PLP Condemn “Racist Attacks On Bermudians”

July 21, 2014

The Progressive Labour Party “condemns the vicious, degrading and often racist attacks on Bermudians across various media outlets,” PLP Chairman Maynard Dill said today.

Mr. Dill said, “The March for Democracy on July 15th, 2014, drew a broad cross-section of the community; seniors who have built this island, young persons who are to inherit this island, and entire families.

“As a result, we have seen highly racial comments printed, some prime examples: ‘PLP and their supporters are brainless‘ and ‘Get off your lazy rump and do something.’

“For these Bermudians to be denigrated by anyone is an insult to every Bermudian. These attackers often identify themselves as OBA supporters. Despite this fact, Premier Dunkley and the entire OBA have been disturbingly silent.

“18 months ago, Minister Fahy was quick to jump to the defence of guest workers, stating, “Some of the comments I’ve heard and seen have been completely unacceptable.” [Royal Gazette, January 2013]

“In stark contrast, Senator Fahy is silent when it comes to the defense of Bermudians,” added Mr. Dill.

“Online bloggers are expressing historical bigotry in a new form,” said Mr. Dill, who added that this “type of bigotry towards Bermudians” is allowed while “the HRC remains silent.”

“Last week, The Human Rights Commission [HRC] was quick to condemn Bermudians’ concerns over the PRC issues,” said Mr. Dill, who added they “stand silent as Bermudians are attacked on a daily basis” on various online forums.

“This bears the question, do the OBA and the HRC deem it fit to speak up for Bermudians?” asked Mr. Dill.

“We call upon Bermudians to do as we have always done, to treat each other with respect despite differing views. Online bigotry is not the way forward for our island home,” concluded the PLP Chairman.

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  1. FSM says:

    “As a result, we have seen highly racial comments printed, some prime examples: ‘PLP and their supporters are brainless‘ and ‘Get off your lazy rump and do something.’

    Mr Dill, please look up what racial means as there is no racial commentary here other than yours…

    • 21st Century says:

      The PLP seem to equate “Bermudian” with “black”. Therefore any saying anything negative about Bermudians is racist to them.

    • Kunta says:

      That’s because P.L.P represent majority of African Bermudians, just like if Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Vasco da gama or Front Street Boys were mentioned, you know the people they represent.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        But the PLP keep saying they represent Bermudians, how can some one make a racist comment about a community that is comprised of multiple races and ethnic back grounds. It wouldn’t be racist, it would be just flat out insulting. That is unless the PLP are lying and are only out to represent African Bermudians, in which case, if they anybody would say something critical about the PLP, and they intend to only represent one race in Bermuda, then obviously it must be a racist statement, even if the author made no racial insinuations in it.

      • Blue Familiar says:

        You know, if that’s true, I’m unrepresented.

        I need to do something about that.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      What it comes down to is the PLP have lost the battle of public relations….they have alienated PRC’s with their latest outburst,,,,they destroyed the economy and the last bastion they have is to keep stirring the pot of racial relations in a desperate attempt to get back in power….god help Bermuda if they ever do…..

    • Luis Suarez says:

      Racist as in anti-white surely. That’s the most prevalent here.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      His statement is as hypocritical as his last, you know, the one where the PLP applauded their march for democracy, when in truth they used the march to send a demand to have our government un-democratically dissolved

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Racism? But isn’t it only a form of misanthropy?

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Actually there is if one reads between the lines. Bearing in mind that most of the PLP comprises of black members and whites in the past love to call blacks lazy, stupid, etc…. put two and two together if you will.

    • Rhonda Neil says:

      Dog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism & Wrecked the Middle Class. Law Professor Ian Haney López explores how politicians have long used veiled racism to lure white voters into supporting politics that favor the wealthy and hurt the poor and middle class across ethnic lines.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        You have defined perfectly the PLP strategy, thank you, this is the exact tactic they use, you just need to reverse the part about which race they appeal to. Your error in thinking this applies to the OBA is that their campaigning doesn’t target one race and they are entirely for a strong middle class, as the stronger your middle class, the stronger your economy.

    • Jules says:

      I totally agree with FSM.
      Also the term Bermudians relates to people of all colours, the inference is Bermudian means “Black” which if we equates such to Mr. Dill’s comment, that would be racist.
      With all of the organisations on this island trying to address racism, Mr. Dill has done nothing but fan flames with empty rhetoric. It id so distressing when one reads such inconsequential comments. If they mist be made then substantiate them with consequential evidence, not some personal emotional hype.

  2. Huh? says:

    ‘PLP and their supporters are brainless‘ and ‘Get off your lazy rump and do something.’
    What is racial about these comments?

    • hmmm says:

      PLP are desperate to make it about race.


      • how often do they play the **** card? all the time and whenever it suits their purpose., who is the most divisive party of the two?

      • Evie says:

        You people are funny as hell now you’re acting brand new PLP supporter to thine self be true This island is all about race history read it it’s all there SMDH

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          History is history, the future is what you desire to make of it… the PLP have shown that they desire to keep this country divided by race, because without that division to exploit, they have no message, no emotion to exploit, no way to flog their supporters in line. They have never looked past the past to evolve for a better future.

    • lucky 7 says:

      Yes, please Mr. Dill refer to the dictionary and look up the word ‘racial’ and read its definition.

      You should’ve done that before…too late now!

      • Dylan says:

        The title of the article should be: “PLP Condemns Criticism”

        It’s as if the PLP can’t understand that they can actually be criticized by Bermudians as well; and judging by this article, Mr. Dill seems to think that you’re only a Bermudian if you support the PLP.

        Speaking of Democracy – the main notion at its centre, is Freedom of Speech, and the right to condemn either group’s actions. A lot of Bermudians think that you are doing wrong, and it is very Democratic of us to speak our mind.

        Either or, the idea of the PLP releasing a statement ‘Condemning Criticism’ is in the words of Marc Bean “A farce to Democracy”

        Do you wan’t Democracy or not?

    • brigadooner says:


      The only way this makes sense is if the PLP consider themselves a group based on ethnicity not political beliefs.

    • WhistlBlower says:

      Like your predecessors did in the 70 (omitting a racial term) does not default you from using a racist term by referring to us as “you Beemudians).

      The fact is this is a terminology used by expats here usually along with “those people!”

      Let’s stop pretending “we people” are still dumb enough to not over stand your connotations!sad that you decide to display ignorance over common sense

    • Terry says:

      Because 95% of PLP supporters and voters are black.

      Don’t you understand?

  3. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Mr. Dill is correct about the often denigrating remarks put on the blogs, yet they make no reference to the racist attacks by their own supports on these blogs, to label this as solely an attack by OBA supporters is hypocritical. Need only listen to a talk show for 10 minutes to here the one sided negativity that the PLP’s own produce as well.

    • Concerned says:

      What about the denigrating remarks made by Mr. Burch when he was in his post and others in the PLP in position -for goodness sake

  4. Huh says:

    Thank you Mr. Dill & the PLP for explaining that it’s OK for the PLP and their supporters to constantly make racist, anti-PRC, anti-foreigner, anti-gay, anti-OBA comments and placards but if anyone says anything uncomplimentary about the PLP and their supporters they are, to quote Dr. Ewart Brown “racists dogs”…

    • Cleancut says:

      Or in the words of Col. Burch “house ********”

    • hmmm says:

      Did you read the AIBR article in today’s Bernews… Look at the post 2012 spending.

    • WhistlBlower says:

      So you are admitting that the comment is against blacks????

      • hmmm says:

        Please read that comment again, you read it incorrectly.

  5. Shady OBA says:

    The hour glass is running out on the OBA’s short, controversial and unproductive time in office. Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice….Sorry,there will not be a second chance!!!

    • Huh? says:

      For the sake of our economy, you better hope not.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Unproductive? You may not like them, but more achieved in 18 months than 14 years of decay…..

    • Eyes Wide Open says:

      You have just proved the point that some fools can be foolish all of the time..and blind as a friggin’ bat !!!

    • campervan says:

      ^^^^^ (takes note of above comment and slides another 75k over to HSBC Jersey; reminds self again that purchasing a home here is still WAY too risky.)

      • mixitup says:

        Good riddance.

        • Logic76 says:

          ^^^^^(takes not of above comment and requests income to be received in US dollars)

        • I don't think so says:

          I hope you grow your own food, because you are going to need to be self-sustaining with an attitude like yours.

    • GOD1ST says:

      Right on shady OBA. You have spoken the truth, it shows that you are willing to bring forth your view in a respectable manner.I do know that time is up for the OBA/UBP .

      I love the fact that you have been awakened.

    • Um Um Like says:

      The PLP fooled us all, three times!

    • PL OP says:

      Ya right, like you ever were “fooled” into voting for the OBA. Based on those comments did you EVER vote OBA and be unhappy with what they are at least trying to do, compared with the PLPs time in power.

      Did any of the following improve under the PLP?

      International Business
      Local Business

      Name one thing that was better after the PLP was finished!? We have massive National Debt, companies have left, massive unemployment, the worst educational results we have ever had in modern times, and lowest tourism figures? And you seriously want me to think things are worse under the OBA!

      The unfortunate thing is that the PLPs leader has decided to be nothing but argumentative and focus on the negative instead of offering some good ideas of his own. He brings nothing to the table but criticism, which is perhaps the real reason he has decided to boycott parliament!

      I have voted for members of the UBP, NDP, PLP and OBA at different times and for various reasons. Today I have hope and see people on the OBA side trying to fix Bermuda. I even see independents offering ideas and trying to fix Bermuda.. What does the PLP electorates bring to the table (when they show up) each week other than, venomous attacks and complaints! I know they are the “opposition”, but if you want public to believe you are the better choice you should also offer ideas of your own instead of just trash the best that someone else has. If you don’t like it, help improve it and offer suggestions. If the election were held today I certainly would not vote PLP! No way , not under the current leader and not with showing that they know how to do more than mislead and complain!

  6. Kangoocar says:

    I find it very interesting how mr dill can say this stuff now??? When the racist comment ( WE DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! ) all I heard was tree frogs from him??????

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Kangoocar is that you?? Care to comment on your Chairman Thad Hollis’s “report”?

      • Kangoocar says:

        I did, feel free to do some work and go back to the article and find it and read it!!!!

    • Kangoocar says:

      Looking at the amount of ” dislikes ” on ALL THESE TRUTHFUL posts, it is safe to assume the plp paid bloggers have been ordered to show up at Alaska hall, and get to work???? Truth stings doesn’t it???

  7. I am blessed says:

    Did the PLP condemn Belinda Cyrus for her words to the white foreigner trying to shop in her store? Or is she still the Office Manager of PLP headquarters?

    • hmmm says:

      No response from the PLP ????
      No surprise

    • Evie says:

      Was she really a foreigner or a s…. stirer but you know that already don’t you you are funny as hell SMDH

      • hmmm says:

        Sounds like she was put through hell. You condone that sort of behaviour in the PLP?

        • tested says:

          It’s not only condoned, but its rewarded.

    • PL OP says:

      Or the racist comments about the Philipones! Nope!

  8. Mr. Maynard Dill I personally agree with you but, “if a person knows the words to a song it doesn’t make them a singer”…

  9. Respect says:

    Agreed. We need to stand by the virtue of treating each other with respect despite differing views.

    Putting another down based on their differing views from your own highlights your ignorance, lack of integrity and maturity.

    • Allspice says:

      Well everything that you said here is quite true. I don’t know that it automatically means that you agree with Mr. Dill who has termed as racist some statements that are really just insults. So the demand to stop the insults is full of insults. We’re getting nowhere this way.

      Nevertheless I agree with you completely that the name calling bickering and general trolling that goes on around here does no good for Bermuda. It’s a waste of energy and time. We are sucked into the absurdity of it and join the idiots, of which there are many on all sides.

      What we as Bermudians have created as public fora for the airing of complaints are rife with unproductive complaining and rudeness. It is shameful and embarrassing and a more damning statement about who we are than the transgressions of our various politicians.

      The next time you post here remember that there is some more useful, more fun, more helpful, and frankly more interesting thing that you could be doing. What ever that thing is, that’s what I’ll be doing.
      I’m done here.

      • Respect says:

        “there is some more useful, more fun, more helpful, and frankly more interesting thing that you could be doing. What ever that thing is, that’s what I’ll be doing.”

        lol likewise…

  10. Jim Jones says:

    “Brainless” and “Lazy” are not racial slurs. Insensitive, unnecessary? Probably. Bigotry? Nope.

    • Danielle says:

      I often make comments in this forum. I cannot tell you the number of times (after I have stated that I’m a black Bermudian)I have been subjected to vile and nasty politically motivated insults.
      In the racist minds of these people, being black automatically equates to being a PLP supporter. In the racist minds of these people, being a PLP supporter automatically means you’re dumb, uneducated, cannot think logically, brainless…the list goes on and on. As I’ve said before, these spineless wimps will quite willingly hide behind their computer screens, all the while shaking your hand and grinning all up in your face. They know that if that masks slips, even just a little bit, they have lots to lose when it comes to the black community. Our buying power being at the top of the list, because we know economics is closest to their hearts above all else.
      So Mr. Dill, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

      • Anon says:

        I am truly sorry that you have had to experience that level of hit in modern day Bermuda. It’s nothing short of appalling! I think some of the sentiment behind the lack of respect for some of the PLP diehards was that is was understandable that the PLP was supported for the first years in office. However, now that’s is plain to see the damage they did to the economy and the debt that was left behind, supporting the PLP doesn’t seem logical.

      • hmmm says:

        Show me links, i’d like to read and see how you were treated and who by.

        • hmmm says:

          “spineless wimps” added to your other unprovoked name calling makes me think you should start by looking at the mirror at who is issuing insults:

          “Oh shut up. How stupid can you be?
          If you look at the age of the marchers, they were educated under the UBP dummy!!!”

          “Mr. Smarty Pants, College Degree black male, my point was that it would seem that most of these people are older adults. If this was twenty something year old people holding the signs, I could blame the PLP.
          However, how can these bloggers blame spelling/grammar/lack of education on the PLP when these people are clearly UBP educated?
          Clearly, a college degree is no substitute for common sense.”

          “There is no need to the apostrophe in the word photo. It is PHOTOS (plural) not PHOTO’S.
          Get your own act together before you go making fun of other people moron!!!

          • Danielle says:

            Show me where I ever assumed somebody was an OBA supporter simply because they were white. I have taken abuse once I stated my skin color. You all automatically assume I’m a PLP supporter.
            You pulled up some of my posts. Well done. I’ve called names, sure, but that’s because the person was dumb (in my opinion) It WASN’T because of their political party. Nice try, though. Next!

            • hmmm says:

              so they are dumb a moron, spineless and because they are black and educated and disagree with you they don’t have common sense.

              Danielle I don’t assume you are OBA, PLP or otherwise. I do think you come across as confrontational and rude.

        • serengeti says:

          Yes, I’d like to see that too.
          Danielle, can you post some links to show us what you mean?

        • Danielle says:

          It would probably take me years to go through all the various articles and literally millions of comments to find mine. Moat are probably archived by now.
          Its funny how your sort always demand proof. You always doubt it. Why is that? I’m really curious.

          • Creamy says:

            I think people ask for examples to see what you mean. Unfortunately you can’t come up with a single example. Because it would take you “years” to find one.
            Ok Danielle. I think we’ve got it.

            • Danielle says:

              Ok, please explain to me how I will be able to backtrack and get you the links you are looking for. I genuinely have no idea how to do that.
              Once you explain, I will quite happily supply you with what you’re looking for.
              Much thanks in advance,

              • Creamy says:

                It’s ok. Don’t go through the “millions” of comments to find the one where you were, um, offended.
                Hmmmm managed to find enough of your quotes to let us know what’s going on.

          • serengeti says:

            “Its funny how your sort always demand proof” (sic)

            Just looking for examples of what you mean Danielle. But apparently you can’t produce any examples. Why is that? I’m really curious.

            What did you mean by “your sort”, by the way? Is that another way of saying “you people”? “People of your ilk”?

      • sonso says:

        I was with you for your first two sentences. Then this rant came out:

        “In the racist minds of these people, being black automatically equates to being a PLP supporter. In the racist minds of these people, being a PLP supporter automatically means you’re dumb, uneducated, cannot think logically, brainless…the list goes on and on. As I’ve said before, these spineless wimps will quite willingly hide behind their computer screens, all the while shaking your hand and grinning all up in your face. They know that if that masks slips, even just a little bit, they have lots to lose when it comes to the black community. Our buying power being at the top of the list, because we know economics is closest to their hearts above all else.
        So Mr. Dill, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.”

        And then you have the audacity to call white people racits?? WOW! You, Danielle, are nothing but another Betty Trump!

        • Hmmm says:

          Another Betty trump…wow that was low !

          • Tylar says:

            Yeah let’s not get too mean with our insults.

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Yes cause it appears some can’t take what they dishout themselves.


      • Opinions Matter says:

        I often make comments in this forum. I cannot tell you the number of times (after I have stated that I’m a black Bermudian)I have been subjected to vile and nasty politically motivated insults.
        In mind of some people, being black automatically equates to being a PLP supporter but if stated one is NOT a PLP supporter automatically means you’re dumb, uneducated, cannot think logically, brainless, uncle tom, sell-out, house *****, etc….the list goes on and on.

        • BlueFamiliar says:

          Sadly, there are mean people on both sides of the fence. Pity there’s a fence.

          • Anon says:

            Pity that fence also has sides. You’d think with only 21 miles we’d all be civil neighbours

        • Danielle says:

          When has that ever happened?

          • Creamy says:

            It would takes years to find, Danielle. They’ve probably all been archived.

      • tfm says:

        It goes both ways. Blatent racial slurs spewing out of the mouths of some PLP supporters, people you pass on the street and don’t get me started about the talk shows. It’s disgusting that anyone has racially attacked you at all, but at the same time – seems like it is fine for anyone to speak racial slurs when it is aimed at some people. I have never uttered a racial comment IN MY LIFE – but I have been the victim countless times. So I think the PLP bneed to STOP witht he race card and I think EVERYONE needs to have a little more respect for one another.

      • Tell the Truth says:

        Exactly but let them pretend they aren’t racist. They have to lie to themselves.

      • GOD1ST says:

        WQOW!!!! Danielle you are powerful and intelligent.

        • I don't think so says:

          Yeah…..coming from a person who has an imaginary figure as their moniker.

  11. campervan says:

    As Mr. Dill pours more gasoline on the flames of racial discord, doing untold damage; IB continues to man the pumps of the waterlogged ship.
    But will they get tired of pumping and take a lifeboat to another country?

  12. DISbelief says:

    “We call upon Bermudians to do as we have always done, to treat each other with respect despite differing views”

    HA HA HA HA!
    The PLP: Respecting all BERMUDIANS since 1998 right?? LOL

  13. JH says:

    Quote from above:

    “As a result, we have seen highly racial comments printed, some prime examples: ‘PLP and their supporters are brainless‘ and ‘Get off your lazy rump and do something.’

    I would like Mr Dill, or anyone to explain what is racial about either of these ‘prime examples’.

    They certainly are offensive and disgusting, but racial? Please explain.

    Besides, some of the most offensive comments I’ve seen are from several people aho call themselves Betty Trump.

    It seems that this is yet another case of ‘its OK when we do it’. Politics is a dirty bsinesss – you give it but you also have to take it. Going crying to Momma come across as quite pathetic.

    • Impressive says:

      they are racist in the sense that they are often stated in a way to further enforce the negative stereotypes that where associated with black people. Don’t act like you are not aware of the negative stereotypes.. The fact that PLP supporters are often cited as being dumb, lacking thought, unable to manage finances, lazy, unproductive are consistent with many of those stereotypes of the past, and as such are sensitive issues in the black community, especially when the people who are branding the PLP supporters as such are generally OBA supporters and on the majority of cases are white.. hope that helps your insight.. I now understand why the race issue would never be eradicated as some people either deny to put themselves in the shoes of another and seek their perspective or they just dont think it worth their time.

      • Anon says:

        Impressive, why not ask the overpaid civil servants in the union, with the 100 sicks days in cases, about creating negative stereotypes when they strike leaving our precious few tourists. That’s 99% of the negative “lazy” stereotype right there!

        • Impressive says:

          Anon, the stereotypes as it relates to black people being lazy didnt start with the BIU.. I don’t support the 100 sick days etc, and I am not here to defend that behavior, however I do know that the stereotype didnt start with this particular incident, so please don’t try to insult my intelligence.

        • Danielle says:

          Why don’t you educate yourself, starting with the SAGE report.
          There are areas where sick leave is abused, but the majority of areas do not abuse leave. You are generalizing. The majority of the workers don’t abuse leave, nor do they strike.
          Your comment just proved a point, and it wasn’t yours!

          • Creamy says:

            They get 70 days sick leave a year Danielle. It’s ridiculous.

      • Double D says:

        What do you think of the PLP’s constant use of race rhetoric?

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        So, the assumption is that all PLP supporters are black? Where did that come from?

        I’ve always heard that the UBP and/or OBA was the white persons party and the PLP was for all Bermudians.

        Since when are all Bermudians black?

        And why the heck are you worried about stereotypes, they’re only enforced if you believe them.

        You’re never going to change the minds of the deeply bigotted, why not spend your energy on the positives, and on those of us who happen to believe that blanket racial statements are only used by those who have deeply low self esteem.

        Sheesh, stand up, be proud, be the best you can possibly be, don’t waste your energy on people who would keep you or anyone else down.

      • Huh? says:

        The ‘race issue’ as you see it will not be eradicated if you take any form of critism as racist. Just because the party only represents black people, doesn’t mean all critism is racially charged.
        Anyone who knows anything about the Bermuda economy and its dependencies would not support the PLP. I would not say that OBA supporters are generally white in most cases, I would say that they are generally informed on the global economy as it relates to Bermuda.

        • Impressive says:

          omg,, The PLP doesn’t just represent black people, its a Labor Party and it was founded on that principle. Ironically, the majority of the labor section of Bermuda just happen to be blacks, now you may ask yourself why is that the case??

          “Anyone who knows anything about the Bermuda economy and its dependencies would not support the PLP”

          Why because we where affected by a global recession that has impacted many countries apart from those who have large manufacturing companies such as China, etc.

          So are you saying PLP supporters are not generally informed on the world economy?? And if thats the case as it relates to OBA supporters, then surely they will know what happened in 2008, and its significant impact on Bermuda’s economy and still does to this day.

          • huh?! says:

            One thing! I’m tired of people blaming the downfall of Bermuda’s economy on the “global recession.” If it wasn’t for PLP destroying our surplus of funds then we could and should have weathered the storm! PLP supporters need to wake up and realize we are still in an economic – slightly improving – slump due to Bermuda having no emergency funds spent frivolously by the PLP of the time. Im of mixed races and I am tired of the race issue in Bermuda. It’s funny how if ur mixed ur black?? Lol. Noooo im mixed. And a proud Bermudian at that!

          • Huh? says:

            Not talking about the recession, which of course affected the economy. I’m talking about the capital flight that will occur if the PLP were to be elected again.

    • Impressive says:

      I dont know who Betty Trump is, but I can certainly state that her posts often have a great deal of detailed researched facts in them. Like all of us, I am sure she or he has his own biases like we all do, but I havent seen many “offensive” comments from her, although I stand her to be corrected.

      • Impressive says:

        Would any of you who dislike my post on Betty Trump care to show me where she has used “offensive” language.. As I mentioned, I stand to be corrected, so please show me where I am mistaken// Thanks in advance

        • Unimpressed says:

          Well ‘her’ constant stating that the OBA supporters are “brainless, blindfaithfulls, dieharts’ that can’t think for themselves and need the OBA to guide their thought process would be a great example as that appears to Mr. Dill’s complaints. ‘She’ states it each and everytime here and on other blogs as a retort to anyone who dares to criticise the PLP. And as noted this repetition is no different than the PLP’s complaints and accusationsof racism today.

          But again when one agrees with someone’s point of view and believes the same stuff then one dosn’t consider it to be hateful of ‘racist’ now do they?

        • Spellcheck says:

          I am offended by her poor grammar.

          • hmmm says:

            Betty Trump spouts untruths. I don’t recall any insults, except to peoples intelligence.

            Although her constant use of OBAubp must be quite offensive to those who worked on a completely different constitution of inclusiveness and kicked out all the old UBP rules and structures.

        • Noncents says:


          She spends all of her (assuming its a woman) energy accusing people of drinking the “OBAUBP (doesn’t exist)”kool-aid”. So anyone that does not agree with her particular position have been brainwashed and incapable of thinking for themselves. I find that offensive.

          • Kangoocar says:

            What I find offensive about betty is the fact that betty is actually made up from……!!! Just the shear fact that the name betty also includes the many more names and they include the following, nancy, coffee, BT, paperdoll, and there are many more names they write under their nonsense other names are escaping right now but believe me there are at least 5 more??? The daily nonsense I can ignore but the outright deceit is more than I can handle from them!!! And if anyone actually defends that nonsense, then they are no better than the plp propaganda betty machine!!!! Deceit is all the plp knows!!!

            • Kangoocar says:

              Ah crap!!! I forgot, ” impressive ” is another betty!!!! 6 posts above this one and the all ” impressive’s ” are just another one of the Bettie’s!!!! Nice try betty but, even though I am off island and a little slower because I am relaxed, you will never get one past me!!!!!

  14. Anon Omus says:

    I find it ironic that the PLP are the voice of reason when it comes to racial issues.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      More accurately the voice of hypocrisy.

      • SMH says:

        Let’s ask Jamahl Simons who said things on his Twitter or Belinda Cyrus who said xenophobic comments to a foreign born customer in her store, who are or have been employed by the PLP who’s racist and who’s not.

  15. fred says:

    Now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?!!! I returned to Bermuda 5 years ago after living in the US for 25 years and could not believe the racist remarks made by PLP leaders on radio talk shows and in the news. Things your party leaders and members have said are actually illegal and against anti-racism groups in the US. Many statements would force your politicians to resign if they were in the US.

    I once heard Col. Butch tell someone on a talk radio show “… are you white? … oh well were not interested in your comments..” and hung up on them.

    PLP get real. You are the most race driven political group I have ever observed. You polarize the people here using race as the edge. You prey on people, driving Bermudians appart and generating deeper racism with your slurs…. All that you have ever really done is driven this country into massive debt, the likes of which cannot be paid back for at least a generation. You leave nothing for future generations. You lead your supporters around blindly. Hopefully one day they will wake up and observe the damage that you are doing to them and to Bermuda. You are the definition of irony.

    • Yahoo says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa – why is the kettle black? Are you a racist? :)

    • Senior says:

      No, we are not blind and neither are we deaf and dumb. I have lived abroad too and do not like what I hear coming from OBA supporters and yes, a lot of what I hear and read is insulting and offensive and a lot of it is racist. Additionally, the silence of the HRC and the OBA is deafening! Last I heard the HRC was monitoring the situation – how long will they be doing that! Be that as it may, I anxiously await the next election.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        And how do you feel about what you hear from PLP supporters, it is easy for the PLP to condemn angry OBA supports as making racist comments, as they are historically the black party, but does that necessarily make the criticism racist. They see any Atari k on them as being racially motivated, when in fact, the vast majority of the criticism against the PLP stems from the PLP’s own attitude and the historical failure of their administration. Many feel great anger about the damage they have done the this country, the fact that it is going to take a generation to fix and the lack of ownership they have taken for their part in it. To this date, they still believe that the only people who are Bermudian and/or Black are PLP supporters and that everybody else’s opinions do not matter, that is nationalistic racism. For many that criticize the PLP, they just can not understand why PLP supporters would continuously support them, when those that bore the brunt of the PLP failure are the PLP supporters, I can’t understand it. For myself, the greatest hindrance to democracy is party loyalty.
        The PLP cannot formulate any other political strategy other than to make everything racial, even though society is evolving away from these old prejudices. The silence is deafening, but equally so from the PLP, and while the OBA has not spoken out often enough against some of their rogue supporters, the PLP have been absolutely muted about their own racist commentary, especially from their own top party officials.
        I agree with Mr. Dill that there are those out there who have made some disgusting remarks in the medias, however, I cannot ignore the hypocrisy he represents if he is not going to call out his own

      • jt says:

        I think the majority of Bermudians are anxious about the next election. I certainly am.

  16. William says:

    This is the worst thing I have ever heard from the PLP. I just ask one question..what about the black PLP supporters who are terribly racist, especially in regards to all the anti Filipino graffiti and the attacks on our guest workers…does this mean nothing to the trashy leadership and followers of the PLP? oh of course, racism can only go one way in Bermuda…blacks can’t be racist, how stupid of me to forget that.
    Lets not also forget CURB who’s idea of uprooting racism is to bring it to the forefront and stick it under every (white/not black) persons face.

  17. Trulytruly says:

    This plp press release is spouting the same twisted logic that a certain radio talk show host has been repeating for the last couple of weeks.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      yup and they all know it too.


  18. Sandgrownan says:

    They are only racist comments if you believe, as the PLP obviously does, that only people of a particular hue are really Bermudian.

    And there’s the rub for the PLP, when you have no clue, no idea and the only crutch you have is to stir up racial division, this type on press release makes you look very stupid indeed.

    Stop looking for reasons to be offended.

  19. Just a matter of time says:

    Posted on another blog but it’s relevant here as well: The kind of racist vitriol you read from Bernews bloggers by OBA supporters in this article and others will only continue to make the OBA a one term Govt. Remember such comments are read by more than just the bloggers themselves but huge masses including swing voters. Bdians are not stupid. Remember the racist nonsense thrown about in the lead up to the 1998 election?. Boogeyman man tactics of businesses fleeing because of the change in Govt, pic of a dreadlocked MP ‘s face in crosshairs, etc. etc. making civil servants the scapegoats of every bad thing happening in Govt who happen to be majority Black. Calling Black Bdians incompetent, PLP supporters blind sheep and Kool Aid drinkers, etc. Yup. These bloggers are just a déjà vu of that same old rhetoric. Whether you want to admit it or not the PLP did a lot for businesses and for the country during their 14 years. And it was Min Richards who recently hiked up the debt to over 2 billion with that advanced borrowing. So go ahead. Keep it up all you haters. Every time the PLP and their supporters gets kicked with the racist rhetoric they will be kicked up the steps not down. The PLP will be the next Govt with fresh faces and ideas. And the people will be willing to work with them. Not this untrustworthy OBA who showed their hand early. By the way, expressions of racism has been conveyed in many coded languages over the centuries. Racists don’t have to be actually wearing the hood these days. The coded language is now their new hood to hide from their cowardly ways. Know the history….

    • Anon says:

      OMG again with the $2Billion in “debt” created by Min. Richards. If you don’t understand how he borrowed funds to cover three years of budget shortfall (created by the PLP) at a better interest rate to save us millions, then please don’t comment. It’s these type of comments that make some people think there’s a general lacking of understanding and a willingness of people to believe whatever their leaders tell them whether it’s true or not. SMH

      • Rockfish#1 says:

        The question is, what would have happened to Bermudians had Richards NOT borrowed the money?

        • Anon says:


          Bob Richards should probably have left things as he found them and let the civil service payroll checks bouncing for a few months and then maybe people would finally understand the extend of damage and debt created by the PLP while in office. Min. Richards at least bought us a little time (3 years) in hope that he can start turning this disaster around. It’s too ironic to see how the PLP are completely clueless about our currently reality and trying to fix it because it just illustrates how their cluelessness caused this situation in the first place…SMH

          • Danielle says:

            Let the civil servant paychecks bounce for a few months? So are you saying the point only had to proven to civil servants? If the paychecks bounced, what about all the other government expenses? They wouldn’t have gotten paid either.
            You obviously have some issue with the civil service. Did they reject you for a job or something? You sound awfully disgruntled on a personal level.

            • Huh? says:

              I have an issue when they take an average of 40+ sick days a year.

            • Anon says:

              Look at it this way, do you think Government could get away with not paying the interest on debt? no. Rent for it’s offices? no. If the country ran out of cash they would freeze purchases, then payments to vendors etc. but then the only other place they can hold because without getting sued of having their debt revoked is….payoll.

              Unfortunately I’ve had a very good inside look at the state and cost of the civil service and their benefits and since then I now, unfortunately, understand how truly screwed we all are right now which the average person who hasn’t seen how bad things are truly understands. Oh how I wish things were different but they are. People (civil service) have been living in la-la land too long with definite benefit pension plans, annual pay raises, carry forward sick days, filing in vacant positions just because their vacant etc. which unfortunately, Bermuda can’t afford.

            • Anon says:


              If you have a chance please do read the SAGE report as it’s very eye opening and I only wish everyone was required to read and understand it because we would all be having very different conversations. Like how to keep bailing the water out of the boat fast enough when there’s a big gaping hole in the side.

              • Danielle says:

                Anon, I agree with your point somewhat. However, why blame the civil service? Close down all the government departments for one day and see how we make out. They are a necessary evil, to a certain extent.
                Sure, a lot of the workers are unhelpful, obnoxious and don’t know their a$$ from their elbow. However, there are others that work hard and earn their keep. It’s unfair to blame them for bad decisions made by their employer, the government.

    • sonso says:

      So any racist vitriol coming from PLP supporters we are just all supposed to ignore?

    • Jim Jones says:

      I find it hilarious any time a PLP supporter brings up the debt. So now we suddenly care about the debt? Give me just a small break.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Remeber the “road to Recovery” back then debt was a good thing………………………


    • Boogeyman says:

      It’s not ‘Boogeyman tactics’ when it actually happens. There was capitol flight because of PLP policies. We need the OBA if we want to keep international business from going to Cayman, Jersey, etc.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I can’t help but wonder that if you think that the fact that the PLP administration can not account for $800,000,000.00 as not being incompetent. That equates to over $57,000,000.00 that was lost off the books for each year the PLP were in power.

  20. JH says:

    If the PLP thinks we are ever going to to the situation where anyone who ever disagrees with them is labelled racist. they better think again. Those days are gone, and so is that leader – back home where he came from.

  21. somuchless says:

    I wana here what Betty has to say about this… Let’s go Betty.

  22. BlueFamiliar says:

    Just because a black person is involved, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with race. The fact that some people think that it’s always about skin colours speaks loudly about their own personal issues and not about those they are judging.

    This is one of Bermuda’s biggest obstacles for going forward as a united country.

    • Concerned says:

      and this is why it is hung out in front of peoples faces like the carrot and the donkey. I am a child of a mixed couple and I once called another person the ‘n’ word and got a face full of hand haven’t said that word or any other denigrating word since. That slap taught me to accept people no matter the color of their skin or anything else. And people wonder why nobody helps them after hearing them over an dover and over again spewing out racist remarks about their own. It has gotten to the point where I have closed my ears to their nonsense and their complaints about nobody helping them in gomment or anywhere else What yo speak out comes back to harm you, keep it to your self or share with those that are like you because nobody else is interested that hand in my face was from my white grandmother may she rest in peace

  23. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Well said Fred…as Bob would sing “hypocrites and parasites!”

  24. jt says:

    Mr. Dill…you insult yourself by portraying the PLP as maintaining the high road. They have not been near that road for a decade and still make no effort.
    I note you conveniently do not mention radio talk shows amongst your examples. Perhaps you might address their content in your next piece.
    I might also suggest that the term racist is immensely overused in our country.

  25. Steve Davis says:

    This is desperate! So it is OK for the PLP and their supporters to make racist and xenophobic remarks to fellow Bermudians? I have experienced this several times in my life. Being Bermudian and told I am a foreigner yet my family have been on these shores for some 300 years. Hmmm!

    Just because someone calls you lazy or dumb does not mean it is racist!

  26. Alvin Williams says:

    As a Black Bermudian and a PLP supporter I really don’t get upset at the racist anti-Bermudian rants that frequent the blogs because all that does is help us mobilize our people to get rid of this OBA government. By kicking the last conservative black leader under the bus and finally revealing their true face; they can’t tell any more lies .
    Their new emperor can dance the Gombeys all he likes; He can even appear up Somerset at Cup-match operating a crown & anchor table; but it is all over; his OBA anti-Bermudian government with it’s herd mentality political support base is done.

    • Yahoo says:

      Go back to sleep Alvin.

    • Put pupils first says:

      If Bermuda had a Progressive Labour Party, I am sure the “conservative” OBA would find it very difficult to win the next election.
      What we are stuck with is an extreme right wing group called the PLP.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Criticizing the PLP is not automatically racist or anti-Bermudian, and your own statement confirms that the ugliness to which Mr. Dill is critical about is alive and well in the PLP too.

    • Noncents says:

      What is so anti-Bermudian about the OBA Government?

    • Danielle says:

      Don’t worry, Alvin, you’ll get your wish soon.
      This has been an eye opener for a lot of people.
      I can’t tell you how many people are kicking themselves for voting OBA, or not voting at all.
      The OBA won by a slim majority, and look at all the scandal in such a short period.
      The OBA supporters will comment on everything else, but side step the screw-ups at every turn.
      They know their days are numbered.

      • Blue Familiar says:

        Given all the errors of the previous PLP government, I find myself wondering who the heck people are going to vote for if they decide the OBA are such big screw ups.

  27. Anon says:

    All this racist rhetoric of late by the PLP is to stir up emotions of the diehard’s to deflect the news, and arrests of some of people that is apparently currently in the pipeline and imminent.

  28. Ms. Poli Tician says:

    Last Comic Standing!

  29. Redman says:

    PLP Condemn “Racist Attacks On Bermudians”… but are quiet on Racist attacks on others. Yep we got that!

  30. Redman says:

    Should be

    … but are quiet on racist attacks be their supporters and party folks on others!!

  31. Tylar says:

    Sounds curiously similar to what Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan said to try and silence his critics on Twitter…

  32. Rockfish#1 says:

    Here we go again.

    Dill makes more sense when his mouth is closed!

  33. Please focus on the problems of BDA says:

    Please focus on the problems confronting this country–like a debt burden that will weight onthe shoulders of our children for many years.

    This constant spinning of stories is quite bewildering as I would have thought both the Gvt and Opposition have more important issues to confront–

    That is unless—and I sure hope not— that neither have the answers for the problems that are confronting us.

    Very scarey thought.

    Lets get to work and fix the problems of this country–votes are watching

  34. FACTs says:

    What is with the twisting of the article by the HRC – was there some other article we are not aware of?

    Where did the HRC “condemn” Bermudians? It said it was concered they were being abused.

    Where is all this coming from? PLEASE KEEP THE RHETORIC DOWN

    • Al says:

      The PLP’s reading comprehension is seriously lacking. That or they’re not bothering to read what the HRC or the Governor said in the first place.

  35. serengeti says:

    Mr Dill seems to be assuming that anyone who disagrees with the PLP is white. A completely false assumption.

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      “Mr Dill seems to be assuming that anyone who disagrees with the PLP is white”.

      Apparently so, but it is huge mistake!

  36. Tell the Truth says:

    Don’t they know? You can say any racially insulting ignorant stereotype about ALL Bermudians but Bermudians have no right to say anything about foreigners!! If they do then they are xenopohobic!! Those poor, poor oppressed foreigners but it’s always open season on Bermudians, even the ones who are accepting and accomodating of expats. Do not act surprised when Bermudians retaliate when you paint us all with the same brush. I have been attacked so many times for random non political comments and claimed to be a “PLP voter” when that couldn’t be further from the truth. I guess calling me that was some assumption that I must be black. I see the usual culprits are trying to pretend those comments aren’t racially motivated…how typical of them. I don’t see OBA supporters being called “lazy”. Don’t throw rocks then hide your hands. There are words used that are reserved only for PLP supporters and black Bermudians in general.

    • Noncents says:

      Absolute nonsense. How has it ever been open season on Bermudians? Can you give examples of how ex-pats have oppressed us? Or are you just spewing this because it fits your agenda?

      • Anon says:

        Noncents, don’t bother. That’s what they truly believe and nothing will change that. If a leader repeats a lie or misconception long enough, weak people will eventually believe it.

        • Tell the Truth says:

          Let me guess this comment wasn’t racial either? Because anyone who dares to go against the grain and the sheep mentality of the pro-OBAers is a PLP supporter not smart enough to have their own opinions and thoughts. What lie and misconception?? Stop spewing off nonsense. You all sit up here day in and day out ranting about Bermudians using coded words that you think we “weak people” won’t pick up on AND THEN when it is brought to your attention you play dumb. I don’t even get involved in these silly debates but I read it all the time. This is so typical… Incite and then pretend nothing happened.

      • Tell the Truth says:

        Can you give examples of how Bermudians have oppressed expats? Where did I say that in my comment? I said THEY pretend to be oppressed. Read all the blogs and news websites and you will know what I’m talking about. In fact the EXAMPLES ARE RIGHT HERE IN THE STORY! It’s open season. You get banned for making comments about them but they can call Bermudians any and everything they want. It’s ridiculous but feigning ignorance is another trait of your kind along with making inflammatory racial remarks and pretending they aren’t racial. I’ll ask again, why aren’t OBA supporters called lazy? We all know what these comments truly mean and if Bernews didn’t censor some comments it’d be even worse, you all get real brave behind a keyboard.

        WHAT AGENDA DO I HAVE? Are you spewing nonsense and deflecting because you know it’s true? It’s really funny to see all the denials all over the comments.

  37. LiarLiar says:

    “which is exactly the same argument used by white supremacists.”

    • Anon says:

      …used by white supremacists????? FFS

    • OM says:

      “also used by black supremacist as well”

      • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

        FYI: There is no such thing as Black Supremacy. White Supremacy and Black Supremacy cannot co-exist.
        “Supreme” means supreme. It means functional control of all nine areas of Human Activity: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labour, Law,Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

        • rhammond says:

          I think we all know what supreme means. Maybe your black friends and family do not, let me assure you that educated white people do not need you to define the word ‘supreme’ for us

  38. theothersidebda says:

    So is he condemning racist attacks on all people (i.e. Filipinos) or just Bermudians? And by Bermudians, is he saying all Bermudians? Or does racism only cut one way in Bermuda???

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      The very fact that it is not clear to you shows alot. The PLP can’t take what they themselves dishout. What did you think this opinion really is.. bait. The PLP tactic here is to put up a victum arrgument to get OBA’s to rush in and pull apart the opinion, to invalidate it (cause we all know that to some people politics is a game)so they can see what they can get people to say back. Reminds me of the face book screen shot the PLP sent around to there supporters around the office in 2007. Taken with out any contect of the time it appreaded to be some white UBP supporters hurling insults at Dr. Brown. The seemingly shocked supporter then printed the email and handed it around to selected people in the office. This then gets twisted to fit a narritive that the PLP have been pushing to their group forever. Then we get comments from the likes of Daniella and others trying to pull “I’m inocent these guys pick on me” and Impressive who funnily expresses the same attitude that the PLP complains of. When these fail we see Alvin William poke the flames some more.

      LOL Politics 101 these people don’t ever want to see a unified Bermuda let get that understood know as they say as much every day from here to the talk shows. They divide us to concur us rember that.

  39. campervan says:

    Passive agressive twaddle.
    STOP playing the victim Dill.
    Maybe you should have a kind word for the hard working people who travel across the World to work and help here only to be subjected to vile hateful graffiti, insulting remarks in shops, attempts to burn a business down where they worked.
    How dare you turn this the other way round.

  40. Oh stop it says:

    Anybody who disagrees with the PLP is called a racist. They are the worst of them all.

  41. Beware says:

    When has the WORD Bermuda = BLACK ??? Please explain that to me Mr. Dill, and sorry dude ,but I did not see a cross section of Bermudians at that march! So stop with the BS Mr. Dill!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Happened durring Dr. Brown’s rain.


  42. Custard Cream says:

    What a load of nonsense! Bermuda is not a racist society however there is motivated racism in Bermuda. The younger generation have no part in it and the older generation are not polarised by it.

    Racism in Bermuda exists not as a societal phenomenon but as a means to an end. It is used ‘politically’ to gain strength of opinion. This is clearly evidenced by the fact that the only people that ever bring up the spectre of racism appear to be those in public office or aligned with a political organisation.

    It is an argument put forward by those without sufficient intellect to hold a reasoned debate. Otherwise it clearly would not be applicable to all discussion groups!

    It is both a shame and hugely irresponsible at the same time.

    • Fed-Up says:

      @ Custard Cream – While I agree with some of what you are saying, I think that it’s naive to believe that racism on this island is limited to local politics. What I find concerning is that the so called “People’s Party” only take a position on it when a certain segment of the population are on the perceived receiving end of it. Sadly- any and all other forms are of little concern and have even become socially acceptable.

      Imagine if Dunkley, Fahy or Moniz ever said the kinds of things Rolfe, DREB, LaVerne, Burch said while in power- imagine the unrest that would result.

  43. cromwell says:

    Misusing emotional words for a political purpose is unfortunately common in our politics.

    It is of course “propaganda” and incites hate and a particular voter base white or black that reinforces the disrespect factor that has deliberately been used to destabilize the Bermuda politic for nefarious purposes.

    Its actually shameful behavior and policy.

    The continued disrespect card played by PLP supporters and UBP over the last two decades have bounced back on those who they claimed to represent and protect.

    Remember when the old old opposition cried and demanded respect for the political “office” until the OBA got elected and the OBA Premier did something they could make political accusations justifying being disrespectful to former Premier Cannonier. Now its no longer demanding respect but earning respect.

    Its the lack of respect every where and in particular some segments of the community that are obsessed with race in a multi-racial society.

    Maybe the headline “Racist attacks on Bermudians” was a journalistic headline to sell the story which would make the paper just as bad as the others dealing with the story.

    Inflaming racist rhetoric does not help Bermuda move forward and its destructive effect on our fellow Bermudians can only assist our enemies and competitors.

  44. Crab Mentality says:

    PLP is using desperate measures to get back in power. Them people is stepping up their game, even twisting words, just to drag Bermuda down. SAD TIMES!

    • Anon says:

      Or maybe more like stirring the racial pot right before the findings of forensic accountants hired to look into the former Government are released?

  45. Custard Cream says:

    Moderator – can you please change the comment voting to ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’?

    Whether or not we like a comment has little bearing on its relevance to the subject matter or my opinion.

    While I disagree with much that is said I cannot say I dislike it unless it is simply badly motivated in which case I would rather just ignore it as irrelevant.

  46. Unbelievable says:

    This is a ridiculous statement by the PLP. The PLP are the ones making this issue racist and xenophobic….

  47. nuffin but the truth says:

    Bermudians dont make racist remarks,
    Bermudians call it as it is.
    If you dont like it,get out.

    • Huh says:

      Yup, and clearly the PLP don’t like it when Bermudians “call it as is” so I suggest they follow your suggestion

    • Anon says:

      “if you don’t like it get out” …BUT I AM NOT A XENOPHOBE AND HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME….ha you can’t make this stuff up

      • Tell the Truth says:

        You should pick up a dictionary instead of inciting hate online all the time. 1 comment that is not xenophobic means that all Bermudians are this way? Are you a white male? Should I label you a murderer, pedophile, racist, warmonger, slave owner, or whatever because some(a lot actually) white men do this? No because that would be ignorant.

  48. Sad sad sad says:

    With the problems that are facing this country–this is the level of the dialouge we are having as a community?? Chastising for name calling–WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON????

    I suppose our politicians can’t help it as they are so blinded by their political ideologies and ambitions—

    BUT the rest of us–come on folks–this country has some real problems that need to be addressed right away–we need to reduce the debt overhang, get people back to work–get the international business and tourism market re-focussed on us

    Sorry but the PRC issue, the Tucker Town issue are important to us all without question and they will have their time–but when resources are limited we need to prioritize.

    As a community–we must demand better from our politicians–the current spectacle is beyond embarassment.

    If we can’t do this for ourselves–think about our kids that will inherit this mess—please look forward!

  49. Relieved says:

    The PLP made everyone broke as they did as they pleased.

  50. Custard Cream says:

    Actually what I posted previously is not 100% fair as I do remember a week or so ago that a shopkeeper was involved in what was purported to be a racist incident.

    However I believe that such instances are generally few and far between and probably result from a combination of ignorance and indoctrination.

  51. Boston Baked says:

    This whole article is laughable, especially in view of the fact that it comes from the PLP! They can apparently make ANYTHING racist. Pitiful.

  52. James Herald says:

    You can always tell when PLP has absolutely no argument to make – that’s when they pull the race card.

    Pot? kettle?

    Its getting very old and boring – and its why you lost the election. People in enough number simply don’t believe it any more. You have to do better or you will never EVER regain power. Your choice. Continue moaning about race and you are sunk.

    Do something of significance.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      So… the PLP should say nothing, just allow racist bloggers to continue their vitriolic rants? This is eternally the racist’s cry — allow me the ability to say any covert racist comment that I want and then I’ll scream the loudest when you -dare- to call it racist. However,every black person knows your meaning when you tell a mostly black supported party to “get off their lazy rump”. You obviously assume that the PLP (therefore by definition, blacks) are lazy.

      • James Herald says:

        Justaskin2: You clearly have a persecution complex. You should see a professional.

        • JustAskin2 says:

          Prime example of nasty comments on thi blog… I response I am replying too. Thanks James Herald for making my case.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        “So… the PLP should say nothing, just allow racist bloggers to continue their vitriolic rants? This is eternally the racist’s cry”

        They seem to have no problem with their bloggers doing it.

        LOL either its wrong or its not. It shouldn’t matter who said it if its wrong its wrong not only right for some right PLPers.

      • Pot Meet Kettle says:

        We are not saying that blacks are lazy. We are talking specifically about some of the individuals who attended the march. We are saying that instead of marching with incoherent signs (“if I’m not Entitle to work in my own country your not Entitle to status” is just begging to be ridiculed), they should take a job that is available to them and show up on time and work hard. That is what they are entitled to. They are not entitled to a government job with 40+ sick days a year that the country cannot afford.

      • Edmund Wells says:

        “So… the PLP should say nothing, just allow racist bloggers to continue their vitriolic rants? ”

        Where do you see the racist bloggers? That’s a construct you and Mr. Dill have created.

        Criticism of the PLP isn’t race-based, until you decide it is (and, in the process, deny its validity); it’s based on a track record of breathtaking overspending (eg, the Wharf, the School, TCD), questionable ethics (eg, Pastor Bean/Burgess Consulting fees, White’s Island lease), fiscal irresponsibility (eg, debt load, Beyonce concert), and other facts. Facts, not opinion, guesses, legends or deliberate lies.

        But it’s convenient for you to decide it is based on race. And the vitriol isn’t based on race, either- it’s based on the damage to the Island caused by the PLP’s incompetence as Government- resentment that, because of overspending and over-hiring, the future of Bermuda is far bleaker than it should be.

        It has nothing to do with race. And I think you and Mr. Dill are well aware of that.


  53. Gotham says:

    People who live in Glass Houses should not throw Stones:

    It strikes me that “Paranoid” is not a strong enough word to describe Mr. Dill’s and a few other PLP stalwarts inability to take a bit of what they dish out so well. Personally, I think the PLP’s inability to embrace and accept minorities whether it be by race, sexual orientation,nationality…is the New Segregation and one day those who supported this evil will look back with shame. They might even bring themselves to apologize…

  54. Bermuda Boy says:

    With all of the apparent hate between races on this island, we will never have a better bermuda. We all have to change now.

  55. Scarlet Fever says:

    Stick and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me… Grow up Dill and get a life too.

  56. Just a matter of time says:

    @ Anon: Trust me I totally understand the additional borrowing and why and yes I will comment. He had his reasons to borrow and so did the last Govt. Do you think the shortfall with the annual Govt Budget (deficit not accumulated debt so that you know that I understand the difference) started in 2012 when the OBA won? Same reason for the PLP. To cover current deficits. Question is why is it different for him in a more ‘positive’ way when he borrows and not for the PLP? As they say in the trading rooms, you are only as good as your last deal. The total debt responsibility plus his additional borrowing lies with Min Richards. If he locked in the interest for the next 3 yrs, who is to say the money will not get used up before the 3 yrs are up? I would wager big time with full confidence that he will have to borrow again as those funds will get used up…fast. You watch and see. And those spendings to the Greens, Tourism Authority etc all come from the current account pot. The same one Min Richards had to borrow for the stop gap. Watching and waiting…

    • Ringmaster says:

      You have perhaps mistakenly understood the spendings to the Greens is a cost and reduction to revenue. It is not. It is a tax concession, not a tax reduction. The PLP gave restaurants and hotels (and a few others) a tax reduction which means the tax was payable but not collected, therefore reducing the tax income. The tax was earned and payable, but they were forgiven to pay it. The Greens were given a tax break, which means the tax revenue never existed. Without their investment there would be no tax. With it, what they invest, tax exempt, generates taxable income. The debt was a built in cost that Bob Richards inherited. It could have been reduced or stopped, but that would have needed about 3,000 Government employees to become unemployed. Instead it is a fixed cost thanks to Dr Ewart Brown (remember him?) wanting “Government to be the preferred choice of employer”.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      The difference in the OBA borrowing and the PLP borrowing comes from their different financial approaches.The PLP kept borrowing to keep up with their expenses, but showed no intention to curtail their out of control spending or tackle the deficit they were running the government at. The OBA have borrowed long term to cover their projected expenses, but they have begun to take step to decrease those expenses in an attempt to reign in and, ultimately, eliminate the deficit. Despite the fear mongering the PLP ran with before the election, thus far the OBA has been doing this with as little or no layoffs in the civil service. And that is something to their credit, it would have been very easy to have reduced the over-inflated government spending with layoffs, but the OBA, and more specifically Minister Richards, has been working very hard to not have to do this.
      One of the common myths though is that our debt is $2.5 billion, however, that is incorrect, Minister Richards raised our debt ceiling to $2.5 billion, but with the $800,000,000.00 he borrowed over the long term, our debt is about $2.2/$2.3 billion. We can only hope that he and the OBA are able to reign in any extra budget spending to succeed in his plan and not have to borrow anything past the $800m already borrowed, however the PLP seem intent on disrupting this as much as possible, because with those disruptions come additional expenses, and the PLP have no desire to see the OBA succeed.

  57. Malcolm Clarke says:

    The more we argue. The more the ship sinks.

  58. James Herald says:

    The sooner the PLP is able to accept criticism without calling the race card – the better.

    It is a copout to call it racism. They know it.

    Many of the comments they refer to are nasty and insulting yes. But they should look up the word racism in the dictionary before making such stupid race claims. They make themselves look uneducated and immature.

    It makes them look as if they have absolutely nothing of real value to offer. This is why many people think just that.

    Do something of substance!

  59. Jim devine says:

    I am 70 year old white male who has travelled extensively I have never had a racist thought in my life nor have I ever behaved in a racist manner. The only time I have been racially abused has been in Bermuda in actual fact in a bar. This happened 2 years ago
    As a frequent visitor to the island I am disappointed in the rhetoric that is coming from the supporters of the PLP. Don’t they realise the damage they are doing to the good name of Bermuda . There is an old Scottish saying ” we are all Jock Thomsons barns ” which means we are all in this together irrespective of colour , class , or creed.

    • I hope / pray, whatever it’ll take for others to also read your letter Jim devine. “The new Bermuda is definitely another world” Sad yes…but true:-(

  60. JustAskin2 says:

    I think Dunkley and Co. should continue to be disturbingly silent and allow the trolls to continue slinging their nasty comments against the PLP. To label the PLP (meaning blacks who are majority supporters) as lazy, stupid, good-for-nothing has been the rallying cry for bigots for generations. It is good to see their true colors in the comments when their cronies are in agreement and their arrogance is in full swing. One even imagines through these comments that if Civil Rights laws were repealed tomorrow these same people may happily embrace the Jim Crow laws again. Thus, rather than the smooth lies that we always get, the people should know and understand the true face of these so-called advocates (oppressors).

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      This is all assumption on your part and has no basis in reality.


  61. Relieved says:

    We young Bermudians are exposed to integration. What you old timers feel we have not.We like the new govt and what it stands for,togetherness.

  62. Coffee says:

    Remember when the UBP/OBA put an advertisement out with a racist overtone depicting Delay Robinson as something other than an upstanding citizen of this country ?

  63. serz doe says:

    You know these biez are struggling when they pull the race card… Again. Bermudian politics never ceases to amuse me. Lord help this island if these lot get back in.

  64. Triangle Drifter says:

    It seems OBA supporting bloggers have broken the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not criticise the PLP.

    The problem is that when it comes to the truth, the PLP cannot handle the truth. The 14 year PLP experiment was an undeniable catastrophy. What started as a $160M Debt ballooned into a $2.5B debt. We have almost double the debt per capita as the US. The US took over 100 years to aquire their debt. The PLP ran up our debt in less than 10.

    The PLP does not like criticism. TOO BAD. It is well deserved & it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with incompetence.

    As your PLP leader said, “Get over it.” Stop whining like little children.

  65. EYE SEES ALL says:

    And since when does criticizing the PLP for its CRAP performance qualify someone as being racist?

  66. Dread says:

    Do you remember those 14 yrs?

  67. PLP SUPPORTER says:

    As a PLP supporter I am ashamed how my party continues to act and make outrageous comments.


    Stop pointing fingers and preaching and come up with SOLUTIONS

  68. Rhonda Neil says:

    Political words have the power to confound, obscure, and even inspire. Taegan Goddard’s Political Dictionary takes apart the language of politics to uncover its deeper meanings and broader significance.
    Search for:
    dog-whistle politics
    A type of political speech using code words that appear to mean one thing to the general population but have a different meaning for a targeted part of the audience.
    The Economist: “Over the past few weeks, a new expression has entered the Westminster lexicon: dog-whistle politics. It means putting out a message that, like a high-pitched dog-whistle, is only fully audible to those at whom it is directly aimed.”

  69. PBanks says:

    I suspect the chairman’s comment would have come across in a less whiny and more accurate manner if the racism angle wasn’t so callously thrown into the mix.

    Yes, the commentary here and other sites can be mean, vitriolic and there’s some tribalism at play (from ‘both camps’). If that alone was the subject of the discussion, then maybe common ground could be approached and things improve in the discussion areas.

    Instead, the wedge is driven in further… and likely on purpose. The PLP again putting their foot in their mouth.

  70. Just a matter of time says:

    @Ringmaster. The tax concessions given to the Greens et al are opportunity costs provided at the expense of increased revenues to the Govt with the mistaken view that the fallacious argument of trickle down (call it good faith) economics will be in full swing when it simply just beefs up the bottom line to the shareholder, adds greater bonuses to the executives with their same old tired resort formulas of operation. No interesting entertainment, ridiculously high room rates, expensive menus and drinks ($12-$16 and more for the cheaper glass of wine? Really?) barely any comprehensive hotel packages and rely on the locals to stay during the winter, etc. No creativity. Without the sun and sand, Bda is boring! I will say again, the debt created under the PLP was the simple math of expenses exceeding revenues largely thanks to strains with our main two pillars of international business and tourism fighting the global financial crisis starting in 2008. That had a huge effect towards increasing the borrowing like it or not. The same tactics of hedging like Min Richards was done by the PLP in terms of capital expenditure to help with affordable housing and house ownership, fast ferries (remember the complaints there?) now they are effective and needed, and yes attempts at the better wharf in Dockyard etc. Some things could have been better managed yes. But I could also say that of the UBP regarding Tynes Bay, Cedarbridge etc. But it makes no sense going back rehashing such. All of these initiatives were attempts to better Bda while with the PLP they were dealing with annual deficits after the global crisis. You honestly think the last Govt did not want a better Bda? Really? Oh and the so called missing $800 million that keeps getting bantered about? Why has there been no ongoing special investigation done by the OBA about this since they got elected if it was so bad and allegedly fraudulent?
    Where is it? No outcry. Why don’t the OBA supporters march on this demanding an investigation? Not a mention… smh.

  71. Melz says:

    What bothers me the most is that the PLP does not highlight the racism that is being thrown towards other people. They highlight mediocrity that isn’t even racism as racism to try and show that they are the better party and they are doing this in the hopes of an general election being called. Truth is you guys have not done anything in the last 14 years so what makes you so worried about OUR country now?

  72. rhammond says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm all of this racial commentary from the black community