of the causeway so

  18. Pat says:

    It is so sad to read the reckless comments from Mr. Bascome and others about this healthcare facility. When we think of how many Bermudians fly off to healthcare institutions around the world it should wake is up to the fact that we need more quality access to healthcare and additional locations to carry the load. KEMH is stretched to the limit. The relief that would be realized by full utilization of the Urgent Care Center would save money and pay for itself. It must be promoted more and it should not be for east end residents but for all Bermudians. The drive is certainly not that far if you need testing and emergency care. I am not saying that you bypass KEMH to get there for an emergency but iif you are close to it use it. It should have been built with rooms to house sick people as well so that KEMH would not have sick people sleeping in Emergency Room area all night waiting for a bed upstairs. We need another facility in Bermuda.

  19. aceboy says:

    In my experience the remarks about the clinic were spot on. I have been “advised” to go to Lamb Foggo for any issue that is NOT an emergency. “Go up there, no wait and the people are very nice” Sure its a 30 minute drive but you save hours of waiting.

  20. Bermuda Boy says:

    Bermuda’s idea of free speech….SHUT UP and BE QUIET.

  21. Starting Point says:

    Mrs. Ming can be of assistance by providing the strategic plan that the PLP created when they built the facility…..

    oh thats right, she can’t because the PLP were just buying votes, as they did with the court house building that was started to show progress but then strangely stopped for over a year.

  22. swing voter says:

    where was the loud political outcry on behalf of St Georgians when the smaller cruise ship contracts were not renewed. What about the lack of government support for the crumbling infrastructure. How about the destruction of a fully functional golf course and systemic starvation of businesses, entertainment and government funded attractions that would otherwise draw tourist dollars. I don’t recall hearing a remark from Ms. Ming on these issues

  23. Upsetwithverdict says:

    I think we need these Emergency facilities in the East End and West End. Bascome makes no sense and his only talking cause the plp called him out on it the other day. Ms. Ming is the best candidate for St.George’s she is smart n makes alot of sense. Get it right next time St.George’s!

  24. descartes says:

    Asinine comments from a “senator”. The medical center truly is a first aid post that Bermuda cannot afford. The money spent on operating the unit could be better spent. For example, the re-opening of the medical clinic has been conveniently swept under the carpet. A much more deserving cause.

  25. crazy says:

    I listened to Mr. Bascome’s comments. What troubled me was, he spoke passionately but he did not present much facts. He no longer is speaking for himself but he represents a constituancy and the Government of the day. Most of his comments were off the cuff and not reflective of a man who is aware of the nuiances of leadership and words. He at best was insensitive, and biased in his comments. He was painful to listen to an offensive to the people of St Georges. Really is solution is an Ambulance in the east end??? is that and educated and thought out solution???? no strategy, or plan??? scary the people that are in place to govern us??? he should stay a caller to the talk show…… but leadership in our country…..hell no!

  26. umjussayin says:

    Thank you very much Mrs.Ming! You are and continue to be a voice of reason. The people of St George have a creditable representative who has their best interest at heart.

    Don’t worry about the past administration you are the new administration.

    At least we hear and see you regularly. Where is Nandi?

  27. enough says:

    If the PLP had not wasted/misused so much money, there would be no need to consider reducing services such as the LF UC facility. We would have been able to afford it. What one spends on wasteful things means that there is less money for other things

  28. enough says:

    All the monies overspent on suspicious projects such as Berkeley, BHC, Global Hue, Heritage Wharf, TCD, BLDC and others. We laughed at these at the time, but they are coming back to haunt us now that money is short.

  29. Take it Easy! says:

    So the excuse is if something happends to the causeway eastenders can’t get to the hospital. Lame excuse! Somerset people have 4 bridges to cross I don’t see an UCC in the west! The PLP took your police station, golf course, and promised a hotel no outrage NOTHIN! It is just a cover up for the PLP just to say they did something for the east! When in reality they gave u NOTHING! Can’t u people not see throught PLP yet! They continue to mulipulate u people chew u up and spit u out!

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