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June 7, 2014

Following his comments last week about giving his young daughter ganja tea to treat her asthma,  Opposition Leader Marc Bean spoke with Bernews about the subsequent reaction, the role of alternative medicine in health care, politics in general and more.

Last Week’s Comments

Speaking in the House of Assembly last week Friday, Mr. Bean said he has seen the benefits of medicinal use of cannabis first hand with both his father and daughter.

Mr. Bean said, “When my daughter was three years old, because of the circumstances I didn’t have much opportunity to spend time with her up until she reached about two-and-a-half, three, but I always was told she suffers from asthma. Severely.

“The first opportunity I had my daughter — who is now going 20 years old — the first opportunity I had her in my care and custody, I went and made her a big cup of ganja tea. At two-and-a-half….three years old.

“Now some of you might be saying that’s irresponsible as a parent, but you can go ask her mother and her family on her mother’s side today. Since that day she has never, ever suffered from asthma. Since that one day, that one cup of cannabis tea. So you can’t tell me the medicinal use of it.”

Responding To The Reaction

When asked about the subsequent reaction to his comments, Mr. Bean said, “Well, it’s been expected, to be honest. The amount of discussion that’s surrounded my comments that have been highlighted in the media, not withstanding the fact that I was the last person to contribute in a seven hour debate, which started off with persons giving their own personal testimonies.

“Now we have to understand in the country, beyond all the hoopla, from a Parliamentary perspective I think both sides are the host, we’re not under the whip. When you’re under the whip, it means that you must toe the party line and the things that you say, usually are considered to be a position of the party.

“Now on all questions on morality, whether sexual orientation, whether it’s marijuana or any other item on morality, I myself as leader following in the tradition of all leaders in the PLP, removes the whip from our Parliamentarians.

“That means that they are free to express themselves in whatever way they so desire and that whatever they say, will not be the position of the Progressive Labour Party, because you can speak your conscience freely,” explained Mr. Bean.

“Now if I can extend that to my colleagues, as the Premier extended it to his colleagues, then certainly the person who extends it, should also have the privilege of also speaking within that context. And that’s what I did.

“Regardless if I did not mention my daughter, I suspect by mentioning my father, the headlines would have been elder abuse. If I would have not mentioned my father, it would have been something else that I said in that debate that would have been the headline.

“The reason for it, is because obviously the media, some media, and the One Bermuda Alliance are aching for a way to deflect from the fourteen months of deception and especially surrounding the JetGate issue, but other issues also, that’s what’s happened.

“But in terms of the feedback within the community, you have some people who are naturally concerned, and I understand that, and others who are very supportive.

“I hope that in my raising of it all, it being highlighted, can launch a more deeper discussion in terms of health care provision and introduction of more alternative medicines and those alternative medicine providers in the country today, given more attention by us in Government, because I feel prevention is better than cure and if you can apply alternative, holistic health techniques to heal you, then certainly it can reduce the costs of our health care system.

“And so instead of focusing on the political, it’s time for us to have a higher degree of maturity, because health care, which I describe in the debate surrounding medical cannabis, is vitally important and it transcends politics.

10 minute video with Mr. Bean

Taking Away From CRC Report

When if he thought his message was lost, Mr. Bean said, “I don’t think my message was lost, because those who were there, they heard. But unfortunately I think it distracted from the CRC report. The members of the CRC done something that very few people have been able to do in the time period that they had.

“I was on the Bermuda Independence Commission and it took us almost a year to produce a report. The CRC, within a matter of a few months, produced an absolutely comprehensive report that is not only worthy of debate and discussion, but is worthy of the attention of the Government, to see what recommendations can be implemented.

“So unfortunately, because of the nature of politics in Bermuda and the need to deflect, the excellent work done by all the members of the CRC, who deserve the total amount of credit, has been pushed to the side and I think Bermuda in the end will lose out for it.

Looking Back In Hindsight

When asked if, looking back, he would have done anything different, Mr. Bean replied: “Always you can look back in hindsight. I mean, earlier today you heard me speaking about immigration. I used terminology for instance, I described in what I see, what appears, the One Bermuda Alliance’s relationship towards the voting public in this country, all voters.

“I was trying to be diplomatic and Parliamentary, I used terminology like ‘we are ladies of the night‘ and they are managers, but then at the end I said, ‘some open leg-ism’, which the Speaker asked me to withdraw, which I did, because it was un-Parliamentary language in every way.

“So then you look at that, you have to go back and say okay, maybe I should have not been so personal with my life, by knowing that people are out there looking for ammunition to attack me and the Progressive Labour Party anyway. So going forward in the future, I think I have to respect my own privacy and my family’s privacy. Not withstanding the fact that everyone got up and gave personal testimonies.

“Because that was the nature of the debate on Friday, it wasn’t antagonistic across the floor everyone humbly and maturely had an open discussion and I merely participated and gave my contribution based on the topic at hand, which was cannabis reform, but in particular what’s been highlighted is the medical use of cannabis. Hopefully, we can look at it in a more mature way.

Health, Alternative Medicine

“For my part, I have no regrets in opening up discussion of the potential benefits of medical cannabis to people, and also I take it a step further, and like to drive the discussion towards alternative medicine as a whole.

“As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not curing a disease, then you’re actually not correctly treating the disease. For some reason, there are a lot of people in western medicine that have the concept that there’s no cure for a lot of diseases, and as far as I’m concerned, that just feeds into this cradle-to-grave cycle of profiteering at the expense of people’s sufferation.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if you’re my enemy, all right, if you’re not in good health and I have the opportunity to share some of my own knowledge that I have cultivated and experienced in my own life, then I’ll certainly share it with you, if that can allow you to restore yourself to health.

Politics, Being Honourable

When asked to respond to some comments saying he should resign, Mr Bean said: “Isn’t it ironic that people are calling for my resignation, by me standing up and giving a contribution on a topic and being honest and forthright in telling the truth?

“That a few weeks ago, we had the Premier and the AG who had to resign for the complete opposite, that’s not telling the truth, that’s not being transparent, that’s not being honest. Yet when we stand up in this House, the one thing that we all demand to be addressed by is the title Honourable.

“We demand it, in this House, to be addressed by the term Honourable. Well, you tell me what Honourable means, it means being honest. So if you ask me to resign for being honourable, in the midst of a party that still we’re expecting resignations over being dishonourable, to me it’s a contradiction.

Mr. Bean added, “So it’s not something that I will take under consideration in any which way, because I stand in the truth.”

Reaction From Party, Being Frank

When asked did he get much reaction from other party members, Mr. Bean said, “Yes, there’s been some reaction. Good and bad, but I hope, and it’s something that again when it comes to the party, everything’s internal. Of course persons will have, within and outside the party, sometimes will have an issue with the terms and the words that I use.

“Not only am I honest, or brutally frank, but sometimes I use words that paint a picture that’s very explicit and as a leader I understand that at times, words have to be used in a manner which can reach everyone.

“That’s something that I have to learn, but at the same time, again, I use my experience and as a responsible father I thought that I would share that experience, because there’s a lot of parents in this country whose children are suffering from asthma.

Asthma, Herbs

“And who, when you’re looking at your child, suffering from the most fundamental aspect of life itself, being able to breathe, do you mean to tell me that if there’s a way that, because the people are saying, all the scientists are, some scientists and charities are saying that there’s no cure for it.

“How could you give hope to people when they see their child suffering from being able to breathe and tell them it’s no cure? So for me, if there’s something that I can offer, or anyone can offer in terms of knowledge to help someone, then I’m going to share it.

“Asthma can also be treated, and other bronchial or lung related diseases, there are herbs that grow in this country wild, like mullen and elderberry bush, that you can use to treat respiratory disease and respiratory congestion and it grows wild and it’s free. Right outside our backyards, why shouldn’t I let the people know? And remind the elders in this country who used to take those very same herbal medicines to treat themselves before the advent of pharmacists.

“Why shouldn’t I let the people know that there’s another way to restore yourself and your family back to health. Now if I get crucified for that, then I guess, it’s not me that has to look in the mirror, people have to look in the mirror,” concluded Mr. Bean.

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  1. Wandering says:

    Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed innit.They will be yours for food.”
    The Bible ,Genesis 1:29

    • careca says:

      God also gave yo poison ivy…why not smoke it too since god gave it to you?

      • D says:

        He did not say he let his 3 year old smoke it. The leaf was boiled and given as a tea. Its a herb that is grown in the ground. You all need to be educated. Your great grands and grands probably had some of this tea when they were coming along.

      • isa says:

        @Careca If a medicinal, nutritional or physical benefit is found, I probably would. I sure as heck would not imprison anyone for doing so, regardless of the use.

    • Hmm says:

      Hmm… but some trees and fruits are poisonous. Do people go around smoking and eating every plant?

      Producing fire is a human discovery, so is putting smoke into our lungs really sooo natural?

      • BETTTY Trump says:

        Thanks Mr. Bean

        An Analysis of Cannabis Reform in Bermuda Final Advisory Document”

        The findings in the CRC report are very important. I must congratulate this group of young people for such in-depth research. I look forward the government taking the findings serious and hopefully implementation of many the recommendations. I hope folks would take time to read the full report carefully, and debate the issues presented in the report.

        Lets not waste further time getting bug down in this non-issue. Lets not use this matter to deflect from the real issues in Bermuda. We have several hot issues that must be addressed and debated in great detail. PRC status, Tourism Authority use of Taxpayers monies and CRC report. These issues are so important and must take stronger present in our debate. How can a society overlook focusing on more significant issues, that have a direct impact on Bermuda and her people?

        The CRC recommends:

        1. Ensure the new master DNDC plan focuses on managing substance use from a “health centered approach”…as Mr. Bean is pointing out.

        2. Age of consent for access and consumption of Cannabis and alcohol should both be twenty-one (21).

        3. Treatment continuum should create cannabis specific services to assist those with dependence

        4. Companies providing group health insurance must offer insurance coverage to treat alcoholism and drug addiction 5. Government continue to consult with employers, unions, and insurance companies regarding a substantial change in law and policy to protect workers rights.

        There are some very key findings in this report that must be addressed. I am more disappointed that we the people are overlooking where the real debate is. Our time and attention must be redirected and focus on what is more important.

        Thanks CRC, and please work to push this further. “We the people are the government,” and it is our actions that will make it happen only.

      • Cleancut says:

        Those who die from lung cancer by smoking weed all their life were killed by smoke inhalation. Remember Marajuana doesn’t kill.

        • Anbu says:

          U anti weed people make me holler! Lmfao. If u dont smoke it why does it bother u people sp much? I dont get it. They hurt themselves by indulgin in it not u. Nobody has a prob with alcohol when its a miliion times more dangerous, because its legal. U refuse to even acknowledge how much money can be generated from it. But we all wanna moan and complain about how broke we are. Get a friggin life! They want to smoke let them. Even if they fully legalize i highly doubt that anyone will be able to just walk down the street smokin a fatty. Cmon people. Ease up a bit. You guys wanna hang someone for smokin pot but pedophiles and murderers get off scott free. U all need a draw. Lol

          • Hmm says:

            There is a difference between the question of legalization and the health effects.

        • Rick Rock says:

          Soi he should get away with going it to a baby?

          • D says:

            For giving what to a baby…. a natural herb in tea form. He didnt make her smoke a joint. As a tea is a herb. My great grands and grands, great aunts and uncles all drank herbal tea grown in their back yard sometime or the other. Get educated please and soon.

        • Hmm says:

          Smoke inhalation is typically the result of getting caught in a large fire. Lung problems from cigarettes are caused from tar, which naturally occurs from burning plants.

      • isa says:

        It was tea. You don’t have to smoke ganja to reap its benefits. Actually it is most beneficial if you use other alternative methods. Educate yourselves please.

    • Always Watching says:

      He didn’t say smoke and do nothing with your life except talk a lot of gibberish and do nothing to bring any of your ideologies’ to fruition.Fool!!!

  2. Jus' Askin' says:


  3. el says:

    excellent response!!!Mr. Bean I admire your honesty and always enjoy when you speak in the House of Assembly and outside.. Perfect sense!Whilst people beg for honesty, they can’t handle it when they get it! Its really very simple and just exposes the ignorance of our society and why so many foreigners are coming in and just taking our jobs because we don’t want to recognize reality for what it is, some would prefer to make their own happy ending but Mr. Bean you speak truth and should be commended for doing so.. I am so glad you had the testicular fortitude to defend an HERB that has been used to divide, confuse and manipulate people for centuries and freedom of that HERB PLANT is what is needed , so that other issues that have been associated with the PLANT, such as the mass incarceration of our ” black” males who have had their entire lives disrupted and now represent worldwide the most percentage of males incarcerated than in slavery in the 1800′s. This fact is being ignored as well as why the HERB PLANT was made illegal to begin with. Because of discrimination of a people with a certain hue of skin, an HERB PLANT was used to divide and conquer, the same HERB PLANT described in the “BIBLE (genesis 1:29) The actual HERB PLANT that can cure and prevent so many ailments is being used to confuse people who are ignorant of their own health issues and why they are so caught up in the stronghold of the system they are not thinking for themselves but rather what is expected of them to thin or say. We are living in a NEW DAWN, yes the SUN is now travelling through the age of Aquarius and not Pisces and so the NEW DAWN brings the Light so we will see what was hidden . Revelations will be revealed whether people accept the truth is a personal matter.. Once again thank you MR. Bean , for being a true Leader and shedding light on a very important matter that needs to be addressed. the future health of our people depends on it.

    • Cleancut says:

      The only thing about weed that is bad is when people use it as a substitute for a life.

    • SadSadSad says:

      Hey, smoke another one ! PLEASE ,talk about self intrest!

      • BETTTY Trump says:

        The CRC report…..”Furthermore, the criminalization of cannabis has been paralleled with disparity along racial lines in terms of enforcement, sentencing, incarceration and related health issues, all of which contribute greatly to the societal challenges of structural racism. Indeed the history of Cannabis prohibition is fraught with nefarious motives linked to the discrimination of non-whites and immigrant populations. The discussion surrounding this theme was that many young men, Blacks in particular, encountered the criminal justice system through what they deemed were unfair practices.”

        I hope this CRC Report is not put on the shelve to gather dust, like so many other valuable reports. Government’s are often good at requesting a Report, but extremely poor at implementation of the findings that are suitable to Bermuda. While all recommendations are often not a right fit, in a report such as this many are.

      • BETTTY TRUMPING says:

        Thanks Mr. Bean

        I hope that the government will move forward in a Serious Manner to consider the findings of the “CRC report”. The recommendations are outstanding. The reality is often government are great at requesting reports or evaluations be done, but fail to follow thru on putting into place the recommendations found in the reports. This seems to be overlooked by the people. We must push the government to take this report serious and carry out some of the recommendations, if not it was merely a waste of time.

        The OBAupb requested the CRC report be conducted, which was a great move. I hope everyone takes out time to read the report seriously, and consider its findings. It clarified and provides facts to much of the mis-information as presented by some bloggers. The findings of the report is where the debate should be focus. It provides a road-map to the government. I congratulate the members of the CRC of such hard work and the short time they completed the research.

        I suggest that folks take the time to read the CRC report before posting. It will provided a wider perspective and facts on the issue. Please read the report, and it will provide a more stronger quality of debate.

  4. Huh says:

    Thank you Mr. Bean for continuing to show all of us your true character. Stick to the wicket, keep being 100% honest about all your choices, decisions, ideas & lifestyle. Ignore those calling for you to resign. You are almost the perfect Opposition Leader for the OBA Govt.. My only question is why aren’t your PLP colleagues following your “Honesty” path?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Other PLP colleague aren’t following your path? So you are confirming the split within the PLP. This should be interesting to watch.

      • BETTTY TRUMPING says:

        Sorry your wish is not to be. But take a look at the CRC report the findings are great point to have a logical and factual debate.

      • Huh says:

        Huge split within the PLP. None of his PLP colleagues are supporting him or speaking out on this issue. He is completely isolated especially from the AME Church wing, where Rev. Tweed (not weed) has taken over this constituency with his People’s Movement. Formation of a 3rd party is imminent. It will probably be church led, very conservative – anti-gay/anti-casino gaming/anti-decriminalization/anti-foreigner-status Bermudians/anti-Int’l business/anti-same sex marriage/anti-privatization/pro-union-organized labour/pro-born Bermudian/pro-tourism/pro-allowing in foreign Health Insurance Companies/etc..

        • Bettty Trump says:

          Another dreamer….keep up the spin, if it makes you feel good….lol

    • SadSadSad says:


  5. mr.speaker says:

    He says his daughter had asthma if her Dr. stated that she neva had it bean should step down.

    • Somebody's momma says:

      Did you read her mother’s story. She confirmed that her daughter had asthma.

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    What an erudite leader of the people! Thank you Marc Bean, thank you!

    • Hmmm says:

      Arrogant , do what I want to is his MO.

    • SMH says:

      You need to look up the definition or erudite. I think you mean to say incompetent

    • Rick Rock says:

      Erudite people can pronounce words ending in g.

  7. Cleancut says:

    Yes “Honourable” means being honest, by not using or administrating illegal drugs.

    • BETTTY Trump says:

      Well guess all members from both sides of the floor would have to step down, after some admitted use as well. More so you do not know whom on the oBAubp is still using it? I do think you will be surprise perhaps.

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    Just saying what you think Mr Bean does not make it honest or legal. It is just your opinion no more no less…..your admission of serving your baby daughter an illegal substance is honest but it was illegal to be in possession of the substance…you are just someone who talks a lot but says very little as evidenced by the interview

    • Hmmm says:

      Did he grow and cultivate it, or did he buy it?

    • BETTTY Trump says:

      As part of the CRC report, the findings indicated in a survey that: “When respondents were asked what form of reform they preferred, more than half (54%) chose the legalization of marijuana. Just over one-quarter (26%) favored decriminalization, and 13% favored medical Cannabis regulation. Less than 1 in 10 (7%) opted for either nothing else or some other choice. This speaks to the fact that most people in Bermuda would like to see Legalization of Marijuana. When respondents were asked what form of reform they preferred, more than half (54%) chose the legalization of marijuana. Just over one-quarter (26%) favored decriminalization, and 13% favored medical Cannabis regulation. Less than 1 in 10 (7%) opted for either nothing else or some other choice. These findings are very interesting and speak to how the large society thinks and views Cannabis reform in Bermuda. I think movement away from it been illegal is what the people of Bermuda are asking for. Illegal or not folks use it.

  9. Hmmm says:

    You still should resign. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Saying sorry after still don’t make them right.

  10. Liars/Truth says:

    resign please

    • SMH says:

      Narc Bean needs to rssign immediately over Gangagate

      • Bettty Trump says:

        Laughing loud, I know your OBAubp are getting more desperate by the minute…REALLY

  11. Raw Onion says:

    What is scary is that there are people out there that listen to him and look to him as their leader. I cringe at that.

    • Ian says:

      You understand exactly why people that hold him in high regard do so.

      • Danny says:

        Ian,we all know who his supporters are …they are on the same natural herbs….

        • SMH says:

          Marc Bean needs to resign because he’s too stupid to be a credible MP

        • careca says:

          The way he speaks or lack of good speaking might give an indication of a drop in 8 point of IQ…

          • SMH says:

            You need to look up the definition or erudite. I think you mean to say incompetent

      • Hmmm says:

        “High regard”. ….. Very subtle humour from Ian :-)

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Just remember , people are like water . They always find their own level.

    • Luke says:

      Raw onion, have you ever tuned in to the PLP’s talk show? they have seven repeat callers that call every day and spew their hared towards the OBA….this so called talk show does not have to many sponsers!!!! I wonder why…

  12. Luke says:

    And the lord made the beautiful oleander plant ….should we try some oleander tea ?

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Ya, lets see you try it. And drink as much as you like…

    • BETTTY trump says:

      CRC- Report……”Many recent studies have found that medicinal cannabis offers a very broad spectrum of therapeutic benefits as a result of its various chemical attributes. However, without a doubt perhaps the most significant focus of attention has been on its reputed effects in cancer treatment.”…. Please take some time to read the findings in the CRC report and other Evidence-based research. It helps much to have knowledge to have an informed debate.

      • Rick Rock says:

        That’s no excuse to give illegal drugs to a toddler.
        It’s inexcusable and irresponsible.
        He should resign.

      • jt says:

        There is a long road from “reputed to cure cancer” to “proven to cure cancer”.
        This is the case with most medical research. The vast majority of all medical studies end with little or no success, or lead to the next step in research. Much more research is required with cannabis before any such claims can be made. Right now there are a multitude of drugs and treatments being researched that could also be claimed as “reputed” to cure cancer, but they of course don’t have the publicity provided to cannabis that its supporters provide. Why is that? I suspect it is because they do not suit the agenda.
        Cannabis should be legalized, but the sweeping claims of medical benefit should be dropped from the laundry list of justifications offered by supporters. Such claims are irresponsible. Research should continue and if we are all very fortunate the current “reputed” claims will come do be.

  13. empero says:


  14. Marge says:

    Has anyone tried poison Ivy tea ? this is also a natural herb…I wonder if this a natural cure for stupidity…

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      nah marge…im sorry but there’s no cure for you…

    • POISON IVY says:

      @ Marge instead of being so sarcastic. Poison Ivy is good to put in some luke warm bath water to heal chicken poxs. So like Marc said there are millons of herbs out there that are grown from the earth that is used to cure and heal naturally. Try purchasing a natural herbs book and stop with your negative thoughts.

      Sounds like you may be addicted to prescription drugs which is making you sound stupid.

  15. Danny says:

    Word on the street is that Mark is history…who will replace him ?

    • Doesn't add up says:

      Mickey Mouse would be an improvement!

    • Danny says:

      In my opinion the PLP,have no one that could be a leader of this Island.

  16. Ms. Poli Tician says:


  17. VJ says:

    I appreciate Mr. Bean’s honesty. He made these comments knowing they would probably cause a stir, but he did it anyway. That took b***s.
    One thing about him, he keeps it real. He’s human, not a pre-programmed robot like a lot of the others on the hill. Another thing all you critics seem to forget is that these people had lives way before politics. You say its OK to forgive a Minister for his past, yet want Mr. Bean to resign over something he did almost twenty years ago? Get real.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      The problem most have is that it wasn’t just his life he was playing with. He introduced a psychotropic drug to a toddler, was proud to have done so, and is proud to have done so to this today, proclaiming he can cure asthma. Yet in the entire rest of human history, there is not one proven case by another person that they have done the same with the same treatment. I don’t care that he used ganja personally, or that he gave some to his father, but to give it… especially a ‘large cup’ of it to a toddler. She is lucky to not have been harmed by that recklessness, others have not been so lucky. I do have concerns that his past lifestyle (and his failure to comment any truth as to whether he still lives that past life) has caught up to him. Listening to the difference and inconsistency in some of his speeches and rants leaves me with hints of possible bipolar, a side effect of ganja use. Despite what many preach, the average marihuana plant has negative effects to the brain’s chemistry when practiced consistently and over a long term, it is only the more modern strains where medical science has been trying to lessen or remove these side effects.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        To this date, no one has cured asthma, not even Mr. Bean

        • Whistling Frog says:

          Mr. Bean never claimed he cured asthma, he stated that the ganja tea did. And why you using words like psychotropic drug? as if his daughters mind was altered in some way or fashion. Its obvious you don’t have a clue what ganja tea is about. Go take your tranquilizer meds your doctor prescribed and stop all the hype…

        • truth said says:

          you are missinformed

          • Rick Rock says:

            There is no cure to asthma. Even giving illegal drugs to a small child does not cure asthma.
            It is a criminal act though.

      • Tipping Point! says:

        Actully i can back that argument as Ganga was legal in my country and since my grand parents days we have used it in our family to cure asthma and arthritis.Given the right doses it can do wonders. Talking about side affects, most medicines have way worse side affects and children are vaccinated from a very young age which also has side affects. Everything in life has a side affect.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      he made his comments because he thought that by talking about someone else he would improve the chance of legalization…he only tries to appeal to his grass roots(pun intended)

      • Observer says:

        An who is Micheal Dunkley appealing Too?? NOT MANY, TRUST ME!Legalize it and don’t criticize it! Many people who voted OBA are tired, just do the right thing and stop showboating and being dictated by the PLP. They have driven and dictated to the OBA at every turn. They never thought they would win, but now that they have, make correct decisions, STAND UP AND DO RIGHT FOR THE COUNTRY!!! If not you will be out and we will be ruined by bringing back the non smiling hate party. Legalize Gunga, if not at least small amounts and for medical reasons. Cut Conscription, let people choose, Cut government’s budget by removing perks, taking vehicles home, cutting major medical, down sizing the member of parliament to 24, Bermuda is only 22 sq miles, make everyone except seniors pay for public transportation, privatize public works and Eg and Fisheries, majority of the Supervisors and staff are very unproductive and expensive to run. Road ways look terrible and it has taken 1 year to build the wall at the Stop light in Paget, it is obvious and your doing nothing about it. Set up an office which is non political and when ever a job comes in, five quotes are provided for the public to view and the best gets rewarded the job. I know it is hard because the country is in a mess that you inherited, but people expected change for the better, give it to them or else get out of the game and create a new party, because the two we have are poor and make terrible decisions.

    • Hmmm says:

      It did take b***s, it took arrogance.

    • Cleancut says:

      This is not about honesty, this was a CONFESSION, I think Bean is out smarting all of us. He just might be trying to lessen the blow when tests are revealed. Sort of like the language he started to use when he found out that the public may hear the Nandi Davis tapes. Oh! He’s good alright.

  18. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Out of what he say, I can’t help but pick up on one of the more interestingly overlooked items. He admits to being no the Bermuda Independence Commission, that took almost a year to produce a report that was so blatantly biased and actually had several erroneous statements that had to be omitted and rereleased. While in just a few months, the CRC managed to put together an objective comprehensive report and recommendations on their subject, covering a multitude more moral, legal and social complexities than the BIC managed in theirs.

    Did Mr. bean just admit that the OBA’s committees were more efficient than the PLP’s

  19. Mark says:

    He dosen’t have to resign for his stupidity some 20 years ago, just give it up for his more recent ignorant rants on the hill.

  20. Sparky says:

    Marc Bean for leader of the opposition for life……Keep up the good work and stand strong. DREB and Betty must be very angry with you but we love you for what you are and do.
    We will we see another PLP Government.

    • frank says:

      sparky what you need to do is make a visit to the house of parliament and see first hand how the oba minister stand of and lie to the voters and refuse to answer questions the oba has not done one thing yet that has been good for the people of Bermuda.
      you have a minister that is guilty of ministerial misconduct still sitting in the house a known liar and refuses to do the right thing and step down

      • Rick Rock says:

        Don’t need to visit anyone to know that giving illegal drugs to a small child is irresponsible.

        Bean must resign.

    • BETTTY trump says:

      @SPARKY…. Thanks for asking…..But, No I am not Angry with Mr. Bean, I do however think this issue and the Report from the CRC has been over-looked. I understand his Raw Honesty, and that as a society while we ask for it, are not always able to accept it when put right in our faces. I am angry that we as a people have failed to address very hot issues in Bermuda that are on the burner right now, and are allowing this non-issue to be the center of discussion, when we have HUGE issues greater than this impacting our children and Bermuda.

      The CRC, PRC holders, Tourism Authority, Education funding and Education, are more important of greater significance, and we must base our debate upon these key issues.

      I hope and pray that the CRC report will not be put on the sidelines, merely as a way to avoid addressing the key issue here. Bean’s issue happen 17years ago, long before politics, so it is not important at all. What is important is all the issues that we as a people seem to be overlooking which is PRC, Tourist Authority Monies use, Education funding and CRC report, jobs and our youth. How can a people fail to debate these issues and hold the government accountable in this regard? But thanks for asking… lets get the real issues here.

  21. Concerned Citizen says:

    Marge, Danny…aka newbie OBA hack…….when you post on Bernews under different names from the same computer, well, you get exposed and diminish any argument you may have. Typical OBA supporters……dishonest

  22. aceboy says:

    We can’t afford another PLP government.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      They got rid of the UBP… What makes you think that the OBA (Over Board Again) are any different?

  23. Liars/Truth says:

    I have read many papers lately on people being arrested for things that happened years earlier, for example, a guy is in the news right now in the states for sexually abusing children back in the late 70′s early 80′s. Another example, a few guys in Bermuda (we all know about) was sent to prison for “conspiracy to import drugs” years earlier, in that case he got 10 years and was caught with nothing.

    Resign Mark because you cannot possibly lead a country…maybe you can lead the PLP but you can’t do anything else. And l am not saying the PLP are stupid neither because they are not. They know precisely why they have this fool that can’t even speak english in the front….they have to wait another 4 years, they know he’s not that dedicated.


      Dreams are great to have, but often not every dream comes true !! lol

  24. Liars/Truth says:

    I have read many papers lately on people being arrested for things that happened years earlier, for example, a guy is in the news right now in the states for sexually abusing children back in the late 70′s early 80′s. Another example, a few guys in Bermuda (we all know about) was sent to prison for “conspiracy to import drugs” years earlier, in that case he got 10 years and was caught with nothing.

    Resign Mark because you cannot possibly lead a country…maybe you can lead the PLP but you can’t do anything else. And l am not saying the PLP are stupid neither because they are not. They know precisely why they have this fool that can’t even speak english in the front….they have to wait another 4 years, they know he’s not that dedicated.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      And which one are you? Just asking…

  25. X man says:

    Read between the lines!
    The whole speech was about saving his leadership! – somethings he sad was based on some sort
    of appology and he is comming clean .— read what he says again – you could see that he is in
    some kind of trouble.– didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out!
    I gather there is a split in the PLP Party of this affiar — Weed Gate.
    [1] Marijuana cannot cure Asthma – because I have Asthma ‘
    [2] Marijuana can cure various illness’s — Yes thats true ‘
    [3] Marijuana is currently Illegal in Bermuda
    [4] Marc Bean used it in the past and he is just commimg clean — because the word got out that if CC can go down
    on Jet Gate than somobody sooner or later is going to expose his past.— so he came clean by stating when he was a Rasta
    he used it to cure his Daughters Asthma — pretty clever ! lol ‘
    [5] the big Question going around Bermuda is – does he still use Marijuana.

    The opposition leader has shot himself in the foot on this one. ——– Weed Gate continues!

    • Hmmm says:

      Just his clain that he cured Asthma from one cup of Ganja tea is enough to show that the frogs in his garden don’t whistle.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      X man hey? What does the X stand for? Did someone dump you?

    • BETTTY trump says:

      @X MAN……@Liers/Truth….I hope you will both take the time to Read the CRC report. It is full of wealth of information, that makes for great insight into this entire matter. It will also guide your debate in a better direction with logic. Most of the comments and points you make are dispelled in the report. You have made incorrect comments which lack any factual basis, that seems to suggest you lack any logical knowledge in regards to drugs, unless your only goal is to score cheap political points only. Take a good read. It is worth it.

      CRC report …..”The idea of there being two Bermuda’s is obvious when researching the racial disparity in those charged with drug crimes, more specifically Cannabis. Blacks are by far more likely to feel the negative impacts of the cannabis prohibition, disproportionate to the size of the population. According to the 2010 census blacks made up 54% of the population however blacks by far make up majority of all cannabis offences.”

      The call for legalization of the drug is also high, as the findings within the report outline, as well as its medical use.

      Please take time to read it, and maybe your comments would make more sense. But this continued political non-issue is old now.


      Laughter is good for the soul….lol….

    • truth said says:

      I know you are wrong. what triggers your asthma?

  26. SadSadSad says:

    It is now plain to see the PLP have lowered their standard to the point of their leader promoting drug use! The only support he has is from (plain to see again!)other weed smokers. What he did is a crime ! The PLP SUPPORT THIS ????? Why are the good hard working supporters of the PLP putting up with this guy, GET RID OF HIM,,NOW!!!! SAD !

    • Whistling Frog says:

      You sound sad all by yourself…

    • BETTTY trump says:

      I think the people of Bermuda support this, based upon surveys and polls which have been taken. The CRC report findings clearly outline this. So it is not a PLP issue, it is a Bermuda issue, that must be debated without the political scoring pointing going on. The issue must be debated from a logical one, standing on evidence-based research and findings of CRC report. The report has a wealth of information, which one should take the time to read and study before they enter into the debate on this issue. Lets do that first.


      Spin, Spin and more Spin…laughing louder now…

      • Rick Rock says:

        No spin Betty.
        Bean gave illegal drugs to a toddler. It’s very straightforward.
        It’s illegal, and it’s irresponsible. He cannot be trusted to care for children, obviously, and he cannot be trusted to be a political leader.

  27. Fur Real says:

    Please leave Marc Bean alone, he is the best thing for the OBA Government and doing a great job. Please all you Beanies keep drinking the special tea (the Kool Aid has clearly been up graded!) which explains a lot! His Imperial Majesty will be pleased (you can find him at Paradise Games having tea and betting on the not the Florida lottery numbers, where everybody wins! )

  28. Terry says:

    Have a great week Bermuda.
    Thanks to all that do their best to keep her afloat.

  29. truth said says:

    When I was in primary-7 to high school I had asthma. I was a sheep like most people depending on meds until one day.

    I was having asthma attacks all day and my mom had already given me the Ventolin syrup. She was with holding the ventolin pump from me because I could over dose by taking both back to back.
    She had it in her hand and had her hand in the air so I could not reach as I jumped to grab the pump. I pushed my mom and she fell then I grabbed the pump and took it.

    After I regain my sense I had an awakening (Yes I was a kid and I had an awakening) I saw that I had no control over myself and I was just relying on these meds that only stop the attack.
    From that day I never took any ventolin. I cured myself with sleep, exercise and strait weed.

    • Rick Rock says:

      You cured yourself at 7 years old using ‘straight weed’?

      Another nutcase emerges.

    • jt says:

      A very high percentage of child asthmatics “outgrow” it and have reduced or no symptoms as adults. Assuming that cannabis was a cure is conjecture, not science.
      Exercise has proven benefits for asthma sufferers.

      • truth said says:

        I was still a kid when I won over asthma. There was also the time as a kid mom to me to the clinic in town to get a check up on my asthma. The doctor look down my mouth and when my mom went in the waiting area the DR accuses me off smoking weed. My cure came from 2nd hand smoke Chilin with my boys. My guess is that he saw everything was normal and new the only thing that could do it was weed.

  30. College grad says:

    GIVING WEED TO A 3 yr old and can be the leader of a country.
    Please someone tell me I am not dreaming.
    Breaking the law,abusing a child and nothing happens.People are put on the stop list for a lot less.Unbelievable!